A restaurant wanting a 'grown and sexy' vibe bans diners under 30
Good. Businesses can let in and deny people based on age. There needs to be more of this.
06.11.24, 9:49 pm est
The 20 Letters of the Alphabet (0:42)
That's top tier pickup line material.
06.02.24, 12:24 am est
Super Mario 1954 (1:23)
These AI trailers are pretty good at mashing up genres.
06.02.24, 12:22 am est
Satisfying Goalkeeper Training (3:06)
I am convinced that I could do well in this training montage.
06.01.24, 9:20 pm est
Train Conductor Finds Himself Caught In Tornado's Path (3:31)
"The tornado blew over and derailed 31 cars. The engineer and I were unharmed." Train engines make solid tornado shelters.
05.31.24, 3:09 pm est
How Africa Is Fighting The Sahara Desert In A Race To Plant The Great Green Wall (7:06)
I've never heard of demi-lunes, but it seems to be a success.
05.30.24, 10:13 pm est
How We Live Sustainable Off Of The Land (3:45)
I am amazed and intrigued by their ways. Bravo, hats off to them.
05.30.24, 10:03 pm est
How many Swiss cake rolls could you eat? (1:38)
College is way more interesting than it was back in my day.
05.21.24, 7:29 pm est
Bar billiards restoration 1933s (7:50)
I've never seen a little pool table like that.
05.17.24, 10:48 pm est
This Coca-Cola can is not red
I opened it in Paint Shop Pro and zoomed in, and I didn't see any red. Wild.
05.03.24, 2:31 am est
The Office LEGO building and annex
What a great build, very detailed.
05.03.24, 2:26 am est
New city signs in Michigan
This is hilarious, I love it. Why should Detroit be the only city to get some new signage?
05.01.24, 5:00 pm est
This ship allows you to walk at the bottom of rivers (0:59)
Interesting idea.
05.01.24, 4:32 pm est
Unedited Footage of a Bear (10:28)
More or less. I think.
05.01.24, 4:16 pm est
How Tom Brady Became the GOAT (1:00)
He doesn't even need to be on the field to be the best.
05.01.24, 4:02 pm est
3 Comics With A Girlfriend (0:47)
There is one surefire way to brighten my day.
05.01.24, 4:00 pm est
Most attended soccer games in US history
I mean, the highest attended everything is going to be at the Big House. If not, it should be.
05.01.24, 3:54 pm est
Very neat! I would like to see more of this over in my part of the world.
04.25.24, 12:21 am est
The Most Honest Realtor Ever (0:57)
I'd totally buy a house from this guy.
03.23.24, 7:18 pm est
GoodNuff Construction (1:02)
This clip cracked me up.
03.23.24, 6:41 pm est
There I Ruined It - 99 Problems (But a Beach Ain't One) (1:00)
This is one of the most fantastic "mashups" of all time.
03.23.24, 6:37 pm est
Simpsons TV Build Guide
A super informative guide on how to build your own!
03.23.24, 5:16 pm est
A 3D printed working Simpsons TV
One of the coolest DIY projects ever.
03.23.24, 5:15 pm est
Vintage Minor League Hockey Jerseys
Never heard of many of these teams, but there are some cool looking designs to choose from.
03.23.24, 4:53 pm est
90's Video Store basement project
What an awesome addition to a finished basement.
03.23.24, 4:49 pm est
Napoleon Dynamite | Preston, Idaho | 2003 vs. 2021
Time doesn't move much in a small town.
03.23.24, 4:44 pm est
Miniature diorama of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment
This is absolutely neato.
03.10.24, 9:05 pm est
List of extreme points of the United States
This kind of geography fascinates me.
02.21.24, 5:02 pm est
LEGO Scenes Hidden in Wall - Created by Dante Dentoni
That is neat-o, what a great idea.
02.17.24, 5:54 pm est
Airport Security Check - Saturday Night Live (6:01)
They don't make skits like this anymore.
02.15.24, 1:56 am est
Maple Leafs' Morgan Rielly Takes Exception After Senators' Ridley Greig Slapshot Goal On Empty Net (2:19)
There must be some bad blood between the teams for Grieg to take that slapshot. Which I thoroughly enjoy, btw.
02.15.24, 1:53 am est
George Costanza Wants to be Hopeless (0:28)
I mean, this may need to be my new strategy.
02.15.24, 1:50 am est
Genius Sandwich Trick! (1:28)
Sliders! Sliders everywhere!
02.15.24, 1:29 am est
Potential National Champions
"Since 2002, every men's National Champion has finished the season ranked Top-40 in Kenpom adjusted offense and Top-25 in Kenpom adjusted defense." I am curious to see how this plays out.
02.15.24, 1:25 am est
The Sims competitor Paralives isn't doing paid DLC
"Without any shareholders to please, the money we make from selling the game alone will be enough." That's a breath of fresh air in the video game industry.
02.15.24, 1:22 am est
Google will no longer back up the Internet: Cached webpages are dead
Google Search will no longer make site backups while crawling the web. I wondered where the "cached" option went on search results.
02.15.24, 1:18 am est
There's an industry of NSFW video game box art on eBay
Google "2 Piece Snack Box" if you want to see what's for sale.
02.15.24, 1:15 am est
The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers
I just found out this existed. I like me a good burger.
02.15.24, 1:11 am est
The Simpsons - NERDS!!! (0:15)
There are two kinds of college students...
