600 Hanna-Barbera Characters
JPB comes through with another interesting info-ish graphic.
08.31.10, 11:18 pm est
Press Your Ashes Into Vinyl When You Die
Well, that's one way to go.
08.31.10, 10:56 pm est
Behold the Legal Sex Drive-Thru
Switzerland knows what the score is. Score, haha.
08.31.10, 10:53 pm est
Pure Awesomeness Needs No Subtitles
Best action scene evar.
08.31.10, 10:51 pm est
Tommy Wiseausaurus
Simply the best creation ever.
08.31.10, 4:40 am est
Bigfoot spotted in Western NC
Oh, the yokels have the best stories.
08.31.10, 4:40 am est
Combination WIN
The only two things I need to be happy.
08.31.10, 3:45 am est
Braille FAIL
08.31.10, 3:44 am est
FaceSaver Breathalyzer
Another million dollar idea, haha.
08.31.10, 3:43 am est
Bad Catnip
08.31.10, 3:39 am est
A Sink/Urinal Combo
You put a sink in my urinal! You put a urinal in my sink!
08.31.10, 3:37 am est
Is It Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry?
Regardless, this is a threesome I'd like to have happen.
08.31.10, 3:17 am est
North Korean People's Army Funky Get Down Juche Party
Old footage + dubbed music = hilarity!
08.31.10, 3:04 am est
TP roll art
Pretty interesting stuff.
08.31.10, 3:02 am est
Sketchy Ice Creams
Funny short. Short funny!
08.31.10, 2:46 am est
Boob Apron
Why would you take cleavage away from us?!?
08.29.10, 1:37 am est
Mario Kart symbols appear in bike lanes
As long as there aren't any blue shells, I am fine with it.
08.28.10, 11:52 am est
Hipster Hitler
I suppose it was just a matter of time, haha.
08.28.10, 11:36 am est
Protein that destroys HIV discovered
Good news everyone!
08.28.10, 11:31 am est
A tornado made of fire. Seriously.
Now, imagine it also had flying crocodiles shooting out of it. Or bees. Or dogs that shoot bees.
08.28.10, 11:25 am est
WTF Should I Do With My Life?
It's about time, internet!
08.28.10, 11:23 am est
35 Life Hacks You Should Know - Infographic
Lots of neat stuff listed in this one.
08.28.10, 11:17 am est
Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows from ThinkGeek
So delicious, so harmless...
08.28.10, 11:11 am est
A serious roundhouse kick puts this kid out for the count
You got knocked the **** OUT!
08.28.10, 9:41 am est
Snack Time
Oh come ON!!!
08.28.10, 9:31 am est
Seahawks' fake snake prank
Ahh, a good ol' classic prank.
08.28.10, 9:27 am est
The Beauty of the Power Game
Slo-mo tennis chicks.
08.28.10, 9:22 am est
Muppet Names
Now in informative Venn diagram format!
08.28.10, 9:15 am est
Stu Pickles has a nervous breakdown
I see this in my future.
08.23.10, 5:09 am est
Revenge of ZARNOK
Will the Amish ever learn?
08.23.10, 4:50 am est
PR2N: soft core legacy
Tron has never looked hotter. Dibs.
08.23.10, 4:47 am est
Winter Fear '91
08.23.10, 4:46 am est
Much needed filler site
08.23.10, 4:43 am est
A Victim Treats His Mugger Right
Great short read.
08.23.10, 12:18 am est
Pool Domination 2010
Sweet sassy molassy!
08.22.10, 3:40 pm est
Mystery of Beer Goggles Solved
I must have quite the asymmetrical face.
08.22.10, 4:05 am est
A really bizzare NES mashup video
There's 4 other videos if you expand the description. If you watch them all, they really don't like Mega Man for some reason, haha.
08.21.10, 5:29 pm est
Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil
Can we stop giving our money to other countries and start buying these?
08.21.10, 1:56 am est
Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters
"They're cut out for action!" Oh my.
08.20.10, 12:53 am est
5 Bizarre Ways Your Siblings Made You Who You Are
It's a Cracked article, so keep that in mind.
08.20.10, 12:16 am est
Happy Japanese Kirby, Angry American Kirby
Kirby hates being imported, haha.
08.20.10, 12:12 am est
C'était un Rendez-vous
I found this short "film" a bit fascinating.
08.19.10, 3:49 am est
Milky Way timelapse at Hakuba Lake, Japan
I wish there was 10 more minutes of this as well.
08.19.10, 2:31 am est
Why I Hate Cobwebs
08.18.10, 6:56 pm est
Delusions Abound on Energy Savings, Study Says
Using something that is more efficient rather than not using something at all has been proven the way to go. I'm glad there's people that actually do studies on this stuff.
08.18.10, 2:46 pm est
The Rise of Text Messaging [Infographic]
Another reason teenagers don't need cell phones.
08.17.10, 10:34 pm est
Guy's Team Fortress 2 F-Bomb Tirade
The first video on the page is straight up F-bomb city. Nay, country. No, F-bomb PLANET.
08.17.10, 9:18 pm est
Smells Like Rockin' Robin
A quaint little mashup.
08.17.10, 7:25 pm est
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
08.16.10, 8:36 pm est
The Ultimate Fart Soundboard
You never know when this may come in handy.
08.16.10, 6:30 pm est
The Health Benefits of Bacon (Infographic)
That's some tasty good news, haha.
08.16.10, 12:35 pm est
I liked it so much, I wish there was 10 more minutes of it.
08.15.10, 8:24 pm est
You Swear
Learn about swearing in different languages!
