How to Survive at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
09.30.14, 3:10 am est
Sysadmin heaven
09.30.14, 3:08 am est
Future quarters
Man, this is going to change everything!
09.30.14, 3:05 am est
Winning races... the whole point of races.
09.30.14, 2:57 am est
Nick Offerman, ladies and gentlemen
Hey man, nice shot.
09.30.14, 2:52 am est
Downtown Seattle Zebra Imaging ZScape® 3D Holographic Print (1:06)
This is an amazing use of technology.
09.29.14, 12:54 am est
Pretty Sure That's EXACTLY Why This Product Was Made
Yeah, there's only one place for that.
09.29.14, 12:47 am est
Pfft to sharing (0:07)
This is *MY* road.
09.29.14, 12:25 am est
KERNTYPE - a kerning game
10 tests, totaled 86 out of 100 on my first try. Not too shabby.
09.28.14, 3:38 am est
Deslided: 45 of Your Childhood Crushes (Then and Now)
Ahh, those young teen crushes. However, it's missing Helen Hunt, so my #1 teenage crush is missing.
09.28.14, 2:48 am est
Clark Hunt's Arrowhead Stadium Lair
It's like someone built a fancy mansion inside a football stadium.
09.28.14, 2:43 am est
All Disney Movies In Chronological Order Of When They Took Place
I like when people have the time to put things like this together.
09.28.14, 2:42 am est
A run-of-the-mill birthday party
"So just a generic party?" This is the result.
09.28.14, 1:23 am est
Impressive, But $2,200: Light-Up LEGO Super Mario Lamp
Plus a couple Pac-Man lamps.
09.28.14, 1:22 am est
Milk Chocolate S'Moreos
I want 100 of them right now.
09.27.14, 5:44 am est
Toledo Mud Hens turn ballpark into putt-putt course
You've got to do something in the off-season with the field, right?
09.27.14, 5:24 am est
Japanese company plans space elevator by 2050
I might be alive when this happens? Oh man, the future could turn out to be pretty cool.
09.27.14, 5:22 am est
Don't Overinflate Your Basketball (0:17)
Is that really what happens?
09.27.14, 5:21 am est
Hope for the best
Dad knows best.
09.27.14, 5:19 am est
You Have to Fucking Eat
The long-awaited sequel to the #1 New York Times best-selling classic "Go the Fuck to Sleep".
09.27.14, 3:39 am est
Teapublican Realtor Fired After Harassing A Woman About Her Mexican Flag
Good. This person is a bully and I hope she never gets elected to anything.
09.27.14, 3:17 am est
This Restaurant Takes a Day Off to Show That Their Customers Aren't Always Right (2:10)
Customers are idiots. I applaud this guy. You don't like what he sells? Go somewhere else.
09.27.14, 2:32 am est
20 Things That Actually Exist
Munchy box, canned air, and the ice cream sandwich cone are all things I need in my life.
09.25.14, 4:03 am est
Miniature Dioramas of Bombed Out and Littered Cites by Satoshi Araki
Very detailed. A couple of them were so convincing, I couldn't believe they were miniature.
09.25.14, 4:00 am est
Pick out the different color
You have 60 seconds. I made it to level 28.
09.25.14, 3:58 am est
Mysterious Radar Cloud Over the Midwest Was Actually... Butterflies
Batten down the hatches.
09.24.14, 3:24 am est
Milk Costs Most Ever to Signal Higher Prices for Pizza
"In July, retail whole milk was $3.65 a gallon, the most for the month since 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics." YEAH, FORGET OIL PRICES, MILK PRICES ARE INSANE!
09.23.14, 3:03 am est
White Coke
A variant of Coca-Cola produced in the 1940s at the request of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov.
09.23.14, 3:02 am est
100 percent renewable energy: Largest city in Vermont goes completely green
Okay, it's only 42,000 people, but congrats to them and their effort. Hopefully more towns follow suit.
09.23.14, 2:51 am est
Male Birth Control, Without Condoms, Will Be Here by 2017
But will 'Big Birth Control' allow it into the market? Will the religious fundies take issue with it? The article is a good read, I am curious to see what happens in the near future.
09.23.14, 2:47 am est
12 Amazing Earth Scars (Pics)
From mines to meteor strikes, some of the largest holes in the earth.
09.23.14, 2:41 am est
If Girls Proposed to Guys (2:32)
Lunchboxes are a waste of money.
