Prescription windshields
That's right, a windshield for your car that has your prescription built in so you don't need to wear glasses. Brilliant!
04.30.10, 2:48 pm est
7 Incredible Scientific Innovations Held Back by Petty Feuds
How can people be both smart and stupid at the same time? Paradox!
04.30.10, 2:30 pm est
04.30.10, 1:41 am est
High five etiquette
The do's and dont's of the heezy feezy.
04.29.10, 8:30 pm est
Lose game 7, win the hearts of the fans
What a "Laich"-able guy!
04.29.10, 5:40 pm est
Car Crashes into Building
That's actually impressive.
04.29.10, 5:36 pm est
04.29.10, 5:33 pm est
Super Mario Crossover
This is quite fun actually.
04.28.10, 2:57 pm est
Camera shutter speed synchronized with helicopter blade frequency
Haha, neat idea, neat outcome.
04.28.10, 12:47 pm est
28 "Hilarious" Homeless People Signs
I'll let you be the judge if they are hilarious or not.
04.27.10, 4:08 pm est
What does Facebook publish about you and your friends?
Another handy tool to see if you have your privacy settings set properly.
04.27.10, 3:26 am est
Soccer Player Scores Goal, Goes on Rampage
Strangest goal celebration I've ever seen.
04.26.10, 4:17 pm est
As Seen on TV - a tribute to doing it wrong
You know the parts of infomercials where the people have endless trouble doing simple tasks? Here's a splice of all those moments.
04.25.10, 11:52 pm est
Remember 56K modems?
04.25.10, 2:39 am est
Dave the dog hates one song passionately
I have the same reaction, oddly enough.
04.25.10, 2:30 am est
Street Art: Inflatable bag monsters
I heart street art.
04.25.10, 2:18 am est
Stunning shapeshifting apartment
That'd be perfect for me!
04.25.10, 2:15 am est
Neat optical illusion of motion
04.25.10, 2:02 am est
04.24.10, 9:39 pm est
Fun With Secret Questions & Answers
The fact that someone asks you this OVER THE PHONE is where the lulz are.
04.24.10, 3:06 am est
Hunting Fail
This should not have amused me as much as it did.
04.24.10, 3:03 am est
Erotic bowling
Guaranteed to bring scores down tenfold.
04.24.10, 1:17 am est
10 quirky science tricks for parties
ICP would load their pants if they saw this. MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE.
04.24.10, 1:09 am est
Creed: The World's Greatest Rock Band
I am crying from how hard I am laughing right now. Seriously.
04.24.10, 12:57 am est
The Bob Evans Biscuits and Gravy Dispenser
04.23.10, 2:56 pm est
Self-propelled mower on autopilot
This is the greatest scientific advancement in ages.
04.23.10, 2:55 pm est
Oh my god this is addicting as all get out!!!
04.23.10, 2:52 am est
Curtis Granderson blogs
Despite being dealt from the Tigers to the (blech) Yankees, Granderson is still tops on my list of baseball players, and might always be.
04.23.10, 2:38 am est
15 Unintentionally Perverted Toys for Children
04.23.10, 2:31 am est
Bounce Girl Candy Commercial
Why is Japan so awesome? This is why Japan is so awesome. Dibs.
04.23.10, 2:19 am est
How To Make Bacon Fat Popcorn
This seems easy enough.
04.23.10, 2:04 am est
Extreme Gaming with an Epson Projector
What a brilliant idea. I'd hook an SNES up instead, haha.
04.22.10, 2:10 am est
Exercise Ball Tribute Song
This is most fantastic. I ELL-OH-ELLED VERY MUCH.
04.22.10, 1:53 am est
Epic Rain Delay Theatre
Simply amazing.
04.22.10, 12:58 am est
Winamp MP3 Player concept
If this was real, I would buy it.
04.21.10, 11:38 am est
The Fully Sick Rapper
Christian Van Vuuren was diagnosed with TB and has spent the last 55 days quarantined to a single hospital room. These are his creations made during his isolation.
04.21.10, 11:17 am est
The Trustworthiness of Beards
Finally, it's about time!
04.21.10, 11:08 am est
"Scoresquare is JUST like Foursquare, but with the people you bang!"
04.21.10, 10:38 am est
Old People Pranks!
These are pretty good.
04.21.10, 12:02 am est
How to eat a cupcake
My god it's brilliant.
