July 23, 2006
Are there any web/online comics I should be reading? A few of mine are stale, or not updated enough. Here's my current list:
Penny Arcade - Always spot on!
Sluggy Freelance - I actually stopped following amidst a storyline that was impossible to follow or interest me. Things have recently reverted back to "normal", but I haven't kept up with it.
Sinfest - After being gone for a month with no reason why, Sinfest is back with a couple weeks worth of catch-up for myself. Goodie!
PvP - Something new storyline just started, don't know where that's going to go.
Least I Could Do - Rayne, you womanizing magnificent bastard, haha.
Mother Goose & Grimm - Classic old-school comics. Can't pass it up.
Garfield - Ditto!
Boondocks - I swear this comic "started over", things seem normal now.
Chugworth Academy - Updates are too few and far in betweeeeeeen. Ugh.
White Ninja Comics - Now 3 times a week! Excellent.
Perry Bible Fellowship A gentle blend of twisted and hilarious.
Girly - I've been reading this since day one. Not an easy one to jump into.
Real Life - Stale, old, and busted. Just not funny anymore.
Exploding Dog & Natalie Dee & Married To The Sea - All similar styles, all golden.
Wulffmorgenthaler - The strangest of them all.
If you have any others I should take a look at, do up the comments.

And now, your regularly scheduled linkfest:

YTMND: Internet in the 1800's

YTMND: The gift off kool-aid!

YTMND: You spin ascii Kirby right round

The 12 Differences Between Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic - for the uninitiated, Doki Doki Panic is a Japanese NES game, which we ripped off and called Mario 2, because the *actual* Mario 2 (a.k.a. "The Lost Levels") was supposedly "too hard" to port to the US.

VIDEO: Hamster wheel gone wrong - whoa there turbo!

VIDEO: Hurricane Balls - RAVE, BITCHES!!!

Flash game: Arrow Tag - good fun.

Comparing the three TMNT movies - yes, the third one sucked!

Dark Side of the Rainbow - all ready and synched for your pleasure. You'll need The Definitive List to help you follow along. I enjoy this. Random, but enough co-incidences to make you wonder.

VIDEO: Do what you want cause a pirate is free, YOU ARE A PIRATE! - THIS SONG IS TOO DAMN CATCHY, OH THE HUGE MANATEE!!!


(The show is "LazyTown" on Nick Jr., in which 4chan and YTMND spawned internet fads from.)

July 19, 2006
VIDEO: Opposite Day - pretty funny.

VIDEO: The Consumerist on Nightline - if you didn't hate AOL with a passion already, plus other fun tidbits about big corporations.

July 17, 2006

YTMND: Zidane vs. Death Star

YTMND: Thwomp Mania

YTMND: Snowmen a la Calvin & Hobbes

YTMND: Bitch lost her damn mind

A little less Major Tom, and a little more Ground Control, please.

All the Zidane .gifs - they make me chuckle.

I stumbled across this article which then led me to the greatest collection in the world: Video Game Memorabilia Museum - and I've already bought a couple items that he is selling... when they arrive I will share them with you.

VIDEO: Who's line is it anyways? - this skit cracked me up.

What's with naming your video game consoles/personal electronics shitty names? First the Wii? Now the Zune? I'm convinced all you need to do to be in marketing is have good connections with a cocaine dealer. It's the equivalent of celebrities naming their kids after inanimate objects. Because "Dustpan" sounds kind of Austrian, right? People need to die and stop ruining my gene pool.

Zidane Headbutt Game - go for the gold, sparky!

Heat wave of 1936 - July 12 - Manitoba provincial record tied, 112 at Emerson - toasty.

Most outrageous minor-league baseball promotions - sounds like good times right there.

July 10, 2006
Zidane... well, that was different.

VIDEO: David Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car - Eric beat me to posting this, but it's damn funny.

Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka - 17 individual artists' interpretations of nookie music.

Traded in a paperclip for a house - in 14 trades... amusing little story.

Bacon cereal - mmmmm.

Zelda on a graphing calculator - I could have used that in high school!

July 7, 2006
Mr T. loves the Whopper - now with 1985 goodness, haha.

July 3, 2006
Cosmotions - Time-Lapse Photo Animations of the Cosmos. Neat animated gifs.

New Futurama coming to Comedy Central - 13 episodes in 2008... better than nothing!

Likely to provoke a disturbance? - the happy face bandana is a no-no in this MI-ZERRAH mall. I guess there really is a fashion police.

FLASH: World Cup pinball - amusing game.

Casa Mario - why didn't I think of this as a child?

YTMND: Use a hoe - it's so damn literal!

YTMND: Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

YTMND: Colbert has a finger for you

YTMND: Busey - that's all that needs to be said.

Mike Lange let go as Penguins TV play-by-play announcer - that's a damn shame. He was amusing to listen to this season, and now that's it. One thing about sports is not only the game itself, but the people surrounding the game, like the tv announcers.

Rangers-Isles at Yankee Stadium? - probably won't happen, but I still enjoy the idea of outdoor hockey.

Ghost ride the whip! - and now that you know the definition, watch these videos:

VIDEO: How not to "ghost ride the whip", part 1

VIDEO: How not to "ghost ride the whip", part 2

VIDEO: How to properly "ghost ride the whip" part 1

VIDEO: How to properly "ghost ride the whip" part 2 (XTREME!)

VIDEO: How to properly "ghost ride the whip" part 3

Armageddon Flow Chart - it's informative!

VIDEO: Early auditions for Snakes On A Plane - quite hilarious!

VIDEO: Kelly likes shoes - you must watch this.


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