08.15.10, 8:20 pm est
E-mails from an asshole. Amusing.
08.15.10, 8:20 pm est
Job Hunting on the Internet
This is how I feel.
08.15.10, 8:17 pm est
Skittles - Giraffe
They had to come from somewhere!
08.15.10, 8:17 pm est
Detachable lens for cell phone cameras
This is a million dollar invention.
08.15.10, 8:16 pm est
Nanotech tea bag creates safe drinking water instantly, for less than a penny
Now, if we can stop producing bottled water, the earth might be in business.
08.15.10, 8:15 pm est
A toothpaste-like gel that can heal wounds six times faster than normal
Science. It's poetry in motion.
08.15.10, 8:14 pm est
Funny ad featuring a panda
Don't say no to the panda.
08.12.10, 2:06 pm est
Little Soccer Robots Dribble, Kick, Score
I fear the day that Pelé-bot is constructed.
08.12.10, 8:04 am est
Robots Preparing To Defeat Humans in Soccer
I shouldn't be surprised that this event exists, yet I am!
08.12.10, 8:03 am est
Impressive coordination drawing between both hands
Dude has SKILL.
08.12.10, 7:04 am est
Song Lyrics As Google Maps Directions
I see what they did there.
08.11.10, 7:20 pm est
More goal celebrations from Iceland
Stjarnan F.C. comes through with more celebrations from the Iceland premier league.
08.11.10, 11:53 am est
God's Number is 20
Every position of Rubik's Cube™ can be solved in twenty moves or less. Here comes the science.
08.11.10, 11:45 am est
The Pac-Man Dossier
This website is "Pac"ked with info!
08.11.10, 11:44 am est
Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack
Take shotgunning beers to a whole new level.
08.10.10, 8:19 pm est
Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved
"Solved"? Nah, we all know why aircraft and boats disappear there: Chuck Norris.
08.10.10, 8:04 pm est
Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)
Quitting a job should be an art.
08.10.10, 7:23 pm est
Turkish Ice Cream
08.10.10, 4:27 am est
Woman Really Excited to be on Cop Show
08.10.10, 3:59 am est
Game Over: Super Mario Bros. Rap
This was done well.
08.10.10, 3:57 am est
Vintage Tokyo subway manner posters
Subway: serious business. Serious, Japanese, crazy-insane business.
08.09.10, 4:17 pm est
Double up!
It took a second...
08.09.10, 10:55 am est
A bunch of slideshow videos with pretty photography
08.08.10, 5:01 am est
Truly An Invention Every Consumer Needs: ANYWAY® Spray
This man is a genius.
08.07.10, 6:20 pm est
Radioactive Wild Boars Increase in Number
08.07.10, 6:08 am est
Mini Cannon Firing and Destroying Targets
Destruction comes in all sizes.
08.06.10, 8:28 pm est
A Solid Base
Looking for top notch desktop wallpaper? This is *the* place.
08.06.10, 4:36 am est
Solar highways
If it can survive the elements of weather, then why not give it a shot?
08.06.10, 2:19 am est
Racer 0.2
A video game mixed with real life components.
08.05.10, 5:43 pm est
marmite is terrible (asdfmite)
08.05.10, 2:12 pm est
asdfmovie2: deleted scenes
08.05.10, 2:11 pm est
08.05.10, 2:11 pm est
08.05.10, 2:10 pm est
Bangs - 'Meet Me On Facebook'
Bangs: Best Rapper In All Of Ever.
08.05.10, 4:24 am est
Sweet Ass 2001 Ford Taurus
Holy crap! What kind of badassary is this?!
08.04.10, 5:01 pm est
Massive 2 airbag explosion in a clothes drier
Good fun!
08.03.10, 10:59 pm est
How To Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites
I like the ones labeled "impossible", haha.
08.03.10, 10:57 pm est
Artist Builds Amazing Vintage Racer From Cardboard And Hot Glue
Free time + cardboard = awesome.
08.03.10, 10:52 pm est
Billy West answering questions and doing voices
It's amazing how many cartoons this guy voiced from my childhood through now.
08.03.10, 3:53 pm est
Star Wars™ Sandwich Cutters
Prepare for warp FEED, bahahaha.
08.03.10, 3:32 pm est
More fun than you can shake a stick at.
08.03.10, 2:13 pm est
Beer Savers
beersavers™ are designed to help keep beer fresh and safe.
08.03.10, 4:16 am est
Rubber Bandit pen
Be prepared for any office situation that may arise.
08.03.10, 4:15 am est
17 Public Administration Infographics Everyone Should See
Get familiar, son!
08.03.10, 4:14 am est
The real Frank Abagnale from 'Catch Me If You Can'
Fascinating. I wish the clip was longer.
08.03.10, 1:35 am est
How to be alone
08.03.10, 1:08 am est
It's Thursday
This was surprisingly funny.
08.03.10, 12:33 am est
The Oregon Trail - Official Trailer
No one wants to be the carpenter!!!
08.03.10, 12:29 am est
Girl launched to sky on blob
Serious hang time.
08.03.10, 12:26 am est
RPM + shutter speed + frame rate = animation machine
08.03.10, 12:24 am est
Unusual Sports, Old and New
Slideshow of some strange activities.
08.03.10, 12:23 am est
Cursor Invisible
This game is tricky.
08.03.10, 12:20 am est
Darth Schwarzenegger
08.03.10, 12:19 am est
Lisa Simpson Kind Of Got Married Today
I smell a plot hole...
08.03.10, 12:14 am est
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