Photos Taken at the Exact Right Moment
Some oldies and goodies.
04.30.14, 1:40 pm est
Amazing cutting - watermelon high speed (0:37)
This guy is a beast.
04.30.14, 3:41 am est
Runaway Porta-Potty in High Wind (0:19)
It looks like *puts on sunglasses* it really had to go. YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
04.30.14, 3:40 am est
Quantified Toilets
"Capturing toilet behavior for real-time data and health analysis." DUDE YOU HAVE THE CLAP! This is internet entertainment and its finest.
04.30.14, 3:31 am est
Why is ketchup so hard to pour? - George Zaidan (4:28)
More ketchup science.
04.30.14, 3:25 am est
Comedy Hack Day at the Media Lab: My Real Puppy (6:50)
Lots of morbid humor here.
04.30.14, 3:09 am est
Chicago Rats - Look Down (3:32)
"Saunders does a thing at the office that can really get into your head." Cracked me up!
04.30.14, 2:42 am est
Zoki64's Nintendo hardware mods
These are some pretty pieces of art.
04.30.14, 2:40 am est
Objectifying men who objectify women in 3 easy steps
Man sends crude line via internet. Draw him naked. Send portrait to lucky man, enjoy results. The end result is hi-larious!
04.30.14, 2:39 am est
3-D Printed Casts With Ultrasound Treatment Could Mend Broken Bones 40 - 80% Faster
I could have used this technology 17 years ago. I COULD HAVE BEEN A CONTENDER!
04.30.14, 2:35 am est
Scientists Developing Laser To Control Storms
As long as the laser is mounted on a frickin' shark, then I'll be satisfied.
04.30.14, 2:33 am est
Court refuses trial by combat
Why not? It's how the Klingons solve parking infractions.
04.30.14, 2:29 am est
The Atari Video Game Burial Excavation
A reminder that you can't bury the past.
04.30.14, 2:27 am est
List of Every Video Game Ever Made
Check off the ones you already have!
04.30.14, 2:25 am est
A Donut Receipt
I would expect nothing less.
04.30.14, 2:02 am est
See the dimensions of every big league ballpark in this cool infographic
Neat diagram of the walls and boundaries of all MLB ballparks.
04.30.14, 2:01 am est
Robinson Cano Surprises Yankees Fans While They're Booing Him (3:58)
"Yankees fans think they're booing a cardboard cutout of Robinson Cano - until the real Cano steps out from behind it and surprises them."
04.30.14, 1:52 am est
Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado Avalanche - Game 5 NHL Fan Department of Referee Accountability (1:27)
This cracks me up. Well done, sir.
04.30.14, 1:45 am est
Finger Me
Those default username schemes can sometimes backfire.
04.29.14, 8:26 pm est
Reading Rainbow by Psychostick - Metal Cover (0:58)
So metal.
04.29.14, 8:17 pm est
A Map of Baseball Nation
Facebook fans by ZIP code. Again, information in map form is right up my alley.
04.29.14, 3:37 am est
Jon Gruden visits Gruden's QB camp (2:50)
Comedian Frank Caliendo's impression of Gruden is spot on, it's hilarious.
04.29.14, 3:33 am est
Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Casserole
I want to eat this, sans the cheese.
04.29.14, 3:20 am est
Bob's Burgers - BURGER OF THE DAY
These are most fantastical.
04.29.14, 3:19 am est
Time Lapse of a Total Lunar Eclipse (1:40)
I didn't get to see it because of CLOUDS ROLLING IN.
04.29.14, 3:15 am est
XKCD - Old Files
Yeah, this is eerily close to my hard drive.
04.29.14, 3:14 am est
Students solve old problem with new ketchup cap (1:40)
Shut up and take my money!
04.29.14, 3:04 am est
Modern Hero Runs Sub-Five Minute Mile While Chugging Four Beers (9:16)
It's important to have goals, kids.
04.29.14, 2:16 am est
There Are Fans of Gerard Way, and Then There's This
I like everything about this.
04.25.14, 11:42 am est
Some People Can't Function Without Their Morning Cup of Buffalo Ranch
K cup error.
04.25.14, 11:41 am est
Dashed Hopes
This is the worst.
04.25.14, 11:39 am est
Rap music sucks rant (1:18)
I found this guy to be hilarious.
04.25.14, 2:39 am est
Castle Pong: The Pregame of Throws (1:38)
A new twist on a classic drinking game.
04.24.14, 2:34 am est
Guns Removed and Replaced With Thumbs-Up
And oldie but goodie.
04.24.14, 2:34 am est
Meskel Square, Addis Ababa (1:54)
This is what we call a free-for-all traffic intersection.
04.24.14, 2:23 am est
Shooter's Sandwich
I think I found this a long time ago, but it looks amazing and is worth the repost.
04.24.14, 2:21 am est
Homemade cannon (0:08)
04.23.14, 3:50 am est
128MB vs 128GB
The only difference is 9 years of time.
