A Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks (6:17)
Another video showing off how the AI makes faces. And cars. And beds. Okay, I see how the Matrix we live in works now.
03.08.19, 12:48 am est
ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com uses AI to generate endless fake faces
This weirds me out for some reason. Fascinating, but weird on a deeper level.
03.08.19, 12:42 am est
Back To The Future LEGO Hill Valley 2015, 1955 Clock Tower and Time Train
I want to live in 2015 Hill Valley.
03.08.19, 12:30 am est
Back to the Future timeline
This is absolutely amazing data visualization. Also, this movie franchise might be my all-time favorite and I can't seem to get enough of it.
03.08.19, 12:28 am est
The puck passes through a hole cut in the glass for photographers
Rare in itself, rarer that there's such an amazing picture of it.
03.08.19, 12:23 am est
The Mirthlimo alongside the cars from Days of Thunder behind King's Dominion
This was over a decade ago, they don't show up on Google Maps now. Still, fascinating pictures.
03.08.19, 12:19 am est
The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1
Guitar legend Steve Vai composed parts of the soundtracks to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Encino Man, and PCU, movies that are staples of my childhood. I thought that was extremely interesting.
03.08.19, 12:17 am est
Here's All the Free Food You Can Get in March
Pack it all in!
03.08.19, 12:07 am est
The bouncing DVD logo explained
The math behind the greatest mystery of all time.
03.08.19, 12:06 am est
… And Then We Got Mario Kart Tattoos
Braden Holtby's story from growing up on a farm to winning the Stanley Cup.
03.08.19, 12:05 am est
Relatable Book Titles That’ll Make You Think "This Is The Story of My Life"
I feel like I wrote half of these.
02.21.19, 11:50 pm est
Devils host ’90s night, featuring David Puddy and his bobblehead
Puddy continues to support the team.
02.20.19, 12:54 am est
Transparent Solar Panels | Michigan State University (3:31)
I would love to see this implemented on a large scale in my lifetime.
02.17.19, 6:38 pm est
StadiumView LED End Tables
Very cool. Not $600 cool, but cool nonetheless.
02.17.19, 12:09 am est
have i been pwned?
Check if you have an email account that has been compromised in a data breach. I had three. Change those passwords!
02.17.19, 12:05 am est
Clown Core - Toilet (1:30)
This rocks so fucking hard.
02.17.19, 12:03 am est
I've No More F***s To Give! (3:05)
My anthem.
02.15.19, 10:20 pm est
Researchers Repurposed CRISPR to Help Develop Better Antibiotics
Science is finding a way to beat out diseases, now at the gene level.
01.28.19, 6:33 pm est
Great Hookup Escape
What a great read. I like everything about this.
01.24.19, 3:32 am est
196 Gigapixel Shanghai
I could get lost in this for a very long time. Insane zoom capability.
01.21.19, 2:48 am est
Great short film.
01.21.19, 2:44 am est
They Might Be Giants - Last Wave (3:24)
I'm so tired of waiting / My heart is cold / The sky is dark / I'm curled up in the ashes
01.20.19, 2:01 am est
Hawaii Hotel Treats Teddy Bear To Luxurious 'Extended Vacation' After Child Leaves Toy Behind
These hotel employees are the best people ever.
01.20.19, 1:57 am est
Snoop Dogg did play by play for the LA Kings and obviously it was awesome
There's so much to like here. Snoop should get 5 minutes of play-by-play every second period, in every game, forever.
01.20.19, 1:53 am est
Portsmouth Sinfonia : "Also sprach Zarathustra" (1:31)
Feel the tension.
01.20.19, 1:51 am est
Mini Meatballs in Edible Garlic Bread Bowls
I could eat, like, a hundred of these, right now.
01.19.19, 1:35 am est
VAR Explained (3:07)
The more you know!
01.18.19, 1:15 am est
The Executive Coloring Book
A few tweaks and this would still hold up today.
01.12.19, 6:42 pm est
Did You Know That Sheep At Night Look Terrifying?
But only if the flash is on.
01.12.19, 6:42 pm est
Super Mario Crossover V 4.0
It's not perfect and crashes in places, but it's a fantastic concept. I hope they can keep going and work out all the bugs.
01.12.19, 6:40 pm est
NHL All-Star jerseys made of ocean garbage
Something something Gary Bettman is garbage, the joke is there somewhere.
01.12.19, 6:39 pm est
Capitalism Can't Give Us Affordable Housing
Makes sense to me. I know once I buy my own place, there isn't a chance that I'll be able to do anything else but pay it off right before I die.
01.09.19, 8:02 pm est
Someone was caught living out everyone's dream by playing Mario Kart on the Kansas City Royals' Jumbotron
Yeah, *MY* dream.
01.08.19, 10:26 pm est
Not so fast
Listen to me, Gerard, don't do it.
01.08.19, 10:23 pm est
Shittens: Mittens you shit on
Another product in the long line of "coming up with the name first, then the product".
01.08.19, 12:35 am est
Deep Fried S'mores
I need these in my FACE.
01.08.19, 12:34 am est
Writers made up fake musicals and featured them on Letterman
And a fake boy band that got on TRL. Man, Late Show and Letterman was the best.
01.05.19, 4:07 pm est
This Contest Gives You a Chance to Be a Depressed Animal on 'BoJack Horseman'
I want to be a depressed polar bear on this show like so much volleyball.
01.02.19, 5:19 pm est
Lighter load: Laundry detergents shrink for Amazon
Good. Less plastic, smaller eco footprint. People who make fun of this kind of stuff are idiots. Let's figure out how to keep this planet going in the right direction.
01.02.19, 5:18 pm est
Ultimate Hockey 2018 Trivia Quiz
10 out of 20. I mean, I didn't pay suuuper close attention this year, but some of these were terribly difficult.
01.02.19, 2:52 pm est
Tired of All The Bad News, Artist Illustrates The Best News of 2018
It's about time I switch from gloom and doom news over to something more positive.
