AFSCME (1:01)
The best commercial in the world.
01.31.12, 12:53 am est
Like a bus
I enjoy this thoroughly.
01.31.12, 12:38 am est
Snack for the Super Bowl
Flawless execution of the snack stadium.
01.31.12, 12:23 am est
Clever ideas to make life easier
AKA mini life hacks.
01.30.12, 3:09 am est
CGPGrey's YouTube channel
Those, and many more interesting videos, courtesy of CGPGrey.
01.30.12, 12:56 am est
CGPGrey - The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained (5:15)
Old country, you so crazy.
01.30.12, 12:55 am est
CGPGrey - What are Continents? (3:49)
You think you know, but you have no idea.
01.30.12, 12:53 am est
CGPGrey - Daylight Saving Time Explained (6:40)
DST is antiquated, we need to get rid of it.
01.30.12, 12:52 am est
CGPGrey - Death to Pennies (4:31)
CGPGrey lays it down, and I agree with it.
01.30.12, 12:51 am est
More fun ice cube shapes
Another montage.
01.29.12, 7:24 pm est
Thorium can potentially solve our energy crisis (10:02)
So, let's get this into production, or tell me what the catch is.
01.29.12, 3:49 pm est
Bathroom spray drama
This is what hell will be like for me.
01.28.12, 2:31 pm est
Ed Sheeran - Drunk (3:48)
Ed and an Alcoholic cat make for a great team...
01.28.12, 2:23 pm est
Ballista Kit
This looks like good office warfare material.
01.28.12, 2:15 pm est
Ice Cube's 'Good Day'?
This guy claims to have found it.
01.28.12, 2:22 am est
Jon Lajoie - Tennis Ball (1:08)
This... oh wow, hahahahaha.
01.28.12, 12:08 am est
Crazy ass desserts
Being fat is where it's at.
01.27.12, 11:06 pm est
How to Eat Food
A step by step guide to help you.
01.27.12, 11:04 pm est
Abandoned Yugoslavian monuments
Crazy. Ass. Buildings. And. Such.
01.27.12, 11:04 pm est
Rainbow Jell-o mold?
Yes, please.
01.27.12, 11:01 pm est
Road rage in Bath goes viral (5:52)
Act like a bitch on video, and people will hate you. There's real world repercussions now.
01.27.12, 10:23 pm est
Pat Sajak has admitted to HWI - hosting while intoxicated (7:07)
TV was better back in the day.
01.27.12, 2:02 am est
The Mercenary Techie Who Troubleshoots for Drug Dealers and Jealous Lovers
Interesting read.
01.27.12, 1:23 am est
Ah Yes, the Ol' Cat Facts Text Subscription Prank
I found this pretty hilarious.
01.27.12, 12:55 am est
Nutella compilation
Because NUTELLA, that's why.
01.26.12, 2:05 am est
Chocolate syrups art
Their skill level is OVER 9000!!!
01.26.12, 2:04 am est
Soccer star's girlfriend claims he's on injury list because of too much sex
Circle gets the square.
01.26.12, 1:34 am est
There Will Be Official Minecraft LEGO Sets
I'm not into Minecraft at all, but it's the next logical progression. Also, this already existed in my day, it was called the "the giant-ass bucket of LEGOS" that came with no instructions.
01.25.12, 12:57 am est
More 'Robben ball'
Arjen, you sly trickster.
01.25.12, 12:27 am est
Such a Small Word
01.25.12, 12:17 am est
Hi, I'm Sarah McLachlan, and I-
So true.
01.24.12, 1:37 am est
Common greetings
Hey hey hey!
01.23.12, 11:09 pm est
Gaiman on Copyright Piracy and the Web (4:21)
An author who looks at pirating differently.
01.23.12, 11:07 pm est
End ACTA and Protect our right to privacy on the Internet
Apparently ACTA is the global SOPA/PIPA. Online petitions are dumb, but simple awareness can't hurt.
01.23.12, 11:04 pm est
Turtle (0:48)
Still trying to figure out what I just watched.
01.23.12, 10:51 pm est
Billy Cundiff in Ace Ventura "LACES OUT" (Ray Finkle Parody) (1:07)
Start the slow clap for this one.
01.23.12, 10:32 pm est
Douchebag merit badges
Collect them all, bro!
01.23.12, 10:31 pm est
Ninjas can't catch you if...
A compilation.
01.22.12, 1:39 pm est
The DVD Screensaver
One of the best bits from "The Office".
01.22.12, 1:37 pm est
Just some interesting clock designs
A few old ones, a few new ones.
01.22.12, 1:35 pm est
Rapper Remakes The Fresh Prince Title Sequence (3:19)
This was really well done.
