FAX +49-69/450464
The is my favorite name for a record label I've ever heard.
01.24.21, 12:15 am est
Yes, the KFConsole Is Real and It's Spectacular
This is apparently a very real game console, with a "chicken warmer", by KFC.
01.24.21, 12:12 am est
Two widowed fairy penguins looking over the Melbourne skyline
What a cute story.
01.24.21, 12:01 am est
Snow Storm in Canada has brought the Bell Down (0:24)
That soldier is still lit up tho'.
01.23.21, 11:59 pm est
Here's what I learned from my time in the friend zone (0:35)
"Old buddy old pal".
01.23.21, 11:56 pm est
Man turns heads on social media with unusual career: 'I never get tired of it'
$96 a pop to "do nothing". I think I could pull that off.
01.23.21, 11:49 pm est
In England, they don't say "I'll kick your ass"...
...they say "I'll see you on the..."
01.05.21, 12:17 am est
I sometimes wonder
I'm the green one.
12.27.20, 6:22 pm est
Spirited Away | Red Gate by Ryan Howerter
So peaceful.
12.27.20, 6:15 pm est
Customcuts By Summit Taco Bell Restaurant Building Kit, N Scale
I wish they had models like this when I was into model trains as a kid.
12.27.20, 5:34 pm est
Hockey Terms
Know the lingo of the greatest game on ice.
12.27.20, 5:32 pm est
A song by an Italian artist where the lyrics are deliberately unintelligible gibberish. It was a top ten hit in parts of Europe in 1973.
12.27.20, 5:26 pm est
These Unexplored Historical Photos Are Remarkable
Lots of interesting photos from the days of yore.
12.27.20, 5:24 pm est
Ryan Finley looking directly into the camera...
...and smiling after a successful QB sneak like he's a character on The Office.
12.27.20, 5:18 pm est
This House's Amazing Christmas Lights Display Is Set To The 'Coffee Is For Closers' Speech from 'Glengarry Glen Ross' (1:52)
From 2015, but I hope this house does the same thing every year.
12.27.20, 5:16 pm est
Illusion of control: Why the world is full of buttons that don't work
To feel in control when you're not.
12.27.20, 5:08 pm est
Here’s your daily morning hero (0:40)
Danny Pudi = in touch with reality. Larry King = out of touch with reality.
12.27.20, 5:06 pm est
A child explains what a lockdown is (1:14)
This kid wins person of the year.
12.27.20, 5:02 pm est
I just learned that Scotland names their entire snowplow fleet...
...and the names are incredible.
12.27.20, 4:54 pm est
Funny And Creative Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas
Some oldies, some new clever ones I hadn't seen before.
12.15.20, 4:46 pm est
Old And Bold
I like this bold approach and I think it can be adapted to any messaging medium used today as well.
12.15.20, 3:44 pm est
The To-Do List
Dude crossed off the easiest one first.
12.15.20, 3:40 pm est
The distribution of colors for plain M&M candies
Tasty math.
12.15.20, 4:56 am est
NSF releases footage from the moment Arecibo's cables failed (1:53)
This is a cover up, the dish was destroyed 15 years earlier by a highly skilled MI6 agent.
12.04.20, 5:17 am est
Obscure trivia about where the SportsCenter theme came from.
12.04.20, 4:55 am est
Beautiful pencil sharpeners from Present & Correct
Very appealing to my eyes.
12.04.20, 4:50 am est
The US numbered highway system in numerical order
In animated gif form.
12.04.20, 4:48 am est
A Hungarian hockey player celebrated a goal so hard that he went through the glass (0:31)
With bonus close-up photos as well. Most memorable first goal ever.
11.14.20, 12:32 am est
Alex Trebek cussing during Jeopardy promos (0:28)
What is awesome?
11.14.20, 12:29 am est
Budda Baker Is Denied Pick 6 After an INSANE Chase by D.K. Metcalf (1:23)
This is a close 2nd, which just happened recently.
11.14.20, 12:05 am est
Benjamin Watson tackle saving touchdown (3:30)
Greatest effort preventing a touchdown of all time.
11.14.20, 12:03 am est
Rocket City Trash Pandas
A new minor league baseball team with one of my favorite nicknames of all time.
11.13.20, 11:58 pm est
Four Seasons Total Landscaping t-shirt
Making America's lawns great again.
11.13.20, 11:52 pm est
Whoever owns this URL is a genius.
11.10.20, 4:05 pm est
Sinister Parodies Of Vintage Album Covers
There are a couple slivers of gold in here.