01.31.24, 8:40 pm est
TT Tidbit - Oshawa, Ritson Road, 1969 (0:48)
A street running train that went *right in front* of the porch steps of a house. Fascinating.
01.31.24, 8:38 pm est
How 12,000 Tonnes of Dumped Orange Peel Grew Into a Landscape Nobody Expected to Find
This is the kind of science we need more of.
01.31.24, 8:35 pm est
90's Weather Channel had no business going this hard (0:09)
Music on TWC back in the 90's was lit.
01.31.24, 7:59 pm est
Age timer
Put in your birth date, watch the time tick by.
01.31.24, 7:57 pm est
The 3-foot-tall, cartoonishly large sandwich and the Detroit Lions fan who ate it all
Innovation can come from anywhere.
01.26.24, 7:16 pm est
Don't Touch Me (0:50)
This classic hits hard.
01.26.24, 7:14 pm est
We saw a Pi running underwater at CES in Las Vegas!
That's pretty goddamn impressive.
01.21.24, 2:00 am est
Wendy's Facebook Page
I just stumbled upon it and it is WILD.
01.13.24, 9:36 pm est
NFL Swallows TV Whole, Notching 93 of the Year's Top 100 Broadcasts
It's not shocking that sports has so much viewership, but the number of NFL broadcasts that made the list is surprising.
01.08.24, 3:33 pm est
Luonto Furniture
This company makes fantastic functional furniture. You just need to win the lotto first to afford it.
01.08.24, 3:20 pm est
Walkthrough of my Dunder Mifflin build in The Sims 4 (2:57)
Pretty good! Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!
01.05.24, 3:49 pm est
O'Neill cylinder
I wonder if humanity could become advanced enough to build something like this thousands of years in the future.
01.05.24, 3:46 pm est
Here's how to tell if your $2 bill could be worth thousands
I doubt I have any $2 bills that are worth anything, but I'll check them out anyway.
01.05.24, 3:44 pm est
"It is the art of building final scores that have never happened before in NFL history."
01.05.24, 3:42 pm est
New Years
Here's a dose of reality for ya.
01.05.24, 3:37 pm est
Chargers' Kicker Cameron Dicker's Comical Video Asking for Pro Bowl Votes Had NFL Fans Rolling
The is the best election commercial I've ever seen.
01.05.24, 3:35 pm est
Tommy DeVito's Agent Has Been Ruining ESPN's Todd McShay's Life Since High School
Sort of tongue-in-cheek amusing story.
12.21.23, 12:27 am est
Microsoft Excel Collegiate Challenge
I just learned today that this is a thing, and I am here for it. Also it's airing on ESPN. We are living in the spirit of "The Ocho".
12.13.23, 7:38 pm est
Chinstrap penguins survive on more than 10,000 naps a day, study finds
This could be my new strategy for life.
12.01.23, 2:21 pm est
3-Digit Interstates
Information about all of the three numbered interstates in the country.
11.20.23, 9:10 pm est
LEGO replica of Dulles International Airport
Well done, superb!
11.19.23, 5:45 pm est
Michigan Highways
I'm sort of a map buff, and someone has kept this site going for over 25 years of all the highways and routes in Michigan. It fascinates me.
11.19.23, 5:42 pm est
Dixie Highway Map
A fantastic resource that shows the current day routes of what made up the original Dixie Highway.
11.19.23, 5:40 pm est
FFRF's Ron Reagan Ad (0:30)
Ron goes hard in the paint at the very end of the commercial.
11.19.23, 5:37 pm est
Taste The Biscuit (3:04)
Taste the goodness of the biscuit. With the honey sauce.
11.19.23, 5:29 pm est
The legend of the Fenway Pizza Chucker
This is one of my favorite sports-adjacent stories ever.
08.06.23, 8:57 pm est
The 8 Most Played Videos on MTV
Remember when MTV played music videos? AND good music?
08.04.23, 10:45 pm est
Ya got to support the team! (1:25)
Hey, you gotta let them know that you're out there, it's the playoffs.
06.23.23, 9:48 pm est
Taco Bell (Mawson House)
Taco Bell remodeled the home of lumber magnate Irl Mawson rather than demolish it and erect the chain's standard “Santa Fake”–style eatery. I want to go to there.
04.04.23, 3:39 am est
Does Pacifica have the world's best Taco Bell?
Yes, it does. That's a destination wedding if I've ever seen one.
04.04.23, 3:37 am est
Un piccolo mondo immaginario
A small imaginary world. I enjoy stuff like this a ton.
03.23.23, 4:44 pm est
The average arc of my day
This looks very similar to a lot of my days recently.
03.22.23, 6:45 pm est
Old weed PSA's were out of control (0:31)
Not even once.
03.21.23, 6:19 pm est
World's are colliding, Jerry!
Someone added a sweet lighting setup to the LEGO Seinfeld set and it looks fantastic.
03.20.23, 6:34 pm est
George being relatable as always
It's how I roll as well.
03.19.23, 8:35 pm est
The mysterious Coke machine in Capitol Hill
It vanished, but has an underground following.
03.18.23, 4:42 pm est
Permanent daylight saving time bill gets renewed push in Congress
I thought this was the last DST ever, but House members are a bunch of failures that can't pass a simple bill that everyone wants.
03.15.23, 4:52 pm est
The Original Taco Bell Building
You can't go in it, but I think it's neat they were able to keep it intact.
03.14.23, 10:58 pm est
Competitive Putt-Putt shots (0:34)
Ridiculous skill on display.