01.22.12, 12:53 pm est
Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut (2:03:53)
Remember that project eons ago where people were asked to remake 15 second scenes from the original Star Wars? It's done... and it is good.
01.21.12, 4:08 pm est
Neat flash drives
2GB of portable fun.
01.21.12, 2:50 pm est
Massive-Scale Online Collaboration (16:39)
TED Talk about Re-Captcha and another brilliant web project.
01.21.12, 12:36 pm est
Shoot for the stars
It's good to have goals.
01.21.12, 12:09 am est
Amazing hotels
No motels or Holiday Inns here.
01.21.12, 12:00 am est
Ultra-Realistic Beavis & Butthead Busts
Get ready for nightmares!
01.20.12, 11:50 pm est
Best police report ever
01.20.12, 11:48 pm est
Fancy sink design
I want it. I want it now.
01.20.12, 1:46 am est
Dope Zebra (1:48)
The internet has been churning out some GOLD so far this year.
01.20.12, 1:43 am est
'My First Hardcore Song' by 8yr old Juliet (0:59)
This girl knows how to ROCK.
01.20.12, 1:40 am est
BLT ring
No other jewelry needs to exist. This is all you need, ladies.
01.20.12, 1:34 am est
As This Slideshow Will Demonstrate, It's Go Time
This is how ladies should properly express their interest. None of that secretive playing games bullshit.
01.20.12, 1:33 am est
Call me an ambulance
One of my favorite jokes.
01.20.12, 1:29 am est
Awesome Idea: Building Beer Brewing Bender!
An oldie but goodie.
01.20.12, 1:29 am est
Cajun Mike's with another solid sidewalk sign
They do it as a courtesy.
01.20.12, 1:27 am est
Rail Bridge Replacement Timelapse (4:04)
I thought this was pretty interesting.
01.20.12, 1:16 am est
Overheard on the Goldman Sachs Elevator
God damn this is some good stuff. I hope most of these aren't fabricated.
01.18.12, 11:46 pm est
Fujitsu Lifebook 2013
This is pretty damn amazing. Make it an HP and I'm sold.
01.18.12, 8:34 pm est
From drawing to stuffed animal?
This is something else. I can't explain it.
01.18.12, 8:30 pm est
'If I Die' App Publishes A Pre-Recorded Message To Your Facebook Friends After You Croak
It should be called "When I Die", and I have a feeling a good portion of the messages will include using ones mouth on anothers genitals.
01.18.12, 8:25 pm est
Just an aquarium waterslide...
Probably in some rich dude's house.
01.18.12, 8:21 pm est
Words of Wisdom from the ODB [audio]
Absolute classics.
01.18.12, 2:22 am est
Burger King gives home delivery a try
Alright Chipotle. Time to step up to the plate.
01.18.12, 1:27 am est
A neat visual guide to making drinks
01.18.12, 12:56 am est
Humanoid Robot Planning A People Zoo (3:12)
This is completely creepy.
01.18.12, 12:54 am est
The best letter written to a company ever
Words of Wisdom from the ODB meets Kenny Bania. And it is good. This child is awesome.
01.18.12, 12:41 am est
Cheddar effin' bay biscuits
Those biscuits at Red Lobster are money. I wonder if this recipe comes close.
01.17.12, 9:10 am est
Target Alarm Clock
Shooting things is always the answer.
01.17.12, 1:12 am est
CRUDBUMP: "Real Art"
Drew has a new album. I am excited.
01.16.12, 6:56 pm est
Awesome Cakes
Some oldies, some new ones.
01.16.12, 6:56 pm est
Alex Ovechkin drops a verse in 'Champion', by Russian rapper Sasha Belyi (3:49)
Unfortunately it wont help his current -7 plus/minus rating.
01.16.12, 1:20 pm est
How software is made
More or less.
01.16.12, 12:27 pm est
Bacon Cheese Burger
I want to make this, except, instead of cheese, maybe put chili, or something different in the burger.
01.16.12, 4:47 am est
Mind-Blowing 3D Pencil Drawings
These are pretty damn impressive.
01.16.12, 4:24 am est
Colbert Super PAC Ad - Attack In B Minor For Strings (1:01)
This is wonderful.
01.16.12, 3:35 am est
More neat gadgets and stuff
Now, where to buy them...
01.15.12, 2:51 pm est
IMDABES (3:50)
This... is.. so incredibly amazing.
01.15.12, 1:59 pm est
Pizza Boomerang (2:32)
Oh man, a contender for best vid of 2012 already?
01.15.12, 1:54 pm est
Battle For Second Place (0:30)
This cracked me the hell up.
01.15.12, 4:16 am est
Tool Tank
It's so neat.
01.15.12, 2:05 am est
Classic Ghostbusters
Classic Bill Murray.
01.15.12, 1:50 am est
Mike D's Hip Hop Semantics (4:08)
Don't be illin', yo.
