How to be a mean brother (0:07)
The concept behind the new "Vine" video service is producing wonderful results.
06.29.13, 11:40 pm est
What she did vs. What DJs saw (1:04)
I'm going to have to agree with the last assessment.
06.29.13, 11:38 pm est
Rory vs the robot (3:56)
Funny golfing exhibition.
06.29.13, 1:56 pm est
Rice Patties In Japan Turned Into Giant Pictures By Planting Different Colored Rice
I've seen this a long time ago, but it's still amazing what they can create.
06.29.13, 4:14 am est
The 90's Button
Unleash Heaven?
06.29.13, 1:42 am est
How to Make Ice Cream Into Bread! (1:06)
This is worth a try.
06.28.13, 2:18 am est
Self Freezing Coca-Cola (3:18)
That's a fun little parlor trick.
06.27.13, 11:30 pm est
Call Your Doctor
Aww yeeeeeaaaaa.
06.27.13, 9:17 pm est
NeverWet Arrives - Hands-On Product Demonstration
This is one of my favorite latest advances in science.
06.26.13, 1:59 am est
Kollektivet - Quality Time (2:19)
You're welcome.
06.25.13, 3:44 am est
xkcd: Screensaver
Don't hit the button too early. Let it play out. There's always a hidden easter egg.
06.25.13, 1:37 am est
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (3:25)
Green is not a creative color.
06.25.13, 1:20 am est
Salve Jorge Bar presents The Offline Glass (1:27)
A glass that only stands up straight if it rests on a cell phone.
06.23.13, 8:32 pm est
Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam (featuring @goremy) (2:47)
Government surveillance never sounded so smooth.
06.23.13, 5:57 pm est
The wonderful squirrel fable
Fables are hard.
06.23.13, 5:56 pm est
Scale (1:18)
Each planet you see is the size it would appear in the sky if it shared an orbit with the moon, 380,000 kms from earth.
06.23.13, 5:55 pm est
Fire saftey flow chart
Check your surroundings.
06.23.13, 5:54 pm est
Why won't anyone dance with me (0:07)
The bitter truth.
06.23.13, 5:53 pm est
Spoon Me (2:26)
Being the little spoon can be hazardous.
06.23.13, 5:53 pm est
Pearl Jam drinking game
For experts only.
06.23.13, 5:52 pm est
Red, White, and Booze
America's milkshake.
06.23.13, 5:51 pm est
An Optical Illusion Image by Bela Borsodi Created in a Single Photograph
Strap on your helmet, your mind is going to be blown.
06.21.13, 1:41 pm est
Who you gon' call? (0:07)
The answer may surprise you.
06.20.13, 4:13 am est
The Lego Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (2:07)
This looks like it could be amusing.
06.20.13, 4:09 am est
Pole of inaccessibility
The geography geek in me likes this kind of stuff.
06.19.13, 1:02 am est
Froggy Fresh and Money Maker Mike - Dunked On (4:47)
This needs to be the official video of the NBA.
06.19.13, 12:44 am est
No berries
A simple communication error.
06.18.13, 6:55 pm est
Play Doc Emrick bingo
If you like hockey and are a fan of Hall of Fame broadcaster Doc Emrick, this is the game for you.
06.18.13, 6:52 pm est
Not the Onion
Real, actual news with Onion-esque headlines, hosted by Reddit.
06.18.13, 6:52 pm est
Presenting the Xbox One (2:12)
06.18.13, 6:48 pm est
Twins Separated at Birth
The story of Jim Lewis and Jim Springer. It's bizarre.
06.16.13, 11:02 pm est
A haiku about Mario Kart
Preach it.
06.16.13, 11:01 pm est
California Conservation Corps get funky (1:01)
Wait for it...
06.14.13, 10:05 pm est
06.14.13, 10:03 pm est
Tampax - now leak-proof (0:28)
06.14.13, 10:00 pm est
Ralph S - LEGO guru
Dude has the knack.
06.14.13, 10:00 pm est
Churro Pancakes
Because why not?
06.14.13, 9:59 pm est
The right way to propose to your girl
I am going to steal this "power move" if I find the right one.
06.14.13, 3:32 am est
David Letterman: "Are Those Your Drums?" (2:29)
Those are some nice drums.