03.12.23, 9:47 pm est
The Stringing Along Theory (0:57)
This tracks, I know I've been in the middle of this for most of my adult life.
03.11.23, 5:23 pm est
A house for Frodrick (2:16)
A nice gesture for the backyard frods.
03.10.23, 2:34 pm est
Rug washing ASMR (0:57)
I'm always amazed by these kinds of videos.
03.08.23, 2:58 pm est
Want to live a long life? (1:05)
Dr. David Agus says it might help to avoid retiring.
03.07.23, 5:05 am est
The Trusty Slab (4:51)
Never seen this before, and it's fantastic!
02.24.23, 2:30 pm est
Remain Seated Please - A Hoot and Chief Story (25:36)
One of the most daring things that ever happened at Disney World.
02.24.23, 1:46 am est
Aqua Skill Manufacturing
This is the company that made those coin drop games at Taco Bell in the 90's and 2000's. I want one. I want one that was in a Taco Bell at one point.
02.24.23, 1:40 am est
New Rule: Let the Population Collapse | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) (8:29)
I'm on board with the "too many people" theorem.
02.24.23, 1:38 am est
Best of Bill Burr: Population Management (9:05)
One of my favorite bits of his.
02.24.23, 1:29 am est
Broccoli Samurai-Mario Kart/Church at CHSPourHouse (8:53)
The first part, Luigi Raceway from Mario Kart 64, I can't get enough of it, so good.
02.24.23, 12:12 am est
Bit Brigade
They play Mega Man music LIVE with a play-through of the game. It's wild and awesome.
02.24.23, 12:10 am est
Tom Dreesen - Frank Sinatra Goodbye Tour (2:25)
Wow. Amazing little story.
02.23.23, 11:53 pm est
I. Can. Not. Wait. To. See. This. Movie.
02.23.23, 11:42 pm est
GoldenEye 64 Full SoundTrack (1:06:40)
This is the biggest of all nostalgia bombs for me. Great background music to have on low while working.
02.23.23, 11:09 pm est
Misconceptions About the Universe (5:45)
This is absolutely fascinating and I still don't understand it.
02.23.23, 11:07 pm est
Grant Hill drinks Sprite? (0:30)
I bet he still does.
02.23.23, 10:59 pm est
Hey, that's great... (0:32)
...but who are the Chefs?
02.23.23, 10:58 pm est
The Surprising History of Taco Bell (12:38)
A few new facts in there that I did not know.
02.23.23, 10:57 pm est
'I Am Legend 2' Will Pick Up from the Ending Fans Preferred
So, they will throw out the original movie ending form the first film, and use the ending in the book to setup the second movie. That's Hollywoo for ya.
02.21.23, 12:51 pm est
Dain Dainja #42
Another favorite of mine.
02.20.23, 6:32 pm est
Federiko Federiko #33
There are some great names in college basketball this year. Here's one of them.
02.20.23, 6:32 pm est
When your drummer is more OG than you thought (0:42)
I could loop this all day. I want the full mashup now.
02.18.23, 11:26 pm est
How to pronounce Pączki (4:28)
This is important. Write this down.
02.17.23, 1:59 pm est
This coin game at Taco Bell
I need this in my house. Buy this for me.
02.17.23, 3:15 am est
Sommelier Reviews Jeppson's Malört (Holiday Special!) (4:50)
He's doing it wrong, you need to chase it with MD 20/20, that's the key.
02.15.23, 6:17 pm est
Bastille - survivin' (Official Music Video) (3:02)
This song hit me right in the feels.
02.13.23, 5:53 pm est
The Fucking Audacity (0:07)
Everyone's got it, now you can got it too!
02.12.23, 3:38 am est
I made a spreadsheet ranking every item's value in calories/$ for my Taco Bell
This is important information we must spread to the masses.
02.11.23, 4:12 pm est
Most Americans support a tobacco ban
It would be beneficial for me, but it will never happen. People have the right to ruin their own bodies if they want to. 'Merica.
02.11.23, 4:10 pm est
List of fictional currencies
List is incomplete, it does not yet contain dollarydoos.
02.11.23, 4:08 pm est
These incredible LAN party photos remind us how much work it used to be to play games together
The computer culture of the mid to late 90's is a nostalgia bomb for me.
02.11.23, 4:06 pm est
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia | Season 13 Ep. 7: The Contest Scene | FXX (1:57)
Now I want them to do an entire episode, this was so well done.
02.10.23, 5:24 pm est
The Pharcyde - Drop (Official Music Video) (3:33)
From 1995, this video is legit and ahead of its time, it's so well done.
02.09.23, 12:20 am est
Me: Desperately trying to focus on Calculus. Brain: "that's a shame..."
You know the way I work.
02.04.23, 12:50 am est
The "334 Club" | New Jersey Devils (11:24)
The lowest attended game in the history of the NHL. A fun little story.
01.22.23, 11:45 pm est
Scott Seiss
A.K.A. the IKEA customer service guy. Dude cracks me up.
01.16.23, 1:42 pm est
UHF - Wheel Of Fish (1:35)
Very relevant to my life right now.
01.16.23, 1:39 pm est
Rainier Beer Official Documentary Preview - Classic TV Commercials (6:29)
I never knew this brand existed, nor have I ever seen these ads, and now I am intrigued.
01.16.23, 1:35 pm est
Brilliant bowls shot lights up World Indoor Championships (0:47)
It's one of the best displays of skill in any sport ever.