01.14.12, 12:24 pm est
Justin Verlander Eats Taco Bell Before Every Game (3:17)
And he's a prankster!
01.14.12, 12:11 pm est
01.14.12, 2:36 am est
Hot Archery Girls (Gallery)
Cause I'm in a "postin' hot chicks" kind of mood.
01.14.12, 1:07 am est
Blackhawks Fan Professes His Love For CSN Reporter Sarah Kustok (1:22)
Well done. The slow clap has been started.
01.14.12, 1:02 am est
Joel and Jack meet the Kinectimals (2:30)
01.14.12, 12:58 am est
Surprise Party! (1:33)
Um... wow... okay...
01.14.12, 12:56 am est
Old Spice - Blown Mind (0:15)
These just keep getting better!
01.14.12, 12:55 am est
Smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs
There's a lot of goodness to checkout here.
01.14.12, 12:54 am est
Playboy Playmates Tebowing
01.14.12, 12:51 am est
Nutella Bready
We need to make Nutella a food group already.
01.14.12, 12:49 am est
Everything's funnier when you put eyes on it
It's true!
01.14.12, 12:46 am est
The ancient art of the abacus (1:53)
Because the Japanese are better than most.
01.12.12, 8:20 pm est
Donut Taco Palace
Mother. Of. God.
01.12.12, 9:57 am est
Ridiculous volleyball rally (2:03)
That's like, half a game played in one point.
01.12.12, 12:19 am est
You've never seen an artist like this (2:19)
This guy is a wizard.
01.11.12, 1:26 am est
Riot Table
Because you can never be too prepared.
01.11.12, 12:44 am est
Only the prince of Belgium
Very nice, how much?
01.11.12, 12:43 am est
I mean, why not, right?
01.09.12, 10:55 pm est
Smart Ads
A couple of countries "poking" fun at each other.
01.09.12, 10:55 pm est
Schticky commercial (2:02)
You're going to clean your home in a quickie when you use your Schticky!
01.09.12, 10:42 pm est
Just How Many Days Does Bill Murray REALLY Spend Stuck Reliving GROUNDHOG DAY?
One person puts way too much time into finding an answer.
01.09.12, 4:50 am est
What Happens When You Give Kids Thousands of Stickers?
Um, this?
01.09.12, 4:49 am est
Amazing 3D paintings by Riusuke Fukahori (4:50)
Dude has some skill.
01.09.12, 2:11 am est
01.08.12, 10:51 pm est
Instant CSI
Have this on hand when you're ready to make an awesome pun.
01.08.12, 10:51 pm est
Dental Plan - Simpsons Remix (3:24)
Lisa needs braces.
01.08.12, 10:26 pm est
Thin Wall Challenge (3 videos)
I should have played these games with a roommate I used to live with.
01.07.12, 6:36 pm est
I want this piece of furniture. I can't seem to locate a seller.
01.07.12, 5:08 am est
Fox snow dive
And now, your moment of zen.
01.05.12, 11:38 pm est
Dinosaur Office: Volcano Drill (1:39)
This is the worst thing imaginable!!!
01.05.12, 11:17 pm est
The Most Hilarious Freestyle Rap of All Time (4:58)
I'm not sure why I'm posting this. It's... it's something.
01.05.12, 10:59 pm est
01.05.12, 10:48 pm est
Peyton Manning Loves Penis Pills (2:54)
There's a couple decent laughs in here.
01.05.12, 10:45 pm est
The Music of Video Games
Who needs Pandora? MP3's? Listen to music from your favorite old school video games!
01.05.12, 10:44 pm est
Don't Be A Di*k During Meals With Friends
Free meals, here I come!
01.05.12, 10:42 pm est
3888 photos, shot over a period of one year
It's actually a pretty damn cool picture.
01.05.12, 10:41 pm est
Thank you, internet.
01.05.12, 10:41 pm est
Augmented art
It's the new hotness.
01.05.12, 10:40 pm est
Greatest impromptu rap ever (0:28)
01.05.12, 10:38 pm est
One Heel of a Good Time FAIL
When regular hoes won't do.
01.05.12, 10:35 pm est
Messy prank
Also known as the "dick move".
01.05.12, 1:31 am est
Mind = blown
That's one of the tougher ones.
01.04.12, 11:13 pm est
Sketching electronics (1:47)
Science wins again.
01.04.12, 1:47 am est
Bacon Wrapped Eggs (2:18)
Sans cheese for me please.
01.03.12, 7:48 pm est
Epic vodka gun
The grenade is a nice touch.
01.03.12, 7:40 pm est
A Lil' Hamster Powered Submarine (0:45)
Welcome to 2012! Here's a hamster sub.
01.03.12, 5:56 pm est
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