Seattle's Water-Activated Street Art And Games
It will be all fun and games until someone uses this to make a penis somewhere.
04.28.15, 2:20 am est
The council
Is this Shark Tank?
04.25.15, 3:09 pm est
Watch A 50's Housewife Trip On LSD (5:55)
She is trippin' BALLS.
04.25.15, 3:06 pm est
Robert Delong - Long Way Down (3:52)
My new favorite jam.
04.24.15, 4:51 am est
Clever Satirical Art by Pawel Kuczynski
Pretty accurate visual quips.
04.23.15, 2:19 am est
Never Had A Friend Like Him (2:05)
He's a pretty good look-a-like... and a really good sound-a-like!
04.20.15, 11:42 pm est
Through the Shadow of the Moon (0:49)
What an eclipse viewed from an airplane looks like.
04.20.15, 11:21 pm est
David Hasselhoff - True Survivor (4:03)
The 80's are back and they ROCK.
04.19.15, 7:55 pm est
Taco Bell greeting cards
There's never a wrong occasion.
04.19.15, 7:52 pm est
Goalkeeper cat
He's a beast in net.
04.19.15, 7:51 pm est
Tom Ska and Hazel in Play with Oreo (2:49)
This Oreo friendship will never end!
04.19.15, 7:50 pm est
Kitchen Counter With Giant Saltwater Aquarium Beneath
I'll just pencil this in once I make my millions in a couple hundred thousand years.
04.15.15, 4:42 am est
The NYC Subway Stops On Average Every 0.5 Miles
A list of all major subways in the country and average stops.
04.15.15, 4:39 am est
Spring began with a bike ride through Detroit's Poletown neighborhood
It really is Max Max times in some parts of Detroit.
04.15.15, 3:13 am est
Cheeky goal from Italian club Atalanta (0:06)
Italian soccer team makes 2 passes and scores a bicycle-kick goal without the ball touching the ground. It's so pretty.
04.14.15, 3:23 am est
Every Noise At Once
"This is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space". Click on any genre to hear a sample. It's a really neat concept.
04.14.15, 3:21 am est
Skateboarding Taco Hit By Car (0:10)
This is my new favorite news headline of all time.
04.13.15, 11:28 pm est
WGN Morning News: We Put the Suck in Succeed (1:31)
A show for regular people.
04.13.15, 11:21 pm est
WGN Morning News Guy Showcases Dirty Weather Maps (2:04)
Two big cartoon eyes!
04.13.15, 11:18 pm est
The greatest chart possible has been made
Except it is missing the "drift" category.
04.13.15, 11:16 pm est
Recreating famous logos by hand
Ridiculous penmanship.
04.13.15, 11:15 pm est
The Popularity Of Spices
Everything is a statistic. You, you are a statistic.
04.07.15, 2:18 pm est
Who is this bitch? (0:06)
04.07.15, 3:52 am est
World Record Paper Airplane Distance (0:58)
I cant remember the last time I was as excited for something as people were for this.
04.06.15, 4:38 am est
Paper airplane launched from of stadium hits player (0:37)
This is one of my favorite things ever. The distance! The coincidence!
04.06.15, 4:37 am est
Wassabi Woman (2:31)
She kicks ass!
04.06.15, 4:33 am est
Monthly Subscription Service For Retro Video Games
Interesting idea, but where do all the games come from?
04.06.15, 3:38 am est
VeinViewer Projects Your Veins On Skin So Doctors Don't Miss With Needles
Science coming up huge again.
04.06.15, 3:18 am est
Michael Bolton Playing Michael Bolton In Office Space (1:40)
An example of when coming full circle is absolutely essential.
04.06.15, 3:12 am est
16 and Eggplant (2:49)
These shows on MTV keep getting stranger.
04.05.15, 8:30 pm est
"Danger Zone" by Psychostick (3:43)
Kenny Loggins heavy metal cover. It's pretty good.
04.05.15, 8:16 pm est
Casa unifamiliar en Dosrius
This would be a neat house to rent out for a week.
04.05.15, 5:30 am est
Virginia Tech study of hockey helmets finds many unsafe
"More than a quarter of all helmets worn by hockey players, from the NHL to youth leagues, are unsafe, according to an independent study."
04.05.15, 5:22 am est
Everyone stop fighting
It's not fair to the children.
04.05.15, 5:16 am est
Stem Cell
These aren't actually buildings. All the windows are spray painted on. It looks ridiculously real.
04.05.15, 5:14 am est
How to catch a chicken
You can't.
04.05.15, 5:08 am est
UCB - Fairy Hockey Player (3:04)
04.05.15, 4:42 am est
This is a story about lesbians
It's a good chuckle.
04.05.15, 2:27 am est
Musicless Musicvideo / RAY PARKER, JR. - Ghostbusters (1:10)
That was slightly creepy.
04.02.15, 3:15 am est
Bruno Mars vs. Strong Bad - Uptown Fhqwhgads (2:01)
The internet has been waiting for a mashup of this caliber. It's amazing.
04.02.15, 3:09 am est
Brochures: Prescription Drug Alternatives
There is always an alternative to modern medicine.
04.02.15, 3:02 am est
How Much Do You Need To Make To Buy A Home In Your City?
Yup, I still have a little ways to go where I live.
04.01.15, 2:34 am est
How Much Is A Limb Worth?
When someone tells you that you look like a million bucks, it's kind of an insult. You're more like 1.7 million.
04.01.15, 2:16 am est
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