A visual translation of Crayola's crayon titles
Neat project, I'd like to see more of these.
07.31.13, 3:10 am est
God damnit, Ken
Ken M, super troll.
07.31.13, 12:04 am est
Awesome Ghostbusters LEGO Set Needs Your Vote!
Just don't cross your votes.
07.30.13, 8:05 pm est
How many tampons would it take to absorb the whole ocean?
Someone did the math.
07.30.13, 7:54 pm est
Cereals endorsed by rappers
Don't be caught slippin'.
07.30.13, 7:52 pm est
This made me laugh more than it should have.
07.30.13, 7:50 pm est
James Harrison (blood donor)
I stumbled across a fact about this dude. It's actually inspirational.
07.30.13, 7:48 pm est
Traffic camera nerd humor
Someone is trying to one-up the system.
07.30.13, 7:46 pm est
Brian Williams raps "Good Vibrations" (1:14)
Another solid Jimmy Fallon production.
07.30.13, 7:44 pm est
Seagulls drunk on flying ants are attacking people and flying into buildings and cars
Ants will get you drunk!
07.28.13, 2:28 pm est
Kobayashi Completes the Gallon Milk Challenge (0:59)
The video is about a minute long, however, it takes him MUCH LESS time to drink a gallon of whole milk.
07.28.13, 7:25 am est
Starcher Trek! (1:08)
What would happen if Sterling Archer was Captain of the USS Enterprise?
07.27.13, 8:55 pm est
A whole sleeve of frosting? This man is a genius.
07.27.13, 8:53 pm est
Chip Kelly's extreme safety measures!
Can't be too safe in the modern era of American football.
07.27.13, 8:52 pm est
Cool and trendy kid with sunglasses
This guy is DOMINATING the Google image search.
07.27.13, 8:51 pm est
Lost Woods on accordion... on a unicycle... in the woods (0:28)
This... is... internet.
07.27.13, 4:31 pm est
RoboCop's Kickstarter To Save Detroit (3:38)
The prizes are some of the best incentives around.
07.26.13, 12:01 pm est
Flash mob
Some are more entertaining than others.
07.26.13, 2:40 am est
Giant LEGO Brick Slippers
These look fun.
07.26.13, 2:39 am est
6 "Sharknado" Sequels That Need To Exist
Even if the first movie was completely terrible, the possible names for the second one are delicious.
07.26.13, 2:08 am est
SPAM Sandwiches made with a Sand de Panda (2:01)
I want whatever that panda bread slicer thing is.
07.25.13, 2:06 am est
A History of the Sky (4:52)
This is a year-long time-lapse study of the sky. 365 individual videos merged into one big mosaic. Wonderful.
07.25.13, 2:00 am est
How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages (1:05)
The German language is so much more fun to say.
07.25.13, 1:59 am est
Tan lines that tell a story.
07.25.13, 12:53 am est
"Ice Ice Baby" Sung By the Movies (2:52)
"Why was the internet invented?" "For this exact reason, Timmy. For this. Exact. Reason."
07.24.13, 3:18 am est
Fox Books Files For Bankruptcy
It's tough times for those brick-and-mortar stores.
07.23.13, 12:57 am est
John Marek - Back of my Head (2:23)
Dude plays guitar AND drums... AT THE SAME TIME. Oh, and the song is badass.
07.23.13, 12:48 am est
Navin Field Grounds Crew FB page
Lots of photos of the lot where Tiger Stadium used to be.
07.23.13, 12:38 am est
Tiger Stadium diamond preserved by "Navin Field Grounds Crew" volunteers
It may take Detroit decades to recover, but little grassroots efforts like this make me smile.
07.23.13, 12:38 am est
99 Problems
Even world famous rappers have problems.
07.20.13, 10:56 pm est
A Truck Carrying Gas Tanks Crashes, They All Explode
The first video is the crash, the second video is explosion after explosion after explosion...
07.20.13, 1:29 am est
Raw Meat Gift Wrap Paper
Very deceptive. I wanted a steak!
07.18.13, 4:19 am est
PronunciationBook - "77 Days" ARG?
Internet conspiracy theories: always good fun. Reminds me of eon8 back in the day.
07.18.13, 4:11 am est
Ultra Minimalist Geeky TV Show And Movie LEGO Builds
I less than three LEGO art so much.
07.18.13, 2:33 am est
(A Biologist's) St. Patrick's Day Song (3:14)
A catchy, nerdy tune.
07.18.13, 2:25 am est
"Do you want to be left behind when they all go to technology heaven?"
07.18.13, 2:18 am est
World's Best PIMP: Cheddar Stanks (3:48)
"There's a new PIMP in town and he's keeping his hos in line with one rule... the Golden Rule!"
07.18.13, 2:10 am est
This is a New Evolution in Sandwich Design
Peanut butter and OH MAN THAT IS AMAZING.