04.20.10, 11:46 pm est
The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation
Serious business.
04.20.10, 11:46 pm est
Your Basic Random
66 random photos.
04.19.10, 10:50 pm est
Brett Domino: Justin Timberlake Medley
Use a keytar, win internets.
04.19.10, 10:13 pm est
My Cardboard Life
My new favorite online comic.
04.19.10, 9:42 pm est
Tax Gator
Rip your taxes to shreds!
04.19.10, 6:27 am est
Mobstr vs. The Newcastle City Council
Humor in art.
04.18.10, 8:31 am est
Optical Illusion
File under: things you can't unsee.
04.18.10, 8:30 am est
Livingstones: Modular Seating by Stephanie Marin
Now you can really live like the Flintstones!
04.18.10, 8:23 am est
Eco Coke
I am okay with this!
04.18.10, 7:58 am est
SQL Injection License Plate Hopes to Foil Euro Traffic Cameras
Haha, it'd amuse me to no end if that worked.
04.18.10, 7:49 am est
Post-It stop motion video
Really neat video.
04.18.10, 7:44 am est
Superpoop: Re: hospital stay
Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
04.18.10, 7:37 am est
More TrustoCorp signs
I heart these.
04.18.10, 7:25 am est
Maicon drops it like it's hot
Sick goal. Sick, sick goal.
04.17.10, 11:01 pm est
The 10 Greatest Fictional Sports Ever Invented
"Thunderball" should have been on this list.
04.17.10, 10:53 pm est
It's completely unnecessary, but pretty cool.
04.17.10, 10:45 pm est
The Black Widow
Dispensing his venomous justice.
04.16.10, 3:19 pm est
What life is like after the hero rescues the princess. This is brilliant.
04.16.10, 3:14 pm est
Hello Kitty Coloring Pages
I snickered.
04.16.10, 11:34 am est
Dark Side of the Moon - 8 bit
Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon arranged for the NES.
04.16.10, 11:24 am est
Extreme Instability
Mike Hollingshead is a storm chaser who takes really awesome photos.
04.16.10, 11:18 am est
My Cardboard Life - 4/8/10
Writing is therapeutic.
04.16.10, 11:07 am est
Don't get a penalty against Vancouver...
...or you will be wrathed upon!
04.16.10, 11:00 am est
La Souris sur le Gateau
Hodge-podge of some interesting photo-art.
04.16.10, 10:56 am est
100 Pixar Characters' Real Size Comparison
Infographic, away!
04.15.10, 11:23 pm est
Overpriced HDMI cables
More infographic goodness.
04.15.10, 11:21 pm est
M&M's As Famous Characters in Moderately Awkward Situations
04.15.10, 11:15 pm est
The Scoop on Semen
Another infographic, this time on the white stuff.
04.15.10, 11:07 pm est
Darth Vaders Voice Before Voice Over
This never crossed my mind before. It's Darth without his helmet voice! Haha.
04.15.10, 11:00 pm est
Guessing Game: Edible Flags
It's artsy... and delicious!
04.15.10, 10:51 pm est
Danny Rose goal vs. Arsenal
Simply stunning strike for goal.
04.15.10, 9:11 pm est
Reenactment of Exploding Dog comics
What a neat idea.
04.15.10, 2:30 pm est
67 sheep killed by train collision in Germany
Kabobs, anyone?
04.15.10, 11:12 am est
Train vs. Train
There can only be one.
04.15.10, 10:57 am est
Female Train Conductor Leaves Intercom On
Come on ride the train, let's ride it. Unf.
04.15.10, 10:53 am est
Train vs. Cows
You can't spell slaughter without laughter.
04.15.10, 10:44 am est
Train vs. Dog
Yip yip yip yip! THUD.
04.15.10, 10:42 am est
Train vs. Tornado
Reposted because it's that awesome.
04.15.10, 10:39 am est
Train vs. Cow, Part Deux
You gotta want it!
04.15.10, 10:36 am est
Train vs. Moose
Run, Forest, run!
04.15.10, 10:34 am est
Train vs. Camel
Dodge! Dive! Dip! Duck! Dodge!
04.15.10, 10:33 am est
Train vs. Deer
04.15.10, 10:32 am est
Train vs. Cow
This cracks me up every time!
04.15.10, 10:31 am est
More Old Spice commercial goodness
Has the ones I posted in a previous link, plus some new spots. Also, I just learned that these were produced by Tim & Eric!