01.16.23, 1:23 pm est
Be aware that it's a channel on the actual adult site, but I applaud this kind of effort.
01.02.23, 7:54 pm est
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson | Miami Highlights (10:42)
It doesn't matter what play you run! The Rock will hunt you down.
01.02.23, 7:34 pm est
Always Sunny | Go Birds! An ode to the Philadelphia Eagles (2:23)
Go Birds!
09.19.22, 5:58 pm est
Little Caesars Training Camp | National Football League (0:15)
Matthew Stafford saying "Pizza! Pizza!" is my new favorite thing.
09.04.22, 12:36 am est
Giant Slide at Belle Isle Park (0:38)
It will eat you alive, damn that's painful to watch.
08.23.22, 3:34 am est
Fast Food Coverage Mapper
Find out how many people live within any radius of a particular fast food restaurant.
08.12.22, 1:57 pm est
Should we do it? (0:10)
Never has there been a video so accurate at describing my entire life.
08.10.22, 11:36 pm est
The Office Experience
Dunder Mifflin Is Coming to Washington D.C., nice.
07.31.22, 2:12 am est
Klondike's Choco Taco discontinued after nearly 40 years and fans are heartbroken
I am living in the darkest timeline.
07.31.22, 2:11 am est
Taco Bell hat collection up to 195 unique hats!
Very impressive, and I want some of these.
07.21.22, 2:09 pm est
Wendy's launched a popup 'Rick and Morty'-themed restaurant
From 2021 in LA. Didn't know about it until now. Very neat.
05.16.22, 2:37 am est
Guy from the audience plays drums with Foo Fighters (9:18)
Wheels, Pola Croatia, Jun 19, 2019.
05.07.22, 4:09 am est
Goshen, Indiana: McDonald's Castle
Gallops Truck Stop facade resembles a medieval castle with fake stone walls and towers. And a McDonald's restaurant.
04.22.22, 1:22 am est
The Oral History of the 'Wayne's World' 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Scene
Mike Myers and crew tell the inside story of how the rock-opera hit became an iconic movie moment.
03.23.22, 5:01 am est
15 Delicious Reasons To Visit Taco Bell Around The World
All the desserts, but I need that Gordita With Fries And Tzatziki Sauce from Cyprus. Like, now.
02.19.22, 2:23 am est
Came up with a social app idea: Blind Date by Taco Bell. What do you think?
It's not real, but it needs to be, for my sake.
02.12.22, 5:11 pm est
Brilliant Guy Makes Matching Sweaters Of Places He Visits
Always great to see this guy pop up in my feed from time to time.
02.12.22, 5:09 pm est
Duck curling... (0:08)
02.08.22, 3:11 pm est
Here's what the Earth would look like if the oceans were drained (3:04)
Mountains? In my oceans? It's more likely than you think.
02.08.22, 3:05 pm est
Ignignokt Mooninite LED Sign Replica
Kind of want. I'd love an original, but this is also pretty fantastic.
02.08.22, 2:59 pm est
Remembering the 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' bomb scare that shut down Boston
15 years ago today. I actually had forgot about this, but wow did this make a huge splash in the news at the time.
02.01.22, 2:38 am est
30 Defunct Fast Food Chains and What Happened to Them
Chi-Chi's is the only one I recognize on this list, and I don't remember it being a great experience the two times I went as a kid.
01.28.22, 6:45 pm est
Artist Reimagines Popular Logos As Medieval Brands
What's old is new again.
01.28.22, 6:41 pm est
The Pizza Cupcake
I'm intrigued.
01.27.22, 6:11 pm est
I don't know what this is...
...but I want it. I WAOUNT IT.
01.24.22, 3:50 am est
Taco Bell items by calories per dollar
This is important. Get your money's worth at the Bell.
01.09.22, 1:16 am est
Pro hockey players crash through boards, fall into ditch with freezing water
This is nutzo, never seen anything like that before.
01.08.22, 3:01 am est
A $250,000 all-black house in Illinois is going viral for its gothic look, but the owner says it was unintentional
I kind of dig it.
01.08.22, 2:59 am est
Updated for this year
01.03.22, 2:35 am est
Funny And Very True Candy Heart Cartoons by Tommy Siegel
A couple of these hit me in the feels.
12.31.21, 5:45 pm est
Fake Power Outlet Stickers: Truly Infuriating Airport Prank
Might have posted something like this before, still hilarious. I haven't run across them in my travels yet.
12.31.21, 5:43 pm est
Kevin Shattenkirk dressed as a giant teddy bear to scare his teammates (4:50)
Good wholesome fun.
12.21.21, 6:50 pm est
How Much Longer?
12.18.21, 8:23 pm est
Mini Taco Bell scenery piece that my dad found in a Goodwill
I want it. I waount it.
12.18.21, 8:22 pm est
Wood Nintendo Mods made by RoseColoredGaming
Kind of want. These are really well done.
12.15.21, 10:41 pm est
Louie Bang Bang (3:21)
I wish I knew about this concept when I was younger. I'd have been even fatter then.
12.13.21, 11:51 pm est
Iceland Taco Bell menu
Expensive. 369 KR = $2.28 for a basic taco. But they have the Bacon Club Chalupa, which I would almost buy for $6.49.
12.13.21, 2:22 am est
Alan Kalter's Message To Britney Spears (1:40)
Big Red at it again.