01.02.19, 2:45 pm est
Finally! 2019 Sarcastic Vintage Pictures Calendar Is Here!
I posted something like this before, they are still hilarious to me.
01.02.19, 2:44 pm est
Geggy Tah - Whoever You Are (4:26)
Here's a deep cut from the 90's I completely forgot existed.
01.02.19, 2:29 pm est
Best Olympic Event
I would watch an entire Olympics of this kind of competition.
12.30.18, 2:29 am est
Devastating News
I know of similar pain.
12.30.18, 2:28 am est
Making Movie Lies
12.30.18, 2:26 am est
Holiday Secret
I got a new phone. This definitely did happen.
12.30.18, 2:24 am est
3 tons of servers on top of $24 worth of soda cans
Reading the additional comments explains a bit more but still boggles the mind.
12.30.18, 2:18 am est
This Holiday Season, give your parents the gift of blocking Fox News with Parental Controls (1:39)
I'm also going to need something for shit-house crazy chain emails as well.
12.19.18, 10:13 pm est
Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant (1:00)
I'm a sucker for 90's nostalgia, this was pretty good.
12.19.18, 9:37 pm est
Kids these days.
12.18.18, 10:33 pm est
Demonic Cult Decorations
This lady is bringing her 'A' game.
12.18.18, 10:33 pm est
It lookes like a UFO crashed into the ground
It lets *all* the sunlight in.
12.17.18, 1:46 am est
Home Built Back To The Future II Time Traveling DeLorean Hovercraft For Sale
45 large. This is the definition of needing hovercraft money. That aside, I want it.
12.17.18, 12:50 am est
Custom Toy Story Pizza Planet Delivery Truck Replica For Sale In Colorado
The listing is gone now, but that's a fantastic recreation.
12.17.18, 12:49 am est
An Officially Licensed OREO Dunking Set
For those dedicated fans that know a serving size is *not* three cookies.
12.17.18, 12:48 am est
Bowl season is here!!! (1:08)
Don't miss out on some of the best bowl games around.
12.16.18, 12:54 am est
Funny Fake Gift Boxes To Prank Your Friends This Christmas
I kind of thought some of these were actually real.
12.15.18, 1:25 am est
First Look: SPIN Is A Surprisingly Fancy Place To Play Ping-Pong
A fancy new ping-pong club opening in downtown DC this month. I like the idea.
12.15.18, 1:17 am est
An NHL goal was disallowed after it bounced in off the groin of referee Tim Peel (0:55)
Courtesy of Hans Moleman Productions.
12.15.18, 1:15 am est
On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars
I thoroughly enjoy these kinds of long-form efforts from The Oatmeal.
12.14.18, 1:25 am est
About 5 years ago I worked in a restaurant and Ludacris came in...
Deep Thoughts with Ludacris.
12.14.18, 1:23 am est
The inflatable wacky waving tube man desk toy you didn't know you needed
I need this.
12.14.18, 1:22 am est
Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath
Super Mario 3 to be exact. It was only $20, but currently out of stock at the time of this post.
12.14.18, 1:20 am est
World's Tallest Statue Cost $420 Million, Tivals The Space Needle (1:18)
I get the importance of it, what it resembles, and how amazing it looks. But I also see $420 million dollars that could have been put to better use.
12.14.18, 1:18 am est
Re:Birth - Pre-internet technology
Fantastic mashup.
12.08.18, 3:09 am est
An album hidden in Golden Gate Park (0:30)
A really neat idea to promote an album. Read the description for more.
12.08.18, 2:53 am est
Tuh-nie / Swing Wing Mash-up (2:33)
This song is my jam. This video is bizarre.
12.08.18, 2:48 am est
Sad Topographies: Instagram Account Collects The Saddest-Sounding Places On Earth
I feel like some of these names could describe where I live right now.
12.08.18, 2:47 am est
Minimal Arcade Games - Series by Ty Lettau
Perfect 10 out of 10 here.
12.08.18, 2:46 am est
Minimal NES (Sports Games) - Series by Ty Lettau
Definitely 9 for 9 on this one.
12.08.18, 2:44 am est
Minimal NES - Series by Ty Lettau
I only got 4 out of the 10 in this set.
12.08.18, 2:43 am est
All kids love Bench!
12.08.18, 2:40 am est
Useless man
Triangle man hates useless man. They have a fight, Triangle wins. Triangle man.
12.08.18, 2:39 am est
Tranquility gif by Kenze Wee Hon Ming
Well done.
12.02.18, 8:08 pm est
Vikings WR Stefon Diggs with the Super Nintendo cleats
I *need* a pair of soccer cleats just like these.
12.02.18, 8:07 pm est
Game. Blouses. (0:14)
Gritty is best mascot.
12.02.18, 8:05 pm est
Sam Ponder and ESPN learned that Dr. Pepper doesn't appreciate making fun of chest passes
That would have been fantastic if she got to straight up ridicule those plebs out there. A missed opportunity to set the record straight.
12.02.18, 8:04 pm est
How a two-handed football toss changed lives and championship week forever
I didn't watch any of the Dr. Pleb-per chest pass fiascos this year. Here's an article with the story behind the person that ruined football.
12.02.18, 8:02 pm est
North Carolina's Sports Channel 8 gave us a glorious "Return of the Mack" rewrite about Mack Brown and 90s reboots (1:30)
Well done, good sirs.
11.28.18, 11:51 pm est
Artist Uses Jigsaw Puzzles, With The Same Cut Pattern, To Make Amazing Mashups
There is a high level of research done here to make this happen that I must applaud.
11.26.18, 12:27 am est
Kids Write Jokes - knock knock
This one tears at the fabric of my being.
11.22.18, 2:19 am est
Star Trek vignette by thire5
Well done.
11.22.18, 2:16 am est
Shaq will endorse anything
Dude, free stickers!
