What do you love?
I typed in 'boobs'. It did not honor my request.
07.31.11, 2:41 am est
Ninja shuriken USB Memory 2GB
It's awesome, but not $143 awesome.
07.31.11, 2:38 am est
Best XXX Ever!!!
The plot development is better than most of them out there.
07.31.11, 2:33 am est
Be green and drunk at the same time.
07.31.11, 2:32 am est
10 interesting things about the human body
This is a bit more accurate than the last post.
07.31.11, 2:24 am est
National animals
Learn something new every day.
07.31.11, 2:23 am est
Choose wisely
The first one, obviously.
07.31.11, 2:22 am est
Batman equation
I'd say it's off the nerd charts, but it fits neatly in a graph.
07.31.11, 2:21 am est
Words of Wisdom
Homer Simpson has women all figured out.
07.31.11, 2:13 am est
Researchers Expose Cunning Online Tracking Service That Can’t Be Dodged
It's called SKYNET, and it's self aware.
07.31.11, 1:54 am est
The Flavor Of Your OJ Is A Chemically-Induced Mirage
How to make orange juice: Step 1 - squeeze oranges. Step 2 - screw it up.
07.31.11, 1:53 am est
Desiree Elyda For Primitive - Have A Yummy Summer [Video] (2:06)
07.31.11, 1:21 am est
Homemade Handheld Gamecube (2:56)
All consoles should have a portable counterpart.
07.31.11, 1:18 am est
It's hot as balls
Yes it is.
07.30.11, 11:57 pm est
The Amazing NEYMAR (2:17)
This goal is wicked sick.
07.28.11, 11:49 pm est
Peel an orange...
...like a BOSS.
07.28.11, 9:09 am est
The Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink
This actually looks pretty awesome.
07.28.11, 12:54 am est
Star Wars Weather
Plan accordingly.
07.28.11, 12:37 am est
In the old days
Music piracy before computers.
07.28.11, 12:36 am est
Become a Table
Difficulty: you need 3 friends.
07.28.11, 12:13 am est
Best cup stacking (0:17)
It looks legit, which is the bizarre part.
07.28.11, 12:12 am est
Old Spice (0:43)
Greatest. Parody. EVAR.
07.27.11, 3:01 am est
Rifle Burs (3:23)
Gunshots are the beat!
07.27.11, 2:55 am est
Alex And Liam Do Walmart (2:56)
I like when people come over from other countries and point out how ridiculous we are. Walmart is a perfect example of this.
07.27.11, 2:42 am est
Meme cakes
They put the FUUUUUUUUUUUUU- in fun!
07.27.11, 2:25 am est
Flowers for men
It's totally true.
07.27.11, 2:23 am est
Cave Johnson
He doesn't like lemons.
07.27.11, 2:23 am est
The favorite part of my day.
07.27.11, 2:22 am est
His name is Robert Paulson
His name is Robert Paulson.
07.27.11, 2:21 am est
Get one!
Strips of paper are infectious.
07.26.11, 12:10 am est
Borderline Genius
Small fortunes were made with these ideas.
07.26.11, 12:10 am est
Dwight Schrute Compilation
Don't mess with Dwight. FACT.
07.26.11, 12:09 am est
The Karate Kid (0:15)
One of the greatest lines in any movie, ever.
07.25.11, 9:02 pm est
Rubber (2:25)
Here's a movie full of WTF for ya.
07.25.11, 8:38 pm est
Gunshow - Dog Jokes
Don't wear it out!
07.25.11, 8:26 pm est
What I've Noticed about Mail...
It's kinda true.
07.25.11, 8:19 am est
Watermelon shark
We're gonna need a bigger boat!
07.25.11, 12:23 am est
Bed Twister
It turns into "tongue twister" quicker than you think!
07.25.11, 12:09 am est
Public Freestyling In NYC (2:27)
Free beats are free.
07.24.11, 2:22 am est
People's Champion: Behind the Battle (33:48)
A VH1 type documentary on a most epic rap battle.
07.24.11, 12:20 am est
1980s HP 7475A Pen Plotter Drawing A Czech 475.1 Series Locomotive (7:35)
Pretty amazing for a printer from the 80's.
07.24.11, 12:05 am est
Unusual fruits of Asia (3:00)
Food comes in some strange packaging.
07.24.11, 12:04 am est
Boogie boogie hedgehog (1:01)
They like the tubes.
