What is the metric equivalent of a butt load?
Everything is a measure of volume. You, you're a measure of volume.
04.30.13, 10:11 pm est
MacIntyre's Greatest Save Ever (0:41)
Damn... hell of a save.
04.29.13, 3:10 am est
Dad Perfectly Conveys the Struggles of Parenting Through Post-It Notes
I don't know if I will ever be a parent, but these are quite amusing thoughts.
04.28.13, 7:09 pm est
A brief history of Canada
Nailed it.
04.28.13, 12:01 am est
Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse! (11:18)
This is so internet-tastic.
04.27.13, 3:14 am est
Logstalgia (aka ApachePong) is a website access log visualization tool. I'm tempted to try this with some of my servers at work. Frickin' neat.
04.27.13, 2:34 am est
LEGO 360° Milling Machine (2:38)
One day, LEGO will solve all of our problems. This application of plastic blocks is pretty amazing.
04.27.13, 2:13 am est
Man Crates
Crates for all kinds of guys.
04.27.13, 2:07 am est
Speedrun (#3) - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1:00)
I hope there's more of these coming in the future.
04.26.13, 11:21 pm est
Speedrun: Matrix in 60 seconds (Ep #2) (1:00)
The next in the series.
04.26.13, 11:21 pm est
Speedrun: Back to the Future I in 60 seconds (Ep #1) (1:00)
A simple, amusing animation.
04.26.13, 11:20 pm est
Jimmy McMillan "Rent Is Too Damn High" Anthem (2:49)
I would move to NY just to vote for this guy.
04.26.13, 2:34 am est
Steampunk Locomotive Barbecue Grill
It is a piece of art. Amazing.
04.26.13, 2:30 am est
The Anatomy of Yu Darvish’s Five-Pitch Arsenal is Incredible (GIF)
This animated gif is mesmerizing.
04.26.13, 2:28 am est
Nik Stauskas shoots 92% (70/76) 46 in a row in 5 minutes (5:29)
Michigan still has a shot next year if he can reproduce this on the court.
04.26.13, 2:23 am est
Watch the 'fainting goats' prank that angered UNC's Bryn Renner (1:24)
Team antics!
04.26.13, 2:22 am est
Watermelon 30 seconds or less (0:38)
This guy tears it up.
04.26.13, 1:17 am est
Insane dare-devil pictures
This guy is cray-cray.
04.25.13, 1:18 pm est
REMEMBER 1999 (10:00)
04.25.13, 2:49 am est
Barzoople (1:00)
I'm pretty sure this is an accurate parody.
04.25.13, 2:35 am est
Orchestra Hidden Camera Prank (3:31)
Chuckle worthy.
04.25.13, 2:23 am est
Bacon Math
Billy has 49 pieces of bacon.
04.25.13, 12:17 am est
The Jagr Superfans Inducted 'Boston Jagr' Into Their Group Last Night
These guys are awesome.
04.25.13, 12:15 am est
A Status of Success
Well done, Bookfacers.
04.24.13, 2:34 am est
Now You Can Sing Along!
Lyrics sites can be so helpful.
04.24.13, 2:33 am est
What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?
04.24.13, 2:32 am est
Pizza Hut launching Xbox 360 app
04.24.13, 2:26 am est
List of AMAZING Things You Want
There's some solid items I could use from this smattering.
04.24.13, 2:25 am est
Dead space more like dad space
I'd be that kind of dad.
04.24.13, 1:50 am est
New Flexi-Hose 'Origami' Condom Designs
If any ladies want to do some product testing, let me know.
04.23.13, 12:10 pm est
Futurama Canceled Again
04.23.13, 12:09 pm est
Sweedish Soccer Keeper Nutmegs Opponent (0:28)
This amuses me greatly.
04.23.13, 12:07 pm est
Yo what am I?
Birds gotsta know.
04.23.13, 12:05 pm est
Muff is a village in County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland
This village has a diving club. No joke.
