Blood Light - Ep. 5 Demunnification (7:13)
I do not agree with the opinion, because the Munn is teh hotness, but there's a hot chick in a slave Leia outfit at the end. It's the simple things in life I enjoy.
12.31.10, 3:59 am est
Vibrating breast technology? (5:12)
Japan - the worldwide leaders in AWESOME.
12.31.10, 3:55 am est
The Prison Commercial (2:19)
Ted has you COVERED!
12.31.10, 3:53 am est
asdfmovie3 (1:26)
More goodness from the asdf series.
12.31.10, 3:52 am est
The Black Legend - Epic Dessert Time (3:42)
Two girls, one dessert. Mmmmm.
12.29.10, 1:21 am est
Kid Got Game (3:58)
12.29.10, 12:47 am est
Anenemyairship's photostream
This user actually has a lot of crocheted video game items. Neat!
12.29.10, 12:41 am est
Super Mario World: Bonus Game Screen Shot Paintings
I can even hear the music playing in my head.
12.29.10, 12:40 am est
An iPod inside a Game Boy case. A fantastic mod.
12.28.10, 12:43 am est
Presenting The Universal Jamming Gripper (3:36)
This is going to revolutionize manufacturing.
12.27.10, 12:55 am est
Beers filling up through the bottom of the cup (1:09)
I knew there was a more efficient way to fill a beverage cup!
12.27.10, 12:04 am est
Brent The Sensual Bear
EIT does it again. Hilarious!
12.24.10, 1:21 am est
Sad Old Biker's photostream
Lots of neat Lego "scenes" here.
12.23.10, 8:42 am est
Incredible goal by Wesley Sonck against Genk (0:50)
Spectacular strike from the center striker!
12.23.10, 1:50 am est
Why the other line is likely to move faster (3:42)
Science explains why I get stuck behind tards in the checkout lines.
12.22.10, 11:30 pm est
Velociraptor Awareness Bumper Stickers
12.22.10, 10:39 pm est
Fuel cells popping up in California
The Bloom Box is gaining more traction.
12.22.10, 10:39 pm est
1974 Letter From Cleveland Browns to a Disgruntled Fan is Legendary
It's... perfect...
12.22.10, 10:32 pm est
Mean Little Kid Christmas Card
Oh snap!
12.22.10, 10:24 pm est
Secret Santa Office Rules
Best get familiar!
12.22.10, 9:25 pm est
The Stanley Cup of Waffles
Revel in its glory.
12.22.10, 9:20 pm est
Soap Flakes: Soap Blocks instead of liquid Soaps
This... is a brilliant idea.
12.21.10, 10:42 pm est
Dash cam with 'mirror filter' equals awesome (1:29)
This is what I thought the future would look like.
12.21.10, 10:03 pm est
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun
I liked this a lot.
12.21.10, 10:01 pm est
Mapping America: Every City, Every Block
I just want to know where the hot Asians are...
12.21.10, 9:33 pm est
Solar System Scale Model
Scroll right for the perspective.
12.21.10, 9:29 pm est
Warm and fuzzy feeling dot com
Not safe for anyone.
12.21.10, 9:22 pm est
Best xmas song EVAR
Weebl never disappoints!
12.20.10, 11:19 pm est
Drunk octopus wants to fight you
12.20.10, 10:59 pm est
Piece of Cake!
Well done... well done indeed.
12.20.10, 10:53 pm est
Family Guy - Peter's Version of Twelve Days of Christmas (0:11)
12.20.10, 8:07 pm est
A Holiday Message from Ricky Gervais: Why I'm An Atheist
"I'll point out that they are nearly as atheistic as me. I don't believe in 2,870 gods, and they don't believe in 2,869."
12.20.10, 12:38 am est
The Lonely Island - I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon) (2:56)
I'm definitely playing this song the next time that happens...
