Google Maps 8-bit for NES (2:10)
I would buy this right now.
03.31.12, 3:03 pm est
Following the Rules WIN
Keep our parks clean!
03.31.12, 1:42 pm est
Duck Hunt... How does it work?
Knowing: always half the battle.
03.31.12, 1:42 pm est
Guitar Hero - Men only
Insert a joke about bars.
03.31.12, 1:39 pm est
Stormtrooper - Moments of life
These are always a fun look.
03.31.12, 1:49 am est
LFTR in 5 minutes (5:05)
Elect this guy secretary of energy, please.
03.30.12, 7:52 pm est
Married To The Sea: the history of funny images
I've had this thought a couple few times before.
03.30.12, 7:30 pm est
Sinfest: Free Hugs
There's always a catch.
03.30.12, 7:30 pm est
Wind Map
This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. Updates every hour. It's fun to stare at.
03.30.12, 2:19 am est
Bonobo - Kiara (3:51)
This one is on repeat. Beautiful.
03.30.12, 2:17 am est
Magnetic Disk-Mounts: Stick Disks To Anything (Metal)
Kind of a neat idea, especially if you want to spice up your fridge.
03.30.12, 2:17 am est
Pamukkale Turkey's Cotton Castle
A strange and beautiful geological formation.
03.30.12, 2:15 am est
Angel v Devil
No wonder I'm never bored.
03.30.12, 2:10 am est
CRUDBUMP: "Crudbump AKA" (1:48)
The fattest of the beats.
03.30.12, 1:08 am est
Crazy Drugged Drunk Girl Humping Tree (2:16)
I've got the strangest boner right now.
03.30.12, 12:49 am est
The best use of time
This is me the next time I'm unemployed.
03.30.12, 12:39 am est
If Shakespeare Had Written Today's Songs
That's some good writing.
03.30.12, 12:38 am est
Shaun Of The Dead Winchester Bar LEGO Set
Hell. Yes. This is AWESOME.
03.30.12, 12:08 am est
Lie Detector (3:13)
The lie detector gag, when done well, gets me every time.
03.28.12, 2:15 am est
Dinosaur Office: Downsizing (1:50)
Another solid episode!
03.28.12, 1:50 am est
Ontario's top court legalizes brothels for safety
Um, I gotta go back home for the weekend... every weekend... for uh... business...
03.28.12, 1:33 am est
Sand Flea Jumping Robot (1:09)
This amuses me to no end.
03.28.12, 1:24 am est
Torani - Chicken n' Waffles Syrup
I just have to try this.
03.27.12, 2:04 am est
Travel Posters for Lazy People
I want to hang these in my room, haha.
03.27.12, 2:03 am est
Ex-Google employee says Google+ has ruined the company
Google Plus, more like Google Minus, AMIRITE?!?
03.27.12, 2:01 am est
KONY2012 (1:00)
How can you help?
03.26.12, 11:54 pm est
White & White Clock
I like it. But not for $180.
03.26.12, 11:53 pm est
Dollar Shave Club
The prices are good. But are they MACH3 TURBO good?!?
03.26.12, 11:50 pm est
I found this game awhile ago when it was in development. You can download and PLAY it now. Mario mashed up with Portal!
03.26.12, 11:43 pm est
Michael Davis, ladies and gentlemen (6:06)
This guy... I like this guy. This is comedy.
03.26.12, 8:03 pm est
Rachel Bloom - You Can Touch My Boobies (2:49)
This is every other dream I have, haha.
03.26.12, 7:53 pm est
Perpetual Ocean (3:03)
This visualization shows ocean surface currents around the world during the period from June 2005 through December 2007.
03.26.12, 7:46 pm est
Tacocopter: One-click Taco Delivery in the SF Bay Area
Please be real. Please be real. Please expand to the DC area.
03.26.12, 7:43 pm est
Married To The Sea: how to play cricket
A beginners guide.
03.26.12, 7:39 pm est
Volkswagen's transparent car factory (6:42)
Okay, that's pretty amazing. I want a tour.
03.25.12, 2:54 am est
A train laying out its own track (5:17)
I might have posted this before, but it fascinates me every time.