04.22.13, 11:47 pm est
Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving by Wil Sasso (1:33)
Pew pew!
04.21.13, 9:18 pm est
MTA East Side Access
Photo sets of the construction of new underground train tunnels to connect Long Island to New York. Fascinating images.
04.20.13, 5:43 am est
Hockey in Tennessee in the face of social and economic change - Grantland
Interesting article about the growth of youth hockey in and around Nashville.
04.20.13, 5:22 am est
You Are Listening To
Ambient music + live police and fire dispatch feeds. It's a strange combo.
04.20.13, 4:37 am est
Camp Grounded
The idea sounds kind of interesting. I wonder what the execution of the idea actually ends up being.
04.20.13, 4:28 am est
This blog is about strange and lovely words.
04.20.13, 4:18 am est
Inactive Account Manager
A "dead man's switch" for all of your Google accounts.
04.20.13, 4:00 am est
"We're on track to become the first generation of men in THE HISTORY OF MAN to be out educated, out earned and all around outdone by women!" One person's reasons way.
04.20.13, 3:59 am est
What does shaving your legs mean? - LAT (0:29)
This Kristen Quintrall is a funny woman.
04.20.13, 3:40 am est
Fangamer - Bit Keychain Trio
I definitely want these.
04.20.13, 3:02 am est
Sorry you had a bad day
This would cheer me up a bit.
04.19.13, 2:22 am est
Current status
This is me every morning.
04.18.13, 1:46 am est
Customer Reviews - AudioQuest Diamond 2m (6.56 feet) Braided HDMI Cable
This link gets passed around a lot, but the reviews here are so hilarious.
04.17.13, 3:20 am est
The New Super Mario Busters 2 - A Ghostbusters 2 / Super Mario Bros. Mashup (5:52)
The sequel! Well done, James Farr.
04.17.13, 1:40 am est
US Olympic sprinter on the US rugby team (2:41)
Dude has some jets.
04.16.13, 3:50 am est
Hidden secret passages (6:39)
Turn your house into a Scooby-Doo house.
04.16.13, 3:49 am est
A giant moving surface containing thousands of steel ball bearings (2:19)
This is soothing for me to listen to.
04.16.13, 3:48 am est
Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings
A new set of altered artwork.
04.16.13, 1:54 am est
Duck Hunt Pinball Machine (2:42)
This is AWESOME. Duck Hunt + pinball = best idea ever.
04.16.13, 1:53 am est
Hyrulean Travel posters
These are kind of awesome, I likes.
04.16.13, 1:50 am est
Subaru cares
Lookin' out for the ladies.
04.16.13, 1:09 am est
And a donkey.
04.16.13, 1:04 am est
Lots of video game swag to purchase on this site.
04.15.13, 1:33 am est
MLC 2012 (1:37)
This isn't a thing, right? This is a joke, right?
04.14.13, 5:31 pm est
Detroit Lions sign Havard Rugland, of 'Kickalicious' fame
This is the guy that did trick shots with a football on YouTube. I'm kind of excited about this.
04.13.13, 6:19 pm est
How the United Center is converted from ice to hardwood (3:21)
Time lapse of converting an arena from hockey to basketball.
04.13.13, 6:18 pm est
French study suggests younger women should stop wearing bras
Pro: healthier boobs. Con: no more cleavage. I'm conflicted.
04.13.13, 6:17 pm est
Official Grand Theft Auto Radio Playlists on Spotify and iTunes
Kind of neat idea, I like it.
04.13.13, 6:13 pm est
Ship My Pants (0:35)
You can ship a lot of things, thanks to K-Mart.
04.13.13, 6:12 pm est
The Fake Townhouses hiding Mystery Underground Portals
I love this kind of stuff. Absolutely fascinating.
04.13.13, 6:11 pm est
Semen is 'good for women's health and helps fight depression'
By opening a clinic, I could be helping the ladies of this world live happier lives.
04.13.13, 6:11 pm est
Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls
I'm not big on cheese, but this looks good.
