Underground Death Boss
Wait... wait wait wait... a second...
10.31.11, 11:39 pm est
Local Man Ruins Date By Just Being Himself [AUDIO] (1:08)
Poor guy.
10.31.11, 11:36 pm est
Ken Jennings Is The 99%
A different kind of 99%.
10.31.11, 1:58 am est
Anybody Can Be Cool - But Awesome Takes Practice
This should shave been required reading in high school.
10.31.11, 1:57 am est
PencilHead (4:13)
Strange animated video set to Fatboy Slim.
10.31.11, 1:37 am est
LRGO robot solves Rubik's Cube in 5 seconds (0:35)
But can it slice AND dice?
10.30.11, 8:38 pm est
Recursive Wil Wheaton Shirt
The man. The legend.
10.30.11, 7:18 pm est
Creative billboard ads
Some new ones, some oldies but goodies.
10.30.11, 7:17 pm est
This baby is a genius
10.30.11, 7:13 pm est
Old Spice's advice on Halloweening
It's actually a good idea.
10.30.11, 7:13 pm est
Next level tailgating accessory
One has to be free for beer pong anyway.
10.30.11, 7:12 pm est
Halloween Treat (0:43)
Let me guess...
10.30.11, 6:22 pm est
How to Break Down a Door
A Ron Swanson-like message.
10.29.11, 4:31 pm est
I got water on my laptop
Oh noes...
10.29.11, 4:30 pm est
Good costume
It's quite scary as well.
10.29.11, 4:30 pm est
That awkward moment...
Everyone once in awhile it happens.
10.29.11, 4:29 pm est
NPH's bracelet collection
And why he likes each one.
10.29.11, 4:28 pm est
5sf - Pinata Party (0:08)
What REALLY happens.
10.29.11, 4:28 pm est
OmniTouch - Demo Video (3:27)
This is very useful technology. To use on boobs.
10.29.11, 3:36 am est
Why I always preferred Lego
No other brand would do justice.
10.29.11, 3:32 am est
10.29.11, 3:31 am est
I can't help it
Sorry, ladies.
10.29.11, 3:30 am est
This little guy won Halloween
Another solid kid's costume.
10.29.11, 3:29 am est
Click Shame on Me to Continue
You got caught!
10.29.11, 3:29 am est
Made some toast
Star Wars humor.
10.29.11, 3:28 am est
This will be my last meal
Best way to go.
10.29.11, 3:26 am est
This printer is now called Bob Marley
Brilliant. +1 Internet.
10.29.11, 2:52 am est
Crossbow Snow Launcher
For those hard to reach places.
10.29.11, 2:13 am est
Adventures In Depression
It's hard to describe to other people what goes on during these periods of time.
10.28.11, 2:36 am est
Another 8-Ft LEGO Minfig Washes Up, This Time In Florida
This has happened more than once? So strange.
10.28.11, 2:29 am est
Shark Pool: Official Trailer (2:35)
Don't go in the pool. No, really.
10.28.11, 2:21 am est
Moroccan Bow Lathe (6:53)
I thought this was pretty impressive.
10.28.11, 2:04 am est
Lady Gaga's Halloween Costume
I see what she did there.
10.28.11, 2:02 am est
Aquarium Win!
Are ya ready, kids?
10.28.11, 2:01 am est
9 Sexiest Female Pro Cyclists
10.27.11, 9:56 am est
Hilarious interview between Derek Holland and Ian Kinsler (2:06)
A longer Harry Caray impression by the impeccable Derek Holland.
10.27.11, 2:47 am est
Derek Holland Amuses Joe Buck With His Harry Caray And Arnold Impressions
The Harry Caray one is solid. Great improv.
10.26.11, 1:14 am est
Awkward stock photo - this kid
The expression is priceless.
10.26.11, 1:12 am est
Drawing on acd
I can taste the colors, maaaaan.
