Calvin Nicholls - paper bear sculpture
Ridiculous detail in this paper art creation.
09.29.13, 3:57 am est
NeverWet Rain Drawing - I'm Only Happy When It Rains (1:04)
A neat new way of creating graffiti.
09.29.13, 3:53 am est
Game Of Thrones House Sigils, Star Wars, Futurama And Adventure Time Characters Carved From Crayons
Very well done mini statues.
09.28.13, 3:07 pm est
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - We Almost Lost Detroit (3:27)
It's a great song, and a cover of the original by Gil Scott-Heron. Lyrics are about the partial meltdown of nuclear reactor Fermi 1 in SE Michigan in 1966.
09.28.13, 3:09 am est
Tales You Lose
Transforming coins into portraits of fictional characters.
09.27.13, 2:59 am est
Football's 10 Most Spectacular Own Goals
There's a couple spectacular finishes in here, even if they are for the wrong team.
09.26.13, 3:48 am est
Natural-born painkiller found in human saliva
More mind-blowing science.
09.26.13, 3:02 am est
The Awesome Story About a Group of Men Who Have Been Playing a Single Game of Tag for 23 Years
The most epic game of all time.
09.26.13, 3:00 am est
A Manly Day in the Life of Nick Offerman (2:25)
09.26.13, 2:43 am est
Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas (2:35)
The same guy who did the Ghostbusters/Mario mashup has made another masterpiece.
09.25.13, 2:33 am est
Red Fang - Wires (5:56)
What a $5000 music video looks like. (Hint: it's amazing.)
09.25.13, 2:31 am est
Kumamon is my favorite Japanese prefecture mascot
Why? (dot dot dot)
09.24.13, 2:02 am est
This is completely random.
09.24.13, 1:57 am est
A Glowing TRON Themed N-64
Kind of want.
09.24.13, 1:56 am est
Promo Video For The Polish Knight Fight League (2:47)
09.24.13, 1:54 am est
Sewing machine diagram
Now you know the names of the major components of a sewing machine.
09.24.13, 1:53 am est
You can shoot the dog in the arcade version of Duck Hunt (0:44)
09.23.13, 2:28 am est
This animated gif...
09.23.13, 2:25 am est
Surreal Photos of Subway Cars Being Thrown Into the Ocean
Fact: they are used as artificial reef and have become successful ventures.
09.23.13, 2:25 am est
IHOP comics
Deep subject matter.
09.22.13, 4:18 am est
Diamonds Are Bullshit
An article on how De Beers took a shiny object of mass quantity and drove up the price.
09.21.13, 2:43 am est
Dad Creates Super Mario Themed Bedroom For Daughter
I will never tire of these bedroom conversions. This one is fantastic.
09.20.13, 7:17 pm est
Kinetic Sand (1:30)
Sand... from the FUTURE!!!
09.20.13, 5:04 pm est
Jupiter Structural Layer Cake
I want this to be my next birthday cake.
09.20.13, 1:46 am est
The Veterinary Hospital Has Some Serious Balls
Someone changing the letters on the sign has a sense of humor.
09.20.13, 1:45 am est
The Twisted Trees of Slope Point
Gale force winds in New Zealand force the trees to grow at crazy angles.
09.20.13, 1:45 am est
Fliike is the first physical Facebook Fan (or "Like") counter specially designed for local businesses, public places or Marketing departments.
09.20.13, 1:44 am est
How To Make A Paper Airplane Fly Forever (2:01)
09.19.13, 3:34 am est
East/West College Bowl 2: Key & Peele (4:37)
Some good names in this sequel.
09.19.13, 3:32 am est
BC Lions Bust Out Some Excellent Dance Moves During a Video Review (0:36)
Havin' fun in the CFL.
09.19.13, 3:01 am est
Guy finds his house plumbed with beer (1:41)
A most excellent prank.
09.19.13, 2:17 am est
Maple Bacon Chicken and Waffle Wings
Dude Foods also brings us this gem, which now gives me reason to buy a waffle iron.
09.19.13, 1:37 am est
The McEverything
Food blog "Dude Foods" bought $140 worth of McDonald's sandwiches and stacked them together.
09.19.13, 1:36 am est
Underground Living: 10 Amazing Cave Homes, Hotels and More
Here's a bucket list if I've ever seen one. Amazing.
09.18.13, 3:45 am est
This Thai Commercial is Better Than the Last Movie You Watched (3:03)
Mighty dusty in here.
09.18.13, 2:49 am est
Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray
Not going to lie, these are pretty cool. Pun!
09.18.13, 2:45 am est
Nintendo audio played by player piano and robotic percussion (7:43)
I can't imagine how long it took to program this to be such good quality.
09.18.13, 2:44 am est
19 Bizarre Hockey Injuries
If you think being on the ice is a hazard, see how these players fared off the ice.
09.18.13, 2:34 am est
Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches
These look amazing and I want them.
09.17.13, 3:17 am est
Hank Bought A Bus
Who knew a renovated school bus could look so classy?