12.19.10, 1:41 am est
Family and ex-NHL player meet for first time after tragic accident 9 years ago
I was just talking about this incident very recently, and now an article came out about it. This is the reason there are nets hanging up at the ends of the rink.
12.19.10, 1:33 am est
Olly Moss
He has a bunch of neat creations to peruse.
12.18.10, 11:17 pm est
Top 25 Hottest Girls from Christmas Movies
The seductive santa outfit on girls is a favorite of mine, FYI.
12.18.10, 11:12 pm est
This iPhone app may blow you away (1:09)
I have to admit, this is impressive.
12.18.10, 12:48 am est
Vi Hart - Math Doodling
A series of doodling with math. Warning: you may learn something!
12.18.10, 12:46 am est
Freestyle drummer with sophisticated beats (2:37)
Love to hear percussion.
12.18.10, 12:40 am est
"3D Dodgeball" (1:29)
This looks like RIDICULOUS fun!
12.18.10, 12:34 am est
The Tree (2:02)
This cracked me up!
12.18.10, 12:20 am est
Urination video game (0:31)
What will Japan think of next?
12.18.10, 12:14 am est
The day Niagara Falls ran dry
Newly-discovered photos show the moment the iconic waterfall came to a standstill.
12.16.10, 10:20 pm est
The 10 Best Dog Forts
Dog Fort... your newest internet meme.
12.15.10, 11:19 pm est
Neave Strobe - Like dropping acid, but not
Trippy, maaan.
12.15.10, 10:34 pm est
Man Officially Cured of HIV
Is there anything stem cells can't do?
12.14.10, 11:50 pm est
Shop Theme from "Ocarina of Time" (2:29)
More homemade Zelda goodness!
12.14.10, 11:48 pm est
Mock trailer for "The Brothers Mario" (4:42)
If Mario Brothers was more like Vice City.
12.14.10, 11:33 pm est
The Vendor Client Relationship In Real World Situations (2:19)
I felt punchy while watching this.
12.14.10, 8:47 am est
Teamwork goals assortment (4:20)
Joga bonita indeed.
12.14.10, 1:54 am est
Two Phonebooks Folded Together Are Inseparable... Or Are They? (4:33)
I did not see that happening, I'm amazed actually.
12.14.10, 12:37 am est
West Wing confronts the scale of maps used in public schools (3:48)
Slight humor in geography.
12.14.10, 12:29 am est
Giant Beach Ball In Downtown Dallas (1:01)
This is fun!!!
12.14.10, 12:23 am est
Teach Parents Tech
Show your parents that you care and send them a "care package".
12.13.10, 11:40 pm est
Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Intro (1:02)
A for effort!
12.13.10, 11:38 pm est
Unsuck DC Metro
A wonderful blog setup to give insight into how "awesome" the DC Metro service is.
12.13.10, 9:45 am est
Here's a Fark thread with a bunch of terrible hockey jerseys
There are some god-awful jerseys out there.
12.12.10, 11:36 pm est
Record 113,411 watch hockey at Michigan Stadium
Michigan won a home game, yaaaay! Oh, in hockey, haha.
12.12.10, 3:29 am est
We could all learn something from this guy (2:47)
12.11.10, 1:57 am est
Marching Band Forms Giant Football Player (1:22)
I am impressed by this one.
12.11.10, 1:37 am est
Amazing hockey goal (0:57)
12.10.10, 11:02 pm est
Bundaberg Rum - Favourable Lie (1:00)
Didn't see that coming, haha.
12.10.10, 10:57 pm est
Kyler Storm's amazing football move (2:11)
The ol' "how do you do".
12.08.10, 11:03 pm est
Why isn't there any gambling in Africa?
12.08.10, 10:24 pm est
Lockheed Martin's Hybrid Air Vehicle (3:21)
I see this being a major method of transport in the future.
12.08.10, 12:11 am est
Doodling In Math Class (4:24)
Start the reactor. Free your mind.