07.24.11, 12:03 am est
Math Motorway Problem: Connect the towns solution (5:22)
He's a witch!
07.24.11, 12:03 am est
Simple way to cool down your car after it's been baking in the sun (2:29)
The Japanese think of everything.
07.24.11, 12:02 am est
A Bloody Mess
A bloodstain pattern analysis infographic.
07.23.11, 11:28 pm est
Tetris window
The music is playing in your head now.
07.23.11, 11:27 pm est
Problem global warming?
If your car turns into an over this summer, take advantage of it.
07.23.11, 11:26 pm est
Chris Kluwe Responds: Can I Kick It? (Yes, I Can)
Kluwe responds to Nate Jackson's rant (link at end of article) in a most excellent way.
07.23.11, 11:25 pm est
Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation (3:31)
That song you hear at tons of sporting events has a bizarre music video.
07.23.11, 11:14 pm est
Skittles - Newlyweds (0:31)
Skittles + doing it = awesome.
07.23.11, 7:41 pm est
Roof Jump App
Let's distribute this and let Darwin do the rest.
07.22.11, 11:18 pm est
It's dangerous to go alone...
Sage advice.
07.22.11, 9:37 pm est
I'll never lose my keys again!
This is a brilliant idea.
07.22.11, 2:06 am est
The Discovery Channel building during Shark Week
07.22.11, 2:05 am est
Best license plate, EVER!
07.22.11, 2:04 am est
Mazda Pi
07.22.11, 2:03 am est
The Frozen Tsunami
Not really, but the hunk of ice is impressive.
07.22.11, 1:48 am est
Foot pool
I kind of like it.
07.22.11, 1:47 am est
Cool Star Wars Sunshade
That's no moon...
07.22.11, 1:47 am est
Yeah Mom, I'm just good with computers
Google, do you use it?!?
07.22.11, 1:46 am est
Uses of Google
Mostly accurate.
07.22.11, 1:46 am est
I don't know what's going on here either.
07.22.11, 1:45 am est
Meanwhile, in Germany...
Well, that's different.
07.22.11, 1:45 am est
3D Street Art Madness
This one is kinda massive.
07.22.11, 1:44 am est
Bacon Wrapped Eggs (2:18)
Interesting creation.
07.22.11, 1:10 am est
Victorinox Slim Flash
Swiss Army USB drives. Excellent.
07.21.11, 1:48 am est
Kenny Powers: MFCEO (Official Video) (4:58)
This is completely awesome in every way imaginable.
07.19.11, 8:08 pm est
Epic drink (0:21)
It can't be that bad.
07.19.11, 7:40 pm est
Awesome leaf is awesome
07.18.11, 10:54 pm est
It is most decidedly not.
07.18.11, 10:53 pm est
Avoiding People
Because it'll probably be awkward.
07.18.11, 10:53 pm est
Snow Dodecahedron
It doesn't have to be mobile to be effective.
07.18.11, 10:35 pm est
5sf: Brian Finally Gets Mike's Joke (0:08)
Good one, Mike!
07.18.11, 8:36 am est
What goes around, comes around
Treat your USB devices with care.
07.17.11, 11:46 pm est
Fred Flinstone was here
That's the joke.
07.17.11, 11:45 pm est
Wasn't expecting to see this at the supermarket
Package designers: also humorous.
07.17.11, 11:43 pm est
Jonah Hill
Dammit, if that guy can lose weight, I *know* I can.
07.17.11, 11:42 pm est
Jesus Christ: The World's Worst Bully
I would totally throw down.
07.17.11, 11:42 pm est
Boner house
Even architects have a sense of humor.
07.17.11, 11:41 pm est
I wonder why they don't round the edges myself
It doesn't bother me, I just want to know why.
07.17.11, 11:40 pm est
Detroit: An Abandoned City
Not exactly postcard material.
07.17.11, 11:36 pm est
How we sleep while we're single
I've been sleeping comfortably for a long time... too long...
07.17.11, 11:35 pm est
If the Women's World Cup Final is Cancelled...
I laughed, felt bad, then didn't feel bad.
07.17.11, 11:34 pm est
Ayds (0:31)
Thank goodness for Ayds.
07.17.11, 11:16 pm est
Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies
Put that baby to work!