12.04.21, 12:39 am est
Forever Tree
I didn't wonder, but now I do.
12.01.21, 12:19 am est
How to save your parents from Facebook (1:37)
A solid covert maneuver.
11.26.21, 1:20 pm est
Will It Float - The Ultimate Compilation (36:41)
A classic Letterman sketch. More greatness from Alan Kalter.
11.19.21, 4:39 am est
Alan Kalter's Celebrity Interview Collection on Letterman, 2005-10 - Updated (50:27)
I didn't realize Alan had passed just recently. This segment of his is fantastic.
11.18.21, 2:49 am est
Alan Kalter's Celebrity Interview - Jodie Foster (1:59)
Alan Kalter is a legend.
11.03.21, 12:39 am est
What are we playing for tonite Alan? (4:35)
Classic Letterman was the best.
11.03.21, 12:36 am est
How do you do, fellow kids?
Steve Buscemi with a solid Halloween costume choice. I enjoy when celebrities lean in a bit to the things they are known for.
10.31.21, 11:52 pm est
Seattle Kraken 'Three Stars' postgame ceremony features players tossing plush salmon to fans
Fantastic idea from the new NHL expansion team.
10.30.21, 8:15 pm est
Riton x Nightcrawlers - Friday ft. Mufasa & Hypeman (Dopamine Re-edit) [Official Video] (2:56)
It's Friday.
10.29.21, 3:03 pm est
Scott Seiss Retail TikTok Compilation (4:26)
This is brutal and I enjoyed every second of it.
10.17.21, 2:08 am est
The Stars team camera froze during Jason Robertson's goal... (0:09)
...so they found a solution to show the replay.
10.17.21, 2:04 am est
Brutally Honest Facts About Our Lives
A couple of these hit me right in the "damn".
10.17.21, 2:01 am est
Bo Burnham - SHIT (1:16)
This almost perfectly describes my ongoing situation.
10.13.21, 7:11 pm est
Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED (14:08)
This was actually informative and a bit fascinating.
10.05.21, 3:35 am est
Squirrel On The Field! Runs For A "Touchdown" (0:45)
This squirrel is best squirrel.
09.25.21, 3:01 am est
Cameron's World
"A web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighborhoods of archived GeoCities pages". Enjoy this trip down memory lane.
09.24.21, 2:36 am est
The algorithmically powered in-home physical caching platform.
09.24.21, 2:34 am est
H.Y.C.Y.BH? (Official Video) (2:40)
Ski-bap, Ba-Dap!
09.24.21, 1:16 am est
Hat Man (0:39)
I am hat man.
09.23.21, 12:58 pm est
A giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch mascot at a Marlins game became nightmare fuel for so many MLB fans
Advertising is way out of control these days.
09.10.21, 8:39 pm est
No kidding, closed for remodeling
That's an understatement.
08.27.21, 4:17 am est
Realignment, stagnation, and a lack of ambition: How the Big 12 wilted and lost Texas and Oklahoma
I'm linking to this specifically for the Office Space crossover jpg and gif. My real opinion is this move is dumb and stupid and the SEC is the worst conference ever.
08.27.21, 4:15 am est
Baseball-Reference actually adds a "fun differential" stat for the Mariners following Scott Servais' comments
This amuses me greatly.
08.27.21, 4:13 am est
12 Great Exercises To Do At Your Desk
These were common pre-pandemic, when we actually still went into the office.
08.27.21, 4:11 am est
Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much (1:12:09)
Ted Slauson is the true TPIR superfan, not the other hack who won the infamous 2008 showcase.
08.25.21, 5:03 pm est
Olympic Cycling champ Kelsey Mitchell goes through Airport Security (0:11)
This is how to properly show off a gold medal.
08.25.21, 5:01 pm est
Watch out for the Shaq Attack! (0:07)
I told you to watch out.
08.25.21, 4:59 pm est
I designed and printed a working Simpsons TV
Shut up and take my money!
08.25.21, 4:57 pm est
Teacher Asked Me To Turn In My Essay…
This always cracks me up.
08.25.21, 4:55 pm est
The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza at home... BUT WAY BIGGER AND WAY BETTER (19:58)
Sam the Cooking Guy creates a ginormous version of the now discontinued TB classic menu item, and it looks absolutely marvelous.
08.25.21, 4:53 pm est
There's a Shiny Saab 9-5 Inside This Old Saab Dealership in Massachusetts
What a neat time capsule.
08.25.21, 4:51 pm est
New app offers steep discounts on leftover food at stores and restaurants
Humans waste so much food. Humans waste so much. Humans are waste. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.
08.25.21, 4:49 pm est
Clear skies
A moment so rare in my life anymore.
08.25.21, 4:47 pm est
In Detroit, A New Type of Agricultural Neighborhood Has Emerged
There a bunch of open spaces in Detroit where blight was removed, this is one way to turn those areas into a positive.
08.25.21, 4:45 pm est
'Blind Landing' Podcast Examines One of the Olympics’ Worst Mistakes
I completely forgot about this gaffe. Good job, Olympics, way to keep finding ways to ruin things for everyone.
08.25.21, 4:43 pm est
People Are Posting Terrible WikiHow Drawings With Their Own Dark Out-Of-Context Captions (32 Pics)
Okay this was much funnier than I expected.
08.19.21, 4:33 pm est
Shirts Or Skins
This is exactly the appropriate response.
