Natalie Dee: My Personal Food Period
Be honest with yourself.
11.30.12, 3:30 am est
Mountain Dew and Doritos cupcake
I wonder if this qualifies as food.
11.30.12, 3:20 am est
Cats Are Assholes (0:19)
11.30.12, 3:13 am est
U Can't Print That.
11.28.12, 2:22 am est
Boombox watch
11.28.12, 2:20 am est
Hay! Ho!
That reminds me of one of my favorite YTMND's.
11.26.12, 12:28 am est
Wait for it...
11.26.12, 12:27 am est
Depression Severity Assessment
Honestly, this might be as simple as it gets.
11.25.12, 5:30 pm est
Delta Safety Video Parody (4:37)
Pay attention, this could save your life!
11.25.12, 3:16 am est
Cinematic dunks (1:01)
There's lots of time to think when you're stuck up there.
11.24.12, 6:59 pm est
OK Go - WTF? (3:45)
I hadn't seen this music video from them. I'm convinced they should win every music video award there is.
11.24.12, 6:58 pm est
Brazilian Luiz Adriano Scores Classless Goal For Shakhtar Donetsk During UCL Match (1:34)
This guy is an asshole.
11.22.12, 9:18 pm est
Miiverse Penis Drawing Detection Took Weeks to Develop
I didn't know drawing dicks was a problem in an online social setting.
11.22.12, 9:17 pm est
Nashville Predators Surprise Youth Hockey Players by Giving Their Game the Full NHL Treatment (3:50)
The lockout has its upsides.
11.21.12, 12:39 am est
A Couple's Clever 'People On A Roller Coaster' Costumes (0:48)
11.20.12, 3:55 am est
Up To Speed
11.20.12, 3:48 am est
LEGO Pop-up Temple (3:57)
This is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure we could build a machine that cures cancer out of LEGO.
11.19.12, 12:35 am est
The Ron Swanson Special
The sophisticated drink for our times.
11.19.12, 12:31 am est
Gersberms (Yer Gervin Mah) (3:55)
Terrible meme. Terrible music video. AWESOME cameo.
11.18.12, 8:32 pm est
Phone Book WIN
Since no one uses phone books anymore, you can get away with awesome stuff like this.
11.18.12, 8:31 pm est
Forms of payment?
Or amazing game show concept?
11.18.12, 8:30 pm est
Fruit ninja IRL
This guy is a wizard, a genius.
11.18.12, 8:30 pm est
Chicago Historic Water Tower
It's a bit too early for Christmas, but this photo is a picture perfect example of why I love certain parts of the holidays.
11.18.12, 8:29 pm est
Former Army boxing champion, 71, floors 6ft 4in thug half his age after being punched in the face in attack
Be weary of your elders.
11.18.12, 8:27 pm est
The Nuke
With great power comes great responsibility.
11.18.12, 12:38 am est
Bitches be crazy
Clever ad.
11.18.12, 12:34 am est
Urine-powered generator unveiled at international exhibition
Four African girls have created a generator that produces electricity for six hours using a single liter of urine as fuel. Urine powered cars to follow. Urine.
11.18.12, 12:13 am est
Masterpiece Theatre
Best idea EVAR.
11.16.12, 1:28 pm est
Christmas Ramen
Seriously, guys.
11.16.12, 1:28 pm est
Tulip farm in the Netherlands
This looks like it came out of Sim City.
11.16.12, 1:27 pm est
Geometric food art by Sakir Gökçebag
Is it blowing your mind yet?
11.15.12, 4:30 am est
Melodramatic Broccoli (0:20)
But it's good for you.
11.15.12, 4:10 am est
Legend Of Zelda Overworld Recreated In LEGO
I want to make this now and put glass on top of it and make a table.
11.15.12, 2:34 am est
Star Trek fan club 1994
Wow. That... that is something.
11.15.12, 2:17 am est
How I feel about...
We all have different triggers.
11.15.12, 2:13 am est
Writing a spy story
The 4th panel will be the name of my 2nd child. The 5th panel describes small portions of my life all too well.
11.15.12, 2:12 am est
Mexican Food
Cheesy meat? Cheesy tortilla? It's all Mexican food, baby.
11.15.12, 2:11 am est
MTTS: Dance instruction the whaaaaat
The internet was on fire today. The first of many good links. Dance the whaaaaat.
11.15.12, 2:10 am est
The Dinner Party (3:50)
There's always an explanation for everything.
11.14.12, 4:45 am est
An ESPN NFL Show Actually Did A Cool Thing (1:38)
If you like "The Princess Bride", you'll like this.
11.14.12, 4:27 am est
Good Job, Drunk Me!
What a nice guy.
11.14.12, 4:26 am est
The best cosplay of all time (0:26)
Give this man a prize!
11.13.12, 2:43 am est
Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore? (3:43)
Oh snap, son!
11.13.12, 2:42 am est
Tenacious D performing "Jazz" on Craig Ferguson (3:36)
Music GOLD.
11.13.12, 2:41 am est
Key & Peele: Xbox Dance Game (3:01)
The sensors pick up on everything.
11.13.12, 2:34 am est
Parody Parody Parody (0:47)
He made a parody.
11.13.12, 1:20 am est
The Mitchell and Webb Situation - Farming (1:39)
The secret to making money.
11.11.12, 3:08 am est
Dirk Nowitzki sings Born in the USA (0:52)
"Sings" is used generously here. Very generously.
