All Panthers home games will also be broadcast in Spanish
I would watch hockey with Spanish speaking announcers any day. The calls of the goals are every bit as amazing as I want them to be.
07.29.15, 10:42 pm est
"Toon Bombing" around Toronto
These always crack me up.
07.28.15, 8:00 pm est
Mysterious, Abandoned Indonesian Church Shaped like a Giant Chicken
I, for one, welcome our new poultry overlords.
07.28.15, 7:59 pm est
Dance Central 3 - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? (1:17)
07.28.15, 7:57 pm est
Dog of Wisdom (1:01)
Ha-ba-ba-da-ba-da. So true.
07.28.15, 7:56 pm est
Suitcase Turns Into Clothes Shelves
"The Shelfpack is a $350 suitcase with integrated shelves." Well, I have no idea what luggage is supposed to cost, but I'm all for instant shelves.
07.26.15, 10:15 pm est
The ol' Banana Bunker
This one has gone around the net a few times. Still, Groupon hits it out of the park.
07.26.15, 10:11 pm est
Tradition: Two Brothers Have Exchanged The Same Peanuts Birthday Card For Over 40 Years
I love everything about this.
07.25.15, 12:15 am est
Pizza Fried Chicken
Napoli Crispy Pizza Fried Chicken is only available from KFC Hong Kong. I would definitely give this a try.
07.25.15, 12:13 am est
Ultra Detailed (And Colored) Pancake Character Art
There's another pancakes wizard I was unaware of that does COLOR pancakes, and creates them to perfection. There are a bunch of short videos to check out.
07.25.15, 12:12 am est
First Person Point Of View Of A Mock Viking Battle (4:16)
Puy du Fou is a historical theme park in Les Epesses, France. They put on this show. I want to go to there.
07.25.15, 12:04 am est
The Pepperoni Pizza Bikini
Watch out, it's a scorcher.
07.24.15, 11:52 pm est
The Spaceballs Eagle 5 LEGO Set
Next: LEGO comb running through desert.
07.24.15, 11:52 pm est
Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboards
I want it. I want it now.
07.24.15, 11:49 pm est
OCD Nightmares
C'mon, man.
07.24.15, 11:47 pm est
Dollar Beard Club
Like the Dollar Shave Club, only you are looking to keep your beard.
07.24.15, 7:06 pm est
The Observatory by Robert Morris (1971)
A physical art installation in the Netherlands that identifies the equinoxes and solstices.
07.24.15, 7:04 pm est
Big Marble Run Machine: 11000 Marbles (5:58)
I think the sound of rolling marbles by themselves would be the perfect white noise to fall asleep to.
07.24.15, 7:02 pm est
WORLD RECORD Great Ball Contraption (15:10)
I find these things mesmerizing.
07.24.15, 7:00 pm est
New Horizons: Pluto
A shocking discovery found by NASA.
07.24.15, 6:52 pm est
Life is so ruff
Heh heh.
07.24.15, 6:51 pm est
"Teen Jeopardy"
Kids these days. They don't know.
07.24.15, 6:35 pm est
If you need a pick-me-up, load this webpage in your browser every day after you wake up.
07.24.15, 6:34 pm est
Guy Spends 6 Years Crocheting Super Mario 3 Blanket
It's absolutely amazing. Well done, sir.
07.24.15, 6:26 pm est
The Stickney Water Reclamation Plant (7:10)
I found this extremely interesting.
07.17.15, 2:33 am est
Dadholes Day (1:59)
I don't want her dirty ass on my new rider mower.
07.16.15, 2:17 am est
People don't realize how big America really is
This will amaze you!!!
07.16.15, 2:13 am est
Gone Home - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? (2:04)
Lesbians. Paul Blart, Mall Cop.
07.15.15, 12:57 am est
Why is our water disappearing?
07.14.15, 3:49 am est
Russian Roulette Pie In The Face Game For Kids
That's just good, clean fun for the family. Challenge: to turn it into an adult drinking game.
07.12.15, 9:24 pm est
Tempescope Recreates Outside Weather In A Little Box
I am extremely fascinated by this, and I bet it's going to cost a pretty penny.
07.11.15, 3:14 am est
Jiri Hudler wins the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (2:59)
Funny guy, I enjoy seeing the personalities of hockey players come out in such a setting.
07.10.15, 9:37 pm est
England’s Women’s World Cup Slogan is Pretty Risqué
Either this was done on purpose, or the people working QA on the project are huge herp derps.
07.10.15, 9:36 pm est
Fenway Sky Had an Apocalyptic Look Last Night
These are some of the most amazing cloud/sunset pictures I've ever seen.
07.10.15, 9:35 pm est
Play Of The Day - Badminton Finals - Yonex US Open C'ship 2015 (1:02)
Federer would be proud.
07.10.15, 9:32 pm est
Racing for Rupees (3:57)
The animation is ridiculously well done. Also, Ocarina of Time is still the best Zelda game of all time.
07.10.15, 9:27 pm est
Honest Taco Bell Advertising
Let's be serious here.
07.10.15, 9:19 pm est
This Abandoned Hospital In Detroit Is Reality, Not A Set On 'The Walking Dead'
More decay from the hometown city.
07.10.15, 9:17 pm est
Smells like teen shovel (0:09)
This. Is. Internet.
07.08.15, 2:17 am est
A Compilation of Robots Falling Down at the DARPA Robotics Challenge (1:13)
Drinking and driving is illegal and also applies to robots, THIS IS OUR PROOF!!!
07.08.15, 1:15 am est
Cycle ball (1:44)
This has been a sport in Europe since 1930. SINCE 1930!!! SOCCER ON BICYCLES!!! I shouldn't be amazed, but I am. Also, in German, it's called "Radball".
07.07.15, 2:06 am est
Joey Chestnut reveals he'll take on Takeru Kobayashi one more time
This is what the world has been waiting for. I mean, what I've been waiting for. KOBAYASHI FOR THE WIN!!!
07.07.15, 1:28 am est
YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs sword master (4:55)
07.07.15, 1:16 am est
Harsh Truths Told by Cute Cats
It's a tough world out there, and the cats already know.
07.05.15, 1:27 am est
Massive Gallery Of Japanese Artist's Unbelievable Insect And Balloon Animals
Like, these are really, really good. Still, MAKE ME A BICYCLE, CLOWN!
07.05.15, 1:12 am est
Revel in All the Delicious Trash Talk From These Mic'd Up Hockey Players
Three 7-minute compilation videos of all the chirping that goes on during professional hockey games. No love lost, that's for sure!
07.05.15, 1:12 am est
There Are Two Kinds of People
I think that I like vector graphics more than anything.
07.01.15, 1:38 am est
Hey, where's your rainbow filter?
As only the internet could provide.
07.01.15, 1:32 am est
They didn’t know I speak Chinese too
Funny short story about a multilingual cashier.
07.01.15, 1:20 am est
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