Nintendo-Inspired "Bolts Of Steel" 3-D Projection Game Is Outstanding
Tampa Bay took the old school NES game "Blades of Steel" and made a fun ice projection out of it.
06.30.15, 2:46 am est
Just a simple photo of a red vase, right?
Look closer.
06.28.15, 12:22 am est
IT Guy Makes Giant Computer Throne For Himself
There were enough broken computers at my office last year that I could have done this. Sadly they are all gone now.
06.27.15, 2:57 am est
If Mario Kart 8 was made for the SNES (3:40)
Not gonna lie, I would pay $100 for this game if someone were to make it.
06.27.15, 2:55 am est
95 Jeep Cherokee Tire Blowout and flip on I-985 (1:01)
That's one of the calmest car crashes I've ever seen.
06.26.15, 11:15 pm est
'Fight Club' for kids, read by Chuck Palahniuk (2:54)
I want this to be a real book I can buy RIGHT NOW!
06.26.15, 11:05 pm est
New forms of payment!
06.23.15, 9:44 pm est
Chart Of 40 Hotdogs From Around The World
06.21.15, 9:45 pm est
What's it all about?
06.20.15, 11:22 pm est
Real GTA (3:22)
I don't know how they shot this video, but the camera work is impeccable.
06.20.15, 11:13 pm est
This Guy Crochets Stupid Food Hats And Wears Them Himself
06.20.15, 11:08 pm est
Winning Solitaire
Everybody wins!
06.20.15, 11:07 pm est
Robotic cow milking (5 short videos, about 10 minutes total)
Another amazing example of technology in farming. I'm all for happier cows.
06.20.15, 11:06 pm est
Double Diamond Farms Tour Video (8:44)
I'm seriously impressed. I'm also fascinated how technological farming has become.
06.20.15, 11:05 pm est
The Knot, The #1 Wedding Site, Releases 2014 Real Weddings Study Statistics
Missing from the report: dying alone is $31,000 cheaper.
06.20.15, 10:23 pm est
Let's Take A Look At Andrew McCutchen's Pay Stub
The net pay, which is after taxes, which is only 52% of the total earnings, for 15 days, is more than I've made in the past 15 years.
06.20.15, 5:59 pm est
Broccoli Samurai - Mario Kart Fun (0:40)
I would pay good money to have them play my next race.
06.20.15, 2:52 am est
Jeff Can't Miss (0:30)
Damn right.
06.20.15, 2:28 am est
Bloodsport Mentos Commercial (0:30)
JCVD gives the bad guys the slip in the freshest way possible!
06.18.15, 1:34 am est
Chicago Doesn't Fix Its Potholes, So This Artist Fixes Them With Ice Cream Mosaics
I scream, you scream, we all scream for road maintenance.
06.16.15, 3:55 am est
Could there be another you?
If there is, god help us all.
06.16.15, 3:53 am est
Jim Jefferies - US Gun Control - Live Stand Up Comedy (15:56)
This is a great bit. A), it's a comedy show, and 2) he's making good points.
06.15.15, 2:14 am est
Artists Cut 98 Different Raw Foods Into Perfect Cubes
All food in the future will be served in cube form.
06.14.15, 4:52 am est
Vitaly Kaloyev
Read about this man's story.
06.14.15, 4:44 am est
Jamiroquai 'Virtual Insanity' Music Video Browser Game
The greatest use of programming in the modern age. No sarcasm, this is brilliant!
06.14.15, 4:38 am est
3D Hydrographic Printing (4:55)
Hydrographic printing is nothing new. Computational hydrographic printing is the logical next step and it's insane how precise it is.
06.14.15, 4:36 am est
How to be a good wife (1:40)
It's so easy!
06.13.15, 5:40 pm est
Peek Inside The Gorgeous Notebooks Of Professional Soccer Broadcasters
So visually pleasing to my eyes.
06.13.15, 5:38 pm est
Play dead
That's a good boy.
06.13.15, 5:33 pm est
A Detailed Breakdown Of The Broncos Fart Tax
It's probably not a thing, but it's probably a thing.
06.13.15, 12:55 am est
Yo dawg, I herd u like pizza
Why haven't I thought of this before?
06.11.15, 1:02 am est
So incredibly satisfying
06.11.15, 1:00 am est
The longest floating structure in world history is about to hit the ocean to fix a very big problem
I honestly hope this works. At least someone is trying.
06.10.15, 2:24 am est
Trippy 3-D Photo Epoxied Floor Designs For Your Home
I wonder how they look standing right on top of them, but the promo photos look amazing.
06.08.15, 2:50 am est
A Partial List Of Thoughts I Had Before, During and After Trying Chipotle’s New Chorizo Burrito
It's being tested in KC. I hope it comes over to DC real soon.
06.07.15, 5:02 pm est
Terrifying Bridge In Japan Looks Like It Goes Straight Up
It's a lot tamer than it looks, but it's slightly terrifying in some of these pictures.
06.07.15, 4:58 pm est
Man Uses McDonald's 'Create Your Taste' Digital Ordering Kiosk To Build 3.8-Pound, $25 Burger
06.02.15, 11:47 pm est
Do you want to come with me?
We'll need magic jars.
06.02.15, 11:46 pm est
Decide what's important in life
It's only one thing.
06.02.15, 11:44 pm est
Is today the day?
06.02.15, 11:42 pm est
The polar bear's lost property
I feel like this every now and then.
06.02.15, 11:41 pm est
Life 101
Learn about "The Eternal Three".
06.02.15, 11:40 pm est
Dating skills
This is about on par with what I am working with.
06.02.15, 11:39 pm est
Books can take you anywhere
Check 'em out?
06.02.15, 11:38 pm est
I Googled "robot eat"...
...and was not disappointed.
06.02.15, 11:32 pm est
Updated Science: The New Zodiac
"FYI, the croissant is still a croissant, but it has a lighter glaze."
06.01.15, 1:10 am est
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