VCR into Cash! (2:27)
It's that simple!!!
01.31.11, 10:35 pm est
Hedonic treadmill
This theory makes a bit of sense to me.
01.30.11, 11:49 pm est
Texting PSA (10:47)
It probably should be a requirement to watch this before being able to purchase a cell phone.
01.30.11, 9:29 pm est
Dick Figures
Hi-larious animated shorts. I highly recommend these!
01.30.11, 2:11 pm est
Largest Neodymium Magnet In The World (3:31)
That's heavy duty right there.
01.30.11, 4:22 am est
Xion Protective Gear
The demo video blew my mind.
01.30.11, 3:56 am est
New Rule: Americans Must Realize What Makes NFL Football So Great: Socialism
Bill Maher with a fun article.
01.29.11, 9:59 pm est
Ancient body clock discovered that helps to keep all living things on time
Awesome. Now they need to find a way to reprogram my clock to go to bed before 1 am.
01.29.11, 6:37 pm est
Arguably the best workout ever (1:10)
The answer to all your exercise needs!
01.29.11, 5:19 pm est
What would you do?
Greatest hypothetical question ever.
01.29.11, 4:21 pm est
NHL Ice Crew Girls
I'm pretty sure this is an accurate representation of heaven.
01.29.11, 4:16 pm est
Boobs: they make everything better
I would get my teeth cleaned every month if this was the case!
01.28.11, 10:25 pm est
In post-snow blame game, no one wins
I was stuck in this for 5 hours. The DC Metro area is ill-prepared for anything more than a dusting.
01.28.11, 10:10 pm est
Teen explains origins of mystery piano
Follow up! I still think it's hilarious.
01.28.11, 9:56 pm est
Brian Wilson Gets It (5:51)
This guy is freakin' hilarious!
01.28.11, 9:47 pm est
Man who doesn't dial 911 loses home to inferno
This guy brought is "A" game.
01.28.11, 9:38 pm est
Hamster of Doom! (1:27)
That hamster knows kung-fu.
01.28.11, 9:43 am est
Badass Lego guns (1:55)
Once again proving there's nothing you can't do with Lego!
01.28.11, 1:20 am est
5 Second Films - Fortune Cookie(s) (0:40)
A good set of quick laughs in this one.
01.27.11, 3:47 am est
Meat Water
I guess it was just a matter of time before this was created.
01.27.11, 3:43 am est
Japanese kids love them some SpongeBob (0:30)
01.27.11, 3:40 am est
Mysterious grand piano found on Biscayne Bay sandbar
I don't know why, but this amuses me.
01.27.11, 3:33 am est
Baby OK after surgeons remove foot from his brain
With creepy photo proof.
01.27.11, 3:30 am est
Greatest putt-putt shot of all time (0:29)
Pretty impressive!
01.23.11, 12:06 pm est
Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time
Epic Meal Time's Swedish counterparts!
01.23.11, 12:35 am est
Ooh, piece of candy! (0:11)
Kids are so dumb.
01.22.11, 10:43 pm est
Do Nothing for 2 Minutes
01.22.11, 9:09 pm est
Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies
These look AMAZING.
01.22.11, 11:07 am est
50+ years of Japanese concept cars
So... many... bad... designs...
01.21.11, 9:01 pm est
Baby Pranks (4:41)
Your kid just got PRANKED! Sorry dude!
01.21.11, 8:53 pm est
That sport is Gaelic Football
It's a combination of rugby and soccer with some Aussie Rules Football thrown in as well. It's played mainly in Ireland. It looks INSANE.
01.20.11, 11:47 pm est
Dog on field for 8 minutes during international match (4:01)
A: there's a dog on the field, and they play on. 2: WHAT SPORT IS THIS?!?!
01.20.11, 11:45 pm est
Knokkers: Like Pool, But With Bowling Balls
This looks like it could be fun.
01.20.11, 11:22 pm est
Woman files lawsuit because she is retarded what the headline should have been.
01.20.11, 11:21 pm est
Ford's most advanced assembly plant operates in rural Brazil (3:33)
From 2007. I like the jab at the UAW at the end.
01.20.11, 1:17 am est
Tulsa Motorcycle Crash
The guy didn't make it, but that's one hell of a way to go.
01.20.11, 1:11 am est
An uprising in Tunisia
Photo #30 is the most badass photo I've seen in awhile.
01.20.11, 12:35 am est
1956 Footage Of Housewife's Acid Trip (8:45)
If anything, I want to try LSD *more* after seeing this, haha.
01.20.11, 12:35 am est
The Legend of Link's Distractions (2:31)
It's all about the side quests.
01.19.11, 10:44 pm est
Favre: Rise - "What should I do?" (2:16)
A good parody of LeBron's commercial.
01.19.11, 10:25 pm est
Bacon and eggs scarf
Do want!
01.19.11, 9:58 pm est
Star Trek - Acid Drive (2:05)
Have you ever watched Star Trek... ON SPEEEEED?!?
01.18.11, 10:33 pm est
Leading Causes of Car Accidents
This is a fun t-shirt idea.
01.18.11, 7:57 pm est
Video Games vs. Real Life
An 8-bit vs. real life mashup.