11.11.12, 3:08 am est
Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction
"Hack" is used generously here, but the entire experiment is fascinating.
11.11.12, 3:07 am est
Superstorm Sandy From Formation to Landfall (3:23)
Interesting satellite time lapse video.
11.08.12, 2:52 am est
I don't think you're happy enough
I should make this my desktop background at work.
11.08.12, 2:50 am est
Girl QB schools the boys at their own game (4:08)
She is destroying these kids!
11.08.12, 2:42 am est
Kart - Official Trailer (2:19)
Pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.
11.08.12, 2:40 am est
5sf - New Voting Method (0:08)
Trying different polling stations is one way to bring in new demographics.
11.08.12, 2:38 am est
Modular Keyboard Let's You Rearrange All The Keys
I'm intrigued by this concept. Neat design, too.
11.07.12, 2:48 am est
Google House View (beta) (0:56)
Oh shi-
11.07.12, 2:43 am est
Lamebook - Week Starting Wins
This one was well put together.
11.06.12, 2:41 am est
This man has been helping people in need for 40 years (2:43)
Here's a feel good story to start out your week.
11.05.12, 2:35 am est
This is a pasternoster elevator at the University of Essex Albert Sloman library (1:14)
And it's mesmerizing.
11.05.12, 2:33 am est
A Chinese farmer has invented a wind-powered electric car (2:38)
I like car ideas that don't evolve around gasoline.
11.05.12, 2:33 am est
German football clubs' latest training machine (0:57)
When I am rich (so, never), this will be constructed in my house.
11.05.12, 2:31 am est
Sean Landez: Missed FG returned for a 109.9 Yard Touchdown (1:06)
That's not in the play book. But it should be.
11.04.12, 3:21 am est
Mojo - Superman (5:30)
This is my current jam. Dubstep/DNB/Drumstep/Liquid.
11.04.12, 3:09 am est
13 minutes of 'This is SportsCenter' commercials (13:05)
I could watch these for hours.
11.04.12, 2:13 am est
I'll Take the Pen Is Mighter
Another solid Halloween costume.
11.04.12, 1:26 am est
The Toughest Bridge In The World (2:50)
Well, more like the steel girder in front of it. But still, watching idiots wreck their trucks on it is hilarious.
11.03.12, 1:30 am est
Average Breast Cup Size in the World
The map is interactive, but not in the way I want it to be.
11.03.12, 12:29 am est
Finally caught it
Persistence pays off.
11.02.12, 11:31 pm est
GTA IV: FAIL Cops (2:10)
This somehow keeps getting funnier the longer it goes on.
11.02.12, 10:46 pm est
A Taco-Firing Cannon
Excuse me, can someone locate the Nobel Prize? I have their next recipient right here.
11.02.12, 3:48 am est
Uncle Drew: Chapter 2 (5:21)
Uncle Drew brought a friend along. Tell them youngbloods. It's about buckets.
11.02.12, 3:47 am est
Know Your Meme: Automatic Mario
I can't describe the levels of epic that these videos are. Just watch the first video on the page, and be amazed.
11.02.12, 3:46 am est
PSY vs Ghostbusters - Gangnam Busters - Mashup by FAROFF (3:27)
Very nice mashup. Thank you, internet.
11.02.12, 3:32 am est
MIT Gangnam Style (5:03)
The guy screaming at the blackboard cracks me up every time.
11.02.12, 3:26 am est
1-Legged Olympian's 'Christmas Story' Leg Lamp Costume
He should win every Halloween costume party ever.
11.02.12, 3:24 am est
Helicopter Fishing (4:53)
These guys are crazy.
11.02.12, 3:23 am est
Treat Yo' Self
Tom Haverford knows how to do Halloween.
11.02.12, 3:20 am est
Very Very Crafty
Well done. Well done, indeed.
11.02.12, 3:19 am est
Need a Costume Idea?
Why Not Zoidberg?
11.02.12, 3:18 am est
Studying incentive
Replace with Reese's Pieces, and I might have finished college.
11.02.12, 3:17 am est
This is your deep thought of the day.
11.02.12, 3:15 am est
Zombie Drive-Thru Prank (2:32)
I was skeptical that this would be an obnoxious video, but the guy did it just right, and the reactions are gold.
11.01.12, 10:47 am est
Dodd's Serta Trek (0:31)
Local commercials = the best commercials.
11.01.12, 3:44 am est
KXVO "Pumpkin Dance" (1:32)
Pumpkin dance? Pumpkin dance.
11.01.12, 3:41 am est
I wish this were real...
It's not. But would you use it if it were?
11.01.12, 3:38 am est
7 Ways to Get Arrested (2:35)
Step out of the car, please.
11.01.12, 3:37 am est
Scott Campbell Studio
Some crazy art pieces that are interesting. The 3-d "sculptures" he made out of stacks of uncut dollar bills are my favorite.
11.01.12, 3:36 am est
HD Atlas Videos
In fact, there's a bunch of these videos this YouTube user has put together. Amazing.
11.01.12, 3:35 am est
NES Atlas: Zelda II (Great Palace) (4:25)
I don't know how this was made, but it is of EPIC 8-bit proportions.
11.01.12, 3:34 am est
Hanging Spherical Cocoon Tents
A.K.A. "places I want to do it in".
11.01.12, 2:49 am est
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