Present Cat
So, the internet keeps getting weirder.
05.31.12, 5:52 pm est
Window Surprise! (0:23)
05.31.12, 12:01 am est
Perfect Strangers: Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
So, the internet made this for us. Yeaaahhh.
05.31.12, 12:00 am est
LEGO Super Mario Level Aquarium Decorations
I'd buy an aquarium for just this purpose.
05.30.12, 10:52 am est
Grow plants while drying your plates.
05.30.12, 3:03 am est
Rub Some Bacon On It (2:58)
It's always step 1.
05.30.12, 2:57 am est
MaKey MaKey: An invention kit for everyone (2:11)
MIT geniuses are at it again!
05.28.12, 2:58 pm est
Urban plants
I love everything about this.
05.28.12, 5:11 am est
Pencil art
Only, the other way around.
05.26.12, 3:39 pm est
CCC 2012: Star Wars Trilogy: The Radio Play - Official Video (1:20:14)
So, this is a TON of fun, and a must watch.
05.26.12, 2:17 pm est
asdfmovie5 (1:28)
More awesome.
05.25.12, 1:07 pm est
London Underground spoof signs
05.25.12, 11:17 am est
Put your balls away, guys.
05.25.12, 11:16 am est
You'll Never Tell, Will You?
There's a lot of crazy in this world. Here's a sample of it.
05.25.12, 11:00 am est
Art made with rocks!
Rock on!
05.25.12, 12:15 am est
28-Lb Sandwich Is World's Meatiest
It's a frickin' beef bus!
05.24.12, 7:31 pm est
Elefantenzahnpasta (0:58)
BAM in yo' grill.
05.24.12, 7:15 pm est
Grill WIN
Yarr, shiver me timbers and blow me meat!
05.24.12, 7:12 pm est
Grilled Double-Decker Pizza Sandwich
I'll take two, please.
05.24.12, 12:42 am est
Soccer trick shot compilation by Remi Gaillard (6:40)
He impresses me every time.
05.24.12, 12:31 am est
Another batch of street art
05.23.12, 7:06 pm est
05.23.12, 7:00 pm est
How to Make the Most Perfect Bacon Ever (0:52)
Bacon tips are life survival tips.
05.22.12, 10:42 am est
HOT POCKETS Limited Edition Infomercial (3:17)
Nobody wants dusty meat!
05.22.12, 10:41 am est
Five Facts About Mr. T on His 60th Birthday
They left out one important fact: he pities all fools.
05.21.12, 11:54 pm est
Ring of Fire Eclipse: 2012
Also: people wearing goofy eye wear.
05.21.12, 11:53 pm est
This Is Why I'm Broke
So much cool stuff.
05.20.12, 6:58 pm est
Finally, Because Standing Sucks: The Horizontal Shower
Doing it in the shower just got more comfortable.
05.20.12, 3:26 am est
Weebl - Shrimp
You know you want this stuck in your head.
05.20.12, 3:24 am est
Chick 'N' Mix (2:04)
05.20.12, 3:09 am est
Kraft MiO - 'Changes' (0:30)
Alrighty then.
05.20.12, 3:06 am est
Let me see the moves, c'mon!
05.20.12, 1:15 am est
Censorship Towel
That's a fun idea.
05.19.12, 10:50 am est
Opening Beer with Chainsaw (0:39)
Yeah buddy.
05.19.12, 2:28 am est
Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 2 (1:01)
Would you like mustard on that?
05.19.12, 2:18 am est
Ba'noodle Dub (2:00)
05.17.12, 10:55 pm est
Guy's Ultra Impressive Gaming Setup
Special made furniture for this video game archive.
05.16.12, 11:11 pm est
When You See It...
That took a couple seconds to sort out.
05.16.12, 7:41 pm est
Top 10 things that doesn't make any sense
There's absolutely noting fun about less candy.
05.16.12, 7:38 pm est
The Human Hamster Wheel Will Change the World
Streaming Champions League games would probably drop a couple pounds per match.
05.16.12, 7:24 pm est
The All-New "F*ck You" Pizza From Pizza Hut (2:03)
05.16.12, 1:47 am est
How Pixar nearly deleted Toy Story 2 before its release (2:25)
Always keep unauthorized backups on your home PC!
05.16.12, 1:45 am est
A real perpetual motion machine (1:04)
05.16.12, 1:44 am est
The All-New "F*ck You" Pizza From Pizza Hut (2:03)
Daaaaaaamn, Gina!
05.16.12, 1:40 am est
Micro Cabin in Finland
Strange lookin' cabin.
05.16.12, 12:49 am est
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin (Harp Duet) Camille and Kennerly (4:52)
Blondes... twins... and hot... yes, this is how some of my fantasies begin.
05.15.12, 3:22 am est
How big businesses got their company names
Seems legit.
05.15.12, 2:57 am est
Traffic Sign WIN
Don't be a fool!
05.14.12, 7:38 pm est
Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - The Oatmeal
Here here!
05.14.12, 7:31 pm est
Photoset from Manchester City's 3-2 win to clinch the EPL title
One of the most amazing games I've seen.
05.14.12, 3:06 am est
Schticky Gag Reel [OFFICIAL] (2:16)
I have no words for how brilliant this is.