03.25.12, 1:53 am est
Top 10 Niklas Kronwall Hits (HD) (9:02)
So much goodness in this video.
03.25.12, 1:43 am est
Funny street art
More fun public adaptations.
03.25.12, 1:30 am est
Very Mary Kate - Pillow Talk (2:33)
This series still amuses me, and I definitely laughed out loud by the end of this one.
03.24.12, 12:13 am est
10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled
03.23.12, 7:59 pm est
Kimmel - Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves (3:11)
I found this very humorous.
03.23.12, 7:51 pm est
Cooking show
Gotta add the secret ingredient.
03.23.12, 7:44 pm est
That's a lot of cubic centimeters.
03.23.12, 7:43 pm est
The Millennium Falcon
03.22.12, 2:41 am est
Dr. Recchi Update on Sidney Crosby
03.21.12, 11:56 pm est
Dr. Recchi signs with the Legion of Blog
More Dr. Recchi satire goodness.
03.21.12, 11:56 pm est
Hilarious: Mark Recchi listed as 'Dr. Mark Recchi' on graphic during Canucks game
Canadian hockey media - good times.
03.21.12, 11:53 pm est
Bubble soccer! (6:22)
This is the only way I want to play soccer from now on.
03.21.12, 11:49 pm est
Homemade Lucky Charms - Are You Up for the Challenge?
That's right. Make your own cereal marshmallows. BRILLIANT!
03.21.12, 11:41 pm est
Fake Science
In fact, there's a whole blog dedicated to it!
03.21.12, 11:38 pm est
Top 10 amazing nature facts
More "did you know" for ya.
03.21.12, 11:36 pm est
Office exercises
A handy guide you can post up in your cube at work.
03.21.12, 11:35 pm est
What... a... BRILLIANT idea!
03.20.12, 11:34 pm est
Upstairs (2:29)
Get all the details out of the way up front.
03.20.12, 11:19 pm est
Did you know...
Droppin' hard facts all over the place.
03.20.12, 10:56 pm est
Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords
This isn't news, since I heard of this happening a few years ago. It still bothers me deeply.
03.20.12, 10:38 pm est
What do you do when your boss is not in the office?
Whiteboard antics!
03.20.12, 9:55 am est
Urban Dictionary: 55378008
03.20.12, 12:45 am est
5sf - Yearbook Signatures (0:08)
Make them count!
03.19.12, 11:39 pm est
1:15 Scale Back To The Future LEGO DeLorean
03.19.12, 11:25 pm est
Artist Creates Little Clouds Indoors
I've gotta call fake on this, but I really want it to be real.
03.19.12, 1:54 am est
Glo: Color-changing Nightlight with Portable Glowing Balls
Kind of a neat idea.
03.19.12, 1:47 am est
Founding Fathers History Pickup Lines (in 2012) (4:07)
Sometimes you've gotta get colonial with the ladies.
03.17.12, 3:21 am est
ESPN MLB Analyst Tim Kurkjian Imitated - #3 (1:58)
Tim Dillard comes out of nowhere!
03.17.12, 3:13 am est
ESPN MLB Analyst Tim Kurkjian Imitated - #2 (1:46)
Elliot Johnson steps it up a notch!
03.17.12, 3:12 am est
ESPN MLB Analyst Tim Kurkjian Imitated - #1 (1:15)
J.P. Arencibia does a hilarious impression.
03.17.12, 3:11 am est
DAILY SHOW: Kristen Schaal's Republican Policy Stand-Up (5:08)
Kristen Schaal is the best. Gold!
03.17.12, 2:34 am est
Access Denied FAIL
I could watch this all day.
03.17.12, 2:24 am est
Chris Brown: American Superhero (2:30)
Oh my... wow...
03.16.12, 2:32 am est
Epic wall art is EPIC
Well done, painter man.
03.15.12, 3:32 am est
Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice! (2:30)
03.14.12, 7:31 pm est
Round 2: Better Names for Things (14 Pics)
Round 2, FIGHT!
03.14.12, 7:26 pm est
Better Names for Things (10 Pics)
Who says we can't improve on these?
