07.30.12, 10:16 pm est
RPG-7 PET Bottle Launcher
That'll do some damage.
07.30.12, 10:15 pm est
Chick-Fil-Gay Sandwich (w/recipe) (6:09)
Homemade CFA? Worth a try.
07.29.12, 3:04 pm est
Velomobile (10:06)
Or these. Society needs to change.
07.29.12, 3:03 pm est
Car runs on air (3:23)
I hope my future includes something similar to these.
07.29.12, 3:02 pm est
Throw your votes out, song of the year is right HERE.
07.29.12, 2:02 pm est
Wow. So, South Korea is back on the wacky radar.
07.29.12, 1:57 pm est
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (2:22)
The second installment. So mean.
07.29.12, 3:14 am est
Dark Midnight: Bet of a Lifetime (5:04)
My mind is like a well oiled eagle.
07.28.12, 12:36 am est
How To Play Subbuteo: Possession (4:00)
A table soccer game I've never seen before, but looks interesting. One of many how-to videos.
07.28.12, 12:22 am est
3D Art - Nagai Hideyuki
This guy is good.
07.28.12, 12:13 am est
Google Fiber
Gigabit residential internet? Um, how do I get my town at the top of the waiting list?
07.27.12, 12:26 am est
Largest Payouts in Sports
Prize money. Prize money everywhere.
07.26.12, 9:12 pm est
The scientific power of naps (1:53)
I knew this all along.
07.24.12, 10:04 pm est
The Cookie Cup
Eat your drink.
07.23.12, 9:28 pm est
Eyeball stitches
Done after a cornea transplant. Crazy.
07.23.12, 8:21 pm est
Chocolate Chip and Candied Bacon Pancakes with Nutella Maple Syrup
Ask and ye shall receive.
07.23.12, 10:05 am est
Neo Hides from Lumbergh (2:27)
Oh, Milton.
07.22.12, 5:04 pm est
Nutella Milkshake
I might need a Nutella icon soon.
07.22.12, 5:02 pm est
Lasagne Breakfast
Protip: Nutella is the new bacon is the new Nutella, and so forth.
07.22.12, 2:38 am est
Skippy Nutella Crescent Roll
07.21.12, 4:45 pm est
Finger biscuit
What a delicious idea.
07.21.12, 4:44 pm est
Moon games
By Laurent Laveder.
07.21.12, 2:19 am est
The Champions Ring
Radial brackets for sports geeks.
07.21.12, 2:18 am est
Take the presidential election quiz and see which candidate you side with!
Barry O for the win. Circle gets the square.
07.19.12, 11:49 pm est
Herp Derp YouTube Comments
I haven't tried it, but it looks hilarious.
07.19.12, 11:44 pm est
They are complicated.
07.19.12, 11:42 pm est
Thumbtack Russian roulette (2:14)
07.19.12, 12:35 am est
Lamebook - Well Played, Taco Bell
07.17.12, 9:39 pm est
Where are you on the global fat scale?
I have to lose 40 lbs just to get to the national average. Depressing.
07.17.12, 9:10 pm est
Justice - New Lands (4:27)
That sport looks AMAZING.
07.17.12, 2:58 am est
Wax - Rosana (4:22)
07.17.12, 1:10 am est
Little V - Saria's Song/Lost Woods Cheesy Funk Cover (2:54)
07.17.12, 12:41 am est
Sandbox Surprise WIN
Parenting level of epic proportions.
07.16.12, 8:59 am est
New Prius Helps Environment (1:25)
The best Prius ever.
07.15.12, 1:05 am est
Korean company's tiny quad-core ARM Linux computer packs a punch at $129
Technology gets more amazing every day.
07.13.12, 11:11 pm est
What snake venom does to blood (1:13)
07.13.12, 9:55 pm est
A vending machine that makes you do crazy things for free snacks (3:43)
That's a good marketing campaign.
07.13.12, 9:54 pm est
Jack in the Box offering a breakfast waffle sandwich
One word: America.
07.10.12, 11:25 pm est
07.10.12, 2:17 am est
How jeans are made (10:03)
Fascinating stuff.
07.10.12, 2:08 am est
Mike Tompkins - Cinema (Disparate Youth) Acapella Remix (5:40)
I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
07.10.12, 1:22 am est
Lawn Order
I see what they did there.
07.09.12, 11:12 pm est
LEGO Train Bridge Erected (Okay, Painted) In Germany
This makes me happy.
07.09.12, 11:09 pm est
A Burger Patty Made of 100% Bacon
Are we just now thinking of doing this? We are behind the times!
07.09.12, 11:06 pm est
Nature's Greatest Machine
Great job!
07.09.12, 10:51 pm est
Welcome to the club
The more you know.
07.09.12, 10:32 pm est
Root beer in a square cup
Math humor.
07.09.12, 10:32 pm est
Cats Cab
Best. Idea. Ever.
07.09.12, 10:31 pm est
XKCD - United Shapes
A map of things states are shaped like.
07.09.12, 10:21 pm est
Kutiman - Dover.D (3:11)
Dover.D decorates Tel Aviv's city hall escalators. Interesting.
07.07.12, 3:55 am est
Sexual Roleplay (2:21)
Scarlett has some specific fantasies.
07.07.12, 3:54 am est
Boys Night In (2:54)
Brian and Nick try really hard to be heterosexual.
07.07.12, 3:50 am est
A mini value meal made entirely from powder
So damn cute. And strange.
07.07.12, 3:23 am est
Scientist Creates Pizza Healthy Enough to Eat 3 Times a Day, Every Day
Next up: tacos.
07.05.12, 11:30 pm est
After Evil Taco Bell Hoax, Alaskan Town Gets 10,000 Free Doritos Locos Tacos
Taco Bell makes the world go round.
07.04.12, 1:24 am est
Are you raising a douchebag?
The questions needs to be asked.
07.03.12, 9:43 am est
Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn
Not for the OCD crowd.
07.03.12, 9:43 am est
Pizza cupcakes!
They look fantastic.
07.02.12, 6:26 pm est
Winamp's woes: how the greatest MP3 player undid itself
Spoiler: AOL bought it. Something I did not know. I still use Winamp to this day.
07.01.12, 12:58 am est
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