The Wafflesicle Maker Has Changed Breakfast Forever
I'll take two, please!
06.30.10, 7:43 pm est
The Man Your Man Could Smell Like 2
Old Spice is churning out "teh funnay"!
06.30.10, 7:14 pm est
iPhone4 vs HTC Evo
If you're phone is this important to you, then just off yourself.
06.29.10, 4:48 pm est
Scientists invent first male contraceptive pill
Science, what a wonderful thing.
06.28.10, 11:53 pm est
Careful Not to Backstroke Over the Edge of Singapore
This pool is freaky.
06.28.10, 11:51 pm est
Darth Vader Penalty Kick
He's really good.
06.28.10, 8:11 pm est
06.28.10, 5:07 pm est
Pure Michigan: Lake St. Clair
Ah, something I don't miss.
06.26.10, 2:44 am est
Randy Moller Goal Calls Part 4
06.25.10, 5:00 pm est
This is SportsCenter: Landon Donovan
Brilliant as usual.
06.25.10, 12:23 am est
Pet pengin in Japan
There's no u in pengin.
06.25.10, 12:10 am est
Darwin's beetle
This beetle doesn't take shit from no one!
06.25.10, 12:06 am est
Star Wars Gentlemen
I say.
06.24.10, 5:05 pm est
Disposable wine glasses
Peel, drink, smash into the ground.
06.24.10, 5:03 pm est
Portugal legalizes drugs, crime usage falls
Some parts of the world seem to be doing things more logical than we are. How much money do we waste on minor offenders and jails?
06.23.10, 8:51 pm est
Champagne Mouth @ Dolores Park
Funky. More @
06.23.10, 8:31 pm est
What is World Cup 2010?
Baby don't hurt me.
06.22.10, 2:27 am est
War, HUH
06.22.10, 2:15 am est
V for Vuvuzela
06.22.10, 2:14 am est
Not the V's!
06.22.10, 2:11 am est
Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?
Hey! Listen!
06.22.10, 2:01 am est
Nintendo World Cup 2010
The improvements are fantastic!
06.22.10, 1:56 am est
Heavy Metal Pizza Promoter
Rocking out for $7 an hour.
06.22.10, 12:03 am est
The Bodycounters
We count bodies, so you don't have to.
06.19.10, 6:08 pm est
Mario Vs Pac Man
2nd installment of mashups!
06.19.10, 5:54 pm est
Giant bait ball of fish
We live in the matrix, this is your proof.
06.19.10, 12:28 am est
Cloud in a bottle!
Okay, that's pretty neat.
06.19.10, 12:26 am est
Dude beatboxes Super Mario
Super Mario Brothers: the baseline for EVERYTHING!
06.19.10, 12:24 am est
It's Vince with Eminem's new album, the LONG version!
I kinda like the 30 second spot better than this 2 minutes spot.
06.19.10, 12:05 am est
How to beat Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11 minutes
A button by button guide.
06.18.10, 11:47 pm est
Videogame Violinist: Mario
Super Mario Brothers: the baseline for EVERYTHING!
06.18.10, 11:34 pm est
Vuvuzela Filter Strips Droning Horns from World Cup Broadcasts
You have to run your audio through a PC though. But why? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
06.18.10, 9:51 pm est
Dough pounding, Japanese style
You've gotta pound it!
06.17.10, 11:25 pm est
Teacher wants sex with students to say sorry for Japanese invasion
School is so much better these days.
06.17.10, 4:45 pm est
View any website like you're at the South Africa World Cup!
06.17.10, 1:01 pm est
Watch a guy iron a shirt
That's all it is.
06.17.10, 12:38 pm est
Spose - I'm Awesome
Music video dedicated to all the winners out there, haha.
06.17.10, 12:36 am est
Here's How to Fix College Football
The "EPL" model. As long as $$$ is the bottom line, not much is going to change in the next 50 years.
06.17.10, 12:01 am est
Student's bizarre attack on Hell's Angels
I doubt you'll find another news story as strange as this one.
06.16.10, 11:54 pm est
E3 2010: Goldeneye E3 Trailer
I've never been this excited about a video game in YEARS.
06.16.10, 11:52 pm est
World's Greatest Soccer Trick Shots
The sound is a little off, the funny is a little on.
06.16.10, 11:49 pm est
Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio
Hahaha, didn't see that coming.
06.16.10, 5:30 pm est
Inside a Wave: Epic Photography by Clark Little
Beautiful photography.
06.16.10, 12:27 pm est
It's Vince with Eminem's new album!
06.16.10, 12:25 pm est
They Shoot Porn Stars Don't They?
Articles about the adult film industry are interesting to me.
06.15.10, 8:56 pm est
You made a limousine... out of a Delorian?!?
Do want!
06.15.10, 12:21 pm est
5-Second Films | A BP Oil Executive Gets Iced
06.15.10, 12:20 pm est
Immortal Dog
Your dog is easy to kill.