11.02.20, 4:11 pm est
I forced a bot to read over 1,000 hours of QAnon theories...
...and then asked it to write QAnon theories of its own. Here they are. (I cracked up at a bunch of these.)
11.02.20, 4:10 pm est
My wiife loves when I do borat (1:23)
She got me, dammit!
11.02.20, 4:09 pm est
Breeders' Stakes Rejected Horses (1:14)
A lot of horses don't end up making the cut.
11.01.20, 10:04 pm est
Recreations Imagine if Wes Anderson Made THE SIMPSONS
Moe's looks pretty swanky.
11.01.20, 10:02 pm est
It me. Hitting BOMBS!!! (0:16)
Gritty absolutely crushing it.
10.29.20, 10:31 pm est
'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' host visits Danbury for sewage plant renaming
"Because think about it, this place takes the worst that humanity can produce, and transforms it into something that we can live with."
10.29.20, 10:29 pm est
Workers eradicate first nest of 'murder hornets' found in US
Good news: "first". Bad news: "of many".
10.29.20, 10:26 pm est
Gary and the Horse: New Dawn (2:12)
Best series on the internet.
10.29.20, 10:22 pm est
Bacon Weave Breakfast Tacos
When I asked the oracle how I was going to die, this is the image that was revealed to me.
10.28.20, 9:55 pm est
Dipping my toe into a take on cancel culture (2:18)
Sarah Silverman with a thought provoking take on these times we live in.
10.28.20, 9:45 pm est
Answering The Tough Questions
The line in the second panel always cracks me up.
10.28.20, 4:31 pm est
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman caught on hot mic mocking pregame flyovers
Can we agree that flyovers are played out and we don't need to waste our money on them anymore.
10.22.20, 2:56 pm est
The real lyrics (0:14)
Elton is a tricky guy to figure out.
10.21.20, 2:09 pm est
9/21/20 (2:20)
Missed it by a month. Still.
10.21.20, 2:08 pm est
Later Language
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.
10.21.20, 2:00 pm est
Would You Like Some Headphones?
A+, good use of English language.
10.21.20, 1:59 pm est
Have You Ever Wondered What’s Happening Outside of Famous Music Album Covers?
Fantastic imagination used here.
10.21.20, 1:58 pm est
George Carlin Dubbing Thomas the Tank Engine (18+)
There's seven videos of this for you to enjoy. Treat yourself.
10.16.20, 2:26 pm est
Another "greatest answers in the history of our world". Bravo.
10.16.20, 2:00 pm est
Axing A Question
I mean, how are you going to know unless you try it for yourself?
10.16.20, 1:58 pm est
Melancon catches Albies' homer ... AGAIN (0:35)
The same pitcher in the bullpen catches a homerun ball from the same batter in back-to-back games.
10.14.20, 3:44 pm est
Cyberpunk Pixel Art
I'm a fan of pixel art, even more so when it's animated.
10.13.20, 2:22 pm est
No soap radio
Simpsons did it.
10.12.20, 1:24 am est
2020 is The Worst Jean Ralphio Sign
I need this, but in a 2018 version.
10.11.20, 2:06 am est
Taco Collector
This is how you properly game the system.
10.09.20, 11:32 pm est
A Good Sign
1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, Plaque Facts, Plaque Facts, Plaque Facts!
10.09.20, 11:31 pm est
ESPN's Tony Reali helped to rescue a downed peregrine falcon
There's still good in this world.
10.09.20, 3:59 am est
Grandmother famous for accidentally inviting teen to Thanksgiving loses husband to covid-19
Happened earlier this year, I'm just finding out now. Very sad.
10.09.20, 3:29 am est
The greatest illustration ever filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
RIP Eddie Van Halen.
10.06.20, 7:52 pm est
Weird History: Interesting And Funny Things That Happened Throughout History
Expand your useless knowledge.
10.06.20, 12:57 pm est
Is This Your Card?
This is a most excellent use of greeting cards and I need to get on this level.
10.05.20, 12:58 am est
Creative And Funny Drawings Completed Using Everyday Objects
Well done, very neat ideas in play here.
10.02.20, 2:16 am est
This is fine
Taco Bell needs to get it together and stop cancelling things I like to order.
10.02.20, 2:08 am est
Hudson Geese (5:18)
This is excellent storytelling, a wonderful animated short.
10.02.20, 2:06 am est
The Original Pizza Puff
I don't live in an area that sells these which means I have to go home for xmas where I can buy them. I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE.