09.17.13, 3:16 am est
Old man at McDonald's
Get your daily dose of feels from this story.
09.17.13, 2:57 am est
The Fox Ticker Thinks Every Player Is Named Griffin
I didn't catch this, that's pretty damn funny.
09.17.13, 2:47 am est
The 3 most beautiful words in the world
09.15.13, 2:15 pm est
A Michigan Man Whose House Was To Be Demolished Gave His Neighbor's Address Instead
Now that is some Pure Michigan.
09.13.13, 9:05 pm est
Adam Lefkoe of WHAS11 News in Louisville
He currently has two excellent videos, one called "Wrestlecast" and one called "Seinfeldcast". They are both amazingly.
09.13.13, 3:04 am est
Evolution of End Zone Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake) (2:43)
"Old-Timey" Railroad Car" is my favorite.
09.13.13, 3:02 am est
How Americans Ski Jump According To Japanese Game (1:07)
09.13.13, 2:56 am est
Secret to Odorless Pooping in Public - (2:16)
Apparently someone made a product that masks the fact you just blew up the bathroom.
09.13.13, 2:53 am est
13 Police Blotters To Make You Fear For Your Safety
The first one is absolutely hilarious.
09.13.13, 2:46 am est
Phonebloks (2:47)
I want this concept to become a reality. What a brilliant idea.
09.11.13, 4:18 am est
Waffle falling over (0:06)
Greatest. Video. Ever.
09.11.13, 3:15 am est
Cheese balls make a beautiful model
So majestic.
09.10.13, 4:08 am est
Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing
The most fun you will ever have with a typing tutorial game. I played the whole thing - doesn't take up too much of your time. Check it out.
09.10.13, 4:06 am est
The Best Map Ever Made of America's Racial Segregation
Nothing highlights this better than 8 Mile Road.
09.10.13, 3:37 am est
Radical Fast Food Joint Doubles Down on High Wages
See link below. They apparently pay workers $15 an hour. I hope this chain catches on.
09.10.13, 3:35 am est
Moo Cluck Moo
I know where I am eating next month.
09.10.13, 3:34 am est
The Pastels (7:15)
A 4-man team taking juggling to the next level.
09.08.13, 11:55 pm est
Spin the Wheel to Enter Our Showcase Showdown!
Everyone is a winner when bubble wrap is involved.
09.08.13, 11:54 pm est
Nokia developing phone that recharges itself without mains electricity
This would be groundbreaking. I hate charging my phone every two seconds.
09.08.13, 11:52 pm est
Bo Burnham is excited for football season.
09.07.13, 4:09 am est
Ylvis - The Fox (3:45)
Your viral music video of the moment. After watching this, watch every Ylvis music video they have, because they are FANTASTIC.
09.07.13, 1:30 am est
Sport Science: Butt Fumble (2:15)
Because this play needed to be broken down on a molecular level.
09.07.13, 1:19 am est
Putting All the World's Water into a Big Cube
It is deceiving how much water is on this planet.
09.07.13, 1:15 am est
Southwest: Photos by Kurt and Edwige Moses
I thought it was just tilt-shift photography, but those are actually mini figurines.
09.07.13, 1:13 am est
Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion
There were some rockin' electronics left behind.
09.07.13, 1:12 am est
Living Cube Combines Entertainment Center, Bookshelves, Wardrobe, Walk-In Closet, Loft Bed
In NYC, you can rent one for $1750 a month.
09.07.13, 1:05 am est
Vintage Fallout Bunker Features A Full House And Yard
Yo dawg, I herd u like houses, so we put a house in yo house so u can survive while u survive.
09.07.13, 1:01 am est
Introducing #footballfanproblems
Some of these are pretty funny.
09.07.13, 12:57 am est
Roasted Mezcal Bloody Marys
So, it's not food per se, it's a drink, but it looks absolutely amazing.
09.07.13, 12:57 am est
If other planets were at the same distance as our moon
A fun GIF set.
09.06.13, 4:42 am est
Power Tools Make Every Job Easier
This idea is brilliant!
09.06.13, 2:43 am est
Greatest Vines 2013 (11:38)
There is a lot of internet gold in this video compilation.
09.05.13, 1:25 am est
A spoonful of awesome
The troika of tantalizing taste.
09.05.13, 12:39 am est
20 letters in the alphabet
Oh, I forgot a few of them...
09.05.13, 12:37 am est
30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past
#26 might be a little NSFW, watch out!
09.05.13, 12:36 am est
LG Ultra HD 84" TV Commercial (2:06)
Great gag for a commercial bit.
09.05.13, 12:34 am est
The Hum
This sounds like a terrible Sci-Fi movie.
09.02.13, 10:22 pm est
This was advertised in Nintendo Power back in the day. My parents wouldn't let me get it because of the monthly subscription fee. I would have owned everyone in Mario Kart in the mid 90's.
09.02.13, 10:19 pm est
Power washing porn
So... clean...
09.02.13, 10:18 pm est
All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands, shaded according to year of construction
The Dutch have their shit together like a boss.
09.02.13, 7:11 pm est
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