06.13.13, 1:18 am est
Hard Ticket to Hawaii - Frisbee Scene (1:53)
06.12.13, 3:19 am est
Amazing Resonance Experiment (3:39)
Sand + sound waves.
06.12.13, 3:16 am est
NSA Kids Books
Everyone jump on the meme wagon!
06.10.13, 11:41 pm est
Driving around in a La-Z-Boy (0:26)
Fastest recliner on wheels.
06.10.13, 11:38 pm est
Facebook's New Privacy Rules
Don't worry, you're sharing it with the NSA regardless of what you are doing.
06.10.13, 11:37 pm est
Use the arrow keys to restart your building
I hate when that happens.
06.10.13, 11:36 pm est
Computer Guy - Savlonic (3:42)
Weebl makes some kick ass electronic music.
06.10.13, 12:05 am est
1,138 behind the scenes photos of the [Original] Star Wars Trilogy
Just in case you want to nerd out.
06.09.13, 10:22 pm est
GIFTY - concept (1:03)
An idea for an invention that makes flip books. Kinda neat.
06.09.13, 2:32 pm est
S'more Pie Pops Recipe
S'mores on the go? Hell yeah!
06.09.13, 2:20 am est
200 Oreo Tower Challenge (7:48)
It's so majestic.
06.08.13, 1:18 am est
#PubLooShocker (0:52)
Damn, Gina!
06.08.13, 1:09 am est
Video Game Name Generator
Radical Sandwich Deluxe. First Person Goth-Melee. Caribbean Fishing Extravaganza. The list goes on.
06.08.13, 1:03 am est
Pregnancy greeting card
If I didn't think I'd get beat up for it, this would be my go-to card for expecting mothers.
06.08.13, 1:01 am est
Germany drops its longest word from their vocabulary. It's gone! All 63 letters of it.
06.08.13, 1:00 am est
Cars From Classic 80's Shows And Movies Recreated In LEGO
Mr. T still not getting on no plane.
06.07.13, 2:34 am est
A Street Legal Bumper Car
What a fun car mod.
06.07.13, 1:01 am est
Irish seven course dinner
No substitutions.
06.06.13, 5:16 am est
Let's Talk About #2 - One Wipe Charlies (1:51)
From the creators of Dollar Shave Club.
06.06.13, 2:40 am est
David Kwong - Puzzles & Prestidigitation (3:11)
This trick is pretty amazing. Also, I didn't realize crossword puzzle making had rules.
06.06.13, 2:33 am est
22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other
Some of these I definitely say a certain way, and some of them I sounded out and couldn't decide how I usually say the word. I am going to have a pop now.
06.06.13, 2:28 am est
Big Yellow Duck
It's a meme. It's fantastic.
06.06.13, 2:24 am est
77 Cars from TV and Movies
Can you name them without looking at the key?
06.06.13, 2:17 am est
Dunkin's Bacon Doughnut Sandwiches Go Nationwide
No one gets this excited for a new salad or fruit cup. The article said that you can customize it, so I'm going to get one using a Boston Creme donut. Aces.
06.06.13, 2:13 am est
Pizza wheels
I enjoy when my food in wheel form.
06.06.13, 2:06 am est
Tetris Printer Algorithm (5:33)
It's mesmerizing in a way.
06.05.13, 3:26 am est
From A to B (3:26)
What happens when you send something by mail? A camera inside of a package will tell you.
06.05.13, 1:31 am est
Phones replaced with sandwiches
Best use of Tumblr to date.
06.04.13, 12:34 am est
See this iconic glass beach before it's too late
Thanks to people who ignore the rules, Mendocino County's Glass Beach is rapidly fading away.
06.03.13, 3:09 am est
Barman Product Uses Technology to Make Perfect Cocktails (1:01)
I would put money into this.
06.03.13, 3:01 am est
This is a cross between a croissant and a donut. And it looks AMAZING.
06.03.13, 12:46 am est
Homemade Ketchup
The picture looks ridiculously delicious.
06.02.13, 5:57 pm est
How To Do Stuff With @WhoisMaxwell (1:35)
Max is a smart, hilarious guy.
06.01.13, 3:44 pm est
Tell us your preferred beer style, and find similar beers to try out. I figured people into beers could find this handy.
06.01.13, 3:43 pm est
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