This cracked me up!
07.31.10, 8:41 pm est
Washing Machine Self Destructs
With the aid of brick technology.
07.31.10, 8:34 pm est
Pencil sculptures: miniature masterpieces carved into graphite by Dalton Ghetti
That is amazing micro art.
07.31.10, 8:33 pm est
Your Boxspring Could Be Acting as a Gigantic, Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna
Welp, time to invest in bean-bag technology.
07.30.10, 3:17 am est
125-piece puzzle in 6 different metals with hidden "Golden Gun"
Solve the puzzle, then kill someone with it.
07.30.10, 3:15 am est
Toast/E/R Defibrillator "Revives Your Old Bread"
Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a chef!
07.30.10, 3:14 am est
Machinima: Lego Starcraft: Brick Rush
This was really well done.
07.30.10, 3:13 am est
30 Incredible Long Exposure Photos
Not incredible, like, 3 days or something. But still neat photography.
07.30.10, 3:12 am est
Jane Austen's Fight Club
I think adaptation might work. Cat fights!
07.30.10, 3:11 am est
Mini Cupcake Factory
Now you can eat 100 in one sitting!
07.30.10, 3:10 am est
Slow motion soda explosion
07.30.10, 3:09 am est
Massive Fireworks Experiment
07.30.10, 3:09 am est
The Anchoring Effect
Or, how one can be influenced by anything.
07.30.10, 3:07 am est
Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943
"These images, by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, are some of the only color photographs taken of the effects of the Depression on America’s rural and small town populations."
07.30.10, 3:04 am est
Everybody Should Be Allowed One Stabbing Per Day
I think this has some merit, hahaha.
07.28.10, 2:37 pm est
Tempus II
Destruction in slow motion.
07.28.10, 2:35 pm est
Genius soccer goal set up by Berbatov
That is cheeky.
07.28.10, 2:34 pm est
Strange But True: Tattooed LEGOS
One word: talent.
07.28.10, 3:24 am est
Not-so-secret seven hold keys to the internet
One ring to rule them all? Nah, just 7 keys.
07.28.10, 3:23 am est
World Will Run Out of Internet Addresses in Less Than a Year, Experts Predict
07.28.10, 3:21 am est
Ultimate Frisbee Golazo WUCC Prague 2010
One hell of a snag.
07.27.10, 6:32 pm est
Strangest goal celebreation yet!
Here's a "reel" you have to see, har har.
07.27.10, 11:50 am est
Hungry bear crashes in runaway car
Who is driving? Bear is driving, how can that be?!?!
07.27.10, 11:48 am est
Mitch Dobrowner is a modern landscape photographer
He takes some fantastic shots.
07.27.10, 5:38 am est
Firefighting Motorcycles
This is brilliant, I wonder if anyone has thought of this before.
07.26.10, 9:16 pm est
Pancake-Flipping Robot
Now let see it make me an omelet.
07.26.10, 9:14 pm est
Hindu Elephant God Ganesha CD player
I want it... and I don't know why.
07.26.10, 9:01 pm est
Guy Walks Across America
Neat idea for a stop-motion video.
07.26.10, 7:41 pm est
Oh my.
07.26.10, 7:34 pm est
Seat Hogs
Stay classy, subway riders.
07.26.10, 7:31 pm est
What BP Could Have Bought With All the Money They Lost
Visualization is fun!
07.26.10, 9:07 am est
Fun way to shop at Walmart
Over and over and over and over...
07.26.10, 12:51 am est
07.25.10, 4:26 pm est
When Buildings Come Alive: 10 Unreal Urban Projection Videos
I heart these art projections.
07.25.10, 3:47 am est
Tab Candy for Firefox
As I stare at my tab bar, this tool becomes instantly handy. It's in alpha, and not an installable extension at this time.
07.25.10, 3:44 am est
Driftwood at La Push, Washington
Driftwood? Um, more like driftWTF.
07.25.10, 3:42 am est
Mila's Daydreams
This link is for all the mothers out there, because I know you'll find this adorable.
07.25.10, 3:41 am est
Motorized Couch Banned From BYU
So that's why I've failed with the ladies.
