When you're feeling down...
...just think about all the good things in life.
02.28.15, 2:33 am est
GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL (3:43)
So much skill.
02.25.15, 1:59 am est
The Ultimate Battle: Pancakes vs. Waffles
The struggle for supremacy will never end!
02.22.15, 2:47 am est
The Battle Of Grillysburg
Student's BBQ grill is taken by community management. He cements replacement grill to ground in protest. You've got to fight... for your right... to grill meat!
02.22.15, 2:13 am est
How a Car Engine Works
The visuals make learning the basics of a car engine very easy to follow. This is very well done.
02.22.15, 2:08 am est
Knowledge is Power...
...France is bacon. Wait, what?
02.22.15, 2:06 am est
CLASSIC: Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage (1:40)
Hell, this is a dinosaur!
02.22.15, 1:57 am est
CLASSIC: Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage (1:36)
On oldie but goodie! The spelling of the URL is what sent me over the hilarity edge.
02.22.15, 1:56 am est
Early Facebook Commercial (1995) (2:41)
I've never seen the 90's reproduced so perfectly.
02.22.15, 1:34 am est
Smooth operator
Well done, son.
02.22.15, 1:31 am est
Front of Jeep frozen in time at Vidant
What are the chances of that ever happening again?
02.22.15, 1:29 am est
Thanks Obama (0:06)
02.21.15, 11:55 pm est
Greatest birthday card EVAR (0:06)
This deserves a 10 minute loop.
02.19.15, 4:12 am est
VM Golf makeover
I want that car.
02.19.15, 3:55 am est
Don't give up on another goal.
02.19.15, 3:52 am est
Pencorder Dub (1:54)
This made me laugh more than it should have. Good stuff.
02.19.15, 3:44 am est
These are more realistic cards to give out
02.17.15, 3:35 pm est
Do not add alcohol
At least wait until you are around the corner in the alley.
02.17.15, 3:33 pm est
When You're Done Checking The Internet
I have a problem.
02.17.15, 12:32 am est
CONCEPT: Jurassic Park Bunk Bed
Clever idea.
02.15.15, 7:11 pm est
Family's Backyard Treehouse Castle
Absolutely stunning. I want to go to there.
02.15.15, 6:57 pm est
Riding Light (45:00)
"This animation illustrates, in realtime, the journey of a photon of light emitted from the sun and traveling across a portion of the solar system." I'd love if this person made more 45 minute installments.
02.14.15, 4:23 am est
7 Actually Useful Children's Books for Twenty-Somethings
I just realized I'm in my mid-30's. Yikes.
02.14.15, 4:18 am est
Sophia Grace - "Best Friends" Official Music Video (4:23)
11 year old rapping to a sick beat.
02.14.15, 4:15 am est
Everything in its place.
02.12.15, 10:59 pm est
Damien Walters - 500K Subscriber Special (5:30)
I dub thee: Bendy McFlipTwists.
02.10.15, 2:00 am est
Lars Andersen: a new level of archery (5:51)
Archery, as it was intended. Dude is a B.A.
02.10.15, 1:59 am est
TreeTop Crazy Rider rollercoaster zip lines near Sydney, Australia (2:08)
This looks amazing as well, I want to ride this one too.
02.09.15, 3:16 am est
Queenstown New Zealand Luge Run (2:04)
I need to do this at least once in my life.
02.09.15, 3:12 am est
How To Cook A Fucking Steak
Well, that was simple.
02.08.15, 12:34 am est
Info charts by @Jishai
A wealth of important and trivial information made into many aesthetically pleasing chart designs.
02.06.15, 3:18 am est
Charts of the voice actors that work for the Simpsons and South Park and all the characters they play
I've seen this info in other forms for the Simpsons, but not for South Park until now.
02.06.15, 3:17 am est
New Laser-Etched Metal Is So Hydrophobic Water Droplets Bounce Off Like Bouncy Balls
This technology is AMAZING. I'd love to see this applied in everyday items in my lifetime.
02.06.15, 3:13 am est
Nightsharks at the Diner
My favorite Superb Owl shark meme thus far.
02.06.15, 1:34 am est
9 DARTER - Adrian Lewis - World Darts Championship 2015 (1:21)
England LOVES their darts.
02.05.15, 8:22 pm est
Corn cream stew Doritos
I'd give those a shot.
02.05.15, 8:20 pm est
Daredevil roasts marshmallow over volcano's huge lava lake
Now there's a proper bucket list item.
02.05.15, 8:19 pm est
As much FroYo that you could fit into a cup for $5
This is how you hack a frozen yogurt store running a promotion.
02.05.15, 8:14 pm est
Iíll stop the world and smelt with you
Wait for it...
02.05.15, 3:14 am est
The most accurate post ever
02.03.15, 3:13 am est
Snow buries area in upstate New York
Some amazing photos from that snow storm late last year.
02.03.15, 2:57 am est
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