The surprising science of motivation
My lack of motivation would break all the scales.
05.30.10, 9:30 pm est
Could this laser zap malaria?
What an awesome device. I want it.
05.30.10, 9:25 pm est
The secret powers of time
The subject matter was extremely interesting to me.
05.30.10, 9:21 pm est
World's largest pickup truck
This is quite impressive.
05.30.10, 9:10 pm est
Montage of what "the beautiful game" looks like
05.30.10, 9:05 pm est
For love of the game
"It's not an important story, just one that squirts apple juice right in your face."
05.29.10, 7:59 pm est
How To: Make A 46,000 Calorie Kit-Kat Bar
It's beautiful.
05.29.10, 3:07 am est
Megaman Boss Cube
For the Mega Man nerd in your family!
05.28.10, 6:43 pm est
Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it)
The force is not strong with this one.
05.28.10, 6:24 pm est
Artist Creates Real-Life BTTF2 Hoverboard
Those boards don't work on water, unless you have power!
05.28.10, 12:18 pm est
Dan Hinkle is a d-bag supreme
The story is over 3 years old, but new to me. Danny boy has some issues to sort out, to say the least.
05.28.10, 11:27 am est
Pills Printed Specifically for You
This is a brilliant idea.
05.28.10, 11:20 am est
Mystery Jumble Bags
$5 for randomness delivered to your door? Where's my disposable income...
05.28.10, 11:16 am est
Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight
I kinda want one of these.
05.28.10, 11:08 am est
More news from the boob-slapping DJ
The video is included in the story, if you haven't seen it.
05.28.10, 11:05 am est
10 strange sex stories
These are always a fun read.
05.28.10, 11:04 am est
Strange Russian "local globe" DIY phenomenon
Kind of a neat idea.
05.28.10, 11:04 am est
NES games in stop motion
Kinda neat.
05.28.10, 10:55 am est
20 of Nike's Best Commercials
Ah, a few classics I forgot about as well.
05.27.10, 4:51 pm est
Doctor Who Theme Song with Tesla Coils
And some crazy dude in some sort of electricity suit.
05.27.10, 4:31 pm est
9 Things They Should Build at Ground Zero
KenTacoHut gets my vote! Who wouldn't want a personal pizza wrapped around a gordita wrapped around a double-down?
05.27.10, 4:11 pm est
Science Fun: Rising Tone vs. Sand
That's actually pretty neat.
05.27.10, 6:05 am est
Squirrel briefly delays play in Minnesota
Camera man did a good job tracking him though!
05.26.10, 1:01 pm est
D-Pad Hero
Rhythm game for the NES emulator.
05.25.10, 11:01 pm est
Remarkable space saving furniture
This kind of furniture amazes me.
05.25.10, 10:45 pm est
News reporter blooper
Apparently he's not good at car jacking.
05.25.10, 10:42 pm est
Man has marble addiction
I can see myself dying alone in a similar fashion.
05.25.10, 10:40 pm est
Café allongé
A strange animated short film.
05.25.10, 2:37 pm est
Married to the Sea for 5/25/10
Hey guys, angel here
05.25.10, 2:26 pm est
A gallery of the most architecturally interesting subways
It beats the "gutted fish" look of the DC Metro.
05.25.10, 1:54 pm est
Hell Comes to Frogtown
We all *NEED* to see this movie. It looks AMAZING.
05.24.10, 11:00 pm est
Batman vs. Darth Vader cake
With lightsabres. On sharks. Duel to the death.
05.24.10, 10:56 pm est
Manly Ad Agency
I would buy everything they are advertising.
05.24.10, 6:33 pm est
Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon During The Commercial Break
Quite amusing.
05.23.10, 4:12 pm est
Athletic Bilbao vs 200 kids
Athletic Bilbao: 5, 200 kids: 3
05.20.10, 11:59 pm est
Super Mario Star Scramble
A user created Mario clone that's pretty addicting!
05.20.10, 3:34 pm est
Nike - Write The Future - World Cup Ad
Great spot. 3 minutes in length, well done.