07.17.11, 11:04 pm est
Awesome Star Wars Art
The force is strong with these.
07.17.11, 4:37 am est
Harry Potter Movies By The Numbers
7 movies, over 6 BILLION DOLLARS gross worldwide in box office sales ALONE, with one more movie to go.
07.16.11, 3:42 pm est
Every. F**king. Time.
Quality of music on the radio vs. Distance to destination.
07.16.11, 3:22 pm est
Awesome cat is awesome
Everyone needs a sidekick.
07.16.11, 3:21 pm est
07.16.11, 12:32 pm est
Ridiculous goal by Eliezer Sherbatov
In the World Championships to boot.
07.16.11, 12:28 pm est
Slave Leia PSA (1:31)
WRONG! You can never have too much Slave Leia!!!
07.16.11, 12:26 pm est
Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs
Also, what I see in my version of heaven.
07.16.11, 12:07 pm est
The art of trolling
There's a couple good pranks in here.
07.16.11, 1:47 am est
Where were you when I was a child, Lego Store?
Also, what people see when they go to heaven.
07.14.11, 9:09 pm est
Tea Party with Mr. Cuddles
Never let Mr. Cuddles out of your sight.
07.14.11, 9:07 pm est
Famous voice actors of past and present
I always like these, there's always a couple voices that surprise me.
07.14.11, 9:06 pm est
Dr. Cat
The bad news is easier to take.
07.14.11, 9:05 pm est
Enter into the Ministry of Magic
Who knows what secrets it holds...
07.14.11, 9:03 pm est
Lamebook - Feed Burnin!
I wonder if she's ever done the "pterodactyl".
07.14.11, 8:23 pm est
MLB WAGs You'd Like to See on the Beach
The hotness.
07.14.11, 7:56 pm est
The State Of The Internet Now!
The animated, up to the minute infographic.
07.14.11, 7:39 pm est
Moby Dick
07.13.11, 2:18 am est
The depressing thing about tennis...
Good ol' Mitch.
07.13.11, 2:16 am est
The golden rule
I thought this was the rule for all important decisions.
07.13.11, 2:16 am est
French student dorm rooms... made from shipping containers
I like the idea.
07.13.11, 2:14 am est
The 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos
Just LOOK at the guest list.
07.13.11, 2:07 am est
The Legend of Navi: A Link to the Pest (1:18)
The ending is great.
07.13.11, 2:03 am est
2D Photography Rube Goldberg Machine (4:13)
One of the best I've seen.
07.13.11, 1:51 am est
An Automated Wedding Vending Machine
I hope they made an automated divorce machine as well.
07.13.11, 1:46 am est
Restaurant bans children (2:28)
I support this 100%.
07.13.11, 1:31 am est
Drew Medlin Photography
Great black & white shots, I just wish the photos were larger.
07.13.11, 1:02 am est
35 Sexy Women From The World Series Of Poker
I'd like to "double down" with a few of these ladies, if you know what I mean.
07.13.11, 12:59 am est
Are Cameras the New Guns?
I've got mixed feelings on this one.
07.13.11, 12:58 am est
Badge of Shame Comedy
The "Joe Goes To" series is amusing.
07.13.11, 12:57 am est
Every Gamer Thinks Theyre A Tetris Genius Until They See This Video (6:30)
SHOPPED. Come on.
07.12.11, 12:07 am est
Crazy Marriage Proposal (0:59)
Classic move.
07.11.11, 10:11 pm est
Pooktre tree shapers
The dude grew a chair.
07.11.11, 9:01 am est
Fibonacci Spiral
See, math can be interesting.
07.11.11, 8:58 am est
Optical illusion at Paris town hall
Another well done perspective piece.
07.11.11, 8:57 am est
Billie Jean on the ukulele by James Hill (5:00)
Neat rendition of the song.
07.11.11, 8:50 am est
PUMA's Clever Little Shopper (1:42)
I'm all for stopping all the plastic waste on this planet.
07.09.11, 6:38 pm est
Anatomy of a Jumbo Freezie
A childhood staple.
07.09.11, 6:35 pm est
Walls Notebook
Neat idea for a sketch book.
07.09.11, 6:32 pm est
Monster Bikinis With Toothy Bottoms
Posting because of the hot model.
07.09.11, 5:59 pm est
Bootleg Fireworks FAIL (0:40)
The commentary cracked me up.