08.18.21, 9:17 pm est
Simpsons Mendozaposting Part 3 (Plus Bonus) (5:42)
The best posting going on these days.
08.15.21, 8:49 pm est
Artist Brilliantly Transforms Landmarks Using Paper Cutouts
"British photographer Rich McCor has created a series of clever and funny photos that transform European landmarks into spectacular and amusing vignettes."
08.15.21, 8:30 pm est
"The perfect chug": How fast could you down a 2-liter bottle of soda?
I do know the answer to this: Feb 3rd, 2000: 2 minutes, 42.79 seconds. Nov 6th, 2001: 1 minute, 44.39 seconds. Puked it up shortly after both times. This guy destroys my personal best.
08.14.21, 2:40 am est
The Untold Truth Of Little Caesars
A bunch of information about my childhood home town pizza chain.
08.14.21, 2:38 am est
Guerrilla Public Service 2011 (10:00)
This is the video that accompanies the link below, showing the entire process of creating and installing the sign. Amazing.
08.14.21, 2:36 am est
Guerrilla Artist Fakes Downtown LA Freeway Sign: Stays Up for Years
There's still a view on Google Street View (from the freeway on ramp) of the altered sign still there in 2009, but other views show it down after that. So it had at least an 8 year run.
08.14.21, 2:34 am est
That Guy with the World Record for Consuming Over 30,000 Big Macs Is Still Eating One Every Day
This guy is my hero.
08.14.21, 2:30 am est
Do you see this TV? Do you realize why it's special?
Welcome to Cartrivision, circa 1972.
08.14.21, 2:28 am est
1988 Butterfinger Commercial with Bart Simpson (0:29)
Totally forgot about this spot. Back when Butterfinger tasted the best, not the garbage they are rolling out today.
07.18.21, 5:14 pm est
Roberto Carlos The Impossible Goal (HD) (3:14)
I've watched this video at least once a year for the past 10 years. Best goal ever scored.
07.18.21, 5:07 pm est
TJ Maxx Commercial (1988) - Never the Same Place Twice (0:30)
This jingle has played in my head at least once a year for the past 30 years.
07.18.21, 5:05 pm est
The Gulf of Mexico is literally on fire
This is fine.
07.09.21, 9:46 pm est
Mysterious "Crop Circle" Forest in Japan Is the Result of a 50-Year-Old Experiment
What a sight to see.
07.09.21, 2:12 pm est
Add a third floor to Dietrick consisting only of restrooms
Finally, a cause that I can get behind. I could have used this twenty years ago.
07.08.21, 8:49 pm est
Vaccination animation (0:56)
A cute way to get the message across.
07.04.21, 11:50 pm est
Charlie Chaplin for the win IMAO
I would have to agree. Circle gets the square.
07.03.21, 10:09 pm est
Closest Closet
This is a solid prank, A+, Gem Mint 10, would prank again. If I was the one pranked, I would have left it that way.
06.27.21, 12:50 am est
This Instagram Account Creates Sinister Parodies of Vintage Pop-Culture Pictures
There are some important messages conveyed here.
06.27.21, 12:48 am est
This Instagram Account Makes Sinister Parodies of Kid's Books To Ruin Your Childhood Memories
These seem like quality reading material to me.
06.27.21, 12:46 am est
Dream Weaver
These are works of art.
06.17.21, 7:53 pm est
Night rules
Current mood #2.
06.10.21, 8:45 pm est
Nice task
Current mood #1.
06.10.21, 8:45 pm est
Death By Toys
And yes, you can actually buy them.
06.10.21, 8:42 pm est
Absurdly Funny Action Figures By "Death By Toys"
Finally, some quality stocking stuffers.
06.10.21, 8:40 pm est
Weird Food Beauty Pageant Queens From The 20th Century
Abe Froman approves.
05.24.21, 4:11 am est
The man that built a castle from shipping containers (14:28)
This is an interview, however, the video is a time-lapse of the shipping container castle that the dude made, and I found it mesmerizing.
05.23.21, 5:19 am est
Is the McDonald's ice cream machine broken?
"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal api and I'm currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every McDonald's in the US to figure out which locations have a broken ice cream machine." Brilliant.
05.23.21, 4:13 am est
They Hacked McDonald's Ice Cream Machines - and Started a Cold War
Oh look, giant corporations are also giant a-holes, shocker.
05.23.21, 4:08 am est
A modern drama in 4 acts
Superb ending.
05.23.21, 3:44 am est
Local Gas Station Makes Whole Town Laugh With Their Hilarious Signs
There few a few I hadn't seen before, a coupe chucklers in there.
05.22.21, 6:03 pm est
You got the dud V2.0 (2:22)
One of the best Simpsons meme compilations.
05.22.21, 3:42 am est
The Gwangyang Steel Works in Gwangyang, South Korea
A mesmerizing overhead photo of this installation.
05.22.21, 2:16 am est
Back To The Future - Filming Locations 30 Years Later (17:04)
It would be absolutely surreal to me to roll up to these locations.
05.22.21, 2:14 am est
Mars Sunset
One of my favorite photos ever.
05.22.21, 2:10 am est
The government knows.
05.18.21, 1:41 am est
Someone recreated the British game show online, and wow it's more difficult than I thought. High school me would crush current me at this.
05.18.21, 1:40 am est
A political quiz that attempts to assign percentages for eight different political values.
05.18.21, 1:38 am est
Artist Reimagines Famous Paintings With the Quirky Cast of 'The Simpsons'
I enjoyed a few of these.
