February 14, 2010
My new favorite song is by the band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and the song is called "Around The Bend". You can sample this song AND watch a great video of some 3D projections on a couple buildings by clicking here.

If People on the Internet Told the Truth - yeah, that's about right.
Oh the Questions That We Ask - Google has a wealth of knowledge.
ElectroLuminescent Bumper Sticker - neat way to find wi-fi while driving around.
Manning Face - Manning Face. Dot com.
Another 12 Cool Google Street Finds - Google has a wealth of footage.
The White Castle V-Day Dinner - if for some reason you are taking part, then this is the way to do it.
Family Guy - the Seth MacFarlane recipe for success.
The Union Cares - I'M GOING TO LIVE FOREVER!!!
mfisn - if you like killing time and random stuff to look at, then this is the site you'll need.
Little People - a tiny street art project.
Rainy Mood - white noise is the right noise. Actually, I just looked up "white noise", and I'm wondering who came up with the name, because actual "white noise" is loud and irritating. There are actually many "colors" of noise. I was unaware of this. Brown noise is more my speed if I want to drift off to sleep.
How To Improve the Winter Olympics - not everyone likes curling for some reason.
Paper Art by Simon Schubert - dude. has. SKILL.
104-Year-Old Famed Strongman Dies After Being Hit by Car - that dude did NOT look like he was in his 100's. Maybe his 70's. MAYBE. I'm pretty sure he could have broken 150.
Hubert de Lartigue art - he made an X-Wing out of a subway ticket stub.

Nintendo 8 - play NES games online. Because work is for chumps.
Every day the same dream - it's a game in the same way that life is a game.

New comics to frequent:
Axe Cop is written by a 5 year old.
KC Green has a bunch of comics, Gunshow being his current one.
Space Avalanche is PBF-ish in nature.
Studs Up is about European soccer.
Bob-Rz's Deviant Art page has a bunch of good one panel "comics".
The Oatmeal has so much funny to offer.

As I eluded to last week: Steve Nash, professional NBA player, is a very funny guy:
VIDEO - The Player
VIDEO - The Most Ridiculous Man In The World

Getting kicked in the nuts is not fun. Here comes the science:
VIDEO - World Record Kick To The Groin (Part 1) - the build up.
VIDEO - World Record Kick To The Groin (Part 2) - the kick. Ow.

VIDEO - Tabletop Pong
VIDEO - Pancake in the silverware drawer
VIDEO - Water Ceiling Prank - classic.
VIDEO - If Wes Anderson directed Spider-Man - this is brilliant.
VIDEO - Star Trek: The Sexed Generation - one of the best compilations ever.
VIDEO - This guy is my hero.
VIDEO - The Fellatio Truth Movement - if there's one cause in this world to show your support for, this would be it.
VIDEO - What happens during ejaculation? - now you know!
VIDEO - Let's enhance - this is hilarious.
VIDEO - Mark Titus... IS... Mr. Rainmaker - WARNING - bitchin' montage ahead! Who is Mark Titus?
VIDEO - Beer Pong Slam Dunks - Wow. When did this become a "thing"?
VIDEO - 1200 students play in world record dodgeball game
VIDEO - Logorama, The Movie - this is the official site, the link I had to the full movie was pulled. It's currently in two parts on YouTube right now, but it might get pulled. At any rate, it's a brilliant short film. Part 1 - Part 2
VIDEO - The Big Game Snack Food Stadium - sweet jesus!
VIDEO - I Like Stores That Tell Me Exactly What They Are
VIDEO - Landline TV calls out Andy Samberg - hands off my wine!
The URL explains it all.

February 1, 2010
YTMND - infestation
YTMND - Abadah, do do do do do
YTMND - This is Abahda - why not?

People choose the stupidest passwords - if you use one of the top 32 phrases, then congrats, you've been hacked.
Lamebook - good for some laughs... and brain tisms
World's Most Outrageous Guest Requests - aka "People I want to punch in the face as hard as possible".

Cracked is amusing site I just found. They have a lot of "x amount of y's that z" type of articles, such as:
7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable
7 Things "Good Parents" Do (That Screw Kids Up for Life)
7 Inventors You Didn't Know You Wanted to Punch In the Face

FLASH GAME - First person Tetris - heh heh
FLASH GAME - Canabalt - possibly addicting

VIDEO - Penny Shooter Business Card - neat!
VIDEO - Blue Balls Educational Video - get in the know!
VIDEO - The official UAF Hockey video opener - polar bears in jets? BADASS.
VIDEO - The Process - jesus. effing. christ. It's PAINFULLY TRUE.
VIDEO - Snuggie D-Lux - 3 sleeves!
VIDEO - The best local commercial EVAR.
VIDEO - How To Report The News - so that's how you do it.
VIDEO - I support boobs - it's a clip about bra sizes!!! OH IT'S PUNTASTIC! No, I'd watch morning news if they had stories like this.
VIDEO - Kenny Mayne Reveals the Vikings Secret Weapon - didn't end up working!
YouTube user brusspup has a bunch of neat videos. The illusions are effing neat.

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