Did Facebook Shut Down an AI Experiment Because Chatbots Developed Their Own Language?
False. But who wrote this entry? WAS IT A ROBOT? Don't let Skynet off the hook that easily.
08.31.17, 2:07 am est
IBM and Sony cram up to 330 terabytes into tiny tape cartridge
This technology would be an incredible advancement at the rate we store data these days.
08.31.17, 12:53 am est
Street Artist Adds Fake Shadows To Confuse People
That's a fun approach to street art.
08.31.17, 12:50 am est
Red Bulls troll NYCFC with the Hartford Whalers over their game in Hartford
Any time is a good time for some Brass Bonanza.
08.31.17, 12:37 am est
Players find out their coach used to tour with MC Hammer... (0:45)
...and make him do the Hammer Time dance. He nails it.
08.31.17, 12:36 am est
Neat barcodes
"Genius" is a little too strong for me.
08.31.17, 12:32 am est
Ta-Ta Towels, Towels Specifically For Your Breasts
08.30.17, 4:20 am est
Guy 3D Prints M.C. Escher's 'Impossible Cube' (0:28)
08.30.17, 4:19 am est
Fancy Business Suit Pinstriped With Tiny 'EFF YOU's
Dress for the job you want.
08.30.17, 4:18 am est
Big time
I can't lie like that to my friends.
08.20.17, 5:35 pm est
The last panel always cracks me up.
08.20.17, 5:33 pm est
It's worse than we thought.
08.20.17, 5:30 pm est
Also me IRL.
08.20.17, 5:29 pm est
Peak performance
Not many people see it.
08.20.17, 5:24 pm est
On the etiology of fuckers
Your math lesson for the day.
08.20.17, 5:20 pm est
Up is North
I need everyone to get on board with this asap.
08.20.17, 5:17 pm est
Bury ourselves
Truly the most generous species to ever live.
08.20.17, 5:10 pm est
My biggest regret
I've been doing this for years already.
08.20.17, 5:05 pm est
How to be a great roommate
There's always room for Jell-o.
08.20.17, 5:02 pm est
Don't jump
I jive with morbid humor.
08.20.17, 5:00 pm est
Mentally prepared
I don't think I've ever been.
08.20.17, 4:58 pm est
Dinner's ready
Nobody hates taco night.
08.20.17, 4:56 pm est
Impossible to keep.
08.20.17, 4:54 pm est
YouTube algorithm
You can't get enough of them.
08.20.17, 4:53 pm est
Who wakes up that early anyway?
08.20.17, 4:52 pm est
We all win. Or lose. Maybe.
08.20.17, 4:50 pm est
Ice cream novelties
I want my dessert in hurricane form.
08.20.17, 4:49 pm est
Robo Brother
Another one in the feels.
08.20.17, 4:46 pm est
The one device for almost anything.
08.20.17, 4:43 pm est
Everything is on fire
I may have done this a time or two.
08.20.17, 4:41 pm est
It's important to exercise
Remember to reward yourself, too.
08.20.17, 4:40 pm est
Don't be that guy.
08.20.17, 4:38 pm est
This is how I plan on quitting my job, haha.
08.20.17, 4:35 pm est
Right in the feels.
08.20.17, 4:34 pm est
The troll toll
Seriously, America, wake up.
08.20.17, 4:33 pm est
Pretty sure that's how it went down
Pretty accurate, if you ask me.
08.20.17, 4:31 pm est
Site is down
Hits too close to home, haha.
08.20.17, 4:30 pm est
It's got to be snack related.
08.20.17, 4:27 pm est
Bad news
Soften it with good news first.
08.20.17, 4:25 pm est
Australia - speak like a local!
08.17.17, 2:52 am est
A See-Though Glass Pool Table That's Supposed To Play Like Felt
If I was ever rolling in hovercraft money, I'd totally purchase one of these.
08.17.17, 2:50 am est
Clients from Hell - Backups
I feel like this is a fabricated story, yet, somehow equally believable.
08.17.17, 2:44 am est
Photographer Shoots Formula 1 With 104-Year-Old Camera
Dude has some major skill.
08.13.17, 1:57 am est
Erta Ale south lava lake activity - speedup x6 (2:04)
It's like a toilet bowl, but for lava.
08.13.17, 1:56 am est
Antipodes Map
What's on the exact other side of the world from you? Water. Probably water.
08.13.17, 1:55 am est
Sun Day, What Day
Someone call the derp police.
08.13.17, 1:53 am est
NYPD Blue Cooler
Nice try, officer.
08.13.17, 1:52 am est
Teddy bears always have eyes wide open
Don't mess with them.
08.13.17, 1:52 am est
There's a world championship for Excel spreadsheets
This kid is a national hero.
08.13.17, 1:50 am est
Micropolis projects by lingonils
I love these miniature landscape pieces.
08.11.17, 12:03 am est
Timelapse Of Some Super Janky Teeth Being Corrected With Braces
08.06.17, 3:56 am est
Bob Ross Heat-Activated Coffee Mug
08.06.17, 3:41 am est
The World's Largest LEGO Ball Moving Machine, With Over 200 Individual Modules (51:05)
I skipped around a lot and did not watch the whole thing, but I do like the LBMMs.
08.06.17, 3:25 am est
"Baby-cut" carrots
They were born out of a need to reduce waste from imperfections. Genius.
08.04.17, 6:31 pm est
Brain Wound Eliminates Man's Mental Illness
Story from 1988. A bullet to the brain actually improved this guy's life.
08.04.17, 6:30 pm est
Research suggests eating beans instead of beef would sharply reduce greenhouse gasses
I disagree, the number of greenhouse gasses I'd release alone would make up for it.
08.04.17, 6:27 pm est
Star Maps Capture The Night Sky On The Date And Location Of Your Choice
A gift like that would be sentimental AF.
08.04.17, 6:13 pm est
Programmer Writes Script To Call IRS Phone Scammers 28 Times/Sec To Tie Up Their Lines (10:04)
Oh man, this is *FANTASTIC*. Score one for the good guys.
08.04.17, 6:11 pm est
Pizza Flavored Ice Cream Served On A Slice Of Pizza
I am intrigued by this concoction.
08.04.17, 6:08 pm est
Burger King Releases Froot Loop And Lucky Charm Shakes
That Lucky Charms shake looks too good to pass up.
08.04.17, 6:08 pm est
ESPNU to become ESPN8: The Ocho for one day on 8/8
It's not going to be as "all in" as I'd like it to be, so I'm curious as to what it will look like.
08.04.17, 2:33 am est
Nintendo Power Issues #1-#127
My name is featured in the Arena section in issues #90 and #100 for Super Mario Kart track Mario Circuit 2. My eternal claim to fame.
08.03.17, 3:26 am est
StarCraft Remastered
They are remaking the original StarCraft. I'm intrigued, even though this is just a money grab.
08.01.17, 11:12 pm est
Beautiful 3D Renderings Of Pop Culture Icons In A Post Apocalyptic World
Very neat concept.
08.01.17, 11:11 pm est
'Third Thumb' Prosthetic Adds An Additional Functional Thumb To Your Hand (1:55)
Jerkin' it just got an upgrade.
08.01.17, 11:08 pm est
Verily releases millions of mosquitoes to help combat Zika in California
We will defeat the mosquitoes... WITH MORE MOSQUITOES!!! Seriously though, I am interested to see if this works.
08.01.17, 11:00 pm est
There's a Brilliant Street Artist Running Loose In NYC, Let's Hope Nobody Catches Him
Steve-Dave approves.
08.01.17, 2:48 pm est
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