October 29, 2008
YTMND - Infinite turkeys
YTMND - Talented pandas
YTMND - Worf can't be fooled
YTMND - All ships check in!
YTMND - This is what happens when you upset the Busey
YTMND - Tssm tssm tssm tssm tssm tssm tssm
YTMND - The rules
YTMND - I am ashamed for laughing at this
YTMND - They moved the bar!
YTMND - Debtris

YTMND - I can break these cuffs!
YTMND - Usher can break those cuffs down
YTMND - Cuffs of Time
YTMND - Can't Break This
YTMND - Morpheus can break those cuffs
YTMND - Olympic cuff breaking
YTMND - Sloth can break those cuffs
YTMND - Who you gonna call? Cuffbusters!
(We can thank the show COPS and this video clip for the inspiration!)

Brad Sucks - my new favorite artist.
Lego Death Star - I wish I was a kid again.
Victorian Laptop - best mod EVAR.
Easily mispronounced domain names - maybe you are looking for a rapist, I don't know...
Baby's First Internet
What's better than 20 Laker Girls? - 500 prospective Laker Girls. *drools*
Different ways to meet new people to date
Australian Indoor Rules Quiddich - oh HELL yes.
TELEMEGAPHONE - oh those crazy Norwegians.
10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions - crazy stuff.
70 Amazing Business Cards - there's some GORGEOUS and unique design here. I'm jealous.
50 Incredible Film Posters from Poland - I never would have known.
35 of the Most Unique & Creative Sofa Designs - it's Ikea on crack.
A sampling of interesting photos from the Bejing Olympics - I heart other people's photography.
More artography
Earth from above - more beautiful pictures.
The Flickr Panda - what better way to find random pictures than with the help of a panda vomiting a rainbow. It's brilliant, I tell you.
Texas Waffle Maker - seriously?
Toyota MR2 for sale - must know Visual Basic and knowledge of micro-controllers.

FLASH GAME - Irritating Game - aptly named!
FLASH GAME - The eyeballing game - this could burn a few hours of your day.
FLASH GAME - Light Bot - logic abound!

VIDEO - America Rules England Sucks - Jack English is a TRUE American patriot!
VIDEO - The Daily Show - Ready, Willing, and Cable - Ed Helms at his finest.
VIDEO - slow motion skateboarding - interesting for some reason.
VIDEO - Matt Damon on Sarah Palin - hilarious, sad, and true.
VIDEO - The Making of a Venezuelan Street Vendor Burger - *drools*
VIDEO - Zack & Miri RED BAND trailer - Kevin Smith strikes again!
VIDEOS! - Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy! - well, I was amused.
Terry Tate is back, and he's taking on Sarah Palin. WOOOOOOO!!!
VIDEO - Wario Land: Shake It! - link works better in IE. Nifty idea!
VIDEO - Stimulus Package RAP - this is full of WIN.
VIDEO - Large Hadron Collider RAP - get down with your nerd self.
VIDEO - Duck Tales live action intro - ...or is it?
VIDEO - Holmes on Homes at Home - homeowners take note, lots of good information here.
VIDEO - Scrubs - Feud clip - it's so true.
VIDEO - Scrubs - Greatest conversation ever - it's so true.
VIDEO - Scrubs - Elliot - it's... so... true... *drools*
Protip: Scrubs clips on YouTube are the #1 leading addiction on the interwebs.
VIDEO - A Day in the Life - of someone we all know.
VIDEO - Bowser's Minions - they're a tad pissed.
Someone went and made their own Super Mario World levels. Clicking on the following videos explains this a little more in-depth:
VIDEO - Asshole Mario 1
VIDEO - Asshole Mario 2
Each video has links to more stages that were created. Absolutely insane stuff.
VIDEO - Ernest Borgnine's secret to longevity - I'M GOING TO LIVE FOREVER!!!
VIDEO - Brodie's version of the happy dance - hey!!!!!
VIDEO - Who's on First? - visual text representation of the best skit of all time.
VIDEO - Insane traffic collision - this is Webster's official definition of "crazy bitches".
VIDEO - Young Hillary Clinton - she says the darndest things.
VIDEO - Bill Cosby is INSANE and I LOVE IT!
VIDEO - Wassup B? - true, true.

One the best parts about the intertubes is that you can get a couple of friends together and make comedy for the masses. Protip: Be hilarious like these people!

First up is Barats And Bereta. We all know that everyone needs a montage. Even Rocky had a montage. But what about a MANtage?!?! And while it's unhealthy to become addicted to video games, there's one game that's perfectly healthy to obsess over: DOUBLE DRAGON!!! Finally, another knee slapper, the one and only Douche Off! Hi-larious stuff! Check their archive for more goodness.

Next up is Fatal Farm, the makers of the Duck Tales video posted a bit earlier in this post. They have a whole slew of TV Theme re-makes. Mark Erickson has Infinite Solutions to interesting issues. They also pay tribute to Jim Davis over at Lasagna Cat, with live reenactments of Garfield comics.

While I have not explored the vast video goodness over at Loading Ready Run, their recurring segment "Iron Stomach Challenge", and specifically, the Banana Onion Juice challenge is enough to keep watching more :)

Are you looking for something fun to do? A new hobby? Maybe you should try out a few of the following. EXTREME IRONING!!! It's "the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt." And who knows, become talented enough, and you could compete in the World Championships! Need more intensity? How about trying out the new sport sweeping the nation, Shirling! If that's still not enough, and you have plenty of energy to spare, perhaps a game of Brockian Ultra-Cricket will suit your needs. If you yearn for this nation's pastime, but wish there was an extra "kick" to the game, then look no further than THUNDERBALL. But stay out of the gun circle!

There's a new British game show that's sweeping the nation: Numberwang!
That's Numberwang!
That's Numberwang!
Play Numberwang at home!
A history of Numberwang
The Numberwang Code
And if you like Numberwang, give Wordwang a whirl!

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