03.14.12, 7:26 pm est
Crazy USB gadgets
Lots of fun stuff to plug into your computer.
03.14.12, 7:22 pm est
Laptop review win
Acers are very reliable.
03.14.12, 7:13 pm est
Pizza Roulette, Hell's Pizza Super Spicy Pizza Game
Maybe the 9mm bullets will in the gun, or maybe they'll be on your pizza.
03.13.12, 10:25 pm est
The first portable digital camera cassette included
Hipsters will be all over this.
03.13.12, 10:23 pm est
Birth of a Continent (0:18)
03.13.12, 10:22 pm est
Some Cool Bikes Mаdе Оut Оf Оld Watches
Amazing pieces.
03.13.12, 1:34 am est
Spill-Proof Beer (1:07)
The future... of beer handling.
03.13.12, 12:43 am est
Ordinary Batman Adventures
His life is an exciting adventure.
03.13.12, 12:42 am est
Back to the Future Trilogy Set posters
Sold out? Nooooooo!!!
03.13.12, 12:41 am est
"Kony 2012" Facebook trolling
Why is everyone hatin' on Carl Weathers?
03.13.12, 12:40 am est
These pick up lines are SOLID
I crack up every time I see this.
03.13.12, 12:39 am est
Flying Time Machine from the movie Back to the Future (2:11)
Quad-copter Delorean? I want.. nay, NEED this.
03.12.12, 10:36 pm est
World's smallest one-man helicopter (2:56)
This is totally badass.
03.10.12, 12:39 am est
Epic water bucket prank (1:29)
Wait for it... then wait for it AGAIN...
03.10.12, 12:37 am est
Quality service
Ranked #1.
03.09.12, 10:54 pm est
The Doomba
Prepare to be stabbed... and cleaned.
03.09.12, 10:51 pm est
Just another potted plant...
Cake in a jar's friend.
03.09.12, 1:05 am est
SHORT stories: "Fresh Guacamole" by PES (1:54)
A fun animated short.
03.08.12, 10:51 pm est
Eiffel Tower construction pictures
I'd like to find more of these.
03.08.12, 12:00 am est
Cupcake ATM Gets A Video Demo (1:53)
For fatties on the go!
03.08.12, 12:00 am est
Taco Flavored Ramen Noodles
03.07.12, 12:43 am est
Honest ads
Slightly amusing.
03.07.12, 12:43 am est
Jar + Cake = Jark
Looks amazing.
03.07.12, 12:36 am est
Runaway Zamboni (0:25)
That is one souped up ice resurfacer.
03.06.12, 11:42 pm est
The Southwest Patty Melt at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's (0:56)
I. Am. Starved.
03.06.12, 2:31 am est
Lucky ladybuuuuuuug (0:26)
Lucky ladybug!
03.06.12, 1:59 am est
Lara Fabian - Je T'aime (Live) (5:35)
Her reaction is priceless.
03.06.12, 12:50 am est
Elevator prank by Remi Gaillard (1:11)
Love it.
03.06.12, 12:34 am est
Adam Winrich: Whips and Harmonica (1:50)
What did I just watch?
03.04.12, 1:11 pm est
So true.
03.04.12, 1:10 pm est
Cities from computer parts
Your old 286 might still be good for something.
03.04.12, 1:10 pm est
Deadly Thinbread Rolls - Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time (2:33)
This was an amusing one.
03.03.12, 4:32 pm est
Fancy computer setup
I like how this was done.
03.03.12, 3:37 am est
Why you should let me touch your boobs
A presentation of facts.
03.02.12, 11:33 pm est
Good guy Dan (2:21)
Me in 30 years.
03.02.12, 11:22 pm est
Top 10 amazing little known facts
03.02.12, 12:04 am est
NBA 2K12 All Star game (4:10)
Britain's top netball commentator Anthony Richardson returns to guide us through the game.
03.01.12, 11:50 pm est
What the people want? FIRE (0:53)
03.01.12, 3:24 am est
Sticky Buddy Dub (2:23)
Sully is competing with Vince's Shticky with the Sticky Buddy. This, is the Sully dub, pretty funny.
03.01.12, 1:43 am est
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