11.22.18, 2:15 am est
Pickle Rick Trap Remix (2:32)
Because, internet.
11.22.18, 2:14 am est
Sale! (0:17)
Blame it on these SUVs, baby.
11.22.18, 2:11 am est
China Plans To Put Luminous Artificial Moon In Orbit To Light Streets At Night
They've already had an out-of-control space station fall out of orbit and burn up. This is a bad idea, you guys.
11.22.18, 2:10 am est
A Flattened World Map Showing All Countries To Proper Scale
Context is important, and that mercator projection malarkey just won't cut it.
11.22.18, 2:06 am est
Beat The Devil Out Of It (46:13)
A 46-minute compilation that allegedly includes footage of every time Bob Ross cleaned a paintbrush on The Joy Of Painting.
11.22.18, 2:04 am est
Nintendo Super Mario Boo Bean Bag Chair
This might be something I really need in my life, because it's AWESOME.
11.22.18, 2:03 am est
Custom $1,350 Game Boy, Nintendo And Super Nintendo Themed Air Jordans
Okay, these are pretty amazing. Not $1,350 amazing, maybe $135 amazing. Amazing nonetheless.
11.22.18, 2:02 am est
Can I Speak To The Manager
An oldie but goodie.
11.22.18, 2:00 am est
This is pretty much me for the most part.
11.22.18, 1:59 am est
The brand new Chinese train station that's been built on wasteland overgrown with shrubbery and weeds
Sometimes I don't understand why humanity makes certain decisions. This is a prime example.
11.15.18, 3:51 am est
I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of stand-up comedy...
...then asked it to write stand-up comedy of its own. Here is the first page. Another piece of humor that always makes me laugh.
11.15.18, 1:51 am est
Rent-A-Ric: Hype man services (0:47)
How to get Ric Flair to your event, sports related or not!
11.15.18, 1:48 am est
Simp-er Mario World
Simpsons/Mario art mashup. Good stuff.
11.12.18, 1:28 am est
Looks like fun
I find this extremely amusing.
11.12.18, 1:27 am est
This wouldn't work for me. I watch nothing but sports while stuffing myself to the rafters with inordinate amounts of Chipotle.
11.06.18, 2:45 am est
Fighting Gentrification
Hey, if that's all it takes to lower my rent, sign me up.
11.06.18, 2:41 am est
The New LOL
BATMN forever.
11.06.18, 2:40 am est
In Russia, something something, I don't know what I just watched but it was peak internet.
11.04.18, 1:06 am est
Levels of white anger, RANKED
It gets pretty colorful.
11.03.18, 12:53 am est
IKEA Has Released a Plush Shark And People Are Losing Their Minds Over It
11.03.18, 12:29 am est
Elote in Edible Cornbread Bowls
I want to devour a million of these.
11.03.18, 12:28 am est
Keys to the game for the Wings
You know your team is struggling when their Twitter account is listing the fundamentals of hockey as the keys to winning.
11.02.18, 3:57 am est
Arby's lowers threshold for free fries with Wings struggling
You know your team is struggling when Arby's lowers its expectations.
11.02.18, 3:56 am est
Africa (acoustic Toto cover) - Mike Massé and Jeff Hall (4:38)
This cover is best cover.
10.25.18, 2:56 am est
Jaw Dropping Korean Taekwondo Team Amazing Performance (3:37)
Just in case you needed any additional proof we are living in the Matrix.
10.24.18, 2:47 am est
Demonstration Of Auditorium's Automated Seating Reconfiguration (3:00)
The engineering that it took to develop and manufacture this would blow my mind.
10.24.18, 2:46 am est
The Ostrich Pillow Hood 'For Focus And Comfort' (1:34)
The video... oh MAN, it drops some *serious* verbiage on you. The next time I need to pitch something, I'm stealing this transcript.
10.24.18, 2:45 am est
Scooter Saga: City Council (3:20)
This... this is fantastic. You tell 'em, Chad.
10.24.18, 2:42 am est
Web Design Museum
Internet nostalgia bomb.
10.24.18, 2:40 am est
Understand The Difference Between Second Cousins And Cousins Once Removed
Educate yourself.
10.21.18, 3:04 pm est
Nevermind, Margaret
We're good.
10.21.18, 3:03 pm est
This improbable membrane can trap flies in a jar, and odor in a toilet (2:24)
10.21.18, 3:00 am est
LEGO Built A Full-Scale, Drivable Bugatti Chiron Out Of Technic Pieces
Including the engine, with 5.3 HP and 12.4 MPH top speed.
10.21.18, 3:00 am est
S'mores Shot Glasses
Don't kill me now, Smalls.
10.17.18, 11:21 am est
The mysterious heart of the Roland TR-808 drum machine
I just thought this was a neat short read.
10.09.18, 2:56 am est
Moonlight (Clair de Lune) (4:47)
And now, your moment of zen.
10.09.18, 2:15 am est
This swampy, brown map sums up September in the eastern U.S.
Thanks, VA. Spoiler: October has still been swampy. Fall, feel free to show up anytime now.
10.09.18, 2:09 am est
The Scale of the Universe - Interactive
It's been a while since I've seen this. It has a couple more things added into it.
10.07.18, 8:14 pm est
The Diet Train
Every. Damn. Time.
10.07.18, 7:58 pm est
Football Clubs of Europe
A really neat map highlighting the premier club teams of each European country.
09.30.18, 8:10 pm est
Join me and I will be your silent guide into a world of horror
A former Tesla employee, who worked on their IT infrastructure, shares the technological atrocities he dealt with. Fascinating, as I can identify with some of it.
09.30.18, 8:09 pm est
Florida security guard documents farts online for 6 months, gets fired immediately
Paul Flart is the hero we need AND deserve.
09.30.18, 8:06 pm est
Pizza music (2:42)
For your next online ordering experience.