01.18.11, 9:27 am est
Was today a good day?
Here is a flow chart to help you decide.
01.18.11, 9:16 am est
Women Laughing Alone With Salad
¿Por qué?!?!?!
01.17.11, 6:13 pm est
Astronomy Picture of the Day - January 17th
A fantastic time lapse picture with a twist.
01.17.11, 12:41 pm est
Farting In An Elevator - Episode 4 (4:26)
Farting: always funny.
01.17.11, 12:13 pm est
Brisbane floods: before and after
Interactive before and after photos of the flooding in Australia.
01.16.11, 7:56 pm est
Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
Interesting read on one person's opinion on the difference between "Chinese" parenting and "Western" parenting.
01.16.11, 12:31 am est
List to your conscience...
01.15.11, 1:27 pm est
Very Close Lightning Strike (0:43)
Too fast!
01.15.11, 3:21 am est
Best way to be fired ever
Style points are off the chart on this one.
01.15.11, 2:54 am est
GTA 4 Carmageddon - 2! (2:54)
This is one of the most hilarious PC game "hacks" I've seen. I *cracked* up during the entire thing.
01.15.11, 2:46 am est
The Stay Puft Marshmallow Snowman
The most harmless thing from your childhood!
01.15.11, 2:39 am est
Sesame Street Fighter Stickers
Brilliant mashup!
01.14.11, 12:22 am est
Guy plays guitar with feet (2:30)
He has no arms! I can't even play a tambourine!
01.13.11, 11:34 pm est
Pastry chef pro (9:59)
I didn't think I'd watch this entire video, but damn this guy is good at what he does.
01.13.11, 11:32 pm est
Cute Girl Acoustic Darkwing Duck Cover (1:11)
That's hot.
01.13.11, 11:18 pm est
Retaphin (2:55)
Solves all the problems you have... and don't have!
01.12.11, 8:27 pm est
Bacon candle
01.12.11, 9:49 am est
A single groove on a vinyl record magnified 1000 times
So that's what sound looks like.
01.11.11, 8:58 am est
Weather Channel Innuendo (0:29)
When you say you don't know what you said... you know what you said.
01.11.11, 1:16 am est
Amazing Paper Layer Art
The skill level is over 9000!!!
01.11.11, 1:12 am est
Heinz Automato: Automatic Ketchup Dispenser
Hi-freakin-larious! Each of these 30 second videos cracked me up!
01.11.11, 1:11 am est
Roomba Pac-Man (2:35)
No description necessary. It's Roomba Pac-Man.
01.11.11, 1:07 am est
No soap? No stink!
I'm extremely skeptical about this, but it's a damn interesting concept.
01.11.11, 1:04 am est
Strange Phenomena of the Mind
Or, glitches in the Matrix.
01.09.11, 4:54 pm est
North American English Dialects
Epic map of dialects based on pronunciation patterns.
01.09.11, 1:07 am est
Awesome Truck Commercial (2:15)
It's about time they made a truck to suit all our needs!
01.08.11, 4:02 pm est
Christmas 2010 - your photos's "The Big Picture" comes through with some fantastic user submitted photos.
01.08.11, 1:22 am est
The Chinese Military Shovel, the Swiss Army knife of shovels (8:46)
By the end of the video, I wanted to buy one!
01.07.11, 8:48 pm est
Welcome Home - We're Now Playing War
Best date night ever.
01.07.11, 8:33 pm est
Awesome Pizza Request
A sense of humor is the key to a happy life.
01.07.11, 8:23 pm est
A Basketball Carol
A good article about Red Klotz, of Washington Generals fame.
01.06.11, 11:15 pm est
How It’s Made: Sugar (9:35)
I don't think I knew what went into the entire process before watching this.
01.06.11, 1:52 am est
Missile Game 3D
A simple flash game to keep you busy.
01.06.11, 1:22 am est
Elmo orders Taco Bell (1:06)
01.06.11, 12:42 am est
Middle Class Rut - New Low (4:39)
I love this song. Also, 88.7 CIMX is my favorite radio station ever, which is where I heard this.
01.05.11, 11:57 pm est
Street Fighter High (10:00)
It's the most well done cheesy parody I've ever seen!
01.05.11, 9:16 pm est
100 things we didn't know last year
You gotta get familiar, son!
01.05.11, 9:41 am est
James Van Der Memes
01.04.11, 11:21 pm est
The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of 2010
Some good captures in this bunch.
01.04.11, 11:00 pm est
Homeless man with golden radio voice in Columbus, OH (1:38)
Wow. Amazing.
01.04.11, 10:42 pm est
A link out there for the ladies
Is it working?
01.04.11, 10:25 pm est
Alex Ovechkin "This Is Sportscenter" 2010 Ad (0:26)
I knew it!
01.04.11, 9:46 pm est
Beardyman lets his random side out! (1:37)
That was... different...
01.01.11, 3:09 am est
Winners of Red Bull's Epic Photo Contest (10 photos)
Some neat shots here.
01.01.11, 3:05 am est
Creepy Flexibility Training (3:16)
I clearly did not pursue the right career.
01.01.11, 2:48 am est
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