Business Card Throwing Master
This guy is AWESOME.
03.31.10, 3:52 pm est
Common Errors in English Usage
This is going next to my perma-link to on my browser start page.
03.31.10, 4:38 am est
A website dedicated to high quality photographs. Stunning.
03.30.10, 5:43 pm est
40 Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography
Some absolutely fantastic pictures to gaze your eyes upon.
03.30.10, 5:40 pm est
Bacon Flavored Envelopes
What's stopping you from eating the whole thing?
03.30.10, 1:25 pm est
The Fletcher Capstan Tables
The most fascinating table you'll see all day.
03.29.10, 11:44 pm est
Ronald Jenkees: Messing with guitar sound
Ronald Jenkees is pretty damn talented if you ask me. Check out his YouTube channel or for more.
03.29.10, 11:27 pm est
Winston the Bulldog vs. Patrol Car
Bulldog hates police car. They have a fight, bulldog wins.
03.29.10, 10:54 pm est
How the border between India and Pakistan is closed, every day
Wait, what? (It's real, lookup "Wagah" on Wikipedia.)
03.29.10, 10:31 pm est
Mario Kart article @ Cracked
We can all agree that the blue shell is a pile of horse crap.
03.29.10, 5:46 pm est
The Pizza Pro
What a great idea this is.
03.29.10, 5:31 pm est
Earth Hour 2010
Why can't we do this *every day*? (You can click almost all the photos to "fade" the image back and forth.)
03.29.10, 2:31 pm est
6 Things Men Do To Get Laid That Science Says Turn Women Off
So I *have* been doing it wrong all this time.
03.29.10, 2:27 pm est
Music video made up entirely from Google Street View
A trip through the desert and a small bit of NYC. I think I like it because I like road trips.
03.29.10, 1:44 pm est
David Letterman - Tina Fey Deciphers Tracy Morgan
Spot on, hahaha.
03.29.10, 12:50 am est
Sound advice...
...about donkeys.
03.26.10, 9:30 pm est
The most bad-ass looking ping-pong playing robot you'll see all day.
03.26.10, 6:05 pm est
Metallica - Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)
Hahaha, what a soothing rock song.
03.25.10, 10:08 pm est
Drunk History Presents Nikola Tesla
Tesla was the electric Jesus.
03.25.10, 10:06 pm est
Instant Bueller!
It's instant!
03.25.10, 4:41 pm est
Adult Fans of LEGO: A Blocumentary
I was impressed with some of the creations these people made. It's 30 mins long, but worth it.
03.25.10, 3:57 pm est
Humor is in the details
The first title on Channel 508 had me completely cracked up! (It's from 30 Rock on NBC)
03.25.10, 12:36 am est
This Is the Future of the Fight Against Cancer
Nano-particles. For some reason, I feel like this isn't too far of a stretch from "Midi-chlorians".
03.24.10, 7:18 pm est
Best. News. Reenactment. Evar.
How to boost local news viewership: create YouTube worthy videos.
03.24.10, 7:15 pm est
Living in a Garbage Truck
I *love* stuff like this. I'd totally live in it.
03.24.10, 7:04 pm est
Gorillaz - Stylo
Music videos from Gorillaz never disappoint. This one is top notch.
03.24.10, 11:56 am est
Pee-wee Gets An iPad!
This *cracked* me up for some reason.
03.24.10, 1:43 am est
The Unexplainable Gallery
03.23.10, 2:06 pm est
Clicker - Universal Remote Control with Bottle Opener
What a great time to be alive.
03.23.10, 2:00 pm est
Melting steel with solar power
Hot stuff coming through!
03.23.10, 1:16 pm est
Five Best Offline Backup Tools
Funny how relevant this is, since I've just determined SyncToy to be an inferior product and need a new backup tool.
03.23.10, 12:34 pm est
Accused Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head and Survives
Ho. Ly. Crap.
03.23.10, 12:32 pm est
How A $500 Craigslist Car Beat $400K Rally Racers
Proof we live in McWorld.
03.22.10, 7:01 pm est
One of the longest hockey fights I've ever seen
Janssen v Leblond. I watched this game live, it was insanely intense.
03.22.10, 6:52 pm est
Concrete Block Breaking World Record
This guy is on the list of people you want on your side.
03.22.10, 6:47 pm est
Bacon Flavored Toothpicks
I wonder what's stopping someone from eating the entire thing.
03.22.10, 6:38 pm est
Chatroulette Piano Ode to Merton
Ben Folds gets in on the new internet meme that's sweeping the tubes.
03.21.10, 10:48 pm est
1 more rule for good measure
It's funny because it's true.
03.21.10, 10:34 pm est
5 Simple Rules
Simple enough, right?
03.21.10, 10:33 pm est
Are Breasts Getting Too Big?
The answer, of course, is no.
03.21.10, 10:32 pm est
13 neat headstones
Leave your mark on the world.
03.21.10, 10:31 pm est
Simple Desktops
Beauty in minimalism.