09.30.18, 8:04 pm est
The oddly beautiful and sometimes disturbing artistic talent of the nation's drug cops
It's not about the badges, it's all about the patches.
09.30.18, 7:45 pm est
Uzbekistan's Secret Underground
After a longtime ban on photographing the Tashkent Metro was lifted this summer, RFE/RL’s photographer went underground to reveal the art, architecture, and nuclear-blast protection in Central Asia’s oldest subway system.
09.21.18, 2:14 am est
Colorado Mascot Shoots Himself In The Balls After Accidentally Facing T-Shirt Cannon Wrong Way (0:06)
Dude goes down HARD.
09.21.18, 1:55 am est
3/4 Scale Arcade Cabinet Games For $299
Neat idea to add to a finished basement.
09.21.18, 1:49 am est
Funny And Weird Questions Posed To The New York Public Library Pre-Internet
Trolling has been around longer than you think.
09.21.18, 1:45 am est
Smart: Selling Bananas In Packs Of Increasing Ripeness
South Korea figured it out before any of us.
09.21.18, 1:38 am est
Mike Johnson on how a robed Keith Tkachuk introduced him to the Coyotes (1:00)
Fantastic story.
09.21.18, 1:36 am est
A bot watched over 1,000 hours of Shark Tank episodes and then wrote an episode of its own
I rarely laugh out loud and make audible noise, but this cracks me up instantly.
09.21.18, 1:36 am est
Deal sealed for Gilbert to get 'fail jail' site, Wayne County to get new $533 million jail-court complex
So they finally got the site, but it's not going to be for an MLS stadium. Failure all around.
09.02.18, 6:27 pm est
One year in, Detroit’s QLine falling well short of expectations
It's just another god damned people mover.
09.02.18, 6:26 pm est
Why Your Team Sucks 2018: Detroit Lions
They could have literally stopped at the title, but they go hilariously in-depth. User comments are a bonus win.
09.02.18, 6:23 pm est
Check Out This LEGO Ferris Bueller 'You Killed The Car' Scene
Iconic. Legendary. LEGO'd.
09.02.18, 6:21 pm est
Animated GIF: Moon & Stars
One of the best GIFs I've seen.
09.02.18, 6:20 pm est
Star Trek: The Next Jeneration
One is correct. The other is no.
09.02.18, 6:19 pm est
Alternative logos for all 31 NHL teams
More accurate, to be honest.
09.02.18, 6:18 pm est
25 Totally Real Glitches In The Matrix That Will Freak You Out
For best results, please reboot your matrix once per month.
08.31.18, 2:17 am est
Funny Hidden Messages You Wouldn't Expect To Find On Everyday Products
Who knows how many hidden messages are in your house right now.
08.31.18, 2:15 am est
Someone In Colorado Is Putting Up The Punniest Signs Ever
Some decent entries in the bunch.
08.31.18, 2:11 am est
Lucy Sparrow's Handmade Felt Supermarket
Hi, I'd like two of everything please and thank you.
08.28.18, 2:28 am est
Fake Columbus attractions
Or are they?
08.28.18, 2:27 am est
Yogi Bear used to be the mascot of a chicken restaurant franchise
When they all closed, the statues were dumped in the middle of a forest. Here are some pictures to prove that.
08.28.18, 2:22 am est
Hadie Mart did a thing
Read the first word of her tweets from August 23rd and prior.
08.28.18, 2:21 am est
Eleventy-billion Tons of Snow
Hopefully it's in stock soon.
08.28.18, 2:19 am est
A Comparison Of How Much Air Is In Different Brand Bags Of Chips
And apparently I was misinformed as to why there was so much air in chips in the past, this corrects it. Also, it's not air?
08.15.18, 1:31 am est
Important Working Lunch instructional slide RE: introducing yourself
Ingo knows what's up.
08.15.18, 12:42 am est
USA Doctor Kit
Educate your kids early on with this soul crushing toy.
08.15.18, 12:39 am est
Live and Loopy (7:14)
I wasn't on board at first, but it ended up being pretty good overall.
08.11.18, 4:03 am est
Scott Park Illustration
Pop culture in his own style, fantastic poster material.
08.11.18, 1:47 am est
The Basketball Tournament founder Jon Mugar discusses the history and impact of the Elam Ending
The solution for basketball to make the ending of games actually exciting and not full of timeouts. I'd love to see this implemented across the board.
08.11.18, 1:45 am est
Artist Inserts Cartoons Into Real World
I enjoy these very much.
08.11.18, 1:43 am est
Organ Plush Toys
Creations by I Heart Guts, a company that makes educational happy plush guts.
08.11.18, 1:39 am est
Test complete
08.11.18, 12:58 am est
A Robotic Burger Making Machine That Can Produce 240 Burgers/Hour 'With No Human Interaction' (3:01)
Hell yeah I want that in my super mansion after I hit it big.
08.07.18, 1:21 am est
Anger disc
Anger management at its finest.
08.04.18, 7:05 pm est
HOMESTAR RUNNER'S Trogdor Is Getting His Own Burninating Board Game
Uh, you bet I'm going to get in on this.
08.02.18, 3:19 am est
Meet the Anarchists Making Their Own Medicine
The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is a network of tech-fueled anarchists taking on Big Pharma with DIY medicines. I like it. Bring down big pharma.
08.02.18, 3:05 am est
The Legend of C. Martin Croker, Adult Swim Animator And Voice Actor
We seem lose the greatest way too soon.
08.02.18, 2:52 am est
For almost a decade the internet has quietly maintained an obscure Futurama joke
Algorithm or not, that's awesome.
08.02.18, 2:38 am est
We are out of 4-letter .com domains
From 2013. All the 4-letter domains are registered. I have one of them!
08.02.18, 2:37 am est
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)
Just type in some random numbers, any numbers. It's going to be a part of some kind of sequence. MATH.
08.02.18, 2:36 am est
Here's How America Uses Its Land
Put data in map form, I'm hooked. Fascinating.