05.20.10, 3:11 pm est
If Movie Universes Had Propaganda Posters
Slightly humorous.
05.19.10, 12:08 pm est
If Summer Movie Posters Were Honest
I never see movies anymore.
05.19.10, 12:04 pm est
Nedroid - Guess what!
05.19.10, 12:02 pm est
Most Valuable YouTube Video
This is genius. How to make money by doing nothing at all.
05.19.10, 1:04 am est
Rad Omen's "Rad Anthem" music video
In this city, we know how to do it right. In this city, we know how to get down.
05.19.10, 12:51 am est
Akinator, the Web Genius
This is kind of fun, pretty decent algorithm for figuring out who you are thinking of.
05.18.10, 7:27 pm est
One-Year-Old Kind of Snowboards
I try to stay away from posting videos with babies or pets in them. Because *EVERYONE* posts them. This is one of the few exceptions, because I believe this child has more skill than I do, haha.
05.18.10, 5:05 pm est
31 Board Game Commercials From Your Childhood
05.18.10, 4:22 pm est
Another wicked goal
A sick shot struck from 45 yards out.
05.18.10, 4:12 pm est
Simon Schubert - paper folding art
Might have posted this before, but definitely worth another look.
05.18.10, 11:33 am est
I grew up in the projects
Tracy, you so crazy!
05.18.10, 11:16 am est
Mobile bank dispenser
This looks like the safest option in banking today.
05.18.10, 11:15 am est
The Chocolate Milk Diet
Diets are pretty much stupid. At least this one is stupid delicious.
05.18.10, 1:58 am est
How to write shape relief alphabet
05.18.10, 12:59 am est
Time lapse: Iceland: Eyjafjallajökull
If you haven't seen it yet: beautiful disaster.
05.18.10, 12:50 am est
What "The American Dream" looks like now.
05.18.10, 12:46 am est
The Original Playboy Mansion
I did not know about this. I wonder if you can rent one with live-in bunnies...
05.18.10, 12:36 am est
This Fall on Bravo
Gotta spice up those reality shows.
05.18.10, 12:34 am est
The Grapist
Watch out, or you'll get GRAPED.
05.18.10, 12:31 am est
Super Sexy CPR
I'm pretty sure I would learn more things if they were taught in a super sexy way.
05.18.10, 12:25 am est
Newfound Billy Mays Art!
Some of these are top-notch!
05.18.10, 12:00 am est
8-bit Starcraft
This... is... AMAZING.
05.17.10, 11:59 pm est
I Always Knew They Were Evil
Watch out for those 4000 series HP's!
05.17.10, 11:42 am est
Taco Bell money still sought, police say
There's some really good items on the secret menu these days!
05.17.10, 11:26 am est
Personalized chocolate bars
I wonder if I can add bacon...
05.16.10, 5:25 pm est
Eko - Ecological & economical traffic light concept
I like this idea very much.
05.16.10, 3:19 pm est
Onion Bully!
05.15.10, 5:55 pm est
Impressive car and engine sounds with mouth
Not too shabby.
05.15.10, 4:50 pm est
05.15.10, 4:47 pm est
Exploding Dog - It was all a dream
But it seemed so REAL.
05.15.10, 1:59 pm est
Lada Gaga's Poker Face read by Christopher Walken
No words can describe how awesome this is.
05.15.10, 1:57 pm est
The electronic remix! This was well done.
05.15.10, 11:10 am est
Soccer Throw "fail"
More like a "WIN" if you ask me.
05.15.10, 1:36 am est
Ground Zero
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear bomb goes off in your city? Find out if you live outside of "ground zero" with this handy map.
05.15.10, 1:21 am est
The 2010 Alternative NHL Awards
Much more interesting than the actual end-of-season awards.
05.15.10, 1:08 am est
Back In Black - Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's
Lewis Black is amazing.
05.13.10, 4:18 pm est
How To Spot A Masturbator
They didn't include the word "chronic", so this is a pretty easy one: the answer is EVERYBODY.
05.12.10, 3:05 pm est
Sexual Terms Inc.
