Instagram - geeohsnap
Norwegian who snaps unsuspecting people and doodles on them. Fun stuff.
01.31.15, 3:59 am est
Key & Peele Did Another Player Introduction Sketch With NFL Players (3:03)
The real names are just as hilarious as the fake ones.
01.31.15, 2:11 am est
He creates a lot of fun stuff you can purchase in shirt form.
01.31.15, 2:06 am est
Chain Reaction - Pepsi Max (2:05)
01.25.15, 3:54 am est
Mike Bobrinskoy - Alexandra (9:37)
An amazing story from the world of internet dating.
01.25.15, 3:50 am est
Bob's Burgers embroidery
These are fantastic!
01.25.15, 3:48 am est
For your satisfaction
This series of photos is very calming.
01.25.15, 3:47 am est
Excitement level graph
So painfully true.
01.25.15, 3:46 am est
Thug Kitchen Cookbook Trailer (explicit) (1:53)
Cooking and swearing, united at last.
01.25.15, 3:29 am est
If People Were Honest At The Office (1:29)
Kinda, sorta true.
01.25.15, 3:20 am est
Krispy Kreme waffles
01.24.15, 11:27 pm est
Pop-a-Shot Arcade Basketball Game Record (114 Made Shots in a Row) (1:08)
Girl got SKILL.
01.24.15, 11:27 pm est
Superintelligent AI
It knows too much.
01.24.15, 2:36 am est
"NFL 2015" - A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL (4:09)
Duck, duck, turkey, turkey, duck, duck, duck.
01.23.15, 11:50 pm est
If u want an ass kicking...
...Drew will tell you where to show up.
01.23.15, 1:11 am est
Mac Sabbath (5:52)
A Black Sabbath cover band, with McDonald's characters. Amazing.
01.22.15, 11:21 pm est
Should I go out today?
What do you say, despair?
01.22.15, 11:13 pm est
The Matrix of Mixology
A fun print to have handy in your bar at home.
01.22.15, 11:12 pm est
I wish this was a real Wikipedia article
Because there has to be at least a page full.
01.22.15, 11:09 pm est
When the beat drops (0:06)
This cracks me up every time.
01.22.15, 11:07 pm est
Shark attack!
They have LEGS now!
01.21.15, 4:36 am est
ESPN now owns the Top 20 programs in cable history
01.21.15, 12:36 am est
What actually happens in an NFL game
01.21.15, 12:35 am est
Pretty sure Tommy Wiseau is a Twitter bot
You're tearing me apart, Lisa!
01.21.15, 12:22 am est
Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map
Fantastic information about current air quality all over the world.
01.21.15, 12:18 am est
At Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, customers pay it forward to help the homeless
I always enjoy reading about stories like this.
01.21.15, 12:15 am est
Conan & Archer Battle Russian Mobsters (5:23)
01.20.15, 10:46 pm est
Secret underground bunker in former Yugoslavia
This is what the 70's looked like, preserved all these years.
01.18.15, 4:03 pm est
Russian Adventure Time (1:37)
01.18.15, 3:58 pm est
How to Manage a Holiday Party
Four simple rules to help you along.
01.18.15, 3:34 am est
JFX - Horizon (Original mix) (4:31)
My new jam.
01.18.15, 3:29 am est
Imagine the pizza
Imagine the bread sticks!
01.17.15, 2:40 am est
Master Post of the best of the great "Show us your dick"-a-thon of 2014
Of all the "a-thons", this one apparently happened.
01.17.15, 2:36 am est
SKEYE Nano Drone
I want it. I need it.
01.17.15, 2:28 am est
People are starting to comment on how late I stay at the office
Such a hard worker.
01.17.15, 2:24 am est
The Rock's 2015 goals
We all fail at least one every year.
01.17.15, 2:21 am est
Drive not draw
Don't tell me what to do.
01.17.15, 2:09 am est
Science Teacher Completes Drawings Left on Assignments by Students (20 Pics)
Always support the arts.
01.17.15, 2:09 am est
A Very Angry Bears Fan Christmas (3:18)
A holiday treat for Bears fans this, and every season.
01.15.15, 12:15 pm est
Small Robots Pass a Ball Around in Hopes of Qualifying for the RoboCup Robotic Soccer Championships (1:14)
These little machines are amazing to watch.
01.14.15, 8:15 pm est
Sharks Are Eating the Internet
Samuel L. Jackson is not amused.
01.13.15, 2:41 am est
Aging Agility
I've just learned this life lesson.
01.13.15, 1:12 am est
By plane, coming up the Detroit River, you can always tell when you've crossed into Detroit
It's not getting any better any time soon.
01.11.15, 8:39 pm est
This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends (1:00)
Spoiler alert.
01.11.15, 3:08 am est
Submarine Sandwich by PES (1:55)
Another fantastic animated short from PES.
01.11.15, 3:06 am est
Magician gets out of Speeding Ticket with Magic (1:48)
Dude has some skills.
01.11.15, 3:02 am est
And yes, his tire was punctured (0:22)
Someone was having fun in the graphics department at the news station.
01.11.15, 3:00 am est
Ball fired from a cannon on a truck
They are traveling the same speed in opposite directions. Science!
01.11.15, 2:59 am est
Rioting Costumed Fans Halt Australian Darts Competition
The headlines, they write themselves.
01.11.15, 2:51 am est
Delta's New Airplane Seating Chart
Luckily, I have yet to encounter a problem with Delta during my hour flights to and from home.
01.08.15, 3:45 am est
Tom Selleck and Sandwiches Photoshopped into Waterfall Scenes
No additional explanation required.
01.08.15, 2:13 am est
The new Jenga master (0:06)
Bow down to your new overlord.
01.05.15, 5:21 am est
A cautionary warning.
01.04.15, 11:55 pm est
The Adventures of Gnarls the Dinosaur
He has a very busy life.
01.04.15, 11:54 pm est
I made this background texture entirely out of ewoks
That's how the senior art class rolls.
01.04.15, 11:54 pm est
Is she into me?
Only one way to find out.
01.04.15, 11:49 pm est
You gotta grow up and buy yourself a statement piece
Statement delivered.
01.04.15, 11:48 pm est
How to properly pet animals by Adam Ellis
So much knowledge.
01.04.15, 3:26 am est
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (lyrics) (2:57)
This made me laugh more than it should have.
01.01.15, 6:19 pm est
100% Realistic New Year's Resolutions
Let's be serious, people.
01.01.15, 6:17 pm est
Thomas Vanek uses his head to clear the zone
I've seen goalies using their heads to block shots, haven't seen this before.
01.01.15, 6:16 pm est
An 11th-Century Stepwell Gets a Digital Identity
It is amazing what humans were able to engineer thousands of years ago.
01.01.15, 6:10 pm est
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at the Brickyard 400! (1:04)
It's mensanity!!!
01.01.15, 6:06 pm est
Bobby Ryan scores an absolutely beautiful goal on Quick (0:57)
This might be my favorite goal of the entire season.
01.01.15, 6:04 pm est
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