05.18.21, 1:07 am est
Shout out from Mike Breen at the Knicks game (0:40)
His name is actually Tacko Fall, and dude needs to get hooked up with an endorsement deal.
05.18.21, 1:03 am est
I made a render that was inspired by a 90's Tacobell
This should be in a museum.
05.18.21, 1:01 am est
Taco Bell Order Generator
Need a new 4th Meal idea? Hit the button.
05.17.21, 11:59 pm est
Tsunami Stones: Ancient Japanese Markers Warn Builders of High Water
Leave messages in the built environment for future generations.
05.17.21, 11:54 pm est
The Morton (5:17)
A new superfruit discovered in Cleveland.
05.17.21, 11:49 pm est
they're all friends
The world can use a bit more happy.
05.17.21, 11:40 pm est
Three decades ago, billionaire Ted Turner asked astronomer Carl Sagan if he was a socialist (1:17)
Carl crushes the question. I love coming across this video every so often.
05.02.21, 4:28 pm est
Chee (1:04)
Reginald. Farge.
05.02.21, 2:59 am est
Handheld Hummingbird Feeder (1:00)
Your moment of zen.
05.02.21, 2:57 am est
Jerry's Hallway Can't Exist
I watched the show during the original run, and reruns so many times, I never picked up on this before.
05.02.21, 2:49 am est
While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant monopoly board
Think of the countless hidden gems like this that will never be found.
05.02.21, 2:31 am est
Local man enjoys his meal at an unrenovated Taco Bell (0:24)
90's Taco Bell is best Taco Bell.
05.02.21, 2:27 am est
The word dumpster is a generic trademark
Love them random facts.
05.02.21, 2:25 am est
The AL West standings finally spell ASSHAT
We did it, everyone.
05.02.21, 2:23 am est
Funny And Clever Shadow Doodles by Vincent Bal
I enjoy this concept.
04.26.21, 5:11 pm est
Project Vesta - Coastal Carbon Capture
"This first Project Vesta test beach will continue to be the site of groundbreaking research, bringing 30 years of lab trials into the real world for the first time with large-scale experimentation."
04.26.21, 5:09 pm est
Specialty Location
Well done, initiate slow clap.
04.26.21, 5:07 pm est
There's an Online Community of People Who Brilliantly Paint Over Old Thrift Store Paintings
I need that Mario Kart one.
04.26.21, 5:04 pm est
Artist Leaves Funny Signs On City Streets For Others To Find
I've been following this guy for years, liked pretty much everything he's created.
04.26.21, 5:02 pm est
This A.I. Is Supposed To Create Inspirational Posters, But The Results Are Funny Fails Instead
These are way better than actual inspirational posters.
04.26.21, 5:00 pm est
If Blink 182 Wrote "One Week" (Barenaked Ladies) (2:32)
This dude has a spot on Mark Hoppus voice.
04.26.21, 4:57 pm est
Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines (7:01)
Get whichever one is available to you now.
04.23.21, 10:46 pm est
Fruit bus stop
Fruit bus stop.
04.08.21, 10:22 pm est
The Simpsons always get it right.
04.08.21, 10:20 pm est
Suez Canal overview - March 26th
Fascinating aerial view of the incident.
04.08.21, 10:04 pm est
Ship Stuck In Suez Canal And Tiny Excavator To Free It Sparks Funny Memes
Short lived and just the right amount of funny.
04.08.21, 10:02 pm est
Lenny by David Cooper
A short comic about Lenny.
04.08.21, 10:00 pm est
Live footage of Suez Canal cargo ship (0:05)
"Well Dale, cargo ships weigh 220,000 tons and carry 20,000 containers, so yeah, they're pretty big."
04.08.21, 9:56 pm est
Mike Polk Jr. on buffet dining and the things we may never do again (3:00)
Skeeze meter is off the charts.
04.04.21, 12:18 am est
Detroit, Massachusetts?
Maps were crazy in 1783.
03.25.21, 3:29 am est
Living Mas
News and information on everything Taco Bell.
03.25.21, 3:27 am est
Honeycomb "Dance" featuring Terry Crews (0:15)
More Terry Crews goodness.
03.25.21, 3:25 am est
Honeycomb featuring Terry Crews (0:30)
Terry Crews should advertise everything.
03.25.21, 3:23 am est
Tony The Tiger - Frisbee Legend (1:30)
Greatest breakdown of a Frisbee match in a cereal commercial of all time.
03.25.21, 3:19 am est
Setting The Net
I wouldn't be mad either, that's brilliant.
03.25.21, 3:17 am est
Fligugigu 10 hours (10:00:00)
We all need more Fligugigu in our lives.
03.25.21, 3:15 am est
When is Season 3 coming out? (4:41)
Repeat for any Rick and Morty upcoming season.
03.25.21, 3:13 am est
Wayne's World (1992) - Game On (1:33)
This is such a pure, wholesome scene. Brings me back to my youth and playing ball hockey up at the middle school. A fantastic piece of cinema.
03.25.21, 3:11 am est
Why 'Sickos' have invaded Ottawa Senators games
YES ... HA HA HA ... YES!
03.25.21, 3:09 am est
A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16
"A gaping flaw in SMS lets hackers take over phone numbers in minutes by simply paying a company to reroute text messages." Great. Good job, big tech.
03.25.21, 3:05 am est
The Interceptor, created by The Ocean Cleanup
"The first scalable solution to prevent plastic from entering the world's oceans from rivers."