08.02.18, 2:33 am est
Treasure Island Caves - Vatnajokull glacier - Iceland - Sarah Bethea
Amazing photo. Love it.
08.02.18, 2:32 am est
Barnard 228: The Dark Wolf Nebula in Lupus
I really liked the sharpness of this photo.
07.27.18, 1:33 am est
'Forest' - Yan Wang Preston series exploring the complex relationship between urbanisation and nature
The contrast of large concrete pillars propping up highways above the lushness of nature is fascinating.
07.26.18, 12:54 am est
Breaking Cat Tails (4:25)
Never heard of them before but it's an EXPLOSION OF FLUFF.
07.25.18, 2:40 am est
Mr. Manhole Full Process - How it works (3:50)
Yeah, I need my county to get this equipment and fix the damn road between my home and work.
07.25.18, 2:39 am est
Count Me In: Mario Kart Style Tours Of Japan
07.25.18, 2:38 am est
Brass Against The Machine, Brass Band Rage Against The Machine Cover Band
Four videos of RATM covers. Really good stuff.
07.25.18, 2:37 am est
Urgent message
This cracks me up more than it should.
07.25.18, 12:09 am est
Little frog stays cool (0:14)
Here comes that frog. Maybe he will settle near me.
07.24.18, 9:21 pm est
Of Sails and Spires - Summer Joust Prize, Vignette Category by roΙΙi
I love these mini landscape creations people make in LEGO.
07.21.18, 8:26 pm est
Schwegg's Deodorants
The Subway and the pear one pretty much sum up my whole life.
07.20.18, 1:13 am est
Power Bacon Deodorant
Meaty fresh!
07.20.18, 1:11 am est
Shaq Attack
That's a damn good burn.
07.20.18, 1:06 am est
New Trending Summer Fun: A Pink Coffin Floatie With Lid
The fun way to die in the ocean.
07.20.18, 1:05 am est
Clever And Funny Street Art by Tom Bob
I always seem to enjoy this stuff.
07.20.18, 1:03 am est
Moto GP for Kids from Age of 6: 2017 British Minibikes Championship: Rd 5, Minimoto Pro (10:00)
I didn't think I'd watch this whole race, but it turned out to be kind of fascinating.
07.17.18, 5:19 am est
Keep Shooting: Photographer Captures Croatia Celebration From Under the Pile
I watched that camera dude get piled on as it was happening, and these photos from it capture the moment perfectly.
07.17.18, 5:00 am est
ESPN's Lego highlights of the World Cup final (1:31)
Needs sound, otherwise is fantastic.
07.17.18, 4:59 am est
Dave Grohl impersonates Christopher Walken (1:00)
Dude is SPOT ON with it, hilarious story as well.
07.17.18, 4:56 am est
Sears Catalog Home
Sears used to sell house kits. This blows my mind.
07.17.18, 4:40 am est
Lack of Oxford Comma Could Cost Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute
Use the Oxford comma, all the time, or I hate you.
07.17.18, 4:38 am est
Collector turning up the volume on antique phonographs
You ever hear the phrase "put a sock in it"? The problem with phonograph volume control is where it originated. I was surprised.
07.17.18, 4:35 am est
Man Walking Oddly Found to Have 21 Live Pigeons in Pants
From 1989. And Baltimore. So, you know, of course.
07.17.18, 4:32 am est
Wipe or Wash? Do Bidets Save Forest and Water Resources?
I am pro-bidet.
07.17.18, 4:32 am est
Darley Arabian
"In 95% of modern Thoroughbred racehorses, the Y chromosome can be traced back to this single stallion." That's crazy.
07.17.18, 4:31 am est
Tourism ad for the Northern Territory of Australia (2:20)
People all around the world are shitty, not just in the "U"SA.
07.08.18, 1:05 am est
Mr. Meeseeks goalie mask and jersey concept
More Meeseeks goodness!!!
07.07.18, 8:10 pm est
Mr. Meeseeks goalie mask
Rick and Morty have crossed over into the sports world.
07.07.18, 8:10 pm est
A Pizza Box Designed For Eating Pizza In Bed
AMERIC... Canada? Fuck yeah!
06.29.18, 3:18 am est
Cuckoo Blocks by Guido Zimmerman
I totally dig these.
06.28.18, 3:51 am est
Know The Girl On The Right? I Have Something To Show You, Guys…
Don't get typecast, even for stock photos.
06.28.18, 3:49 am est
Experts say algae is the food of the future, here's why
There's going to be too many humans and too little food one day, hopefully this leads to more sustainable food options.
06.28.18, 3:48 am est
This concrete can trap CO2 emissions forever
Excellent idea. We've got to keep innovating before we kill this planet.
06.28.18, 3:47 am est
Nintendo Direct - Pokemon Snap 2 (2:37)
This is internet level quality.
06.28.18, 3:45 am est
Prankster Creates Hilarious Fake Signs, Places Them All Around Los Angeles
Some good ones in here.
06.24.18, 7:06 pm est
A Tiny Set Of 1/12th Scale Cinderblocks And Mortar For Building At Your Desk
I really like miniature stuff like this, I don't know why.
06.24.18, 7:05 pm est
Gameplay Footage Of FightCrab, A Crab Vs Crab Fighting Game (2:02)
Fight like crab, talk like people.
06.24.18, 7:04 pm est
Mercedes-Benz turns coal power plant into energy storage system with electric car batteries
Keep fighting the good fight. Clean renewable energy is the future.
06.23.18, 2:21 am est
Photos Of Kilauea's Lava Flows From Space
06.23.18, 2:20 am est
Brainstorm or Green Needle? (0:04)
06.17.18, 3:00 am est
Okay, this place is really freakin' neat.
06.17.18, 2:43 am est
It's not a Pizza -- It's CAKE! (7:11)
Damn good replication.
06.16.18, 1:10 am est
Accurate Bullying
Can't even be mad.