10.02.20, 2:04 am est
The demise of the surface weather / frontal map
I didn't realize that these kinds of weather maps were difficult for a computer to automatically generate. I always liked these maps, especially growing up with the Weather Channel on all the time.
10.02.20, 2:00 am est
MACtion is a college football phenomenon that we’ll miss the hell out of this fall
Not gonna lie, the MACtion is truly missed right around now.
10.02.20, 1:54 am est
Negotiation 101
I hope this is real, because it's a fantastic transaction.
10.01.20, 1:55 pm est
Lunar fake
I love it when someone takes a significant amount time out of their life to absolutely destroy someone's doctored photo. Calling out BS with this level of precision is fantastic.
09.30.20, 5:14 pm est
South Park cut-outs spread across five sections at Broncos game
They just wanted Tim Brady's spice.
09.29.20, 3:53 pm est
You can ring my belllllellllllelllll (0:15)
Ring my bell.
09.29.20, 12:03 pm est
Filaments of the Cygnus Loop
Really neat colors.
09.29.20, 12:02 pm est
Fried Twinkies
Yes, please. Two, please.
09.24.20, 1:05 am est
Man Who Thought He'd Lost All Hope Loses Last Additional Bit Of Hope He Didn't Even Know He Still Had
This has been a personal yearly occurrence over the past five years.
09.18.20, 9:38 pm est
Big Blitz - Car Alarm Challenge (4:25)
Is a Ford Mustang an instrument? Yes, yes it is.
09.18.20, 12:31 pm est
Good, Bad And Hungry
Solid names for a bar or restaurant.
09.18.20, 12:27 pm est
This is close to where my outlook on life is right now.
09.16.20, 9:33 pm est
Hot Or Not
09.15.20, 12:33 pm est
Delicious Invention
Through the perspective that this is indeed an honest tweet, it is hilarious.
09.15.20, 12:32 pm est
Football's Back (1:10)
Please be quiet and enjoy your football.
09.14.20, 3:31 am est
Dueling Lingo
Horse humor.
09.10.20, 9:41 pm est
Researchers Can Duplicate Keys from the Sounds They Make in Locks
Security is an illusion.
09.10.20, 2:27 pm est
Wormholes (11:15)
This hits really close to home.
09.10.20, 4:01 am est
Remain Seated Please - A Hoot and Chief Story (25:36)
Behind the scenes of the Horizons attraction at Epcot, in the most rule-breaking way imaginable.
09.08.20, 5:58 am est
Everyone Loves Mendoza (0:36)
"Not me!"
09.07.20, 4:57 am est
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is Mario Kart for the real world - and Nintendo Switch
My teenage self would have gone crazy for this.
09.06.20, 2:32 am est
Skipping Rocks
Quality topical content.
09.05.20, 2:00 am est
Farmland plains meet the Nebraska Sand Hills
It looks like a weird wood sculpture, but it's the plains in the winter.
09.01.20, 8:24 pm est
Look out someone's window in another part of the world. Not in real time. But still very interesting.
08.31.20, 1:34 pm est
If You Can't Find Waldo You Get Tazed (7:44)
Dude is my new favorite YouTube channel find. Fantastic stuff.
08.31.20, 1:01 pm est
School Supplies
I have some friends with kids who could use a couple of these.
08.31.20, 12:18 am est
Wet And Mild
I couldn't agree with this more.
08.31.20, 12:17 am est
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Conceptual art, yet I want this to be turned into a functional video game so much.
08.30.20, 1:32 pm est
Taking The Plunge by Grant Davis
This is a fantastic build, I want it.
08.30.20, 12:18 am est
Wait..... Before you Hate (0:18)
08.29.20, 10:11 pm est
You got legs? (0:43)
Yea I got legs, what about you?
08.29.20, 7:12 pm est
Second Oldest Trick in Sleight of Hand (5:21)
Good at magic and very entertaining.
08.29.20, 7:09 pm est
Plot twist. Science! (0:10)
08.28.20, 1:51 pm est
Shop At Home Network: "Emergency surgery... in the studio" (0:32)
This is a CLASSIC piece of late night tv history.
08.27.20, 4:18 pm est
Future Literature
IT humor sometimes gets me to audibly laugh.
08.21.20, 6:29 pm est
An Oral History of 'Steamed Hams,' the Funniest 'Simpsons' Scene Ever Recorded
It's amazing what the internet chooses to take off in popularity.
08.21.20, 4:21 pm est
A Swiss town was covered in chocolate snow after an error at a Lindt factory
Somewhere, Tay Zonday is rejoicing.