03.21.10, 10:08 pm est
Brandon Hardesty does a lot of reenactments
He has a bunch of other goodies mixed in there too. Plenty of videos to kill time with!
03.21.10, 10:04 pm est
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Reenacted By a Guy Impersonating Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson
Not bad. Not great, but not bad either. Decent.
03.21.10, 9:59 pm est
Reggie Watts - The Beginning Is Near
I like this song, it's different than most stuff I listen to.
03.20.10, 12:43 am est
Reggie Watts on Good News Week
Reggie Watts breaks it down for us.
03.20.10, 12:36 am est
Reggie Watts covering "Chocolate Rain"
Reggie Watts is my new hero.
03.20.10, 12:32 am est
Heartburn Commercial
I wondered where people got their advice from.
03.19.10, 6:05 pm est
The place for people to share things they're willing to do for $5
Interesting idea.
03.19.10, 2:28 pm est
This is right up my humor alley.
03.19.10, 12:04 pm est
Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Body Painting (15 pics)
Surreal to the maximum.
03.19.10, 11:58 am est
The Hitchhiker's Guide To Murder
Welcome to the jungle, you're gonna DIE.
03.19.10, 11:54 am est
The world's only immortal animal
Let's figure out what they do, and mutate ourselves so we can live forever. Also, JELLYFISH INVASION!!!!!!!11one
03.19.10, 2:53 am est
Real or Fake (80 pictures)
Supposedly all real pictures.
03.18.10, 3:56 pm est
EZ Cracker
As long as you are only cracking eggs, this is a great invention!
03.18.10, 2:38 am est
Spring Break It Down
Follow the steps.
03.18.10, 2:07 am est
Dave Grohl in FRESH POTS!
He likes his coffee.
03.17.10, 10:30 am est
Party Cat
He likes to party.
03.17.10, 9:36 am est
"The Wild Hunt" trailer
This looks like a very interesting movie.
03.16.10, 8:30 pm est
5 Reasons The Internet Could Die At Any Moment
We're going to need a bigger boat. Or tube.
03.16.10, 1:58 am est
Chat Roulette Piano
That's one way to do it.
03.15.10, 8:13 pm est
I can't get enough of the high five.
03.15.10, 8:17 am est
Be responsible with your boombox.
03.15.10, 3:52 am est
Reggie Watts in F_CK SH_T STACK
If you like swear words, you'll like this video.
03.14.10, 8:36 pm est
Top 20 5 Second Films
This cracked my shit up!
03.14.10, 1:31 pm est
NBA JAM Wii sneak peak
Oh. Hell. Yes.
03.14.10, 1:25 pm est
57 Seconds of Abuse
03.14.10, 1:13 pm est
Ask Propecia
Wow. NSFW, yet effin' hilarious.
03.13.10, 2:01 am est
The Easter Bunny
What he does the other 364 days of the year.
03.13.10, 1:44 am est
Bruins Hockey Rules - Escalator
Time to learn a valuable lesson.
03.12.10, 8:25 pm est
The Morning Benders - "Excuses" - Yours Truly session
This is such a great song. I love it. This version is great too.
03.12.10, 5:35 am est
Job Interview
An example of the perfect job interview. Worth a shot.
03.12.10, 1:43 am est
Conversations with Ben Schwartz - Nastia Liukin
Lightning round is the best.
03.12.10, 1:38 am est
Terrible Decisions with Ben Schwartz
It's your last chance, go for it!
03.12.10, 1:37 am est
Johnny Carson: Dom DeLuise Egg Trick
Hilarious bit from the golden age of late night tv.
03.11.10, 10:47 pm est
Arcade Aid
Try to figure out all 56 hidden video games. Fun!
03.11.10, 3:29 pm est
311 Day - webcast
$11.99 for the webcast of 311's entire concert in Las Vegas.
03.11.10, 6:22 am est
Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer
Blurb about said trailer.
03.11.10, 1:13 am est
Scaly surprise in Townsville toilet
Always look before you sit down.
03.09.10, 8:26 pm est
WTF Japan Seriously
The come up with some strange things, but I enjoy what they do.
03.09.10, 7:19 pm est
Pi to a billion digits
You know, just in case it comes up on Jeopardy.
03.09.10, 7:13 pm est
Another humorous comic that updates about twice a week or so.
03.06.10, 3:46 pm est
Buttersafe is updated with a new comic every Tuesday and Thursday. These comics will have pictures and probably some words. Nothing else is guaranteed. (Funny stuff!)
03.06.10, 3:40 pm est
Lobster Rage Fist
Prepare for the ultimate battle.
03.05.10, 11:18 pm est
Erin Andrews will be on the next Dancing With The Stars
Yum. Good thing I have dibs.
03.05.10, 9:48 pm est
Submitted screen shots from Chat Roulette sessions... NSFW tag obligatory, as well as the SFH tag (safe for home). May not be suitable for anyone at the same time.
03.05.10, 7:35 pm est
I quit. In the most spectacualar way possible.
Oh, what a great read.
03.05.10, 7:28 pm est
A movie about chat roulette
A look into the newest web fad with non-shocking results.
