February 27, 2007
I hope you didn't plan on accomplishing any work today :)

YTMND - Cats rock my car

YTMND - Where's my Damacy

YTMND - Chuck likes the chicks

YTMND - MCFLY... where'd the cheese go?

YTMND - Throw it in the fire!!!

YTMND - Psychedelic

YTMND - USS Raverprise

YTMND - Hamburger!!!

VIDEO - Laser Graffiti - it's the coolest thing you'll see all year.

VIDEO - Spray paint art

VIDEO - Come on down! - I could watch this all day.

VIDEO - 30 minutes of 80's cartoon Openings

After watching this video montage, it was a foregone conclusion I was going to look up the essentials. First, two of my all-time favorites:

MASK Intro - I *loved* this cartoon. It may have been my favorite back then.

Inspector Gadget Into + Closing - I was all about the opening theme music back in the day.

I definitely was all about cars morphing. Thus, Transformers and Gobots are also staples. Now, onto others that I personally consider to be essential 80's cartoon intros (with maybe a couple 90's too):

Tale Spin - Goof Troop - Gummi Bears - Heathcliff - Duck Tales
Shirt Tales - Alvin and the Chipmunks - Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
Danger Mouse - Fake Ghostbusters - Real Ghostbusters - Muppet Babies
This guy has a bunch of 80's montages, plus a 90's montage as well.

80's Cartoons Central - a decent list of all the cartoons of that era.

Don't even get me started on how awesome the 90's cartoons were (can you say Nickelodeon?) Not to mention all the WB themed cartoons. This is truly a topic that I could spend another few hours on, haha.

VIDEO - Animaniacs clip - when I saw this the first time as a kid, I *died* laughing. All the cartoon reminiscing jogged my memory of this clip.

VIDEO - FG: Wrong Sounding Muppets - oh Family Guy, you slay me.

VIDEO - Zangief in mushroom land

Buffy's Swearing Keyboard - now that's good wholesome fun!

Googleplex East: Inside Google's New York City Headquarters - throw in a couple more tv's and the hockey package and I'd just live there.

Flash Earth - coooooool.

Unusual restaurants in the world - there's one called NINJA!!!

The Funniest - my new favorite site. Random image galleries, my only weakness!

FLASH ANIMATION - The Bendito Machine - if you figured out wtf just happened, send me a postcard.

February 14, 2007
Someone spun the content wheel last week, and it landed on "INTERNET EXPLOSION!!!" On with the massive linkage.

YTMND - Smooth Cereal

YTMND - This is rock 'n' roll

YTMND - Peter tries to steal the death star plans

YTMND - Don sells cards, and Kenny almost commits suicide... in jail

YTMND - How'd you

YTMND - Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

YTMND - Turn on the magic of shining light

YTMND - Billboard irony

YTMND - Knock a little louder, sugar!

YTMND - That moustache - has the beetis.


YTMND - Porkchop sandwiches!

YTMND - Bart's mortal enemy

YTMND - This amuses me to no end

YTMND - We Didn't Start This Website - You'd have to understand all the fads to get it.

VIDEO: Opie & Anthony with one of the ATHF LED signs

VIDEO - Kiwi! - Awwww.

VIDEO - Full circle rainbow - that's crazy!

VIDEO - Bill Clinton - The Final Days - an oldie but goodie.

VIDEO - McD's Submiminal advertising on the Food Network - damn you bastards.

VIDEO - How marbles are made - interesting.

VIDEO - CheeseWagon Derby - School Bus Racing at it's finest.

VIDEO - Flea Market Montgomery - How could you not want to shop here?

VIDEO - Worst mistake ever during an NHL game - No wonder I didn't see this game, it was while I was still back home sans the hockey package. Also, very unlike "Chicken Parm" Ray Ferraro to rip into someone like that. Thank god Dallas won in the shootout, so Stefan doesn't feel so bad.

VIDEO - Cheeky bar trick

VIDEO - Makin' noodles - Amazing!

VIDEO - Conspiracy Theory - Did we landed on the moon? by Fox TV - the government lies about everything. Big shocker there.

VIDEO - Lego car assembly line - neato!

VIDEO - Fast Food Rap - effing awesome.

VIDEO - Osama Teen Hunger Force

VIDEO - Man survives both parachutes failing - good lord.

VIDEO - Swedish twins - sooooo hot!

GAME - Tangerine Panic - good flash fun.

ESPN - Bill Simmons article about Anna K.

X-Entertainment's tribute to discontinued soft drinks - SUUUUURGE!!!!

San Jose 1975 / 2006 - neat.

Patches on 2/6

Penny Arcade on 2/9 - god are they hilarious

Sinfest on 2/13 - it's so true.

Don West fansite - it's been updated since the last time I was there. Which was a few years ago.

Will Murai - is a pretty damn awesome artist.

Aguilera has naked Sundays. - what a lucky bastard she married.

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

February 5, 2007
YTMND - Get him a body bag! Yeah! - I forgot about this line... we used it a fair amount during high school, haha.

VIDEO - Cat Spa - lookatemgo!

VIDEO - Familiar? - you've got to chug!

VIDEO - Cooking With Busey

VIDEO - Cooking With Walken

VIDEO - Robot Chicken Anti-Terrorism Commercial

VIDEO - George W. Bush approves this message

VIDEO - High-Speed Hamster Wheel - that's some good spinnin'.

Tales from the Lohan - Hey, I've got an Arch Card with $10 on it, and some free time!

How far can bullets travel underwater?

Penny Arcade on 1/29 - I somewhat share these sentiments as well.

Patches on 1/31 - those crazy hamsters.

Married To The Sea on 2/1 - it was a good week for all the comics I read.

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