10.25.11, 9:28 am est
The Pumpkins
Crazy pumpkin art.
10.25.11, 9:27 am est
Humanity's Progress In Developing Star Trek's Technologies
Still trying to figure out that whole warp drive thing.
10.24.11, 3:30 pm est
Introducing Coach Ballgame (4:46)
Dude is a cool coach... and likes MILFs. What's more American than that? (Watch 'til the end.)
10.24.11, 9:52 am est
How The Fosbury Flop Came To Be (1:17)
Your Olympic knowledge for the day.
10.24.11, 9:32 am est
A Journey With the By-The-Wind Sailor
Introducing the coolest relative of a jellyfish, the By-the-wind Sailor (Velella velella).
10.24.11, 9:23 am est
A hockey fan's guide to the World Series
Here's a handy guide to some of the subtle differences between the two sports to help you follow the action.
10.24.11, 9:20 am est
Coldplay - Paradise (4:20)
I kinda like their new song.
10.24.11, 3:24 am est
Clever Super Mario Themed Wedding Invites
They are doing it right.
10.23.11, 8:31 pm est
What is this, I don't even...
10.23.11, 2:30 am est
Hidden stack of pancakes on the $5
10.23.11, 2:25 am est
Shakespeare insult kit
Check it out, you yeasty weather-bitten wagtail.
10.23.11, 2:24 am est
Obama: Iraq war will be over by year's end; troops coming home
shitmydadsays: "Bullshit. War ain't over till people stop shooting. You can't say you're done taking a crap if shit's still coming out of your ass."
10.21.11, 11:46 pm est
The Football
Tailgate like a BOSS.
10.21.11, 11:35 pm est
HoloDesk - Direct 3D Interactions (4:15)
Questions: A, how much longer until the first HoloDeck is built? B, how much longer until Direct 3D interactions with boobs?
10.21.11, 11:35 pm est
Word as Image (2:55)
Or, rather, a short animation.
10.21.11, 11:34 pm est
MC Hammer launching his own search engine
Will we still be Googling in the future? Or are we going to Hammer it out on the web?
10.21.11, 11:22 pm est
Coins of the pound sterling
They redid them in 2008. Pretty neat idea. (First picture on right.)
10.21.11, 11:14 pm est
Pronto Demo Video (1:41)
Protect yourself... LIKE A BOSS.
10.21.11, 11:11 pm est
Emo crayons
Emo kids need to color on place mats too.
10.21.11, 11:08 pm est
Bacon Frosting
It's got to be worth a try, right?
10.21.11, 11:07 pm est
Clever first world solutions
More neat ideas that will help you out.
10.21.11, 3:01 am est
Life's too short for the wrong job
Some of these I hadn't seen before. Still a clever ad campaign.
10.21.11, 3:00 am est
LEGO Futurama
There can never be enough of these.
10.20.11, 11:56 pm est
Scent of Mullet
What does that even smell like?
10.20.11, 9:04 pm est
Busy, busy. busy.
10.20.11, 9:04 pm est
Picture caption!
10.20.11, 2:00 am est
Quantum levitation!
10.19.11, 2:30 am est
Taco Panda
Everybody dance!
10.19.11, 2:27 am est
Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses
They cannot be unseen.
10.19.11, 2:25 am est
How To Tie A Tie (1:47)
I never do enough skulling.
10.19.11, 2:15 am est
CraftMine (0:28)
Seems legit.
10.18.11, 8:00 pm est
The Chase - Fanny Chmelar (3:01)
Oh man, good luck with this one!
10.18.11, 7:58 pm est
Turtle-ly Awesome!
Terrible pun, excellent use of a watermelon.
10.18.11, 7:53 pm est
A picture of Zach Braff screwing one of his fans
Classic Braff.
10.18.11, 7:49 pm est
Bricks of War (2:30)
"Gears of War" animation... with LEGO.