08.21.20, 4:18 pm est
Legend of the Red Dragon
I was introduced to this game in college 21 years ago. It's a classic.
08.19.20, 3:49 am est
A massive compass rose is painted onto dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base
Things like this are in my fascination wheelhouse.
08.19.20, 3:45 am est
Eat White Dirt (25:06)
This is bizarre and fascinating.
08.19.20, 3:14 am est
Bell Beefer
This was apparently a thing in the early 90's and I don't remember it and I want it now.
08.15.20, 6:08 pm est
Mayor Frank Jackson Confirms: All Cleveland Recyclables are Going to a Landfill
So unless it's for profit, recycling doesn't matter. Humans are the worst.
08.03.20, 6:07 pm est
Dr. Hibbert searches for a family-friendly place to eat (0:34)
Hey. This is some good internet.
07.28.20, 5:44 pm est
So my dad wrote the song 867-5309 (0:08)
This is the kind of video content I'm here for. It's legit the daughter of the lead singer of Tommy Tutone.
07.27.20, 4:48 am est
Hungry Man
This might be in my future.
07.22.20, 5:11 am est
Sonic Speed
Slow clap for this one.
07.20.20, 12:55 am est
Artificial Intelligence Generates Hilariously Wrong Inspirational Posters - PART II
07.12.20, 11:12 pm est
Artificial Intelligence Generates Hilariously Wrong Inspirational Posters
These are FANTASTIC.
07.12.20, 11:11 pm est
99 Balls
This is a fun little game.
07.10.20, 8:15 pm est
Pulled Pork Flatbreads
These look tasty.
07.10.20, 4:29 am est
This 11-year-old absolutely crushes The Bob Ross Challenge (3:49)
This kid is awesome.
07.05.20, 7:30 pm est
An Oral History of the Great San Diego Fireworks Fail of 2012
It was probably Windows trying to update that caused the problem.
07.05.20, 4:31 pm est
I told you not to talk to Busey (0:56)
But how can you not?
07.05.20, 3:17 am est
Funny And Clever Book Dedications
Amusing literary morsels.
07.04.20, 9:38 pm est
Vintage Ads - The Coca-Cola Co, 1978
I want to recreate all these hotdogs.
07.02.20, 3:48 am est
Consistency King
Dale Irby is the hero we need.
07.02.20, 3:46 am est
The Ant Man
Oh boy, helping out Mr. Ant!
07.02.20, 3:45 am est
Tex Mex Wrecks
Never forget your roots.
07.02.20, 3:44 am est
Lopifit - The Electric Walking Bike
It was kind of intriguing, until I saw the price tag of THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. THREE LARGE. WHO ARE THEY MARKETING THIS TO?!?!
07.01.20, 7:06 pm est
The Detroit Red Wings have had awful draft lottery luck over the past several years
It must be karma for 25 straight years in the playoffs and 4 Stanley Cup Championships.
07.01.20, 7:01 pm est
Murphy's Law
Case in point. I rest my case. Case closed.
07.01.20, 6:58 pm est
Polar Bear GIF Polar Bear GIF
Another favorite meme because BEAR!
07.01.20, 6:53 pm est
Stop clapping, this is serious
From 2003. A fantastic look at the state of comedy at the time from the great satirist Tom Lehrer.
06.24.20, 3:48 pm est
List of unusual deaths
Here's some bizarre reading to pass the time.
06.23.20, 2:54 am est
St. Clair Shores Fighting Saints
The SCS had a minor pro hockey team for one season a few years back. Very odd and intriguing to me.
06.20.20, 5:07 am est
The f-bombs keep coming on the RBC Heritage broadcast, followed by hilarious reactions from the Golf Channel announcers
I might start watching golf if they roll with the expletives.
06.19.20, 9:20 pm est
Winning By Losing
That's how you help a bro out.
06.17.20, 4:46 am est
Accidental MD
You can just google everything now. College smollege.
06.17.20, 4:45 am est
Summer Training
Very subtle.
06.17.20, 4:44 am est
Drone shots by Bachir Moukarzel of Sheik Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fantastic night photography.
06.16.20, 4:58 am est
Simpsons - Homer's Food Poisoning (0:52)
Classic Homer Simpson.
06.15.20, 4:28 am est
Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge
Would you like to play again?
06.15.20, 3:08 am est
Here's Mitchell Skiba (0:09)
Skiba. Skiba. Skiba. Skiba. Skiba.
06.15.20, 3:06 am est
Liquid Jay by Splack - All Videos Compilation (4:47)
This is the hero we need.