09.23.14, 2:33 am est
Love, Grampa and Grandmaster Flash
Grandmothers accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash on Facebook. It's so fantastical.
09.23.14, 2:26 am est
Woman Has Surgery To Get A Third 'Total Recall' Breast
I honestly don't know how to feel about this.
09.23.14, 2:25 am est
The Roentgens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet (2:20)
So fancy. So security. Much wow.
09.23.14, 2:23 am est
What movie did you want to see?
"These all actually, seriously, happened, with no humor or awareness on the part of the customer at the time as far as I could tell."
09.23.14, 2:03 am est
365 Postcards For Ants by Lorraine Loots
The detail in these extremely tiny drawings is amazing.
09.23.14, 2:01 am est
Video game lock for Nintendo
This existed? Man. If my mom knew about this, I never would have been able to squeeze in 15 minutes of Mario before school when I was growing up.
09.21.14, 8:28 pm est
For Those About to Drive an SUV, We Salute You
I'm starting the slow clap for this one.
09.21.14, 8:16 pm est
Champagne fail!
09.21.14, 8:06 pm est
Champagne win!
I am surprised, too.
09.21.14, 8:05 pm est
IT hell
How to make me cringe.
09.21.14, 8:04 pm est
It Must Be Fall
It's a ladies magnet.
09.21.14, 8:01 pm est
This Pun Was Months in the Making
Worth it!
09.21.14, 8:01 pm est
SHAKE IT OFF - Taylor Swift cover by High Five Spaceship (4:04)
That beat tho.
09.21.14, 3:25 am est
Graveyard Quest
A 6 part series that I thought was excellent.
09.20.14, 7:48 pm est
Paul is not coming to the party after all
Dammit, Paul.
09.20.14, 4:40 am est
Maddox - Sounds I Hate - NFL Theme Song (0:16)
This is a snippet of a longer video. After everything that's gone down lately in the NFL, this *should* be the new theme song for the league.
09.20.14, 1:25 am est
It's like chess, except it's not like chess. I still don't understand it, but it has world championships and formidable computer AI.
09.20.14, 1:22 am est
MI county sells injured mom’s home over one tax bill
Kalamazoo County, leading the way in stupidity.
09.20.14, 1:17 am est
09.20.14, 1:14 am est
Kutiman - Thru You Too - Give It Up (4:24)
Someone took a bunch of small clips of other videos and made a song out of them. I think it's amazing.
09.19.14, 4:46 am est
An awesome fountain in Chicago (1:50)
And now you know a littler bit about laminar flow.
09.19.14, 4:35 am est
A Classic Scene in Classic Bricks
Cameron's dad is going to be pissed!
09.19.14, 4:32 am est
Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong (2:58)
I don't even shop there at all, but this cracked me up.
09.19.14, 4:29 am est
Coke Bringing SURGE Soda Back To Market
That's right, it's 1999 all over again!
09.19.14, 4:25 am est
Earth's ozone layer is recovering
Maybe a month or two ago I randomly thought to myself, "remember when the ozone was the hottest topic in the world 15 years ago?" Well, good news everyone!
09.19.14, 4:21 am est
Tiny Hamster vs Kobayashi (1:42)
That hamster is a beast!
09.19.14, 4:19 am est
Scarin' the stuffin' outta ya
The follow up comment seals it.
09.19.14, 4:15 am est
I wish you showed up...
...but I found a better dinner guest.
09.19.14, 1:30 am est
One of my favorite UCB skits (4:04)
Ass pennies.
09.17.14, 5:13 am est
It's 2 am
"My first day at college is tomorrow and I refuse to accept adulthood."
09.16.14, 1:20 pm est
Future self
At one time, I put a lot of little things like this in my webpage coding. I haven't been coding in at least 4 years now. I wonder if I'll ever stumble across any of these gems again.
09.16.14, 1:18 pm est
iPhone ATM PIN code hack - how to prevent (3:45)
They would still need to obtain your credit/debit card info, so it's not an instant loss, but now you're knowledgeable about this happening.
09.15.14, 2:15 am est
Masterpieces in minutes (2:19)
Fantastic street art.
09.15.14, 2:11 am est
Twisted and Funny Cartoons by Ben Chen
Morbid. Funny, but morbid.
09.14.14, 4:32 am est
Bacon-infused Bloody Mary popsicles with bacon sticks
Because, screw it.
09.14.14, 4:30 am est
Kelly Ripa and 5 1/2 inches (2:16)
She knows what she's doing and it's still hilarious.