07.09.11, 1:50 am est
Paper art by Calvin Nicholls
That is some ridiculous skill.
07.09.11, 1:32 am est
Super Mario World/Earth Mashup Shirt
I want the shirt, and I want that map to be a playable game.
07.09.11, 1:32 am est
Sabin Fever
I'm not into Final Fantasy much, but this made me laugh.
07.09.11, 1:31 am est
Water balloons in Slow Motion. In a nighty. (2:36)
07.07.11, 12:02 am est
Skipping in Slow Motion. In a Bikini. (2:57)
07.06.11, 11:59 pm est
Josefine qvist changing her jersey with a fan (0:38)
Kinda hot.
07.06.11, 10:14 pm est
A 3-D Printer That Prints In Chocolate
Now, I need one to print me a taco.
07.06.11, 9:58 pm est
Manual Photography Cheat Sheet
Now, go buy yourself a DSLR and get flashing!
07.06.11, 9:44 pm est
100 epic images from Hubble Space Telescope
Eye candy from SPACE!
07.06.11, 9:41 pm est
5sf - Crabwalkin' (0:08)
It was... inevitable.
07.06.11, 8:47 am est
Insane Quotes From The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
There are some gems in here.
07.05.11, 7:27 pm est
Children's Book FAIL
07.05.11, 7:26 pm est
Building A Park In The Sky (5:41)
That's a really neat idea, I like it.
07.05.11, 5:57 am est
Sweet Goal: Portland Timbers Vs. Sporting Kansas City (0:43)
Goal of the year candidate.
07.05.11, 5:49 am est
Poland: Summer solstice celebration of the day (2:48)
It looks really cool, but what happens when they land?
07.05.11, 5:38 am est
Impressive Russian balalaika playing (3:56)
Dude has skill.
07.05.11, 5:37 am est
Derren Brown beats 9 top chess players simultaneously... by using a trick (9:39)
Not a bad trick, but the twist at the end is what's mind boggling.
07.05.11, 5:36 am est
Did Kobayashi beat Chestnut's record?
Nothing against Chestnut, but Kobayashi is better, official or NOT.
07.05.11, 3:51 am est
Amazing Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg
The new fad in animated gifs.
07.05.11, 3:09 am est
Hey there, grape!
07.05.11, 3:09 am est
Yay! 4th of July Fireworks 2011!
Fireworks have some bizarre names and packaging.
07.05.11, 3:07 am est
'The Matrix' Lobby Scene with A capella Multitrack (2:13)
This... was different.
07.03.11, 2:58 pm est
Club Crasher
One of the best advertisements ever.
07.03.11, 2:04 pm est
Exclamation FAIL
You mean, that's not what you yell?
07.03.11, 1:51 pm est
The Temperature Isnt The Only Thing Rising
07.03.11, 1:50 pm est
Plot Device (9:15)
Cheeky little movie.
07.02.11, 5:06 pm est
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
Wolfram Alpha knows.
07.02.11, 2:10 pm est
A special day in history
07.02.11, 2:05 pm est
Hipster Edits
07.02.11, 2:04 pm est
Hey guys
This is what actually happens.
07.02.11, 2:02 pm est
You can make a hotel out of anything
Or, places to do it in.
07.02.11, 2:02 pm est
Laptop Repair Win
Fixed in 30 minutes or less.
07.02.11, 2:00 pm est
2010 FIFA World Cup In South Africa (3:38)
Highlight montage.
07.02.11, 1:44 pm est
Animals Being Dicks
Animals are jerks too.
07.02.11, 1:31 pm est
Kenny Goldin is GEM. MINT. TEN. (4:46)
No Don in this one, but LOTS of Kenny.
07.02.11, 12:51 pm est
Wild West Deals
DON WEST IS BACK! Long live the sports collectible seller.
07.02.11, 12:50 pm est
How Diet Soda May Cause Weight Gain (8:57)
That's it, I'm never drinking pop again.
07.02.11, 1:34 am est
It's Surprisingly Easy to Accidentally Pick Up a Prostitute
The story, real or not, is amusing.
07.02.11, 12:05 am est
Toilet Prank
Turds: always hilarious.
07.02.11, 12:04 am est
Inspirational trolling
Fake parking tickets are fun.
07.02.11, 12:03 am est
First world problems
It's everyone's favorite game!
07.01.11, 11:58 pm est
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