It's a tough job, someone has to do it! PUN INTENDED, ELL OH ELL.
05.12.10, 2:43 pm est
Shark sleeping bag
I know what I want for xmas now!
05.12.10, 2:30 pm est
Looney Tunes-esque.
05.12.10, 2:21 pm est
How Sewing Machines Work
I'm watching this, and it's still blowing my mind.
05.12.10, 4:52 am est
Fake Science!
And yet, somehow, it's very informative.
05.11.10, 7:36 pm est
The Baffler!
If you have days of free time and like puzzles, this is for you.
05.11.10, 7:32 pm est
21 Foot Rule
If you ever run into some cardboard thugs in your neighborhood, this information could help you.
05.10.10, 11:10 pm est
Won Park – The Master of Origami Paper Folding
Dude has SKILL.
05.10.10, 11:07 pm est
McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World (40 Pics)
05.10.10, 11:06 pm est
Wayne Gretzky - This Is SportsCenter
Short shifts guys, short shifts.
05.10.10, 9:18 pm est
Girl frozen in time may hold key to ageing
It's stories like these that make me think that immortality is feasible.
05.10.10, 4:03 am est
100 Amazing Futuristic Design Concepts
They aren't real yet, but they are interesting!
05.09.10, 9:24 pm est
*Original* Star Wars trilogy retold in 2 minutes using Legos
Is there anything Legos can't do?
05.09.10, 9:02 pm est
Hay! Ho! Hay! Ho!
Hay! Ho! Hay! Ho!
05.09.10, 4:52 am est
Cool solution to clean up oil disaster
Hay. Ho. Hay. Ho.
05.09.10, 4:49 am est
Two kids lipsync Seinfeld standup bit
The one kid is a natural.
05.09.10, 4:46 am est
Street Fighter: Legacy - Short Fan Film
Badass. If only it were at least 87 minutes longer.
05.09.10, 4:35 am est
White Women's Workout
A new way to get in shape!
05.09.10, 4:05 am est
HAHAHAHA... whoever is posting these up is a genius.
05.08.10, 7:08 pm est
собака Бэ бэ бэээ vs. 2Pac
"YouTube Doubler" is a great site to "mashup" YouTube videos, and this one was very amusing.
05.08.10, 7:06 pm est
Google Chrome Speed Tests
I wish more commercials would be this interesting.
05.08.10, 6:59 pm est
The King Of Famicom
I WISH this was real.
05.08.10, 5:57 pm est
25 Various Styles of The Wizard of Oz Illustrations
Alt-art is great.
05.06.10, 6:25 pm est
25 Awesome Motorcycle Helmets
Saving your life in style.
05.06.10, 6:23 pm est
This is new
Watch the entire video. It's 44 seconds. This is a new way to do things.
05.06.10, 5:58 pm est
Skateboarding down bobsled tracks
X-Games, here they come!
05.06.10, 5:51 pm est
The Prometheus Device
It's a flame thrower... IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.
05.05.10, 8:08 pm est
US oil spill explained
Who are the ad wizards...
05.05.10, 2:44 pm est
Red Light Runners Compilation
Watch idiots collide with innocent people.
05.04.10, 11:12 pm est
BOOB, the movie
Short film about a boob. Nudity implied. A boob, SINGULAR.
05.04.10, 4:28 am est
Slave Leias Make for Sexiest Geek Car Wash Ever
Just when I thought my list of fantasies couldn't get any longer.
05.03.10, 5:54 pm est
Local boy with cancer turns into a superhero for a day
Your warm, fuzzy, feel good moment for the day.
05.03.10, 5:33 pm est
The fix is on!
Undeniable evidence that Bettman has the fix on for Crosby and the Pens.
05.03.10, 12:59 am est
Copy machines, a security risk?
The answer is yes, and someone else already has your information.
05.03.10, 12:51 am est
Alien vs. Pooh
Well... that was different.
05.01.10, 8:52 pm est
Damien Walters
Is a badass.
05.01.10, 8:44 pm est
This little girl is going the distance
05.01.10, 12:15 am est
05.01.10, 12:10 am est
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