06.16.18, 12:29 am est
Arcade machines by Frost Bricks
06.16.18, 12:28 am est
Matthias Heiderich, 2015
Just a set of photos I found interesting.
06.16.18, 12:27 am est
Taco Bell Cyprus has a Greek Burrito/Soft Tacos
I need these in my life.
06.11.18, 2:25 am est
The Mets drafted the son of the guy who played Biff Tannen in 'Back to the Future'
Maybe he'll have a better bat than his old man did.
06.11.18, 2:23 am est
Bofa Deez Nuts Claims Maiden Victory (0:32)
I guess you can name a horse anything these days.
06.09.18, 2:35 am est
What Would Happen If You Pulled A 10m Plug In The Mariana Trench
Now we need one for when all the ice on this planet has melted, because that is actually happening right now.
06.09.18, 2:33 am est
Right Click
Another fantastic interactive XKCD comic.
06.09.18, 2:28 am est
I want an igloom.
06.09.18, 2:27 am est
How to fall asleep fast
This is how I go to bed every night.
06.09.18, 2:23 am est
Thank you for participating
This is how I wake up every morning.
06.09.18, 2:22 am est
Primo Mario Kart Tips
You're still not going to beat me.
06.09.18, 2:21 am est
Squirrel stores food
A metaphor for life.
06.09.18, 2:18 am est
Work review
06.09.18, 2:14 am est
Tech tips
This one is spot on.
06.09.18, 2:09 am est
Pickup line
I have no idea how humans interact.
06.09.18, 2:08 am est
Hey kid
Before they were called LEGO.
06.09.18, 2:07 am est
An idea
Baby steps.
06.09.18, 2:05 am est
Back that ass up
It's good hard drive etiquette.
06.09.18, 2:05 am est
I understand relationships much less now.
06.09.18, 1:55 am est
Wander the earth
Dream job.
06.09.18, 1:52 am est
Ease the pain
Is it that simple?
06.09.18, 1:51 am est
Times of need
Right about now.
06.09.18, 1:49 am est
Me trying to date people.
06.09.18, 1:48 am est
It's not too much to ask.
06.09.18, 1:47 am est
Lessons on politeness
06.09.18, 1:41 am est
The Siren's Song
06.09.18, 1:37 am est
Wicked table tennis shot (0:22)
Dude has skill.
06.08.18, 11:55 pm est
Put 'em on the Glass
Only in Vegas.
06.08.18, 1:45 am est
This Is America, so Call Me Maybe (1:04)
This is... the best internet?
06.05.18, 3:26 am est
Beat Sabers (2:44)
A virtual reality, Star Wars inspired rhythm video game where you slash the beat with lightsabers. IN THE THIRD DIMENSION.
06.05.18, 3:20 am est
Words That End in AN (1:40)
These kids are cracking me up.
06.05.18, 3:13 am est
Arrested Development: Star Wars with Ron Howard! (2:58)
Everything about this is amazing.
06.05.18, 3:11 am est
Hilariously Sinister Parodies of Young Adult Books
I would have read a bunch more books as a kid if these titles were available in the library.
06.02.18, 7:41 am est
What's your next career?
Taco historian. Nailed it.
06.02.18, 7:38 am est
Crippling Depression Action Figure!
My lifelong archenemy.
06.02.18, 7:32 am est
Japan's vast assortment of mascots all share a similar problem
I want to live in a place where this is the biggest problem left to solve.
05.30.18, 11:31 pm est
Hilariously Sarcastic Vintage Pics
Got some chuckles out of these.
05.30.18, 11:30 pm est
Research at NVIDIA: AI Reconstructs Photos with Realistic Results (2:14)
Don't believe 'til you see it, then see it twice.
05.23.18, 12:21 am est
Artist Imagines The Sounds Animated Signs Might Make
These short videos were oddly satisfying.
05.23.18, 12:16 am est
San Francisco Bay captured by DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 satellite
Hell of a photograph.
05.22.18, 11:38 pm est
Waterless Mr. Friendly urinal (2:57)
I mean, I'm on board with not wasting clean drinking water.
05.22.18, 11:36 pm est
This is what happens... (0:18)
...when you give someone alcohol after a nine month pregnancy.
05.22.18, 11:32 pm est
Dirk Lasermaster: The Last Laser Master - Laser Magic Spectacular (4:27)
I like this more than I should, but I don't care, he's the last Laser Master.
05.22.18, 11:31 pm est
How Hostess Cakes Are Made (3:07)
I need these delivered directly to my FACE.
05.22.18, 11:28 pm est
Windows 95 startup sound on accordion (0:26)
Because, reasons.
05.22.18, 11:24 pm est
A Compilation Of Jeff Goldbloom Making Weird Noises In Movies (4:11)
Hey, this is some good internet. Hey, wake up, you're missing some good internet.
05.22.18, 11:18 pm est
Incredible Lego Clockwork Aquarium (1:17)
I never tire of neat LEGO ideas like this.
05.22.18, 11:15 pm est
The Cake Server - Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever (2:42)
Here's a new idea for that restaurant venture you've been looking into starting.
05.22.18, 11:14 pm est
England fan traveling to Amsterdam asks his mate to print his boarding pass (0:20)
Oh those pranksters.
05.22.18, 11:05 pm est
The History of Central Park’s Hooverville, the Great Depression Pop-Up Shanty Town
A stark contrast from what we see today.
05.17.18, 1:03 am est
A Twitter story in three acts
Watching how butthurt the En-Ar-Eh gets over stuff like this also sustains me.
05.14.18, 3:06 am est
Non-soccer fans were pissed off that Premier League soccer was on every NBC network
Suck it, the rest of America. The tears of these whiners sustain me.
05.14.18, 12:23 am est
Montclair hills Estate
I'm kind of digging this place.
05.11.18, 3:57 am est
Eddie Vedder's Can't Find a Better Ham
He's sitting on a gold mine.