06.14.20, 8:17 pm est
Google maps after protestors in Bristol tore down a statue of slave trade Edward Coulston and threw it in the river
It may be photoshopped, I don't care, it's brilliant.
06.10.20, 12:50 am est
Robots deliver restaurant food in Fairfax City
I've seen these little guys roaming around, they're neat.
06.10.20, 12:13 am est
Money Printer Go Brrr
This is my new favorite meme.
06.10.20, 12:10 am est
Subtle Chaos
This is a peak IT prank.
06.08.20, 1:57 pm est
Stolen Joke
Peak physics joke, indeed.
06.08.20, 1:56 pm est
If I mysteriously disappear, this will be why
Hahaha, GOT 'EM!
06.08.20, 1:12 pm est
This KBO game had stuffed animals sitting behind home plate
The best fan base in the world.
06.08.20, 1:11 pm est
Adventurous Frenchman Sails Around The World With His Pet Chicken
This chicken has seen more of the world than I ever will.
06.01.20, 5:33 am est
Awesome Truck Commercial (2:15)
An oldie, but so good I had tears of laughter today as I watched it for the first time in nine years.
05.25.20, 5:12 am est
Not Funny
First day on the internet?
05.23.20, 3:32 pm est
Mrs Clean
05.23.20, 3:31 pm est
I hate this job for real (0:31)
When you gonna quit?
05.20.20, 3:33 am est
Simpsons Wiki - Real-world deaths
"The following is a list of real-world people who have worked on The Simpsons, but later died, whilst the show was still airing. It includes deceased voice cast, staff and guest stars." It also lists how they died. And I definitely forgot that a few of these people have passed on.
05.16.20, 2:38 am est
How do you like them apples?
05.14.20, 2:52 am est
King Of Karma
I'm glad they got their money back, but could they *BE* any more irresponsible? It's infuriating.
05.13.20, 4:07 pm est
These Moody Animal Puns Are Very Relatable During COVID-19 Lockdown
For me, it covers the past four years.
05.07.20, 6:27 pm est
You ready for a wild ride?
05.05.20, 6:28 pm est
Wealth shown to scale
The 400 richest Americans own about $3 trillion, which is more than the bottom 60% percent of Americans.
04.30.20, 8:15 pm est
Simpsons Rumpus Room
A screenshot and a house layout.
04.30.20, 8:13 pm est
The Simpsons' House Has A Secret Room That's In Only 5 Episodes
I definitely could not recall this room until I stumbled upon this info.
04.30.20, 8:12 pm est
Pilot Takes Amazing Images Of Area 51 And Tonopah Air Base While Skirting Restricted Airspace
"When the conditions are right, a private pilot can get pretty close to these famed installations without breaking any rules."
04.30.20, 4:32 am est
Biscoff Kit Kats Are a Real Thing, and We Can't Wait to Try Them
I need a million of these.
04.27.20, 4:30 pm est
Wawawiwa Comics
Everyone likes cute comics.
04.27.20, 4:28 pm est
Start drawing a dick
The AI finishes it. This keeps cracking me up on a consistent basis.
04.27.20, 4:24 pm est
Cute House (7:19)
Check out that house. It's cute.
04.24.20, 4:36 pm est
Easter Bunny Fights In Defense Of Woman Outside Orlando, Florida Bar (1:17)
This is from a year ago, but still, watching this cuddly Easter Bunny whoop some ass cracks me up every time.
04.15.20, 11:57 pm est
This storm chaser's photos all began with Bruce Springsteen
Some stunning photography accompanies this article.
04.11.20, 3:28 pm est
Lego Ultimate 80's Arcade - Images by Aaron Farmer
04.11.20, 2:57 pm est
Stay Inside! (Nirvana Stay Away cover) by Urian Hackney of Rough Francis (3:07)
Dude cranks out this song something fierce. The new anthem of these troubling times.
04.11.20, 2:52 pm est
Guns Removed And Replaced With Thumbs-Up
Less violence, much more positive attitude. It's what the world needs.
04.11.20, 2:51 pm est
Bearly Safe
This is my new leaving the house outfit.
04.11.20, 2:50 pm est
Bored Hostility
Good Will Hunting, c'mon, man.
04.11.20, 2:49 pm est
Student Teacher
I mean, they're not wrong.
04.11.20, 2:48 pm est
The Quest to Beat Matt Turk (59:32)
I wasn't into this game at all growing up. But this hour long speedrun documentary was enthralling to me.
04.11.20, 2:47 pm est
I love Chicago
Keep proper distance in these troubling times.