04.13.13, 6:09 pm est
Luggage conveyor
Round and round it goes. Where ever it stops, no one knows!
04.13.13, 6:09 pm est
Why you shouldn't go to Coachella (2:05)
I like the cut of her jib.
04.13.13, 6:08 pm est
The Way, Way Back - Official Trailer (2:32)
This kind of looks good.
04.13.13, 6:04 pm est
Cartoons taken out of context will destroy your childhood
If you have a dirty mind, your childhood might be ruined.
04.12.13, 11:44 am est
2013 NHL Ice Girls Power Rankings
I don't know how you can properly rank them. Instead, the title should be "hot girls on skates, sometimes with shovels". Mmm, yes.
04.12.13, 11:43 am est
Newcastle Brown Ale ads (0:15 each)
These ads are most excellent.
04.12.13, 2:04 am est
LEGO Rebel Alliance Space Kraken Tearing Apart An Imperial Super Star Destroyer
Star Wars and a giant octopus. LEGO is that amazing.
04.12.13, 1:56 am est
xkcd: All Adobe Updates
Adobe is the bane of my existence.
04.12.13, 1:46 am est
Reggie Watts - If You're F*cking, You're F*cking (3:34)
Reggie drops another solid, hilarious track.
04.12.13, 1:45 am est
Google Street View Hyperlapse (2:14)
It's impressive that they made this time-lapse from Google Street View photos.
04.12.13, 1:41 am est
The Internet
A good sample size of memes throughout the ages.
04.12.13, 1:37 am est
Simon Memory Game Belt Buckle
Ladies, now there's two reasons to check out my pants.
04.12.13, 1:25 am est
I'm not Will Ferrell... I don't even look like him
Dude, total body double.
04.11.13, 2:02 am est
How Animals Eat Their Food (1:26)
The one for "whale" cracked me up so hard.
04.11.13, 1:39 am est
Ultimate sandwich by mikeasaurus
Interesting mix of ingredients.
04.09.13, 11:08 pm est
Dad draws amazing art on son's lunchbags
04.09.13, 3:08 am est
Triple concerto from a faucet, water pipes and a fiddle (1:21)
Great venue for a show.
04.08.13, 11:19 am est
Bob Costas quotes rapper Ludacris (1:00)
Bob Costas droppin' fat beats.
04.05.13, 1:59 am est
Post-it Note Arcade - Stop Motion Animation (2:37)
A lot of time consumed to make this video, which is pretty neat.
04.05.13, 1:51 am est
What If The Sun Disappeared? (11:43)
I did not think of everything the explained in this video.
04.05.13, 1:49 am est
Orioles selling crazy new food items
For instance: bacon on pulled pork on a hot dog. I'm going to have to go to a few Orioles games this year.
04.05.13, 1:35 am est
Smith Island Cake
Maryland has a state cake. And it looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Do want.
04.05.13, 1:34 am est
Our New Electrical Morals (4:59)
Jelly jam!!!
04.05.13, 1:02 am est
Goldeneye 007 (N64) - Did You Know Gaming? (7:06)
A little DYK for the best game ever created.
04.03.13, 4:37 am est
SNES Headphones - Super Nintendo Controller Mod (4:31)
These look totally awesome.
04.03.13, 4:35 am est
If I were "The Bachelor"
Yeah, that's pretty much how I'd play it too.
04.03.13, 4:29 am est
Easter tradition
My faith in our generation = restored.
04.03.13, 4:28 am est
How to say "12 Months" in Estonian (1:01)
HAHAHA, I am a child.
04.03.13, 4:27 am est
Traditionally, boys throw water over girls and spank them with pussy willow branches on Easter Monday. Poland knows how to party.
04.03.13, 4:22 am est
April Fools Office Shenanigans
The prank is that there is no prank...
04.03.13, 1:45 am est
Azulejos (3:54)
Optical illusion. It's not possible but it BLOWS YOUR MIND.
04.01.13, 5:54 am est
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