Duck Hunt VR (1:37)
Neat 3D adaptation.
05.28.16, 3:05 am est
GIF vs. JIF (0:59)
Do you know what they call a GIF in France?
05.28.16, 12:15 am est
Man's First Words After 47-Day Coma: "I Want Taco Bell"
Jake knows what's up.
05.27.16, 11:55 pm est
High culture (0:15)
The lost art of calligraphy.
05.27.16, 11:52 pm est
Jim doesn't know about chairs
You'll get it someday, Jim.
05.27.16, 11:51 pm est
And Bob's your uncle
Do you understand now?
05.27.16, 11:50 pm est
I'm pissed
The correct way to handle the situation.
05.27.16, 11:49 pm est
05.27.16, 11:49 pm est
Line up alphabetically
Thanks, coach.
05.27.16, 11:48 pm est
My bell rangin'
You know the saying.
05.27.16, 11:47 pm est
Titty spinners
Address correctly.
05.27.16, 11:47 pm est
Large/Awesome Lego Train Set. Going through the Garden & House (3:28)
LEGO and trains, two of my favorite things combined. I'm kind of jealous.
05.27.16, 11:33 pm est
Mario Kart on ice (0:20)
Fantastic idea, Tampa Bay Lightning.
05.27.16, 11:20 pm est
Padres broadcaster Dick Enberg chooses curious phrase to describe fat cat (0:19)
Phrasing, Dick Enberg. Also, a bonus clip about crushing hot dogs. But not hot dogs.
05.27.16, 11:18 pm est
Hopes and Dreams
Don't forget to recycle.
05.27.16, 11:15 pm est
200 Chicken McNuggets
B there or b square.
05.27.16, 11:14 pm est
The Red Wings are Officially Done Selling Hockey
Mediocrity is the best way to describe the past five seasons. I think it's time for Holland to go.
05.27.16, 11:13 pm est
05.27.16, 11:04 pm est
Our future in space
A solid plan from the beginning.
05.27.16, 11:03 pm est
Two minute art (1:59)
Dude has skill.
05.27.16, 8:00 pm est
Magnets and Marbles (4:04)
Working together for a common goal.
05.27.16, 7:31 pm est
Soda Flavored Pop-Tarts
Frosted Orange Crush has potential. Creamsicle is usually a tough flavor to mess up.
05.19.16, 2:09 am est
A Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza
Yo dawg, I herd you like pizza...
05.19.16, 2:05 am est
Fitness Model Accidentally Cosplays As Chun Li
Chun Li cosplay is the best cosplay.
05.19.16, 1:47 am est
Daily Overview
Fantastic satellite imagery of our planet. A lot of geometrical Sim City goodness as well.
05.15.16, 2:27 am est
Metric vs. Imperial
How much energy does it take to boil a room-temperature gallon of water?
05.15.16, 1:36 am est
Quote from stabbed man
It could only be one thing.
05.15.16, 1:30 am est
A Transit of Mercury
An amazing, fascinating picture of Mercury in front of the Sun.
05.15.16, 1:29 am est
CSN anchor driven to drink on the job after another Capitals playoff loss (1:11)
Michael Jenkins took the Washington Capitals' Game 6 loss hard. He had to cope somehow.
05.15.16, 1:26 am est
Bunkerama - bunker project - France
I wonder how many of these are still left.
05.15.16, 1:21 am est
Titanic sinks in REAL TIME - 2 HOURS 40 MINUTES
No spoilers, please.
05.08.16, 4:58 pm est
Chair Made From Boeing 737 Engine
Anything can be made into furniture. Also, things I want to do it in.
05.08.16, 4:07 pm est
The Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
Yes, please. Two, please.
05.08.16, 3:51 pm est
Cosplay on a budget
Some of these are amazing.
05.08.16, 3:50 pm est
Ocarina Of Time Rendered With Unreal Engine 4
More videos of different parts of the game rendered in in such an amazing quality. I think I posted Temple of Time on its own before.
05.06.16, 4:30 am est
Instagram - Celeste Barber
Celebrity photograph re-creator extraordinaire.
05.01.16, 4:53 am est
Tim Heidecker - Work From Home (Official Video) (4:43)
I didn't know he was a legit singer. Good stuff.
05.01.16, 4:50 am est
Master Debaters - Tom Brady scandal (1:02)
GoldenEye actually was the best N64 game, followed by Ocarina of Time, then Mario Kart 64.
05.01.16, 4:41 am est
New Cruise Ship With Two-Level Outdoor Go-Kart Track
Going overboard in a go-kart in 3, 2, 1...
05.01.16, 4:37 am est
Chart Of 40 Different Kinds Of Pizza
Scottish pizza crunch - sign me up for that.
05.01.16, 4:37 am est
The Breaded Pork Sirloin Sandwich
Kinda wanna needta make this.
05.01.16, 4:36 am est
Farmer stops traffic taking his 5,000 ducks for a walk to the local pond
Quack quack quack, Mr. Ducksworth.
05.01.16, 4:36 am est
Nerdy "50 Shades of Grey" Parody
IT guys are the kinkiest.
05.01.16, 4:32 am est
Every Sports Debate Show Ever (3:33)
A fantastic "Around The Horn" parody.
05.01.16, 4:28 am est
21 Businesses That Clearly Used to be Something Else
There are some doozies in here. I needed help from the comments for the NAPA one.
05.01.16, 4:27 am est
April 26th 1986: Chernobyl nuclear disaster
I've read a lot of articles about this disaster. It's as fascinating as it has been devastating.
05.01.16, 4:26 am est
LEGO Is Investing Millions To Ditch Their Oil-Based Plastics In Search Of Environmentally Friendly Alternative
Good on them. The more we move away from oil, the more the earth benefits.
05.01.16, 4:24 am est
Reynolds cancer charities
Be careful what charities you donate to. If there ever were people that should burn in hell, it would be the people associated with these now shut down scams.
05.01.16, 4:23 am est
Robert Landsburg
Too close to Mount St. Helens when it erupted, he knew he wasn't going to escape, but he made sure to preserve his film for others to research.
05.01.16, 4:22 am est
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