03.05.10, 7:19 pm est
Wii curling demo
An Australian morning show breaks it down for us.
03.05.10, 7:06 pm est
Vin Diesel has a question for you
Cracks me up every time.
03.05.10, 6:05 pm est
Butt Drugs
This is real. Oh so real.
03.05.10, 5:54 pm est
The Blue Hair
PBF creator Nick Gurewitch is doing some work for Marvel... funny stuff!
03.05.10, 5:45 pm est
Ninjas rob a Best Buy
Who knew that ninjas were Mac users?
03.05.10, 5:40 pm est
Steve Nash Infomercial For Vitamin Water
Nash is fast tracking himself to levels of hilarity not yet seen in sports, hahaha
03.04.10, 8:39 pm est
Cool Unbreakable LCD Video Screen
And it BENDS.
03.04.10, 3:53 pm est
Baron Davis - Boom Beard
Reach new heights of confidence... with the beard of Baron Davis.
03.04.10, 4:05 am est
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
OK Go makes another fantastic music video, Rube Goldberg style this time around.
03.04.10, 3:14 am est
Grow a pair!
03.03.10, 12:08 am est
Lego - The Force Unleashed
Great stop-motion animation short.
03.02.10, 10:35 pm est
30 Bizarre Examples of Defacing Money
Not defaced, just creatively altered!
03.01.10, 5:36 pm est
Olivia Munn . com
And finally, so I can use the "ladies" tag for the first time, a link to one of the hottest ladies there is, Olivia Munn. Delicious.
03.01.10, 3:35 am est
Become a fan
You've got the touch...
03.01.10, 3:30 am est
Playing soccer... WITH CARS!!!
Oh hells yeah. Best idea ever.
03.01.10, 3:27 am est
Brutal Buttered Shower Floor Faceplant
That's just mean.
03.01.10, 3:25 am est
Great showreel of green screen effects from current US TV shows
This whole website is green screen. Your life is green screen. Betcha didn't know that.
03.01.10, 3:25 am est
Packers Fan Announces He Will Return To Drinking For Another Season
The Onion is on top of this hard hitting headline.
03.01.10, 3:22 am est
The Sandpit
A day in the life of New York City, in miniature. I am addicted to photos/videos that employ a "miniature faking" style of photography.
03.01.10, 3:19 am est
Sometimes the only way to get something done is to do two dozen other things first.
03.01.10, 3:16 am est
The best 9 minute guitar solor EVAR
03.01.10, 3:12 am est
Concept weapon: the FMG-9
That could come in handy in Detroit.
03.01.10, 3:11 am est
Things to do with a Cadbury Cream Egg
Rube Goldberg machine style, of course.
03.01.10, 3:08 am est
The Muppets: Beaker's Ballad
Oh those crazy Muppets.
03.01.10, 3:06 am est
Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine"
I wish VT had one of these!
03.01.10, 3:04 am est
It's like a real life version of Robot Chicken! Foul language abounds!
03.01.10, 3:02 am est
This is the Only Level TOO
Just in case you mastered the first one, there's another!
03.01.10, 3:00 am est
This Is The Only Level
It's more difficult than you think...
03.01.10, 2:59 am est
One Button Bob
How many clicks will it take to win?
03.01.10, 2:58 am est
Sprite Stitch - A video game inspired craft weblog
Tons of fun video game related crafts and art to scan through.
03.01.10, 2:56 am est
25 Amazing Snow Sculptures
Well, *almost* 25, haha.
03.01.10, 2:55 am est
Toll Collectors Gone Wild
Drivers complain about "road rage" from New Jersey Turnpike workers. This is why you need an EZ-PASS.
03.01.10, 2:53 am est
Have some "malicious" fun with your hyperlinks!
03.01.10, 2:52 am est
Pinball table made from Lego
There is nothing that cannot be accomplished with Lego.
03.01.10, 2:50 am est
Punctuation for sarcasm? I don't know if this will catch on or not.
03.01.10, 2:49 am est
Overcoming Masturbation
Why would you want to overcome it in the first place? Overcome. Heh.
03.01.10, 2:48 am est
10 reasons to avoid talking on the phone - The Oatmeal
I hate talking on the phone. Here's why.
03.01.10, 2:47 am est
What Is That Song?
I've been waiting for a site like this. There's been countless times I've seen a commercial and wanted to know what song was playing. This will hopefully be a good resource going forward.
03.01.10, 2:46 am est
Model car collection
They look so real. Extremely neat to look through.
03.01.10, 2:44 am est
Please Rob Me
Foursquare users beware!
03.01.10, 2:43 am est
Neil Dawson's Horizons
A fun piece of art.
03.01.10, 2:42 am est
25 Awesome Guitars
You've got to rock out in style.
03.01.10, 2:41 am est
25 Sweet Shaggin Wagons
A-Team van + Mystery Machine van = excellent.
03.01.10, 2:40 am est
The greatest site in the world
First! No wait, that's not how this works.
03.01.10, 2:39 am est
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