07.25.10, 3:37 am est
Jon Lajoie - Jon Lajoie Hands Commercial
07.24.10, 2:18 pm est
Parrot does 20 tricks on two minutes
The pay could be better.
07.23.10, 5:34 pm est
Lightning slowed down 300x
07.23.10, 4:03 am est
Tron Girl!
07.22.10, 8:47 pm est
Sexy Alien Girls on the Moon!
Tentacle boobs!
07.22.10, 8:46 pm est
Amazon Babe/Sexy Cyborg from Another Dimension
What could go wrong?
07.22.10, 8:45 pm est
Double Rainbow Guy in Everyday Life
He's not doing too bad for himself, haha.
07.22.10, 8:33 pm est
Man Arrested For Breaking Into Bar, Selling Drinks
Come on, he was only trying to stimulate the economy!
07.22.10, 1:55 pm est
Millennium Falcon Guitar
Use the force... of ROCK.
07.22.10, 1:54 pm est
"Train" that lays its own track
So that's how they make railroads now.
07.21.10, 6:22 pm est
Burger King Safety Dance
I was extremely amused for some reason.
07.21.10, 5:54 pm est
Japan Executes Lacrosse Hidden-Ball Trick To Perfection
In real time, I didn't even see it happen. Brilliant!
07.21.10, 2:04 pm est
Flickr - Iceland
Some really fascinating photos.
07.21.10, 1:32 am est
Print Me A Pizza!: MIT's Digital Food Printer
As the article suggests, it would be great to get Taco Bell "printed" in my kitchen at any time, haha.
07.21.10, 12:07 am est
New Spice - Study like a scholar, scholar
Very well done parody!
07.20.10, 12:49 pm est
Ice T Plays Call of Duty, Loses Stuff, Demands Snapple, Rings Cliffy B
07.20.10, 12:48 pm est
MRI's of foods
07.19.10, 6:50 pm est
Mini Star Wars Cereal Boxes
These are brilliant!
07.19.10, 6:48 pm est
Boat Name FAIL
Oh how I chuckled.
07.19.10, 6:39 pm est
Japanese scientists create touchable holograms
07.18.10, 11:05 pm est
Voice talkers
07.18.10, 11:04 pm est
When a 3 year old is asked about monsters
Don't mess with this child.
07.18.10, 4:30 am est
The Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory
Is Ferris Bueller, the person, just a figment of Cameron's imagination?
07.16.10, 12:56 pm est
Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player
That was in 2008, so it's 12 years now. I bring this up because I have the Rio PMP300 which I thought was the 1st ever mp3 player, but was actually the 2nd.
07.16.10, 7:18 am est
RIAA Paid $16M+ In Legal Fees To Collect $391K
RIAA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Government... what other large entities are horrendous with spending money?
07.16.10, 7:16 am est
Fat marmot eats graham cracker
Fatty McGee, you're the fattest!
07.16.10, 12:24 am est
Undercover Karaoke with Jewel
That was fun to watch!
07.15.10, 4:33 pm est
Insane limbo
Emperor Duke limbos under a stick that's 8 inches off the ground.
07.15.10, 4:26 pm est
Tin Foil Hut
It's so... shinny.
07.15.10, 4:23 pm est
The Old Spice Social Media Campaign by the Numbers
It's a hit!
07.15.10, 4:17 pm est
The Periodic Table Of Meat
The only table that I consider relevant!
07.14.10, 7:00 pm est
Old Spice YouTube channel
They have the guy answering emails and whatnot now. Lots to sift through.
07.14.10, 6:51 pm est
What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain
I'm so glad I don't have an addiction to caffeine, amongst many other things.
07.14.10, 12:54 pm est
I Dream In Retro
Fantastic mashup video!
07.14.10, 10:29 am est
A most excellent video with some vg humor mixed in.
07.14.10, 10:04 am est
Periodic Table of Swearing
For the UK crowd.
07.14.10, 7:44 am est
Snuff Box - Boyfriend Scenes
07.14.10, 7:14 am est
If Movie Titles Were Honest
There were a couple good ones in here.
07.14.10, 7:10 am est
07.14.10, 7:07 am est
Family Feud - Dawson has a moment
A very, very long moment... a fit of laughter, if you will.