04.23.14, 2:21 am est
Spiders On Drugs! LSD, THC, Crack, Caffeine (1:50)
I hate spiders, but this voice over is hilarious.
04.22.14, 1:59 am est
Honey Badger Houdini (4:11)
These animals are BRILLIANT!
04.22.14, 1:57 am est
360 Video using 6 GoPro Cameras (1:07)
Really weird and really neat at the same time.
04.22.14, 1:53 am est
Having Fun With Mandatory Signage
But, my rights!
04.22.14, 1:51 am est
You've got to dunk that!
Best windshield wiper ever.
04.22.14, 1:50 am est
Riker Googling
I found it amusing.
04.22.14, 1:37 am est
The Chicken Pot Pie Cone
This looks amazing. Food in cone form means the future is now.
04.21.14, 2:30 pm est
Fred and Friends Taco Truck Taco Holder
Hell yes I need this in my house.
04.21.14, 2:35 am est
9 Ways Jesus Could Have Turnt Up the Last Supper (1:49)
This is obnoxiously hilarious.
04.21.14, 1:38 am est
Mixed-Up Power-Ups (1:22)
I'm sure it will be fine...
04.21.14, 1:31 am est
Storm Troopers IRL
Fantastic photos of Storm Trooper figurines experiencing daily life.
04.21.14, 1:12 am est
The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit (2:22)
"Introducing: The amazingly true story of Jeshua Cottontail, the animal messiah."
04.21.14, 1:07 am est
Too little WAY too late
Real or not, this is a good story.
04.20.14, 9:33 pm est
Glow-In-The-Dark Highway Tested In The Netherlands
Brilliant idea. When it rains near me, the lines on the roads become invisible. I'd love to have those lines implemented here.
04.20.14, 9:29 pm est
4-20 more like...
04.20.14, 9:19 pm est
The Wolf of Buzzfeed (1:57)
Fantastic parody movie trailer.
04.18.14, 2:03 am est
Chris Kluwe answers the Deadspin mail bag
It's funnier if you know who Chris Kluwe is.
04.18.14, 1:59 am est
A strange looking underground place in Russia
04.18.14, 1:58 am est
How to Pronounce NHL Hockey Player names (0:06 each)
Some of these are right. Some of these are very wrong. All of them are amusing.
04.18.14, 1:55 am est
Look over the watchmakers' shoulders (3:23)
Watch how a wrist watch is assembled.
04.18.14, 1:52 am est
Armed robber was never told to report to prison
Based on the information in this article and nothing else, I would let this guy go. If there is no other dirt on him, and he's completely turned it around, why throw his life away?
04.18.14, 1:45 am est
Adult Kickball Team Email: Please Don't Fuck Your Teammates Yet
This guy just wants to win the cup, what's more important than that?
04.18.14, 1:41 am est
Nobody lives here: The nearly 5 million Census Blocks with zero population
I like information in map form.
04.18.14, 1:39 am est
Quick Life Hacks by RED 6 (0:47)
They are a little too quick...
04.18.14, 1:39 am est
Bikini Bottom just got real (0:06)
You kids are not ready.
04.17.14, 3:32 am est
Jared Michael is an idiot (0:11)
Watching him get kicked in the head on an infinite repeat loop is immensely satisfying.
04.17.14, 3:15 am est
KFC Chicken Corsage
Someones ass getting laid tonight!
04.17.14, 3:08 am est
'I Did My Best,' Says Student Who Flubbed 'Wheel of Fortune'
Well, if that's his best, I'm wondering how this guy was accepted into college. High schools across the nation should show this video to their students to remind them that reading, writing, and pronunciation of the English language is vital. At the end of the video, 75% of the people GMA polled said the guy should have won the money anyway. These people are also mysteries of the education system. If you can't pronounce Achilles, you get NOTHING, you LOSE, GOOD DAY SIR.
04.15.14, 2:44 am est
Tax time
Funny that I just did my taxes and this comic came out. I need to go back and redo a couple things now...
04.15.14, 2:10 am est
What time is it???
You know what they say...
04.15.14, 2:02 am est
Hopeless Romantic
Hahaha, crushing loneliness.
04.15.14, 2:01 am est
Stupid heart
04.15.14, 2:00 am est
Find your eye's blind spot
04.14.14, 9:08 pm est
Party Time: Viagra-Dosed Champagne Flavored Ice Cream
Not going to lie, I'd try that flavor.
04.14.14, 9:05 pm est
The Future: Land Rover's Invisible Hood Concept
That's kind of a neat and useful technology. Can't wait until my 17 year old SATURN gets fitted for one, haha.
04.14.14, 9:03 pm est
Polar bears suck
Wait for it...
04.14.14, 8:58 pm est
United Steaks of America
As is should be.
04.14.14, 8:57 pm est
The story behind the wallpaper we'll never forget (8:50)
Just a little background info about your background.
