Check your watch (1:08)
What time is it?
03.31.13, 5:37 pm est
Ask Your Doctor About Tacos (1:38)
See if tacos are right for you.
03.31.13, 5:35 pm est
Stephen Lynch - Crazy Peanuts (3:09)
I hadn't heard this song before. Good stuff.
03.31.13, 5:30 pm est
Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth
Neat art installation.
03.31.13, 5:21 pm est
The sea pancake
A majestic creature.
03.31.13, 5:20 pm est
A World Without The Internet (5:24)
Totally overrated.
03.30.13, 4:43 am est
Larry King on Getting Seduced (4:18)
This is a hilarious little story.
03.30.13, 3:12 am est
Tomb Raider - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? (2:19)
03.30.13, 2:52 am est
Every Steven Seagal Movie
With fantastic movie recaps.
03.30.13, 2:49 am est
MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 03/23/13, 3100 block of N. 17th Street
First entry on the page. A straight up thug town called Arlington.
03.30.13, 2:43 am est
Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos Chips
Just keep in mind what time of the year it is. Good one, Doritos.
03.30.13, 2:40 am est
Kung Fu Grandpa in the Food Lion parking lot (1:07)
Get it, my man.
03.30.13, 2:37 am est
Bitch Has Cats (2:30)
She's perfect. Well, except that the bitch has cats.
03.30.13, 2:34 am est
The Politics of Profile Pictures
Calm down, internet.
03.29.13, 3:55 am est
You need to stop
Why I love the internet.
03.29.13, 3:54 am est
The First Honest Cable Company (1:38)
Sad but true.
03.29.13, 3:51 am est
Chocolate Breakfast - Epic Meal Time (4:02)
Hell yes. This looks pretty damn good.
03.28.13, 3:37 am est
The Original Baconkit
Make your own bacon. I bet it's amazing.
03.28.13, 3:23 am est
Mila Kunis talks to Chris Stark off the Scott Mills show on Radio 1 (6:58)
Good clean fun, funny interview.
03.28.13, 3:15 am est
Mr. T Sings Take Me Out To The Ball Game At Wrigley Field (1:39)
He pities the old ball game. More television gold.
03.28.13, 3:14 am est
Mr. T scores a goal (2:52)
IT WAS A SETUP! This is television gold.
03.28.13, 3:12 am est
Rollie® Eggmaster (1:51)
Kind of want.
03.28.13, 3:07 am est
Seth Williams - New Actor Reel (3:07)
Give this guy an Oscar... for best demo reel.
03.28.13, 2:51 am est
Don't Touch Pac-Man (1:27)
OH shi-
03.27.13, 3:59 am est
Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 3-D Printed Remote Mine
Brings back ragey memories of remote mines in the basement.
03.27.13, 2:46 am est
After months of speculation, T-Mobile finally ditches cellphone contracts
Eff two year contracts. This is right up my alley. Time to consider changing cell phone carriers.
03.27.13, 1:55 am est
NES Cartridge Game Pillows
Hahaha, these are great!
03.27.13, 1:51 am est
Weebl - Rotate Your Owl (1:18)
Had this been an actual Beastie Boys song, it would have charted at #1... in the Top 40 Contemporary Owl charts.
03.27.13, 1:50 am est
The Insanity Test
Straight out of the late 90's, it's the original Insanity Test.
03.27.13, 1:48 am est
Racing Valve (0:48)
He better watch his RPMs.
03.27.13, 1:47 am est
Dumt & Farligt - Again - Phantom Flex Highlights (4:45)
Watch stuff explode in slow motion. INTERNET!!!
03.26.13, 2:15 am est
Will Sasso Lemon Compilation (1:11)
03.26.13, 2:10 am est
Gerald R. Ford and Pelé
Gerald R. Ford is attempting to juggle a soccer ball with Pelé. Your argument is invalid.
03.26.13, 2:06 am est
Accurate Candy Wrappers
The one for Starburst cracked me up.
03.26.13, 2:05 am est
See Why They Call this Fat Guy the "Welsh Maradona" (Videos)
I've played soccer my entire life and can't juggle like this guy.
03.26.13, 2:02 am est
Bill Gates Has $100,000 For Anyone Who Can Invent a High-Tech, Next-Gen Condom
Bill wants to get his freak on, and it needs to feel just right.
03.26.13, 2:01 am est
Va. teens to face charges after 'gallon smashing' video
Good. Gallon smashing is stupid, and these kids are stupid.
03.26.13, 1:56 am est
Pavel Datsyuk goal in EA NHL '94-style (0:27)
Even better!