07.13.10, 6:06 pm est
TPiR - Titty Cats
07.13.10, 6:05 pm est
TPiR - One of the worst players ever
You have to watch this entire clip.
07.13.10, 5:59 pm est
TPiR - Contestant bids 420
A few times, haha.
07.13.10, 5:58 pm est
TPiR - Drew Carey has a laugh fit
I feel like posting a few game show videos.
07.13.10, 5:49 pm est
The Rock Photobombs
Even the nicest of Christmas photos isn't free from the threat of getting ROCKED.
07.13.10, 4:35 pm est
TV's Crowning Moment of Awesome
In thirty-eight years, "The Price Is Right" never had a contestant guess the exact value of prizes in the Showcase Showdown. Until Terry Kniess outsmarted everyone - and changed everything.
07.13.10, 2:55 pm est
6 Reasons to Ride a Polar Bear to Work
I'm trading in my Saturn for a polar bear next chance I get!
07.12.10, 4:13 pm est
List of common misconceptions
On Wikipedia? Read at your own peril!
07.12.10, 3:49 am est
Remember life before computers? Neither do I.
07.11.10, 1:41 pm est
Quotography at it's finest.
07.10.10, 7:28 am est
The 590 Pound Hamburger
I'm pretty sure that would last me an entire year.
07.10.10, 3:17 am est
James May's Toy Lego house
With enough Legos, you too could be living in a dream house!
07.10.10, 3:07 am est
Surveying The Wreckage Of The Matt Millen Era
07.09.10, 5:02 pm est
Brazilian commentator sings Jabulani
This is my favorite goal call. Ever.
07.09.10, 4:54 pm est
Weird Al Shreds on Stage
ROCK. Haha.
07.08.10, 5:26 pm est
Apron Cooking Guides
Cheat sheets for cooking? Brilliant!
07.08.10, 5:35 am est
My Ninja!
Whatta ninja gotta do to get some orange chicken around here?!
07.08.10, 5:33 am est
Spongebob is Down With The Sickness
Yes he is.
07.07.10, 8:37 pm est
Super Mario Wall
This was a good edit job if I've ever seen one.
07.07.10, 6:16 pm est
Korean Gamers: APM Demonstration
There's insanity, and there's this.
07.07.10, 6:23 am est
Slurp digital eyedropper sucks up, injects information wirelessly
Okay, that's pretty damn neat.
07.06.10, 5:18 pm est
Kid donks into telephone pole
The sound he makes before hitting it head on is what makes it hilarious!
07.06.10, 5:01 pm est
What a year on Earth really looks like
I learned more in this video than from any teacher talking about the earth. We's just a-wobblin' all over the place.
07.06.10, 6:20 am est
How pizza commercials are made
That is way too complicated.
07.06.10, 6:03 am est
This is impressive for the massive amount of graffiti involved.
07.06.10, 4:24 am est
F@#king Booming School
Lots of expletives, all warranted though.
07.05.10, 6:53 pm est
Mike Rowe nominates Chad Pregracke for hardest working do-gooder in America
People that throw trash in rivers are pants-on-head retarded. Kudos to Chad for cleaning them up.
07.05.10, 6:35 pm est
Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!
More pictures of the Futurama city made from Legos.
07.05.10, 5:01 pm est
Man as Industrial Palace
07.05.10, 5:00 pm est
Everybody Edits!
You want hours of fun?
07.04.10, 11:34 pm est
World of 'Futurama' rebuilt in Legos
Legos, the bricks of the future!
07.02.10, 12:41 pm est
100 Amusing Movie Insults
Ahhh, lots of good stuff in here.
07.01.10, 7:11 pm est
A campaign with today's modern technology if it were set in the 70's.
07.01.10, 6:58 pm est
What is Watson?
Ken Jennings, watch out!
07.01.10, 4:19 pm est
Sex Kitten
Too literal!!!
07.01.10, 5:04 am est
Cardboard Warfare
The post production is amazing.
07.01.10, 5:03 am est
Danimal vs Animal
To the death!
07.01.10, 4:45 am est
The Great Ball Contraption
Legos are so AWESOME.
07.01.10, 4:40 am est
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