04.14.14, 8:49 pm est
Danger in the Deep: Chemical weapons lie off our coasts
This is how stupid our country was.
04.14.14, 8:39 pm est
38 Priceless Twitter Reactions to That NSFW US Airways Tweet
Hahaha, this one slipped through my radar. The internet is there to provide the snarky replies.
04.14.14, 8:34 pm est
Jeff Francoeur's teammates prank him into thinking pitcher is deaf (7:05)
04.13.14, 11:16 pm est
Dance until the sun comes up
So romantic.
04.13.14, 11:14 pm est
Clippy, the office assistant
Fantastic job, person that did this.
04.12.14, 4:17 pm est
Meet the Bag Man
"How to buy college football players, in the words of a man who delivers the money." Interesting article on college football recruiting.
04.12.14, 2:53 am est
New 30-Second Cell Phone Charger
I am curious to see if this becomes a staple of our future in the next 10 years.
04.12.14, 12:54 am est
21 Times Chorizo Made Everything Better
Chorizo and bacon? MY GOD THE POSSIBILITIES.
04.12.14, 12:52 am est
"The strawberry, blueberry and lemon-flavored joy derived from the suffering of others." Brilliant.
04.12.14, 12:44 am est
The Brendan Rodgers Relaxation CD (2:00)
I'm going to start listening to this before each game I play.
04.12.14, 12:37 am est
What Every Escalator Needs
Watch the previous video if you need additional tips.
04.12.14, 12:35 am est
Safe-T-Rider (8:40)
You don't know how much joy this brings me.
04.12.14, 12:34 am est
Bad Joke Eel (The Best Of)
He's a good guy with some good jokes.
04.12.14, 12:20 am est
XKCD - Heartbleed Explanation
And that's been a vulnerability for two years, according to some reports. Update your web passwords!
04.12.14, 12:17 am est
Stand Up Comedy - One Liner Comedian (5:51)
Full marks for this short stand-up session by Chris Turner.
04.11.14, 3:19 am est
Bubble P0rn (1:10)
Ahh, I see what they did there.
04.10.14, 4:35 am est
Unbelievable Bus Shelter - Pepsi Max (1:36)
Well done, Pepsi.
04.10.14, 1:33 am est
Little Gordon - part 3 (1:10)
This kid is awesome.
04.09.14, 3:51 am est
Little Gordon - part 2 (1:51)
I cackled at this one, gold!
04.09.14, 3:49 am est
Little Gordon - part 1 (0:46)
Oh, here come the water works...
04.09.14, 3:47 am est
Korean teaching american curse words (8:11)
You son of bitch!
04.09.14, 2:53 am est
What is Ringette? (5:54)
This was my question when I ran across it for the first time the other day. It's hockey, except it uses a ring instead of a puck, and a straight stick without the blade.
04.05.14, 10:40 pm est
Pizza buns
Food is amazing.
04.05.14, 3:58 pm est
Traffic sign makes people do the Monty Python Silly Walk (1:50)
Norwegians know how to lighten things up.
04.05.14, 12:11 am est
Toronto Maple Leafs Penalty Box Guy is Looking Good (0:08)
This guy knows when it's time to shine.
04.04.14, 3:41 am est
Movie Trailer Voice Drive-Thru Prank (3:41)
Smiles all around for this video.
04.04.14, 3:05 am est
Innovative Chef uses Power Drill to peel apples in seconds (0:36)
Give this man a trophy for being brilliant.
04.04.14, 3:05 am est
NPR's Epic April Fools' Day Prank
Headline trollers, you just got jammed.
04.04.14, 3:00 am est
Playing the Long Con at the Office
This guy pulls off a fantastic prank.
04.04.14, 2:51 am est
A Complete Ranking Of (Almost) Every Single Mitch Hedberg Joke
Or, a list of 275 Mitch Hedberg jokes. Either way, we win.
04.03.14, 5:13 am est
Gotta find some meaning in my life
Inspiration sometimes comes from the least likely of places.
04.03.14, 5:06 am est
Sinfest - Hiring 2
That's usually my reaction when applying for jobs.
04.03.14, 5:05 am est
How to use LinkedIn
It's full of nerds!
04.02.14, 2:27 am est
Anna Kendrick has the funny tweets
Good times.
04.02.14, 2:20 am est
PRANK MY DAD! (1:05)
I got a dad, prank him!
04.02.14, 2:19 am est
Bacon bacon lemon
Dogs are dumb.
04.02.14, 2:10 am est
2014 FIFA World Cup on ESPN - Ian Darke Calls a Date (2:41)
Ian is the MAN.
04.02.14, 1:57 am est
Viewing Watertower St Jansklooster
A water tower converted into a watch tower. It looks really neat.
04.01.14, 2:13 am est
Inside Amy Schumer - Finger Blasters (1:30)
My friends are here, and they're hungry!
04.01.14, 1:22 am est
Bacon Popcorn (1:28)
04.01.14, 1:20 am est
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