10.18.11, 10:29 am est
Bubble Calendar
This would be a great xmas present, as long as you buy the current year, and not the next.
10.17.11, 8:49 pm est
Saw this at Legoland Florida
Well played LEGO designer.
10.17.11, 8:48 pm est
James Hetfield is hungry
Feed him.
10.17.11, 8:47 pm est
How to remodel your bathroom
The proper way!
10.17.11, 8:46 pm est
Epic sand castle is epic
Well done.
10.17.11, 8:46 pm est
Battery "charger"
Good concept, not practical... yet.
10.17.11, 8:46 pm est
How not to handle hecklers (3:50)
Classic Muppets.
10.17.11, 8:27 pm est
BANG! by bitplay INC. (1:07)
Now I want to shoot ALL of my electronics/appliances.
10.17.11, 7:03 pm est
The Walken Dead (2:34)
It's a different strain of the virus. Watermelon.
10.17.11, 7:02 pm est
Fastest Two-Ball Labyrinth (2:51)
Wizardry! Sorcery! Impossible!
10.16.11, 3:01 pm est
Everyday Genius
Seen a lot of these before, still neat inventions.
10.15.11, 10:52 pm est
Gotta love that tube
10.15.11, 10:52 pm est
Entire Mario World 1-1 Recreated In Post-Its
Boredom produces some spectacular things.
10.14.11, 1:30 am est
Boobs are like the sun
They also brighten my day, like the sun does.
10.14.11, 1:09 am est
Today's special
Happy hour or bust.
10.14.11, 1:03 am est
Patient joke
10.14.11, 1:03 am est
Why I Shouldn't Be A Father
Funny stuff.
10.14.11, 1:01 am est
Millenball (2:46)
The incredible true story of Matt Millen's horrific run as general manager of the Detroit Lions.
10.13.11, 8:19 pm est
Family Gets Lost in Corn Maze, Calls 911 (1:25)
It's important to point out people that fail this hard in life and laugh. Laugh on into the night.
10.13.11, 8:03 pm est
Ghostbuster Abe Lincoln
He freed the slaves, but busted all ghosts.
10.13.11, 7:39 pm est
Epic Trick Shot Battle - Dude Perfect vs Brodie Smith (4:39)
I've been jaded by too many edited videos to truly believe the validity of this. If you haven't, it's pretty damn impressive!
10.13.11, 1:42 am est
Libya's Fighting Guitar Heroes
Cover me, while I cover Zeppelin.
10.13.11, 1:33 am est
LEGO vampire jacuzzi
LEGO: always awesome.
10.13.11, 1:31 am est
The Occupy Wall Street movement spreads
I'm really curious as to how long this will last, and how many cities will have these going on.
10.13.11, 12:34 am est
It's Not That Your Service Was Irrational, Just Your Tip Amount
How nerds pay the tip.
10.13.11, 12:23 am est
Nutella combo
Snack AND drink? Too good to be true!
10.13.11, 12:21 am est
Build For Kristen (1:19)
Kristen Schaal is back with another solid commercial.
10.11.11, 12:44 am est
Blackboards in Porn
Lots of potential here. Porn can be educational!
10.11.11, 12:15 am est
A deaf woman who can finally hear meets Ellen (4:34)
This is Ellen coming through with the feel-good story of the moment.
10.10.11, 2:50 am est
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia: The Border Between Heaven & Earth
10.10.11, 2:47 am est
Reverse Graffiti Hits The Streets Of Riga, Latvia (1:56)
Once I realized what they were doing, the concept is pretty awesome.
10.10.11, 2:16 am est
Chickens Break Up A Fight (0:26)
10.10.11, 2:07 am est
ABERRICAN ME - Ross Capicchioni - Part 1 (6:32)
Part 2 should be in the in the link list on the page. Just watch.
10.09.11, 4:16 am est
Better Off Ted - Vulgar Outtakes (2:18)
Cussing is hi-larious!