09.12.14, 4:12 am est
NHL announces rules changes for 2014-15 season
I don't have any issue with these changes. For the greater good.
09.12.14, 4:10 am est
Players power football pitch lights
The kinetic energy of players' movements provides night-time illumination.
09.12.14, 4:08 am est
2014 Tater Trot Tracker Leaders
2014's slowest and quickest trots around the bases for home runs.
09.12.14, 4:07 am est
Now what you hear is not a test...
The guy who writes this comic never fails to make me laugh.
09.11.14, 5:27 am est
Clicker Heroes
Another one of those mindless mouse clicking games. I only stopped playing because I shutdown my browser and cleared the cache, which lost my progress.
09.11.14, 5:21 am est
18 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read
Or, just 18 Twitter entries good enough for a chuckle.
09.11.14, 5:13 am est
Beer Briefcase
Kind of neat. Now it just needs a cooling mechanism.
09.11.14, 4:52 am est
How to Make Life Better (3:00)
A few life hacks to improve your life better.
09.11.14, 4:33 am est
He's the friendly scorpion that you'll never see!
09.11.14, 4:13 am est
Pink goop in Chicken McNuggets? McDonald's Canada answers (2:44)
See? You chicken nugget truthers just got TOLD. SON!
09.11.14, 4:09 am est
"I work at an outback. Someone actually complained about this."
That's my only complaint when I eat there, too.
09.11.14, 4:00 am est
Bucci's Bucket of Chicken Night #BOCN (1:19)
Bucci and SVP. The best.
09.11.14, 3:22 am est
Positive trends
It's nice to get some positive news sometimes.
09.10.14, 1:43 am est
Ollie - Official Launch Video - Sphero Connected Toys (2:13)
I feel the video makes it look like it's more fun playing with it than it might actually be, but it does look neat.
09.10.14, 1:37 am est
Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger
Oh, I just have to have this.
09.09.14, 3:27 am est
What Not To Say To Your Girlfriend (2:36)
An educational film that might come in handy down the road.
09.07.14, 12:38 am est
The seriousness of California's drought
Simply amazing before and after pictures of Lake Oroville.
09.07.14, 12:34 am est
All About That [Upright] Bass - Jazz Meghan Trainor Cover ft. Kate Davis (3:56)
A fantastic cover. Have a listen.
09.07.14, 12:22 am est
18 Funny Test Answers
The ol' math science machine.
09.05.14, 1:48 am est
I Poop You is a professional poop delivery service. And now you know.
09.04.14, 1:57 am est
Tired of someone running their mouth?
Pass them your business card.
09.04.14, 1:47 am est
ESPN Films "30 for 30 Fifth Anniversary Collection"
This is what I want for xmas.
09.04.14, 1:43 am est
FBI 'Grappling' With Hiring Policy Concerning Marijuana
Tick-tock goes the legalization clock.
09.04.14, 1:40 am est
Sweden Solar System
The Sweden Solar System is the world's largest permanent scale model of the Solar System. That would be neat to visit while in the country.
09.04.14, 1:37 am est
White rabbit resting in Taiwan
The rabbit was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, the same guy who made the giant rubber duck.
09.04.14, 1:35 am est
Hilarious Photos From the National Beard & Mustache Championships
And now you know that the National Beard & Mustache Championships actually exist.
09.04.14, 1:23 am est
Arby's Now Charging $2.99 To Let Customers Go Behind Counter, Grab Handfuls Of Roast Beef
I'd be all over the DQ offer on the graphic... if it were REAL.
09.04.14, 1:23 am est
Euro 2016 Qualifying will be spread across Fox, ESPN networks
This makes me very happy. C'mon, Iceland!
09.04.14, 1:22 am est
Pentagon Has 'Everything Must Go' Sale (1:36)
Strawberry festival? YOU NEED A TANK.
09.04.14, 1:13 am est
The Taser Photoshoot Original (2:40)
The other 'O' face.
09.03.14, 1:46 am est
Nature is really beautiful (0:13)
...except when it's terrifying.
09.02.14, 11:09 am est
An easy way to get all the fruit out of a pineapple in under a minute (1:12)
This man is a WIZARD.
09.02.14, 11:06 am est
Your authority is not recognized... fort Kickass.
09.02.14, 11:05 am est
At the rodeo
Dude, balls.
09.01.14, 11:20 pm est
I swear to god I love Tumblr sometimes
Everybody do the Bugs.
09.01.14, 11:19 pm est
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