Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars
Interesting idea.
10.26.17, 3:59 am est
Music genre: video game 2 (2:29)
He's back and it's as good as the first one.
10.26.17, 2:48 am est
Pork Tenderloin Gyros With Bacon Tzatziki Sauce
I need this in my face.
10.26.17, 12:45 am est
A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic
"A delightful Christmas storybook for adults based on the action-packed Die Hard movie."
10.22.17, 4:09 pm est
Second coming
That's a deal breaker, dude.
10.22.17, 3:58 pm est
Nutella doughnut from Doughnut Time (0:20)
Two, please! I need to get to Australia.
10.21.17, 3:26 am est
Pizza Cake and Other Giant Foods (1:30)
I need to get to NYC and check this place out.
10.21.17, 3:22 am est
Current mood.
10.21.17, 3:17 am est
10 years ago
I am upset I did not think of something like this already.
10.20.17, 12:55 am est
A comic for my self-esteem.
10.20.17, 12:53 am est
Relatable retrospect
This is going to be a common theme for me for the rest of my life.
10.20.17, 12:51 am est
10 Popular Black Stereotypes
See if you can point out what they did there.
10.20.17, 12:50 am est
Chemical elements vs. US States
"This information is so satisfying but idk what to do with it."
10.20.17, 12:49 am est
Stefan Draschan
Has a few interesting tumblrs with "matching" themes.
10.20.17, 12:48 am est
Still in use
File this under "things that get me fired up".
10.16.17, 11:03 pm est
This goes against my standards as well.
10.16.17, 11:02 pm est
Step off, son.
10.16.17, 11:02 pm est
Old habits
Not even once.
10.16.17, 11:01 pm est
Halo Top - Eat the Ice Cream (1:34)
All you need is ice cream.
10.15.17, 11:07 pm est
The good boy
Be a happy.
10.15.17, 2:33 am est
See Hummingbirds Fly, Shake, Drink in Amazing Slow Motion | National Geographic (2:21)
Happy little bird.
10.15.17, 2:27 am est
This guy is an actual magician (0:38)
10.15.17, 2:08 am est
AUTOMATICA 4k - Robots Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford (4:15)
Hell yeah robot music!
10.15.17, 2:03 am est
Michigan Beer Chair (0:30)
I know a few people that would enjoy this.
10.15.17, 2:01 am est
Watch these thrilling underwater marble races (4:18)
It reminded me of when I was a kid and did something similar with the tons of Matchbox cars I had.
10.10.17, 1:30 am est
How an MS Paint artist made this picture (7:52)
Another dude with SKILL.
10.10.17, 1:27 am est
Bigman - Asia Beatbox Championship 2017 Solo Battle Wildcard (2:03)
Dude has SKILL. Sick beat, yo.
10.10.17, 1:24 am est
China dad hires virtual 'hitman' to take out unemployed, video-gaming son
This is the world we are living in now.
10.10.17, 1:21 am est
Federal Express Flight 705
This whole story is insane.
10.10.17, 1:21 am est
I'm dying of thirst. Can I start drinking seawater?
I knew that you couldn't, but I didn't know WHY until now.
10.10.17, 1:18 am est
25 Fun Facts About Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Seems like a legit list.
10.10.17, 1:17 am est
Missing: hard drive containing Bitcoins worth 4m in Newport landfill site
Would you dig through 12,000 cubic yards of trash for 5 million dollars?
10.10.17, 1:08 am est
20,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found in Australia
"[They] calculate that one hunter was running at 23 miles (37 kilometers) an hour, or as fast as an Olympic sprinter." Science is amazing.
10.10.17, 1:06 am est
A Sprinkle of Seaweed Could Deflate Gassy Cows
Scientists are working to curtail the seven billion metric tons of CO2 equivalents cattle spew into the atmosphere every year. I am very excited by this revelation.
10.10.17, 1:04 am est
Man who pretended to be senator charged
Man, so many people dropped the ball on this one, it's actually hilarious.
10.10.17, 1:00 am est
#VANLIFE - Guilty Subconscious (3:12)
Not enough space so we dance with our hands and we don't have a bathroom.
10.10.17, 12:07 am est
Freelancer Achievement Badges
Try to collect them all!
10.10.17, 12:05 am est
Grandma Accidentally Buys Inappropriate Book For Her 6-Year-Old Granddaughter
Hilarity ensues.
10.10.17, 12:04 am est
Extra Spicy
They aren't messing around.
10.09.17, 11:57 pm est
Winter storms have names as well
What might becoming this winter.
10.09.17, 11:56 pm est
What's the point of living if you can't wear cargo shorts?
10.08.17, 8:14 pm est
Say my name
It's hard to cheat as a father.
10.08.17, 8:13 pm est
Dying wish
What's the point of dying if you can't dictate the burial?
10.08.17, 8:12 pm est
Choose happiness.
10.08.17, 8:11 pm est
You're Kinda Like a Honey Bee
Also crack-up worthy.
10.04.17, 1:13 am est
Double Trouble
This cracked my shit up!
10.04.17, 1:12 am est
Results for "no way to prevent this says only nation"
The Onion has this article at the ready for all the future mass shootings our country will have to endure.
10.04.17, 1:10 am est
Clever: Origami Crane Fried Wontons
Hell yes I want these in my face right now.
10.04.17, 1:09 am est
DOOM Running On A Cell Phone, Running Inside Unreal Engine 4
Yo dawg, I herd you like games, so we put a game in yo game so you can game while u game.
10.04.17, 1:09 am est
Finally, Die Hard Is Getting The Children's Christmas Book It Deserves
The perfect stocking stuffer.
10.04.17, 1:04 am est
Testing A Massive Foam-Based Fire Suppression System (5:27)
Pssh, this is RAVE TESTING, BABY!!!
10.04.17, 1:03 am est
Water bugs react to sound (0:56)
10.04.17, 1:02 am est
Binging with Babish: Szechuan Sauce Revisited (From Real Sample!) (6:22)
Dude gets a sample of the limited release of McDonald's szechuan sauce and recreates it almost perfectly. Amazing.
10.04.17, 12:58 am est
4.69 Rubik's Cube World Record | Patrick Ponce (1:16)
What I like the best about this is after he beats the record, the excitement slowly builds up to absolute amazement from everyone around him.
10.04.17, 12:55 am est
Interactive animated wind, rain and temperature maps
These are pretty sweet. Bookmark this one for sure.
10.04.17, 12:49 am est
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