04.10.20, 2:47 am est
Wackiki Wabbit
This is my new favorite website.
04.10.20, 2:44 am est
Lyle the Intern Collection on Late Show, 2008-2009 (1:06:32)
It's an hour long, but it might be my favorite YouTube suggested video to date.
04.04.20, 1:41 am est
Secret Sauce
This is *fantastic*!
04.03.20, 2:05 am est
Molded By Fire
Pettiness is the greatest motivation in the world.
04.03.20, 2:04 am est
Cracking Crackers
You're gonna learn today!
04.03.20, 2:03 am est
Why rewatch The Office when you can watch Brendan Gallagher? (0:52)
This NHLer has taken the internet by storm.
04.02.20, 2:41 pm est
My neighbors have left a giant bear out for trash pickup...
There is a happy ending to this one.
04.02.20, 2:39 pm est
Biznasty and Whitney Chirp Each Other Behind the Scenes of the Pink Whitney Commercial (16:48)
As a hockey fan, this was extremely amusing to watch.
03.29.20, 1:46 am est
Jason Pominville spent the year absolutely lighting up an adult hockey league in Buffalo
Dude was CRUSHING it in an adult rec league in Buffalo. I mean, he's a former NHL player and all, that helps.
03.29.20, 1:38 am est
Happy Friday the 13th from Jason and Michael Myers
Game on!
03.29.20, 1:34 am est
Top 10 Coming Up Short Moments (0:17)
Classic Jay and Dan.
03.29.20, 1:32 am est
Mic’d-up Freddie Freeman makes fun of his own speed, then narrates himself scoring from first on a single (3 videos)
This is FANTASTIC mic'd-up commentary during a spring training game. I love every second of this.
03.29.20, 1:30 am est
Peculiar (0:15)
Sometimes words get the best of us.
03.29.20, 1:22 am est
Darren McCarty was loving the Claude Lemieux cutout board at Red Wings' 90s Night
As a Wings fan, this is the best.
03.29.20, 1:20 am est
Minimum wage machine
A simple, yet effective argument for raising the minimum wage.
03.29.20, 1:16 am est
Dodgers Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner & Angels Mike Trout Hit Golf Balls at Pujols Family Foundation (0:28)
These are all BOMBS over and out of the Top Golf playing area.
03.29.20, 1:12 am est
Keep germs at bay
A helpful pro-tip.
03.24.20, 2:40 am est
Moon Setting Behind Teide Volcano (2:19)
Fantastic shot.
03.24.20, 2:39 am est
Delicious art
Adam Hillman, S'more Sided, 2018.
03.24.20, 2:38 am est
Remote Control Yourself
Screen way-too-much sharing.
03.24.20, 2:37 am est
Embrace The Hate
An illustrator drew national parks posters based on their worst review.
03.24.20, 2:36 am est
Friends Moments - Phoebe's Boob trick (1:37)
I mean, it can't not work in most situations.
03.22.20, 7:06 pm est
Bored sports commentators are finding unique ways to call play-by-play during quarantine
I want to know what Gus Johnson is up to right now.
03.21.20, 5:11 pm est
Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM Prototype
It auctioned off for, like, a billion dollars. A prototype of the hybrid system in 1992, years before Sony did it's own thing. One of a kind.
03.18.20, 1:27 pm est
This Brave Man Protests Annoying Everyday Things With Funny Cardboard Signs
This might be a repost, but we're on the internet.
03.18.20, 1:20 pm est
Laziest Man Ever
Read this a while ago, and true or not, it's a fantastic tale.
03.18.20, 1:19 pm est
Prom Com
I didn't fact check this, but it looks legit.
03.18.20, 1:18 pm est
Memory Lane
My K-6 schooling just hit me in the face with this post.
03.18.20, 1:17 pm est
Pic Your Brain
Honestly, I had thought the same thing for YEARS until I bothered to look it up.
03.18.20, 1:16 pm est
Not pulling goalies: NHL's emergency backups staying
The NHL screws up stuff like this, glad they aren't ruining it like they usually do.
03.04.20, 12:42 am est
Hurricanes emergency backup goalie David Ayres to get own hockey card
This feel good story just keeps getting better.
03.04.20, 12:41 am est
Truth Hurts
Cracks me up every time I see this.
03.04.20, 12:40 am est
Dumbledore Spectrum
I wish I sat next to this guy when I worked the phones for satellite tv.
03.04.20, 12:39 am est
Building The Most Secret Underground House And Water Slide To Swimming Pool Underground (14:42)
I don't know what kind of soil they are digging through, but this entire build process is nothing short of amazing.