04.15.10, 8:54 am est
IZABO - On My Way
Cool video from an Israeli indie rock band.
04.15.10, 1:17 am est
Best. Interview. Ever.
Comedy gold.
04.13.10, 7:18 pm est
What Kind of Planet Are We On?
I didn't realize this was a serious video at first.
04.13.10, 4:03 pm est
Lego Artisan Creates Endangered Species for Zoo
Pengins, polar bears, turtles!
04.13.10, 12:19 am est
Who got a red card?
The kids these days would call this a "fail".
04.12.10, 4:53 pm est
The Hidden Pizza Restaurant
Just as good as hidden Burger King on the VT campus!
04.12.10, 3:40 am est
Internet Memes timeline
4/23/98 - I discover Angelfire, begin to muck up cyberspace with horrible websites.
04.11.10, 11:49 pm est
Life & Death of a Gobstopper
04.11.10, 8:09 pm est
New Taco Bell item: the Tortada!
And my god is it magical. I tried the Bacon Ranch one. Magnificent.
04.11.10, 3:40 am est
Amazing Pixels Video
Neat concept for a video short
04.08.10, 4:58 pm est
This guy hates a lot of stuff! NSFW language, but hilarious!
04.08.10, 5:31 am est
Move Your Money
If only enough people cared to do such a thing.
04.08.10, 2:45 am est
How I Did It: Jerry Murrell, Five Guys Burgers and Fries
At least someone is running their business the proper way.
04.08.10, 2:44 am est
Sex Offender Shuffle
Don't get caught, or else you have to be in a video too.
04.07.10, 10:16 pm est
Analog Tetris
Ha! Now if they only could make the lines disappear...
04.07.10, 5:49 pm est
GOOD April Fools joke
That's how ya do it!
04.07.10, 5:36 pm est
Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays
There are some winners here. I should take notes...
04.06.10, 11:42 pm est
Call a Doctor if Effects Last Longer Than…
Another 5 second masterpiece.
04.06.10, 11:31 pm est
A most awesome story
You've got to be thinking on your feet!
04.06.10, 11:00 pm est
Nano Ninja
More clicky games!
04.06.10, 10:50 pm est
Penn and Teller go putting
This is a classic "trick".
04.06.10, 2:47 am est
Facts About Poop
The more you know...
04.06.10, 2:34 am est
What To Do With Leftover Peeps
This game looks EXTREME!!!
04.06.10, 2:01 am est
Game forfeited thanks to bench-clearing brawl
Minor hockey can be entertaining!
04.06.10, 1:29 am est
NYC Subway gets Rick Roll'd
It never gets old!
04.06.10, 1:15 am est
Vanderbilt pitcher breaks kneecap, makes outstanding play
Holy schnikes.
04.06.10, 12:30 am est
An actual letter sent to Proctor and Gamble regarding their feminine products
Effin' hilarious.
04.04.10, 3:57 pm est
Homemade flying hovercraft
This goes on the list of things I buy once I have too much money.
04.04.10, 4:44 am est
Amazing Old Spice Commercials: Flex
HAHAHAHA... I hope you recognize who's in this commercial!
04.02.10, 4:05 pm est
Drowning Sign Fail
I'm going to call shenanigans, but it's still humorous.
04.02.10, 4:01 pm est
Team Fortress 2 - Law Abiding Engineer
This was really, really... really well done.
04.02.10, 3:36 pm est
The Muppets: Stand By Me
Another Muppet digital short!
04.02.10, 3:26 pm est
Bad Translator!
This gets addicting the more you feed it.
04.02.10, 3:50 am est
Lesbian Teachers Charged After Being Found Naked in Classroom
The most special kind of love of all is the love that exists between two naked women... while I watch.
04.02.10, 3:29 am est
Newark, N.J., marks first murder-free month in 44 years
To celebrate, they will commit murder... on some cake and ice cream.
04.02.10, 3:25 am est
How To Make A Thrift Store Painting More Awesome
That's one way to do it.
04.01.10, 11:21 pm est
Bacon Baby Infant Formula
Your child will LOVE YOU for this.
04.01.10, 2:46 pm est
Impressive zen magnet
Very fascinating.
04.01.10, 2:33 am est
Guy enters his front door and...
04.01.10, 2:23 am est
Soccer athletes faking injuries
I like this more for the folky rendition of the Imperial March.
04.01.10, 1:55 am est
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