05.09.18, 4:15 am est
Dad of Four Girls Tweets Hilarious Conversations With His Daughters
And they're smart, too.
05.06.18, 9:39 pm est
Brutally Honest Life Truths
They fit on sticky notes.
05.06.18, 9:38 pm est
Pizza Roll Pizza Tacos
Pizza? Now that's what I call a taco!
04.30.18, 3:20 am est
The Great David Lee Roth Diarrhea Blowout (0:08)
It happens to the best of them.
04.29.18, 2:20 am est
Running Grand Theft Auto V On A $10,000 Gaming PC With A 4K, 60FPS Graphics Mod
A couple videos with legit sick graphics, bro.
04.29.18, 2:19 am est
Scrambled Eggs in Edible Pancake Bowls
Yes, please, two, please.
04.29.18, 2:19 am est
Official Cobra Kai Trailer - The Karate Kid saga continues (2:34)
I kind of want to watch this.
04.29.18, 2:18 am est
Bad Wolves - Zombie (Official Video) (4:35)
Good stuff.
04.24.18, 4:15 am est
Fans dressed as hockey referees (0:34)
And it is everything I hoped it would be.
04.22.18, 11:44 pm est
Brutally Honest Logos
These are always fun.
04.22.18, 2:24 am est
Cotton Candy Eating Challenge (0:07)
04.22.18, 2:16 am est
Nunchaku Tricks (0:39)
Oh shit, son.
04.22.18, 2:13 am est
'Seinfeld' actor Patrick Warburton riles up crowd at Devils playoff game (1:39)
I can't tell you how happy that makes me.
04.19.18, 1:39 pm est
Brilliant Cross Stitches
I would hang many of these in my house.
04.18.18, 3:59 am est
Marriage Is Dope
I will never know this kind of happiness.
04.18.18, 3:57 am est
Don't do what I do and constantly only think about yourself
Short tweeter thread about how kindness works.
04.15.18, 11:20 pm est
Current mood (4:08)
Run away with me now.
04.14.18, 2:25 pm est
A Periodic Table Of The Elements With A Small Sample Of 83 Elements Encased In Acrylic
Kind of want.
04.12.18, 1:33 am est
Hamster Complete Mini Recreation Of Super Mario Bros Level 1-4
Videos of 1-2 and 1-3 as well.
04.12.18, 1:23 am est
If you open the sour cream, and put it back in the the fridge with the plastic film still on it, are you a lunatic? (0:23)
The people have spoken.
04.08.18, 11:07 pm est
The Lost-Jewelry Hunters
Short read about The Ring Finders Directory.
04.08.18, 6:22 pm est
The Game of Existence
Life is pain.
04.08.18, 6:16 pm est
Beer-league teammates toast emergency goalie's big-league moment with Blackhawks
Feel-good story from the NHL regular season.
04.08.18, 6:14 pm est
Particle Pool
Step 1: buy a really good graphics card. Step 2: click and drag. Step 3: pretty.
04.08.18, 6:07 pm est
Business scythe
More versatile in an office environment than you may know.
04.08.18, 6:01 pm est
Don't Step In It (0:15)
This looks... kid of fun?
04.08.18, 5:54 pm est
Motorized Hover Board Chair (0:38)
What is life, indeed.
04.08.18, 1:36 pm est
How the voice of Hockeytown lost his son to drugs and insurance fraud
People that take advantage of the sick are the sickest people in the world.
04.08.18, 1:17 pm est
Announcing your 2018 COACHELLA LINEUP
Generated by a neural network trained on thousands of band names.
04.08.18, 12:14 pm est
Cristiano Ronaldo's ridiculous bicycle kick vs. Juventus in UEFA Champions League (1:20)
Can't stop watching, it's ridiculous.
04.08.18, 12:09 pm est
Accidental Optical Illusions In Ordinary Everyday Photos
These are usually always fantastic.
04.07.18, 9:33 pm est
Is mayonnaise an instrument? (1:16)
Patrick might be right though...
03.29.18, 3:36 am est
Where is my milk from?
The answer is in the code, check yours today!
03.26.18, 2:53 pm est
The Netflix Cycle
I don't have Netflix, but if I did, I'm almost positive this would be what I use it for.
03.25.18, 10:25 pm est
Self doubt
Pretty much sums it up.
03.25.18, 10:24 pm est
Minnesota Man Teams Up With Friend In India To Make An Earth Sandwich
This is the greatest use of digital communication TO DATE.
03.22.18, 5:12 am est
Clever Costume Contest Winner (0:34)
Well thought out, it does deserve top prize!
03.22.18, 3:49 am est
Snarky Puppy - Shofukan (We Like It Here) (6:52)
My ears stumbled upon this and really liked what they were hearing.
03.20.18, 2:11 am est
This company is 3D printing affordable homes in just 24 hours (1:25)
Currently at 650 sq. ft. for $10K, and they want to drive that down to $4K? At that price I could buy 100 houses for the cost of one house in my area. THIS IS WHAT I WANT.
03.20.18, 2:10 am est
Unboxing video (0:47)
My favorite unboxing video on the net.
03.20.18, 2:05 am est
A look back at the bizarre hockey career of Jonathan Cheechoo
There are four AMAZING videos of the "Jonathan Cheechoo Song" that are the greatest videos in the history of ever. Please watch.
03.20.18, 1:53 am est
Regional pizzas
Try them all!
03.19.18, 3:49 am est
Crazy Football Commentary, Animated! (1:18)
Now I need one that is only Ray Hudson quotes.
03.10.18, 1:39 am est
Genius Company Installs Beehives In Your Living Room, And Here's How It Works
Do you want bees? Because this is how you get bees.
03.10.18, 1:32 am est
Was 'Internet' First Used For A Transistor Radio?
From 2013. Fun language coincidence.
