56 Delightful Victorian Slang Terms You Should Be Using
"He's very arf'arf'an'arf, meaning he has had many 'arfs'". You arfin' over there?
02.28.16, 5:01 am est
The Very Important Story of Communist Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola was way ahead of Pepsi in the "clear beverage" game, unbeknownst to many.
02.28.16, 4:51 am est
How Esurance Lost its Mascot to the Internet
Rule 34 spares spares no one, real or not.
02.28.16, 4:23 am est
Joking Hazard by Cyanide And Happiness
Did "The Oatmeal" start a trend? Online comics being turned into card games? Regardless, I'm going to put some money on this one, too.
02.28.16, 4:18 am est
Lund University students envision Malmö silo transformed into a crematorium
It's just a concept, but the idea looks gorgeous. Also, DEATH SILO would be a great name for a band.
02.28.16, 4:16 am est
1500' TV Tower (2:07)
Height enthusiasts only.
02.28.16, 4:13 am est
Playing with a platypus (1:17)
"I just realized my mind has still not really come to terms with the existence of the Platypus."
02.28.16, 4:06 am est
How I found out I was traded
Stories from NHL players on how they found out they were moving on to another team.
02.28.16, 4:05 am est
San Francisco's Auxiliary Water Supply System (AWSS)
A separate and distinct water supply system for fire protection use only, built after the 1906 earthquake that destroyed the city. Fascinating, I never knew anything like that existed.
02.28.16, 4:03 am est
Augmented Reality
Real life is bullshit.
02.28.16, 3:05 am est
The Stats Device
I have this exact fantasy as well.
02.28.16, 3:01 am est
The treadmill problem and solution
Current mood.
02.28.16, 2:55 am est
Boat with two bears
Kinda pricey, if you ask me. The price has gone up triple in the past week!
02.28.16, 2:53 am est
Fan Pays Fitting Birthday Tribute To Late Comedian Mitch Hedberg
We don't need to bring ink and paper into this.
02.28.16, 2:52 am est
How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps! (7:32)
I didn't know it was that easy!
02.28.16, 2:51 am est
Highest, Tallest, and Closest to the Stars
I was unaware of these other mountains of interest.
02.28.16, 2:49 am est
Dog Accidentally Runs Half Marathon, Finishes 7th, Wins Medal
Feel good story of the year.
02.28.16, 2:47 am est
David Zinn's Quirky Chalk and Charcoal Characters
If you are in Ann Arbor, keep your eyes open for random art pieces.
02.21.16, 2:30 am est
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Did you know there are 5 episodes now? Did you know there's an entire Reddit devoted to it and the hidden meanings people are deducing from the series? This is good internet right here.
02.20.16, 3:48 am est
Volkswagen Trailer Assist - Backing up a trailer (1:03)
Good job, Norway! Behind the scenes video linked at the end.
02.20.16, 3:46 am est
The Owl Whisperer (0:52)
"Please don't give me that look."
02.20.16, 3:44 am est
Sergei Bobrovsky (3:01)
This song makes me ridiculously happy. The video montage is set to a song a punk band wrote about him: "Who's the #1 Cop?" by The Hextalls, inspired by one Jay Onrait in his TSN days. Fantastic.
02.20.16, 3:33 am est
OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out - Behind The Scenes (4:18)
The finale of the video took 8 takes. These are the first 7.
02.18.16, 3:44 am est
OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out (3:21)
Once again, OK Go ups the music video game with this insane and amazing display.
02.18.16, 3:44 am est
Which one do you want?
God dammit.
02.18.16, 2:06 am est
Great day
Me at work recently.
02.18.16, 2:05 am est
Things aren't going well
Kinda, sorta.
02.18.16, 2:04 am est
Low Carb Diet
Current status.
02.18.16, 2:02 am est
02.18.16, 2:01 am est
Cthulhu's playing hardball
Gotta sweeten the deal.
02.18.16, 1:19 am est
Finding love is hard
It's never that easy.
02.15.16, 10:05 pm est
All Alans
A very carefully compiled word search.
02.12.16, 11:27 pm est
Fatboy Slim - Love Island (5:18)
Straight outta '98, this has been my jam lately.
02.05.16, 4:25 am est
The Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS)
The results are in, the snowstorm that walloped DC and the metro area comes in as the 4th worst storm in recorded history. 2.5 feet of snow kept me in my house for 5 days straight.
02.05.16, 4:22 am est
Saints' Lance Moore does the Hingle McCringleberry (0:37)
Can't do more than two pumps or it's a flag.
02.05.16, 4:08 am est
Vertical Parking
Collection of black and white photos showing various methods of "stacked" parking for the early 1900's.
02.05.16, 4:06 am est
Detroit Land Boats map
Locations of abandoned sea vessels dumped in Detroit. Because: Detroit.
02.05.16, 4:04 am est
Guffey, Colorado
Great town, or greatest town?
02.03.16, 12:45 am est
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