03.04.20, 12:38 am est
"Star Wars: Underworld" test footage + Making Of (9:56)
The behind the scenes part was absolutely fascinating to me for some reason.
03.04.20, 12:36 am est
Harsh Truths From a Potato
Life is a series of down endings.
03.04.20, 12:35 am est
I broke down the basketball scene in Family Matters when Urkel went off (1:48)
Best. Commentary. Ever.
02.27.20, 12:44 am est
Lettermans Greatest Moments - Dave at Taco Bell (7:36)
Another classic I remember from my younger years.
02.27.20, 12:41 am est
Late Show with David Letterman - Please Stop Calling Me Chief - 06-26-2001 (8:02)
More vintage Dave. SO GOOD.
02.27.20, 12:33 am est
Dave really wants to hear Eagles music (11:06)
This is some prime Letterman right here, fantastic.
02.27.20, 12:25 am est
Amazing shot (0:35)
I don't know what the "World Indoor Bowls Championship" is, but this dude just NAILED his shot.
02.27.20, 12:12 am est
Animaniacs is coming back as a Hulu original series
That's the new thing these days. Bring back a childhood favorite but you have to sign up for some streaming service to see it.
02.26.20, 11:49 pm est
Rolling shutter + Wagon Wheel Effect
The guy corrected an earlier post about rolling shutter with a follow up about the Wagon Wheel Effect, but they are both neat informative bits about video capture behavior.
02.26.20, 12:20 am est
Brad Paisley DJ Duel/Hot For Teacher (6:32)
Dude can shred! Also, "it's Van Halen, not Van Paisley". No, seriously, dude ROCKED some Van Halen. This is fantastic.
02.26.20, 12:16 am est
Fake Power Outlet Stickers: Truly Infuriating Airport Prank
This is fantastic. Although, I didn't see any during my three round trips last year.
02.26.20, 12:09 am est
Does It Hurt?
I mean, this is what we pretty much need to do with some parents.
02.26.20, 12:08 am est
Milk Fight
Who doesn't eat more than one bowl of cereal at a time?
02.26.20, 12:07 am est
House Of Worms
More or less an accurate description of the show.
02.26.20, 12:06 am est
Emergency goalie alert! Some guy named Dave in net for Carolina
Another fantastic night for an emergency backup goaltender in the NHL. Dave Ayres gets his moment for the Carolina Hurricanes.
02.24.20, 1:19 am est
TSN Original: The GOAT of Hockey Games (6:42)
NHL '94, baby. It doesn't get better than that.
02.19.20, 3:46 am est
There Are Now Merit Badges For Grown-Ups, Because Adulting Is Hard
I would have a tough time earning a few of these.
02.17.20, 11:53 pm est
Dream Wild
Best dream ever. Also, needs to be made into a movie ASAP.
02.17.20, 11:52 pm est
Dirty Talk
Too young for me, but that profile text is spot on.
02.17.20, 11:51 pm est
Living Chart
02.17.20, 11:50 pm est
My Food Network
I've had this exact thought before.
02.17.20, 11:49 pm est
Full Tac - CHOP (Official Video) (1:17)
This should be sweeping the nation by now.
02.17.20, 11:46 pm est
Full Tac - Baby Let Me Know (Official Video) (3:41)
This guy needs to win all the MTV music video awards, no joke.
02.17.20, 11:43 pm est
Chrome vs. Your RAM
Always relevant.
02.13.20, 3:03 am est
The good news and the bad news
Current mood.
02.12.20, 2:02 am est
Joel Dommett - 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala (3:45)
Confetti makes everything better.
02.09.20, 12:11 am est
They got him good (0:55)
A reverse Moe Szyslak.
02.09.20, 12:07 am est
Jumanji: Collector Board Game Replica Preorder
Very well done job, but a bit outside my price range.
02.06.20, 3:23 am est
Pickle Schtick
I wish I had the kind of commitment this guy has.
02.01.20, 2:52 am est
Draw Your Fate
Who says hospitals can't be fun every now and then?
02.01.20, 2:50 am est
Choo Choo Game
Train facts are never erroneous.
02.01.20, 2:48 am est
Motivational or unmotivational shirt?
Depends how you're feeling that day, I guess.
02.01.20, 2:46 am est
Rob Lowe embraces fans ridiculing him for wearing NFL hat at NFC championship game
The only thing better would have been if the hat said "Sports" on it.