03.25.13, 5:20 am est
Patrick Kane - NHL '94 Style (0:16)
NHL does a tie in with the 20th anniversary of the video game NHL '94. This makes me happy.
03.25.13, 5:20 am est
This amuses me.
03.25.13, 5:06 am est
38 Maps You Never Knew You Needed
Maps are a great way to learn. Some are more educational than others.
03.24.13, 5:52 pm est
North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns
One of the craziest maps I've ever seen.
03.24.13, 5:51 pm est
Antipodes Map
See what's on the other side of the world.
03.24.13, 5:50 pm est
Mieders Alpine Coaster (with no brakes!!) (3:59)
I've posted this before. But I want to go to Austria and do this.
03.24.13, 5:48 pm est
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh commercial (0:32)
Oh, Grandpa.
03.24.13, 5:45 pm est
College student creates instant-healing gel to stop heavy bleeding
With video. Science is BLOWING MY MIND.
03.22.13, 3:06 am est
Thumbs and Ammo
"Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude". This site is AMAZING.
03.22.13, 3:04 am est
On Etsy, you can buy a Doritos Locos taco with a lock in it. For $55.
03.22.13, 3:03 am est
Super Important Test
It's super important. Pro tip: take the test *multiple* times.
03.22.13, 2:56 am est
Ice cream hog
This guy is stone cold to his girlfriend. Or, is he "cold stone"? DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?!
03.22.13, 2:55 am est
Kipik Toothpick Holder
Hedgehog-shaped toothpick holder. $25 is a complete rip-off, but it is cute.
03.22.13, 2:53 am est
Judge and Jury (2:45)
03.21.13, 2:30 am est
I am now a fan of whatever sport this is
Bubble soccer. For the win.
03.21.13, 2:16 am est
The hardcore way to eat ramen
With animated gif goodness.
03.21.13, 2:15 am est
1 second is like 5 seconds in boob time
Fascinating conversation on Tumblr.
03.21.13, 2:15 am est
Robert DeLong - Global Concepts (3:48)
Everybody dance.
03.17.13, 6:53 pm est
The Lonely Island - Great Day (2:17)
This is my favorite Disney-esque song.
03.17.13, 6:51 pm est
Prices Of Gaming Consoles
With inflation added in. I always wanted a NeoGeo every time I scanned a FuncoLand ad as a kid.
03.17.13, 6:21 pm est
gmcfosho - whisper nothings│make the world (4:51)
Switching it up nicely.
03.17.13, 5:15 pm est
Popular Danish slang
Try working it into your normal conversation.
03.17.13, 4:00 pm est
Luongo & Schneider - The Shocking Truth (3:04)
Also, why TSN Canada is awesome.
03.17.13, 3:56 pm est
I never liked it either.
03.17.13, 3:50 pm est
No way braaaah
Don't kill my buzz, brah.
03.17.13, 3:50 pm est
Sesame Street 90210
This is a great idea for the youth of today.
03.17.13, 3:44 pm est
Now We Play the Waiting Game
Run away! In the opposite direction if possible!
03.17.13, 3:43 pm est
Fruit Carving WIN
Snowy owl carved from a dragon fruit. Amazing.
03.17.13, 3:41 pm est
15 Impressive Winning Streaks You Might Not Have Heard Of
From the secondary sports world, but a record is a record.
03.16.13, 6:44 pm est
Snow sculpture car gets parking ticket
Hey man, don't park your... waitaminute...
03.16.13, 6:29 pm est
Wifi Network Name (0:59)
You know what happens when you assume.
03.16.13, 1:53 am est
College baseball team spoofs Major League Amex Card spoof (0:42)
Well done spoof of a spoof.
03.16.13, 1:45 am est
Ball hits post 4 times from a single shot (0:28)
Only in amateur dirt soccer.
03.15.13, 1:49 am est
A Half-Inch Millennium Falcon Papercraft Model
That's a small sheet of paper.
03.15.13, 12:14 am est
Mnozil Brass - Lonely Boy (3:04)
Good show, sir.
03.13.13, 3:43 am est
Puddin' (Threesome) (0:30)
Patton Oswalt, ladies and gentlemen!
03.11.13, 4:04 am est
What the White House Looks Like Completely Gutted
In the late '40s, the executive mansion was in a condemnable state. To save it, everything had to go. Amazing photos.
03.10.13, 3:52 pm est
NES Atlas: 8-Player Mario (SMB3) (1:05)
I would absolutely play this online if it were real.
03.10.13, 3:47 pm est
The Baco
A taco with a bacon shell. AMERICA!
03.10.13, 4:54 am est
Brownie Bowls
An excellent dessert idea.