12.08.10, 12:04 am est
Life In The Beer League (4:09)
It gets better as it goes along.
12.07.10, 10:08 pm est
IKEA's Large Hadron Collider
It's a simple as geometry, folks!
12.07.10, 8:41 pm est
Franco Recchia's Original Contemporary Art
A new medium to make art out of. Pretty neat!
12.07.10, 10:04 am est
Oregon Man Changes Name to Captain Awesome
His signature, however, is questionable.
12.07.10, 3:03 am est
So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?
Let's find out! (Unless you fear getting Party Van'd.)
12.07.10, 3:01 am est
Blah Blah Blah (0:41)
Blah blah blah blah blah.
12.07.10, 2:59 am est
USHL highlight - Travis Walsh shootout goal (0:31)
Another awesome shootout goal.
12.07.10, 2:56 am est
March of the Modern Penguin (2:26)
An update for modern times.
12.05.10, 10:42 pm est
Video Game Dictionary Of Idioms
Words of wisdom, gaming style.
12.05.10, 10:41 pm est
A is for Ackbar
Teach your child the ways of the force... and their ABC's!
12.05.10, 12:59 pm est
Cash4Gold return letter
Fake or not, this cracked my shit up!
12.04.10, 11:38 pm est
A talented young Canadian girl who makes dresses out of hockey jerseys
I don't know how I feel about this yet...
12.04.10, 11:56 am est
Hello, December!
Is this ever true.
12.04.10, 11:51 am est
Coors Extreme Energy Beer (0:08)
12.04.10, 1:20 am est
Vinyl Condoms (0:08)
Gotta make do sometimes.
12.04.10, 1:17 am est
Sex Kitten (0:08)
No means meow!
12.04.10, 1:16 am est
Cat Deeley is tired of your shit (0:33)
This is how we do it.
12.04.10, 1:09 am est
Dr. Seuss / Star War Mashup
Very amazing, click the link to start gazing!
12.04.10, 12:57 am est
Ninja Star Refrigerator Magnets
What a novel idea.
12.04.10, 12:55 am est
Honest Bumper Sticker
This would fit on my car *perfectly*.
12.04.10, 12:38 am est
The Dunst has a nudie scene
This doesn't link to it. (By the way, they're real, and they're spectacular.)
12.03.10, 1:49 am est
Dave's Awesome Video Resume (1:44)
It tells you not to be like Dave. Whatever, that was FANTASTIC.
12.03.10, 1:34 am est
12.03.10, 1:27 am est
What Mario and Luigi might look like in real life
Or, as the kids are saying, IRL.
12.03.10, 1:17 am est
25 Pics of Gary Busey Looking Pretty Much Insane
Beware of the Gare!
12.03.10, 1:14 am est
Jason Sereno does it again, taking you 100 steps further!
12.03.10, 1:12 am est
I'm In Your Bed, Jay (0:54)
Jay, I'm in your bed.
12.03.10, 1:08 am est
Bronson Arroyo commercial (0:16)
This might be the best local commercial featuring an athlete ever.
12.03.10, 12:58 am est
It's party time
Get your ticket today!
12.03.10, 12:31 am est
jacked up cars are so badass
Marc Johns is brilliant.
12.03.10, 12:23 am est
Zelda: Saria’s Song Played On An Actual Ocarina (1:12)
Ocarina Of Time had some awesome music, and I love how people are replicating it... AND the instruments!
12.01.10, 11:56 pm est
The Speed Camera Lottery (2:09)
This is a brilliant idea.
12.01.10, 8:59 pm est
21 Great Moments in Sports-Related Cleavage
Any reason to post boobs is a good reason.
12.01.10, 8:53 pm est
Gettin' ready for Christmas...
12.01.10, 10:20 am est
Dorkly Bits: Mario 2 Perverts (0:36)
Ahh, humor.
12.01.10, 1:15 am est
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