NHL - Highlights and Lowlights of 2014
Some great pictures in this bunch.
12.30.14, 4:58 pm est
You Won't Believe These Seven Weird Animal Group Names
The first one cracked me up.
12.30.14, 4:53 pm est
Animated: How to build a human
An animated gif of fetus development.
12.30.14, 4:50 pm est
Ron Swanson Quotes
Forget motivational posters. Hang these up on your walls.
12.30.14, 4:44 pm est
Somabar: Robotic Bartender for your Home
It's a really neat concept. A fancy way to make "The People's Punch".
12.30.14, 4:42 pm est
Dear Mona, I Masturbate More Than Once a Day. Am I Normal?
Well, that puts things in perspective.
12.30.14, 4:34 pm est
You look like you want to tell me something
I usually just run away.
12.30.14, 4:29 pm est
Last year's resolutions
Nailed it.
12.30.14, 4:28 pm est
Gustav Nyquist's amazing individual effort wins it for Detroit (1:19)
Just an amazing amount of strength and talent to hold on to the puck for that long and then bury it. Fantastic!
12.30.14, 4:27 pm est
SNL Colon Blow - High Fiber Granola Cereal
Is... is this real? Are they actually making it? Oh man... I want some.
12.23.14, 3:05 am est
The 15 Best Bill Walton Quotes
Or, as I like to say, 15 solid Bill Walton quotes.
12.23.14, 3:03 am est
Sportscenter NHL 94 Highlights For Kings - Canadiens (1:27)
NHL '94 sound effects AND quotes from the movie "Swingers"? Best of both worlds right here.
12.23.14, 2:59 am est
Some polar bears had a party and things got massively out of hand
They added some rum to their Coke.
12.23.14, 2:55 am est
Mysterious Ice Pancakes Floating Down Scottish River
Just add syrup!
12.23.14, 2:55 am est
$30,000 Time Traveling DeLorean Conversion Kits
Own a DeLorean? This is your only logical move.
12.23.14, 2:54 am est
Walking on beautiful clean ice in Slovakian Mountains (0:38)
It's so clear!
12.23.14, 2:53 am est
Bitch that's the tubby custard machine
"10,000 years from now on the dawn of a new civilization where we are all just brains in jars flying spaceships through the vast unknowable void, i will still be laughing my ass off at "bitch that's the tubby custard machine". this i vow." - Me too.
12.23.14, 2:52 am est
6 things I learned from riding in a Google Self-Driving Car - The Oatmeal
Self driving cars will eventually be a reality. Just not in my lifetime.
12.23.14, 2:50 am est
Man Converts Old TV Into Seinfeld Apartment Aquarium
This is awesome. I want it.
12.12.14, 3:33 am est
Prospective Home Buyers Get To Take Mini Roller Coaster Ride Through Property (1:30)
Dude, I would buy that house if I got to keep the mini-coaster. Brilliant!
12.12.14, 3:32 am est
The End of the Universe
I'm glad this page exists. One of the funniest bits ever. I must visit there once in my lifetime.
12.12.14, 3:30 am est
The Time Manute Bol Hit Six Three-Pointers In A Half (1:58)
The greatest shooting performance in NBA history.
12.12.14, 3:25 am est
Never Speed In Virginia: Lessons From My Three Days In Jail
I won't ever have that problem with the traffic in NOVA.
12.12.14, 3:23 am est
Balls on escalator (3:41)
This is rated G, people. Also, never thought to try this out before.
12.12.14, 3:21 am est
'Tis the season
12.12.14, 3:19 am est
My nickname is Gillette
For TWO reasons...
12.12.14, 3:17 am est
Christmas cards to random addresses
What a fantastic idea.
12.12.14, 3:16 am est
Thomas Sanders Vine compilation 2014 (300 Vines) (32:38)
Turns out this guy is hilarious. It's 32 minutes long, and I wanted another 32 minutes more.
12.12.14, 3:04 am est
Narrating People's Lives with Thomas Sanders compilation (2:30)
Most of them look genuine, I have my reservations on a few of them. Regardless, they all were smile worthy. Good fun!
12.12.14, 2:30 am est
Crossy Road is a Game About Crossing Roads, and it is Great
It's Frogger, only with hundreds of playable characters. I kind of want to play this.
12.12.14, 2:26 am est
Burger Joint Makes Hilarious Allen Iverson Press Conference Parody in Response to Blogger's Complaint About Napkins (3:02)
This parody is hilarious to me. Well done.
12.12.14, 2:18 am est
A True Moment of Silence (4:31)
I don't think I'll ever hear a moment of silence as deafening as that one.
12.11.14, 2:40 am est
Be Nice to the Duck (0:06)
12.10.14, 3:58 am est
Horse house party (0:15)
Hells yes.
12.08.14, 1:51 pm est
F.D.A. to Require Calorie Count, Even for Popcorn at the Movies
Yeah, this should have been done a decade ago.
12.06.14, 6:05 pm est
80's Retro Arcade in the Oculus Rift DK2 (7:25)
Yo dawg, I herd u like video games...
12.06.14, 6:04 pm est
Tom Wilson Tuba (sousaphone) standup (Tonight Show) (6:55)
Tuba humor is always acceptable.
12.06.14, 5:53 pm est
Tootsie pop answer revealed
That's some good work, Lou.
12.06.14, 4:54 pm est
Yes, please. Two, please.
12.05.14, 2:24 am est
Toy Wars (3:08)
The car chase was the best part for me.
12.04.14, 6:56 am est
What's this?
Unfortunately, this is a significant portion of how cheering for sports works.
12.02.14, 12:49 am est
20 funny business cards
Some humorous and clever ones in the bunch.
12.02.14, 12:46 am est
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