03.25.21, 3:03 am est
Escape from Lockdown! (15:43)
CGP Grey takes us on a tour around London during these COVID times.
03.25.21, 3:01 am est
In This Online Community, People Share Accidental Camouflage, Here Are The Best Examples
03.25.21, 2:59 am est
Gimme The Stimmy (2:01)
Song of the year, 2021.
03.25.21, 2:57 am est
Cursor * 10
I found this game on the internet 13 years ago. A kind reader provided an updated link. Enjoy!
03.05.21, 4:10 am est
Time to retire polar bear propaganda
"Anyone posting pictures of sick, starving or drowning (they swim better than you do) polar bears is pushing a false narrative."
03.05.21, 4:08 am est
The Myth That the Polar Bear Population Is Declining
The story of a resurgent polar bear population deserves to be told and applauded. I agree. I'm a polar bear fan. I'm also a fan of truth and facts.
03.05.21, 4:06 am est
New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States
"The climate crisis will profoundly interrupt the way we live and farm in the United States."
03.05.21, 4:02 am est
Should billionaires exist?
03.05.21, 3:36 am est
Miniature shuffleboard/curling (0:44)
I'm fascinated and want to play now.
03.05.21, 3:24 am est
Brett Domino: Justin Timberlake Medley (5:24)
Dipped into the archives for this one. Still solid for being ten years old.
03.05.21, 3:22 am est
03.05.21, 3:20 am est
Everybody Vs. Pizza Hut: 'Detroit Style' Pie Provokes A New Social Media Hatefest
I tried this new offering from Pizza Hut. It's a terrible representation of what Detroit pizza is. If they called it just a regular square pizza, it would get slightly higher marks, but not by much.
03.05.21, 3:18 am est
Wing Dings
I wish more restaurants would be this granular with their wing prices.
03.05.21, 3:14 am est
J&J vaccine is rising to the occasion
What I got you got to get it put it in you.
03.05.21, 3:12 am est
Working Drive thru At Taco Bell (7:40)
This popped up in the suggested videos after that last one. Welcome to the world of window number one.
03.05.21, 3:10 am est
Bob Dylan Goes to Taco Bell (3:29)
This is quality internet content. More of this, please.
03.05.21, 3:00 am est
The Ugly Truth Behind the Will Ferrell G.M. Super Bowl Commercial (6:56)
GM is a terrible company, and here's further proof.
03.05.21, 2:58 am est
Volkswagen Golf, Deconstructed
Have you tried the "Take Apart Your Car" challenge?
03.05.21, 2:56 am est
The smoothest cat of them all
Won't let a robot keep him from mackin' on the honeys.
03.05.21, 2:54 am est
The Original Poop Knife
Be sure to read the original story.
03.05.21, 2:52 am est
I found the Bay Area hill in Windows XP's iconic wallpaper
"Bliss" hill, located in Sonoma, California, is the XP wallpaper image we've seen countless times.
03.05.21, 2:50 am est
Meet Vicacha
A South American rodent that's my new favorite animal. Look at this little plumper.
03.05.21, 2:48 am est
Hamster Starship - Future technology! (7:34)
Watch these smart little dudes navigate an out-of-this-world maze.
03.05.21, 2:46 am est
Science for Jabronis
Your lesson for the day.
03.05.21, 2:44 am est
Popular Songs Hilariously Explained With Simple Cartoons
I did something very similar way back when I was in 7th grade Home Ec class, so this hit a nostalgia button for me.
03.05.21, 2:42 am est
Solar System and Beyond Poster Set
This NASA poster set showcases the beauty of our solar system and beyond.
02.10.21, 8:52 pm est
Winamp Skin Museum
This is a most excellent nostalgia bomb. Seemingly endless rows of Winamp skins. Hop in the time machine for a bit and have a look around.
02.07.21, 2:39 am est
Funniest Reactions To GameStop Stock Inflation by Wallstreetbets Reddit
02.05.21, 2:54 pm est
The Amazing John Cleese
He is very important.
01.27.21, 1:00 am est
Funny Toilet Signs
Amusing ways to designate restrooms.
01.27.21, 12:58 am est
"Unhappily Ever After" Is an Art Project That Unhappy Endings To Cartoon Characters
Hard times in Disney World.
01.27.21, 12:56 am est
Could lab-grown meat save the world?
I hope so. The hurdle will be the millions of dollars traditional farming will spend to try and discourage this. Just like Big Oil discourages renewable energy.
01.27.21, 12:54 am est
FAX +49-69/450464
The is my favorite name for a record label I've ever heard.
01.24.21, 12:15 am est
Yes, the KFConsole Is Real and It's Spectacular
This is apparently a very real game console, with a "chicken warmer", by KFC.
01.24.21, 12:12 am est
Two widowed fairy penguins looking over the Melbourne skyline
What a cute story.
01.24.21, 12:01 am est
Snow Storm in Canada has brought the Bell Down (0:24)
That soldier is still lit up tho'.
01.23.21, 11:59 pm est
Here's what I learned from my time in the friend zone (0:35)
"Old buddy old pal".
01.23.21, 11:56 pm est
Man turns heads on social media with unusual career: 'I never get tired of it'
$96 a pop to "do nothing". I think I could pull that off.
01.23.21, 11:49 pm est
In England, they don't say "I'll kick your ass"...
...they say "I'll see you on the..."
01.05.21, 12:17 am est

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