Someone tried to blackmail Jaromir Jagr
Too bad it FAILED. Jagr wins this round.
11.30.15, 11:17 am est
Robert Lewandowski Scored 5 Goals in 9 Minutes for Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg (1:17)
From a couple months ago, but it's still the performance of the season for all sports.
11.30.15, 11:13 am est
Aussie Comic Dresses Like Jarryd Hayne, Tackles Bystanders (2:58)
"What was that? Was that the Hayne Train?" Gold, Jerry, gold!
11.30.15, 11:10 am est
Why Pierce Brosnan Wears The Ugliest Suit Ever In The Thomas Crown Affair
Once you play Bond, you can't wear a tuxedo in any other film. Interesting tidbit.
11.30.15, 11:06 am est
An Interview With Fanduel's Infamous $349 Winner, Bradley C
He's closing in on four figures of Fanduel winnings now. The dream is obtainable!
11.30.15, 11:03 am est
INTERACTIVE COMIC! If you are familiar with XKCD, then you know there's a giant world for you to explore.
11.30.15, 10:54 am est
Tombstone of two of the best breakdancers
Their moves were electric.
11.30.15, 10:54 am est
Interview with game day poster designer
Some behind the scenes info about the dude making the posters below.
11.30.15, 10:52 am est
Colombus Blue Jackets game day posters
These are AMAZING. Kudos to their graphic arts department.
11.30.15, 10:51 am est
Info I need on my GPS
The information needs to be more useful than just telling me where I'm currently going.
11.30.15, 10:50 am est
Game in 60 Seconds: Super Mario Maker (1:26)
The Nick Cage/Jack Black impressions cracked me up even more for this one.
11.30.15, 10:46 am est
Buffalo Bills Debate Greatest Philosophical Issue Of Our Time: Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?
The hard hitting questions that our pro athletes face these days.
11.30.15, 10:43 am est
Machine That Separates Egg Yolks From Whites
Two short videos showing an industrial mass yolk separator. It's a little bit mesmerizing.
11.28.15, 11:05 pm est
Life is so short
But as long as there are options.
11.27.15, 6:36 pm est
How Many Of These Classic MTV Shows Have You Seen?
Lick My Damn Hand - remember that one? Classic MTV.
11.24.15, 8:54 pm est
Five-Day Forecast
It's going to get *really* warm a couple billion years from now.
11.24.15, 8:51 pm est
Black Friday deals and doorbusters
Including hot gifts for centaurs.
11.24.15, 8:49 pm est
I really want to go and have a social life!
Kinda, sorta.
11.24.15, 8:46 pm est
Michelle Beadle hosts ESPN holiday party with "The Night Before" cast (2:54)
"The chicken? Really?"
11.24.15, 12:30 am est
Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MŲ) (2:58)
Fantastic track.
11.22.15, 3:51 am est
Learn how to draw a cartoon whale shark
I think I was googling this because of Sharknado. This random image cracked me up.
11.22.15, 3:49 am est
Cam Newton's hilarious trip to the spa with Cooper Manning (2:25)
Cooper is just as hilarious as Peyton and Eli. That Manning family, I tell ya.
11.22.15, 3:40 am est
Biisuke Ball's Big Adventure (2:42)
What the hell did I just watch?
11.22.15, 3:05 am est
A Friend Like Me (Sim Gretina "Electro Swing" Remix) by Sim Gretina (3:25)
A fun twist on the Aladdin classic.
11.22.15, 2:43 am est
Cracked me up.
11.22.15, 2:21 am est
Big Ten Basketball Player Talks to New York Magazine About How Incredibly Easy It Is to Score with Chicks
If only I was a foot taller.
11.20.15, 1:04 am est
Chairbacca (0:06)
11.20.15, 1:03 am est
LEGO's Official Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Set
Available for purchase for $350. Just a little steep on the price.
11.16.15, 1:47 am est
The best way to ask someone to be your best man
Eat a dick.
11.16.15, 1:45 am est
We've found the real origins of Christmas.
11.14.15, 3:04 pm est
Live healthier
I have this same problem.
11.14.15, 3:00 pm est
Hooray for teamwork
Everyone chips in!
11.14.15, 2:59 pm est
Destination America wants you to fall asleep on Thanksgiving and trolls the Detroit Lions
You know an NFL team is bad when a channel no one knew existed is tearing them to shreds.
11.12.15, 4:38 am est
"Megaman" by Psychostick - Heart "Magic Man" Parody (4:44)
This is absolutely fantastic. These guys put out some fun music.
11.12.15, 4:14 am est
Dinosaur office
They're learning how to open .rar files.
11.12.15, 3:52 am est
The Moon Glass: A Cup That Displays The Phases Of The Moon As You Drink From It
A neat concept you can add to your beverage holder collection.
11.10.15, 3:19 am est
Damn Rich People: Own Your Own Mobile Private Island
I don't need to be rich. I just want to know the guy who owns one of these. Nothing more.
11.10.15, 3:13 am est
American Ninja-Saurus! (0:40)
This always cracks me up.
11.10.15, 3:12 am est
Squatty Potty
The Stool for Better Stools. A video of length 2:53 will answer all the questions you could possibly think of.
11.10.15, 3:11 am est
My favorite Spongebob moment (0:06)
11.10.15, 2:48 am est
5SF - Colorado to Washington (0:08)
"Right as you cross the border from Colorado to Wyoming, police come through the cabin, confiscate all your paraphernalia, handcuff you, toss you on the ground, and dare you to name three facts about Wyoming. Here's what you'll say:

1) Wyoming is the state so unnecessary it has the question "Why" built right into its name; 2) The state bird is fuck you; 3) It's where people flee to because can't show their face in Iowa anymore, a state which they originally fled to because they couldn't show their face in any one of the other 48 cool states."
11.10.15, 2:41 am est

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - PART 1 - Steam Train (18:30)
This would be a fun, hilarious party game
11.10.15, 2:38 am est
Meet the Woman Who Lifts Heavy Weights with Her Vag Muscles (Pics)
Kim Anami is a superstar.
11.10.15, 2:17 am est
Hot dog restaurant dresses up for Halloween... Bob's Burgers! Brilliant!
11.10.15, 2:15 am est
Artist Interacts With Landmarks Using Paper Cutouts
Kind of a neat concept. Everything can be art. You. You are art.
11.10.15, 2:14 am est
The Signs - Nazca/Peru
Leaving a mark the world won't forget.
11.10.15, 2:14 am est
Deep Fried Doritos Breaded Taco Bell Burritos
Step up your Taco Bell game.
11.10.15, 2:11 am est
St. Petersburg looks like real life Sim City
11.10.15, 2:10 am est
Who's more gangster?
A complete landslide, which he then would have painted.
11.10.15, 2:08 am est
Free dating advice
A sixer of nuggets is a SOLID idea.
11.10.15, 2:06 am est
These Alternate Madden 16 Covers Burn Every Team in the NFL (Gallery)
Left Shark FTW.
11.10.15, 2:02 am est
Amsterdam Photographer Wanders Around At Night Customizing Stranger's Cars With Cardboard Mods
Too fast. Too furious.
11.10.15, 1:56 am est
Wheel Gets Launched by Airbags... (0:17)
11.10.15, 1:54 am est
One Take Stories - Sad Mirror Image (0:12)
11.10.15, 1:53 am est
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