03.10.13, 4:51 am est
Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshakes
Because cake batter tastes AMAZING.
03.10.13, 4:50 am est
Best salad ever
3 steps to happiness.
03.10.13, 4:31 am est
String art
I thought it was neat.
03.10.13, 1:45 am est
Entire London Street Goes 8-Bit in 'Wreck It Ralph' Takeover
This is from back in January, but I like the idea.
03.10.13, 1:45 am est
Sully Hat Trick Pack (1:01)
This makes me happy. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!
03.09.13, 11:44 pm est
Have Some Fun Watching This Tire-Rolling Competition (6:15)
Japan knows how to science.
03.09.13, 11:43 pm est
Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk
Concept furniture is such a tease. I would like to have something like that.
03.09.13, 5:27 pm est
What if Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman Were On the Same NBA Jam Team? (1:21)
KJU in the hizzy, makin' buckets.
03.09.13, 5:23 pm est
Meet the woman with the world’s strongest vagina
"Warning: Some people may find this footage disturbing." I have the weirdest boner.
03.09.13, 5:19 pm est
In case of accident
It's one of the few accidents you root for.
03.08.13, 3:51 am est
Anderson Live: Wait for it... (3:07)
And he STUNS the crowd as time expires!
03.07.13, 3:13 am est
Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary (3:35)
The greatest birthday song ever.
03.07.13, 2:47 am est
Stick Your NES, SNES, Genesis, and GBA Cartridges in the RetroN 4
This would be a fantastic addition to my living room.
03.06.13, 3:25 pm est
Back To The Future III's Time-Traveling Train LEGO Set
It's not going to be produced, but it looks amazing.
03.06.13, 3:23 pm est
Sex in Video Games (2:27)
This was hilarious, well done.
03.06.13, 2:03 pm est
Is this hovering computer mouse real or fake?
Still no status update for the flying car.
03.06.13, 2:02 pm est
NYC Past
Vintage photos of the NYC.
03.06.13, 1:51 pm est
Dash Cam video (0:57)
It's in Russian, which makes this 1000 times more hilarious.
03.05.13, 5:24 am est
Dildo Maker
Because... I'm not sure why.
03.05.13, 4:56 am est
pomDeter - Call Me A Hole (3:13)
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe vs. Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole. Music does strange things sometimes.
03.05.13, 4:55 am est
Failbook - True Love
Let's not forget half price utilities and cable/internet. That stuff gets expensive.
03.05.13, 4:16 am est
Grumpy Grandma does activities
Oh Grandma, why so grumpy?
03.05.13, 4:15 am est
Bacon Egg Cups
I swear one of these days I am going to get to making one of these creations I find on the web.
03.03.13, 11:24 pm est
Finger drawings by Judith Braun
Extremely well done.
03.03.13, 6:50 pm est
Every Fucking Website
Go go gadget corporate america template.
03.02.13, 9:29 pm est
Andy Samberg Monologue - 2013 Independent Spirit Awards (10:58)
I gave this no shot before watching it... I ended up laughing through most of it.
03.02.13, 6:57 pm est
Jim'll Paint It
You name it, he'll paint it. In MS Paint.
03.02.13, 6:11 pm est
Inglourious Basterds - "Camera Angel" Clapper (2:43)
This was extremely amusing.
03.02.13, 3:24 am est
03.02.13, 3:08 am est
Slapped Awake (1:45)
What is this, I don't even...
03.02.13, 2:44 am est
The Super Supercapacitor (3:33)
I feel like this should be one the next huge groundbreaking technologies that will change the world.
03.02.13, 1:18 am est
Flynt Flossy, Yung Humma, Whatchya - Treat Me Like A Pirate (3:55)
It's... catchy?
03.02.13, 1:08 am est
Snow Moon for a Snowy Planet - Göran Strand
03.02.13, 12:53 am est
17 Sports Moments That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity (5:02)
This might be the best compilation video I've ever seen.
03.02.13, 12:35 am est
Jay & Dan Are Given A Schticky (0:37)
Best product endorsement ever.
03.01.13, 7:20 am est
Best of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole (9:18)
Canadian SportsCentre may possibly be more entertaining than American SportsCenter.
03.01.13, 7:11 am est
Sign me up!!!
03.01.13, 6:38 am est
Domestic (0:36)
03.01.13, 6:36 am est
Hit By A Bus (and other assorted vehicles) - The Supercut (12:27)
This is more amusing than anything else.
03.01.13, 6:35 am est
High School Quiz Show Team loves Nicolas Cage (1:38)
Well played.
03.01.13, 6:34 am est
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