07.18.13, 2:06 am est
When You Think About It, Statues Are Just Rocks
Art is subjective.
07.18.13, 2:05 am est
Be Careful What You Wish For
Never trust someone else with Photoshop.
07.18.13, 2:05 am est
This Cooking Tip Will Change Your Life
Your parents have TONS of life hacks you don't even know about!
07.18.13, 2:04 am est
The Mystery is Solved
Childhood RUINED. Haha.
07.18.13, 2:03 am est
Teaching Is a Rough Profession
Another case of a guy who brought his 'A' game.
07.18.13, 1:49 am est
Jay Larson stand-up on Conan (5:43)
This guy tells a hilarious story.
07.18.13, 12:27 am est
Bad Kids Jokes
I am rediscovering this site for the second time, and it's cracking me up.
07.17.13, 2:42 am est
Quadruple Backflip (0:56)
I, for one, welcome our new robotic gymnastic overlords.
07.17.13, 2:40 am est
Gardening with Patrick Stewart (0:05)
Dude is intense.
07.16.13, 2:27 am est
Foster The People - Houdini (3:24)
My summer jam.
07.15.13, 2:19 pm est
Over-The-Line Tournament - hilarious team names
The OTL tournament in San Diego is definitely a more adult-oriented event, as is noted by this list of team names.
07.14.13, 10:08 pm est
Official "Over The Line" Rules
A variant of baseball, played on the beach, without having to run bases. Interesting concept.
07.14.13, 10:04 pm est
Homemade Bacon Weave Choco Taco
Mouth watering, my GOODNESS.
07.14.13, 9:39 pm est
My Crow
07.14.13, 9:32 pm est
Brand Reversions
Brand identities with split personalities. It's messing with my entire world as I know it!
07.13.13, 12:17 am est
PLAY - BY - PLAY (4:53)
This was incredibly well done. A great short.
07.12.13, 11:57 pm est
Nerdtendo Gamebooze
It's a vinyl wrap around a regular flask, but it does look neat.
07.12.13, 10:11 pm est
Introducing the new CRAZY CART from RAZOR (1:23)
This looks fun... and fatal. But fun!
07.12.13, 10:06 pm est
Tile - the world's largest lost and found (2:00)
Never look in the last place to find your keys again.
07.12.13, 2:18 am est
New York City Cryptic Subway Code
Viral marketing or not, cryptography stories like this always fascinate me.
07.12.13, 2:13 am est
Thingstarter: Tiny Diapers (2:52)
For the tip of your penis!
07.12.13, 1:54 am est
Bence Bakonyi - Transform
Well executed concept.
07.10.13, 3:35 am est
Coca-Cola In Bottles Made Of Ice
Interesting idea. No need to recycle, the bottle is frozen water! It recycles itself!
07.09.13, 12:49 am est
Super Mario World fridge magnets
These look homemade, but are still awesome.
07.09.13, 12:45 am est
Gravity Falls vs The Breakfast Club
07.09.13, 12:39 am est
11 Reasons it's Great Being a Guy (1:54)
All the golden retrievers.
07.06.13, 5:35 am est
The Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink
No longer available?!?! Sirs, I have $50 that I would gladly part with in exchange for one of these.
07.06.13, 5:12 am est
Ali's Power Hour Battle (4:54)
Someone tried to trademark the term "Power Hour". This girl was having none of it. 'MERICA!
07.05.13, 4:40 am est
Electric Amphibious Vehicle
It's a toy! It's an alcohol transport vehicle! It's both!
07.05.13, 4:18 am est
Whale Voice Mail (0:44)
This has cracked me up repeatedly now.
07.05.13, 4:15 am est
Explain xkcd wiki
While I am on top of most of the humor that this comic presents, there's been a few times where I was lost in the dark. This wiki will help out anyone who may be confused.
07.05.13, 3:59 am est
Deep Inside Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco
An in-depth look into what it took to create Taco Bell's Doritos Locos taco. Kind of interesting.
07.05.13, 3:53 am est
Jay Daley - Flickr
This is what I call "landscape photography porn". Absolutely stunning images.
07.05.13, 1:52 am est
Comedian Bo Burnham has a bunch of Vines
And he is correctly using this new technology for maximum laughs.
07.04.13, 2:20 am est
Good tattoo choice
Great Scott!
07.04.13, 1:35 am est
Ho Hey Harry Caray (1:26)
It's so simple in its brilliance.
07.04.13, 1:33 am est
Ping Pong Balls Are Incredibly Flammable! (2:09)
That was an amazing amount of fire.
07.02.13, 1:17 am est
Books With a Letter Missing
A meme that has potential to be very amusing.
07.02.13, 1:12 am est
The Mystery of the Missing Jade Scepter (1:18)
The twist at the end... marvelous.
07.01.13, 11:25 am est
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