April 27, 2006
Nintend-art - finally, art that I'd find interesting!

EA Spouse: the conclusion - remember way back when, where a girl started a blog that exposed how EA Games was putting their programmers through rigorous and harsh working conditions? Here's what ended up happening.

Weird Al Information Source - ain't nothing wrong with Weird Al!

YTMND: Picard vs. Computer - nifty job here! Sound needed as per usual.

Nintendo fucks up it's game system by giving it a shitty name - Nintendo just made baby Jesus cry.

April 25, 2006
Virgin State of Mind
Video; runtime 24:34; might need to make an account with YouTube

If you have 25 minutes to yourself at home, sign up and watch this short movie. The first few minutes are a bit graphic, not in the sense of whats "on the screen", but more of the subject matter that's involved. As far as character and plot development goes, it's probably done a better job than 95% of the shit that's come out of Hollywood lately. Sure it's a "homemade" film, low budget, nothing fancy at all, but they pulled off a tremendous job telling the story.

It's also the first movie of any sort to evoke any emotion out of me in years.

I don't even want to describe any more of it. When I clicked the link to see it, I was not prepared at all for what came at me. And then it sucked me in. And after it ended, I just sat staring at my screen.

But I'll let you decide.

That is all.

Moores commercial - they've played this a ton of times on tv during the NHL season. A quick look will get you on track!

Bra producers bust out D cups as breasts grow - hooray for the Chinese! Better to be a late bloomer than never!

April 24, 2006
HAHAHA, god do I miss Sifl & Olly... but when someone out there does something to commemorate the show, I still enjoy it. Case in point: YTMND: S&O News - you need sound... I need to watch all these episodes again. Good thing I downloaded all of them off some kid back at Tech!

Lazy Monday - parody of the SNL skit "Lazy Sunday", and I think they did a top notch job with their own theme!

FLASH GAME: Twin Spin - here's a fun little challenge for when you get bored at work.

YTMND - Mario Stairway to Heaven - denied?

YTMND - Norris vs. Hitler - THE ULTIMATE BATTLE!!!

Pretty rainbow - and other neat pictures from MIZZ-ERRR-AH!

The Y2038 bug - for all you Unix nuts out there!

KEYBALL!!! - an oldie but goodie... I got reamed by the CPU 12-1 though.

April 20, 2006

YTMND: 8-bit Breaks - where you at C64?


$0.14 per gallon of gas... in Venezuela - it's also pretty cheap in my favorite-to-pronounce former Soviet Union state-turned-independent-country of AZERBAIJAN!!!

Oh if we only lived in a more lenient society - "yes, I'd like a burger, and... gimme a BJ while you're at it... oh, and a Pepsi."

April 17, 2006
Hockey fight - Canada vs. Russia, 1987 World Juniors - I can't say I've seen an all out brawl like that before.

National High Five Day - is April 20th. Up top!

VIDEO: Max Graham Vs. Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Remix) - those are some of the brightest kids I know, hahaha!

Empty Mass - DC Metro Map with anagram goodness!

Death By Caffeine - find out how much it will take to kill you!

April 11, 2006
On a lighter note, there are more movies re-enacted by bunnies over at Angry Alien. I think the Titanic one is still my favorite... or Jaws... both of those crack me up. Actually those plus Alien, The Shining, and The Exorcist (the original five) are still the best of the bunch.


April 10, 2006
Allianz Arena - Lego Version - I want it.

Dugong, the cow of the sea - so very absolutely brilliant!

April 3, 2006
Hilarious beer reviews - a five part review that had me laughing out loud.

VIDEO: I Wanna Love You Tender - this music video was ahead of it's time. Either that, or the entire production crew was high on something.

VIDEO: BEAN BALLS TO THE FACE!!! - not just 8, but 35!!!

Video game evolution - from the 80's to now, a comparison of how far we've come.

VIDEO: Super Mario Bros. Minus World - so *that* is how you get there.

Teens game ends with bomb squad - this is a perfect example of how the world we live in has changed in the past 20 years. What inspired this was this website, where it gave instructions on how to make your own Super Mario ? block. It's really an ingenious idea, and a shame that because of the paranoia in the world we live in, a [?] block in a public space inherits the same attributes a bomb would. It's sad. I'm feeling a rant coming on, but I'll let this one go before I add another 8 MB to this post.

Elephant - I only caught the last half hour of this movie, in which the school shootings take place. But it was truly gripping. The way it was filmed and how the kids acted out their parts... it grabbed me and didn't let go. I really want to see this from the beginning now.

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