05.14.12, 12:30 am est
Zelda Fireplace Art
Best idea for a non-used fireplace yet.
05.13.12, 3:51 am est
There's a gem every now and then. I just like the name "Shanaban".
05.13.12, 3:13 am est
Bo Knows Mario - Super Mario Bo (0:36)
This needs the music and sound effects BADLY, otherwise it's completely accurate.
05.13.12, 3:12 am est
Starry Night: Light Installations by Lee Eunyeol
Photographer Lee Eunyeol constructs elaborate light installations that appear as if the night sky was flipped upside down.
05.13.12, 3:11 am est
Real friends
I have had very few real friends.
05.13.12, 3:08 am est
Some awesome T-shirt prints
05.13.12, 3:06 am est
School Prank WIN
It's so... symmetrical... ROBOT HOUSE!!!
05.13.12, 3:05 am est
Master... Master...
Master of... dwarves?
05.13.12, 3:04 am est
Hockey taking new form with Bikini League
I am intrigued, go on...
05.13.12, 3:02 am est
I'm not into comic books or their accompanying movies. But this animated short was very amusing.
05.13.12, 1:25 am est
The Worst Things For Sale - Emergency Reserve 90 Serving Food Supply
Having a backup bucket of food isn't a bad thing... is it?
05.12.12, 4:43 pm est
The Worst Things For Sale - $25,170 crystal chandelier
His caption is hilarious.
05.12.12, 4:41 pm est
The Worst Things For Sale - Combination egg-fryer-toaster
This is MAYBE breakfast for one.
05.12.12, 4:40 pm est
The Worst Things For Sale - $3,100 bench signed by some Miami Dolphins
Let's go Football, let's go!
05.12.12, 4:39 pm est
The Worst Things For Sale - Peanut butter pretzels
This snack is scientifically created to force you to continue eating it until it's gone.
05.12.12, 4:38 pm est
The Worst Things For Sale
Drew of Toothpaste For Dinner fame has a fun tumblr dedicated to ridiculous material possessions that you too can own!
05.12.12, 4:37 pm est
How to make all your friends hate you
Now in seven different varieties!
05.11.12, 11:03 pm est
Revolving house! (5:52)
He just needs to put it on rims now.
05.10.12, 10:16 pm est
You've been eating cupcakes wrong your whole life!
Why haven't I thought of this?!?
05.10.12, 10:45 am est
James Nizam: Chasing the Sun
05.10.12, 2:33 am est
Brazilian Soccer Player, Tobi, Does Moonwalk to Protest Yellow Card (0:54)
Bravo, good sir, bravo.
05.10.12, 2:08 am est
Natural Architecture
Molding nature into AWESOME.
05.10.12, 2:04 am est
Lamebook - Feel the Heat
This status passes my mind every once in awhile.
05.09.12, 7:37 pm est
Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Screens, Liquids, and Everyday Objects (4:59)
This technology blows my mind. AMAZING. The patent holders can start printing money now.
05.09.12, 1:50 am est
How much water is there on, in, and above the Earth?
The first picture on the left shows what *ALL THE WATER* on the Earth would look like if it were put in spherical form. That is INSANE.
05.09.12, 1:44 am est
Gravity-Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads
05.08.12, 11:48 pm est
Supermoon: the perigee moon of 2012
Children, scooch closer. Don't make me tell you again about the scooching. You in the red, chop chop.
05.08.12, 1:30 am est
Krispy Kreme - The Baddest (3:46)
Thug rap music is BACK with a VENGEANCE.
05.06.12, 11:07 pm est
Repairing live power lines (3:18)
AKA: Jobs I won't be signing up for anytime soon.
05.05.12, 11:26 pm est
Mountain Dew Cupcakes
This... this has my interest.
05.03.12, 11:19 pm est
Japanese Kit Kat flavors
You know these are going to be bizarre.
05.03.12, 9:19 pm est
Star Wars Cereal
Your tongues can't repel flavor of this magnitude!
05.03.12, 9:18 pm est
Tuper Tario Tros.
This is actually fun. Super Mario Brothers / Tetris mashup. Check it out!
05.03.12, 3:04 am est
Hodgepodge of great products
New stuff mixed with oldies but goodies.
05.02.12, 11:29 pm est
Tim Welke Demonstrated Why "The Human Element" Is A Pathetic Joke (w/vid 1:08)
Wow, baseball. You might want to step into the current century with modern technology. And give Armando Galarraga his perfect game while you're at it.
05.02.12, 11:20 pm est
15 Hottest NHL Ice Girl Crews
Part of heaven looks like this for me.
05.02.12, 11:11 pm est
Wigs Made Entirely Out Of LEGO
05.02.12, 11:07 pm est
An Actual Shark With Laser Attached To Fin
05.02.12, 11:04 pm est
Piñata Cookies With Candy Inside
As if cookies weren't awesome to begin with!
05.02.12, 11:01 pm est
A Billion Dollars? (0:57)
A Billion Dollars!
05.02.12, 9:02 pm est
Jack Black rocks the national anthem at Sparks game (1:41)
How it should always be done.
05.01.12, 11:24 pm est
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