03.10.18, 1:31 am est
First plastic-free aisle is an example for other supermarkets to follow
Another step toward a world I want to live in.
03.10.18, 1:29 am est
Evolution of Windows Startup Sounds (0:41)
Some high quality "nerdstalgia" right here.
03.10.18, 1:28 am est
A Snowball Vending Machine In Minnesota
Why not, eh?
03.10.18, 1:26 am est
Exercise goals.
03.10.18, 1:14 am est
Aftermath of a 2010 toxic waste spill in Western Hungary
What a bizarre looking landscape.
03.08.18, 12:52 am est
Timsah Arena, home of Turkish soccer club Bursaspor
03.08.18, 12:50 am est
141 year old troll
A legacy that's still delivering today.
03.07.18, 12:36 am est
New whole grain options
Step your bread game up, son.
03.07.18, 12:34 am est
More reasons to eat fruit!
I need more strawberries in my diet.
03.02.18, 1:15 am est
He throw (0:48)
This bird does not give any fucks.
03.01.18, 2:19 am est
Condiment Cake: A Cake Made With Ketchup Batter And Mustard Icing (1:35)
This looks like a terrible idea but I want to know what it tastes like.
03.01.18, 1:57 am est
Man Discovers IKEA Isn't Even Particleboard, It's Cardboard
Furniture is a scam. Buying 2nd hand from now on.
03.01.18, 1:51 am est
A Novelty Two-Person Sleeping Bag That Looks Like A Pair Of Blue Jeans (1:28)
I want that polar bear to be in every commercial ever.
03.01.18, 1:48 am est
BMX Biker Stands Up Pile Of Parking Cones With Hop Off Handrail (0:07)
I find this amusing and visually pleasing.
03.01.18, 1:35 am est
Subway Special
Another instance of "I really hope this happened".
02.27.18, 2:49 am est
The internet at its best
Load page. Refresh page. Enjoy.
02.26.18, 2:25 pm est
The News Chain
See also: chain emails.
02.25.18, 4:01 am est
War Of The Words
The enclosed tickets are what make this hilarious.
02.25.18, 3:58 am est
Pangea Supercontinent With Modern Countries Labeled
Pennsylvania republicans have already figured out how to gerrymander it.
02.22.18, 3:58 am est
Mean Oven Mitts: The Best Cooking Tool Since Wine
A fantastic gift idea.
02.22.18, 3:14 am est
"Learn New Words" Educational Kid's Book Parody
Never stop learning, children.
02.22.18, 3:13 am est
Time Fighter - Back to the Future/Street Fighter Mashup
Maaaaan, now I need someone to make this a real game.
02.17.18, 5:50 am est
I am stuck on level 47 right now, but this is a fun game.
02.16.18, 11:02 pm est
Typing Speed Test
It reminds me of the time in high school when I broke my arm, had to take a typing test, and was faster typing one handed than most people were with two hands.
02.16.18, 11:01 pm est
Devils' Taylor Hall on Selena Gomez Tweet: 'That was a shot in the dark'
His rip on Eberle further down the page was even better. Hallsy has some twitter game.
02.16.18, 10:54 pm est
The Play that Goes Wrong performing at The Royal Variety Performance 2015 (9:54)
Very amusing short play, reminds me of Noises Off.
02.16.18, 2:11 am est
Just... how is this humanly possible (1:25)
Cleanup on aisle "every seat is a brownout".
02.16.18, 1:52 am est
Man Carves Snow DeLorean In Street, Confuses Police
Oh, Canada.
02.15.18, 2:51 am est
Philadelphia Eagles Fan Shotguns Four Beers During Pre-Game Coverage Of Playoff Game
Four short videos of the dedication to the craft.
02.15.18, 2:14 am est
Manuel Alvarez Diestro captures Hong Kong's surreal landscape
Where city meets country.
02.12.18, 11:55 pm est
The Matrix Corporate Center
Some fantastic architecture that really draws my attention.
02.12.18, 11:52 pm est
Teaching Legend
Also how many of my photos in general are.
02.12.18, 11:40 pm est
China's New Beautifully Designed 1.2-Million Book Library
Some amazing architecture in this building.
02.07.18, 3:02 am est
Transient (3:18)
Slow motion lightning that's *spectacular*.
02.06.18, 11:15 pm est
Asking People Out For Dinner with Jamie Spicer-Lewis - You Talkin To Me (6:45)
"Do you like food and eye contact?" So many good tips in this one.
02.06.18, 1:06 am est
Knock knock joke
Oh, Constance.
02.06.18, 12:10 am est
Australia is still down there like "WTF?"
02.05.18, 10:31 pm est
DNA could be the future of data storage
Next up: DNA malware.
02.05.18, 10:17 pm est
Scientists have found a drug that can repair cavities and regrow teeth
Now we can eat sweets 24/7 with no repercussions!
02.05.18, 10:15 pm est
Seattle radio station brings in announcer to call play-by-play of man breaking into car (1:56)
The greatest play-by-play call I've ever heard.
02.02.18, 10:54 pm est
Tonight's Jeopardy! Contestants Knew Absolutely Nothing About Football (1:30)
I was surprisingly not familiar with the last one, but the other four? Come on, people.
02.02.18, 10:49 pm est
Nigel, the world's loneliest bird, dies next to the concrete decoy he loved
This is how I'm going to go as well... next to a concrete decoy of a hot girl.
02.02.18, 10:33 pm est
Pun dedication
Where was this idea when I was in college?
02.02.18, 10:25 pm est
Harsh Truths From a Potato
Hit 'em right in the feels.
02.02.18, 10:24 pm est
Energy saving auto dimming street lights (5:20)
A small Norwegian town implements streetlights that save energy by dimming when not in use. BRILLIANT!
02.02.18, 10:18 pm est
Photographer Captures A Flock Of Birds Forming Shape Of A Giant Bird
Legit, or manipulated? I don't want to punish the guy.
02.02.18, 10:16 pm est

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