10.09.11, 3:55 am est
John K. Talks about his "Simpsons" Opening
John K. of Ren & Stimpy fame animated the Simpsons opening on 10/2.
10.09.11, 3:05 am est
Mr. Jones The Accurate Clock
It's always correct.
10.08.11, 12:21 am est
30K Piece LEGO Death Star Hangar Diorama
Why it's Luke, and Obi-Wan, and my favorite, Chewie! They're all here!
10.08.11, 12:05 am est
Designed Ice Cream
It's food! It's art! It's... fart?
10.07.11, 12:36 pm est
The real philosophical question
Classic Mitch.
10.07.11, 12:34 pm est
9 Best 3rd Jerseys In The NHL
I'm partial to St. Louis' 3rd jersey the most.
10.07.11, 12:34 pm est
My very first somewhat useless invention (0:15)
Surprisingly, it has vast potential.
10.07.11, 12:33 pm est
Touch! Touch! Nothing will Happen
Nothing says "check this out" more than illuminated silicone nipples.
10.07.11, 12:31 pm est
Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers
What a fun idea.
10.07.11, 12:30 pm est
YouTube hack
Snake! A snake! Ooohhh it's a snaaaaake...
10.07.11, 12:06 pm est
Pikapew Poop Chu (1:35)
It's a fart joke with Pokemon...
10.07.11, 11:58 am est
Lassi Hurskainen - Angry Birds (3:49)
More soccer trick shots!
10.07.11, 11:48 am est
Now That You're Big
Puberty meets De. Seuss.
10.07.11, 11:44 am est
Forgot password to word document
I was searching how to recover passwords on protected word documents. Answer #3 MORE than sufficed :)
10.06.11, 1:58 am est
Biting Elbows - The Stampede (3:04)
Awesome song, awesome video. Check this one out.
10.06.11, 1:07 am est
Miniature Tire Swing
10.05.11, 8:58 pm est
True story.
10.05.11, 2:25 am est
How to make classic games more fun. Step 1: add alcohol.
10.05.11, 2:23 am est
Waterslide in closet?
I don't need to be rich. I just need to know rich people.
10.05.11, 2:22 am est
It took a second.
10.05.11, 2:22 am est
95 out of 95 members found this review helpful
Save some time, get to the good parts.
10.05.11, 2:21 am est
I'm taking a nap
There will be consequences if you disturb them.
10.05.11, 2:03 am est
Rape Stove
You'll never want to bake again.
10.05.11, 2:02 am est
No Matter How Much You Protect Your Kids, Sooner Or Later One Of Them's Going To Drown In A Swimming Pool
It happens to the best of us.
10.05.11, 2:02 am est
Népszámlálás 2011 (0:44)
This has something to do with Hungary's 2011 census.
10.05.11, 2:01 am est
2012 Toyota Yaris - Windows! (0:16)
Extravagant features.
10.05.11, 1:58 am est
Menu Item FAIL
Spelling mistake - still funny.
10.05.11, 1:58 am est
The Boardroom (1:33)
93 seconds of win.
10.05.11, 12:33 am est
Best non-sex feeling ever?
A smattering of opinions.
10.03.11, 7:33 pm est
Shark baby
Best baby costume ever.
10.03.11, 7:32 pm est
Great googly moogly (0:33)
10.03.11, 3:04 am est
This might be the greatest thing ever (0:31)
Totally street legal.
10.03.11, 2:59 am est
Christmas Trees (0:12)
10.03.11, 12:06 am est
Mind-blowing Rice Fields in Japan
They aren't just going to grow rice, they are going to grow it in style.
10.02.11, 7:57 pm est
GOOP of the GODS II (0:58)
Gotta lay off that goop!
10.02.11, 1:50 am est
Sexy Pancakes
Dude makes some mean pancakes.
10.02.11, 1:48 am est
Duff Beer
Soon, you can *actually* buy it!
10.01.11, 1:33 am est
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