April 30, 2007
YTMND - Car full of midgets!

VIDEO - Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama - this is good. You'll see.

VIDEO - Hooray beer!

VIDEO - What You Know About Math? - I can't get enough of this!

VIDEO - Do The Bartman - do it!

VIDEO - Dad punishes kid who took and sold drugs - atta boy.

Furniture Inspired by Scrabble Game - that's for you Jaime!

Neuro - a short flash movie.

VG Cats for 4/29 - gold!

Natalie Dee for 4/29 - "You can't be like pancakes, all exciting at first, but by the end you're fuckin' sick of them!"

Lost Dog Cafe is one of my favorite places to get take out from. They have an amazing menu full of interesting sandwiches and pizzas. And if you are a beer fanatic, a very wide selection to choose from. Last week I had myself the "Taco Pizza", which is like a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza times a billion. It might be my favorite item I've had thus far from that place. And their milkshakes and dessert items are something you have to save room for. If you ever find yourself in the Arlington area, give this place a try, it's top notch.

Jenna Fischer looking incredibly hot in the movie "Blades Of Glory" - dibs.

April 23, 2007
First, as per usual, all the YTMND goodies:
YTMND - The Cadbury Conspiracy
YTMND - Henrik The Great
YTMND - Oh that silly bible
YTMND - The Belairian Hummingbird
YTMND - Meatwad is in business
YTMND - It's a trap!
YTMND - It's Brule's Rules with Channel 5's Dr. Steve Brule - For your health!
YTMND - Back to you Steve!
YTMND - Hey McFly, you bojo! - classic!
YTMND - This is 1986!
YTMND - ...um, what?
YTMND - Kenny Lofton Doesn't Change Facial Expressions - ha!
YTMND - This better be about pizza
YTMND - Not all Super Mario pipes have broadband
YTMND - Rejected Megaman Villain # 2kb/s - speaking of broadband...
YTMND - Neo finds a secret - BOW!
YTMND - Marty goes back to the...what? - doesn't synch well.
YTMND - Help, I'm a rock!
YTMND - Jack Bauer Fills Her Needs - a lot of people hate the Quiznos girl
YTMND - It ends now! - a lot of people.

Next, some YouTube visuals:
Unfastened Coins: Titanic Conspiracy - Maddox sets the record straight.
Milhouse knows where the awesome kids are! - HAH!
Red Sox Pizza Party 4/16/07 - it gets funnier once the announcers figure out what happened :)
Pearl the Landlord - Will Ferrell needs to pay up!
Japanese Penguin goes shopping - PENGIN!!!!! This is my favorite animal of all time.
Everyone knows your name - now that's HOT.
SNL - OC spoof - I've never seen the show, but this was *hilarious*!
SNL: Rainn Wilson's Monologue - that was good :)
Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie

Some more video madness:
Alanis Morissette covers "My Humps" - (insert "wtf" facial expression with hand gesture)
FIRST! - so *that's* the guy. Bastard.
Knut the Polar Bear - aww.
Extreme wheelchair backflip - WOW!
Grithiffths Games Megamart - it's very energetic!
The Hardest Level - The guy narrating isn't actually playing the game. Story goes that some kid on the other side of the world made his own Mario level, then gave it to a friend to play. The guy doing the voice over happened to find the video, and decided to give a play-by-play, as if he was actually at the con. The voice is a little bit of Christopher Walken, the "End Of The World" flash animation dude, a little Ray Romano, a little Group X doing the "Mario Twins" song, all mixed together with a New York accent. In other words, *HILARIOUS*! (Warning: 23 minutes long. But worth it!)
Chingo Bling: Fruit Picker - brilliant!
Psycho Crusher FTW!
Family Guy - 'I Never' - oh god! Oh come on!
LOLcity gets a beatdown - an oldie but goodie.
Dead Hooker Wake Up Call - Reno 911 also FTW.
Homeless James Bond 1 - there needs to be more of these!
Homeless James Bond 2 - there needs to be even *more* of these!

Flash games!:
5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself) - Bizarre flash game on AdultSwim.com
Chick Chick BOOM! - I think this is meant to be played on the Wii, but using your mouse is just as fun :)

The rest:
Reznor adopts unique campaign for new NIN album - pretty innovative.
USA National Gas Temperature Map - Seth linked this on his page. I can't believe it's back up to near $3 a gallon here.
Make your own ATHF Advertisement! - neato!
iPod saves Soldier's Life - which spawned this amusing comic.
Pat Venditte is believed to be the only ambidextrous pitcher in N.C.A.A. Division I college baseball. - That should be me! He's stealing my thunder!
How to get from Chicago, IL to London, UK - watch out for step 19, it's a doozy!
THIS... IS... MEME!!!
Make a ginormous Cadbury egg - I got a cavity just looking at it.
CBC livid as league bows to Americans - I don't know if the league will ever stop shooting itself in the foot.
Public art at Cardiff Bay barrage - optical art illusions are "teh win".
Indians feel right at home in Milwaukee - feel good story of the year right here.
This is why sports pre-empt your stupid shows. - because sports are *always* more important :)
You Are Damned - don't try to fight it!

April 2, 2007
YTMND - He's rockin' it like a docket

YTMND - Arnold's got hoes

YTMND - Japanese standing cat!

VIDEO - The NHL's War Room in Toronto - a.k.a. "What I'd like to do for the rest of my life".

Just because!

Dinner in the sky!

VIDEO - Spacecataz - in it's entirety!

Online icon maker - I thought this was neat. It came in handy as well.

I didn't surf around much on the ol' April Fools Day, but Google didn't disappoint, with it's two new "services", Paper Mail and Google TiSP. YTMND also had a splash page up for the day. Other than that, I didn't see much else.

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