02.01.20, 2:44 am est
Brilliant Fictional Self-Help Books by Johan Deckmann
Some of these hit too close to home.
01.17.20, 5:39 pm est
You've Heard Of Brexit, But What It Would Be Called If Other EU Members Decided To Leave?
Abortugal. Brilliant.
01.17.20, 5:38 pm est
Funny Ads On Vehicles Fails
These always amuse me.
01.17.20, 5:37 pm est
The Perfect Poke
There's more than one way to fix an IT problem.
01.17.20, 5:36 pm est
Computer Genius
Can confirm this checks out.
01.17.20, 5:35 pm est
Will Work For Food
I definitely need to roll up to work like this one day.
01.17.20, 5:34 pm est
"DaDaDa, DaDaDa" Turns 30: SportsCenter's Iconic Theme Song Debuted In November 1989
The bit with Spinal Tap's David St. Hubbins is the best.
01.13.20, 2:10 am est
George Kell designed an electronic sign-stealing operation more than 60 years ago
So, cheating and baseball are just a thing like PB and J, or peas and carrots.
01.13.20, 1:58 am est
The Surprising History of the Warp Pipe
A little Mario trivia.
01.13.20, 1:53 am est
Australia Found a Way to Save Water From Plastic Pollution and We Can Start Doing the Same
LOOK AT HOW MUCH DEBRIS ARE IN THESE NETS. Also, my parents have been doing a similar thing with the water return function for their washer for the past 40 years. WE COULD HAVE SOLVED THIS PROBLEM 40 YEARS AGO.
01.13.20, 1:46 am est
Mike Polk Jr. takes on the problem rocks of Parma (3:24)
Something is terrorizing the citizens of Parma, Ohio.
01.13.20, 1:41 am est
3 Commitments Taco Bell Is Making In 2020
Make 100K at Taco Bell? Time for a career change.
01.13.20, 1:39 am est
Beloved pizza chain Major Magic's making a comeback in metro Detroit
If this is opened up by the time my birthday rolls around then I'm booking my party there.
01.13.20, 1:37 am est
2020: What a Time To Be Alive
"The median American is 38 years old. If we use their birth year of 1981 as a starting point to measure progress during their lives, some astounding figures arise."
01.13.20, 1:36 am est
The Dodgers Have Triggered The Super Sports Equinox In LA
From 2018. Kind of a neat occurrence that doesn't happen too often.
01.13.20, 12:19 am est
How Used Hilton Hotel Soaps Get Recycled (3:42)
This gives me some more hope in the world.
01.13.20, 12:17 am est
'Realistic' wigs for people who need hair help go viral online in China (3:07)
I found this pretty intriguing.
01.13.20, 12:16 am est
Bringing back the weird web!
01.13.20, 12:15 am est
Wait, Erin Andrews was in the Darrin's Dance Grooves commercial? (0:45)
That is amazing!
01.13.20, 12:14 am est
John Mayer - Ain't No Sunshine - Live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 (4:53)
Solid jam session.
01.13.20, 12:12 am est
LITTLE BIG - GO BANANAS (Official Music Video) (2:46)
This is my new favorite jam.
01.13.20, 12:04 am est
LITTLE BIG - I'M OK (official music video) (3:36)
The anthem for a few people out there.
01.13.20, 12:01 am est
I play "ain’t no sunshine" but the intro is a bit different (1:48)
Best. Cover. Ever.
01.12.20, 11:53 pm est
Family Guy - Goldeneye (Edited with N64 Sound Effects) (1:24)
Dubbing the real Goldeneye sound effects on this video unleashed max nostalgia points for me.
01.12.20, 11:52 pm est
Who. Did. This? (0:55)
Bouncin' puppy.
01.12.20, 11:51 pm est
Interesting Little Known Animal Facts
You gon' learn even more today!
01.12.20, 11:50 pm est
Interesting Little Known Science Facts
You gon' learn today!
01.12.20, 11:49 pm est
Tired of All The Bad News, Artist Illustrates The Best News of 2019
It's rare in my world to come across positive news stories.
01.12.20, 11:48 pm est
R-Rated Movie Scenes Drawn In The Style Of a Kid's Book
Here's a book series I'd get into.
01.12.20, 11:47 pm est
Don't Be Bean To Me
01.12.20, 11:46 pm est
Tha Carder IX
I want this to be true so badly.
01.12.20, 11:45 pm est
Anna Kendrick responds to Islanders' Anthony Beauvillier after he shoots his shot on Twitter
Hockey players and hot girls, amirite?
01.12.20, 11:36 pm est

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