06.14.10, 8:32 pm est
Lego Fussball
Lego reenactments of goals from this year's World Cup. Nifty.
06.14.10, 5:43 pm est
Zach Anner's Oprah Audition Tape
This guy is awesome.
06.14.10, 5:39 pm est
Patrick Stewart helps The Count
06.13.10, 7:24 pm est
Mortal Kombat vs. Oregon Trail
Less clothing, more bullets.
06.12.10, 10:23 pm est
Scale of the universe
Makes you feel really small. Or really big. Depends on what side of the scale you start at.
06.12.10, 10:20 pm est
06.12.10, 9:56 pm est
Archie McPhee - Bacon & Meat items for sale
It's... beautiful.
06.12.10, 9:52 pm est
How to Really Browse Without Leaving a Trace
Because no one wants to discover that you've been watching midget porn.
06.12.10, 9:37 pm est
Better Marriage Blanket
I think a more accurate name for the item featured would be the "3 am Taco Bell run blanket".
06.12.10, 9:11 pm est
Mini golf that you can advertise on. Innovative!
06.12.10, 9:05 pm est
Animated Engines
"Here you'll find animated illustrations that explain the inner workings of a variety of steam, Stirling, and internal combustion engines."
06.12.10, 6:31 pm est
Creative Uses of Stickers in Advertising
Who are the ad wizards that came up with these?
06.12.10, 6:16 pm est
The Pick-up Line
Needs some tweaking, haha.
06.12.10, 5:59 pm est
How To Be Tight
It's like a psa... of sorts...
06.12.10, 5:54 pm est
The Prom Date
Best 5 minute commercial ever.
06.12.10, 5:04 pm est
10 Largest Oil Spills
Article from '08, I wonder if this leak will get the high score. "High score, what does that mean? Did I break it?"
06.12.10, 12:38 am est
Zidane Head-Butt animated gifs
A look back at the famous incident in World Cup '06, and the hilarity it spawned.
06.11.10, 12:13 pm est
Fully functional Lego sniper rifle
You gonna get brik'd.
06.11.10, 1:20 am est
The best idea ever
Welp, I'm off to the store to pick up supplies now!
06.10.10, 5:29 pm est
Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung
Might have posted this before, but it's too good not to post again.
06.10.10, 5:27 pm est
The Black Keys - Tighten Up
This is a fun music video.
06.10.10, 5:23 pm est
It's about time: redesigned traffic light includes the color blind
It's a start. Still need a solution to "driving like a complete idiot syndrome".
06.10.10, 4:32 pm est
Giant USB Spaghetti Cable Monster Invades Australia
Hahaha, more companies should have this type of functional humor.
06.10.10, 4:29 pm est
Great Showdowns
This is a chronicling of some of the greatest confrontations in FILM HISTORY. Can you identify them?
06.10.10, 4:18 pm est
BP Spills Coffee
Too soon? Nah.
06.10.10, 4:00 pm est
Tetris vs. Contra
This is hilarious!!!
06.10.10, 3:55 pm est
Mario paper stop motion
Apparently, 8-bit stop motion is the new internet fad.
06.10.10, 3:46 pm est
22 Fictional Characters Whose Names You Don't Know
Some of these are just silly.
06.09.10, 6:07 pm est
Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench
Neat info about the heights and depths of the planet.
06.09.10, 5:59 pm est
Sammy's stuff to save your space with Space Savers!
06.09.10, 5:36 pm est
Dubai Metro
Neat little time lapse.
06.09.10, 12:30 pm est
Wild crows inhabiting city use it to their advantage
I bet that bird can't cut its own hair! That's crazy! I'M BRIAN FELLOWS!!!
06.09.10, 11:12 am est
Mortal Kombat rebirth teaser
8 minutes teaser video for a possible new move release.
06.09.10, 11:00 am est
Immortal avatars: Back up your brain, never die
We're getting closer to immortality! Now, how to transfer consciousness...
06.08.10, 2:23 pm est
June 15th is "Cheer Up Keanu Day"
The couple links in the article help explain why.
06.08.10, 8:47 am est
Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Pt. 2
These fan made videos are getting really, really good.
06.08.10, 8:13 am est
Clarke and Dawe on the US oil spill
This made me chuckle.
06.07.10, 11:46 pm est
Zelda II FPS
Someone took Zelda II from the NES and made it a first person shooter type min-game. It's effin GREAT!
06.07.10, 12:26 pm est
Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan
06.07.10, 10:45 am est
Ooops: Activision's GoldenEye Wii and DS remake leaked
My only fear is that they screw up one of the best games ever made. I hope they don't!
06.07.10, 10:34 am est
When you need that sound byte right away!
06.07.10, 2:36 am est
Living the 'real' simple life
I'm quite impressed with this family.
06.06.10, 11:41 pm est
Duck and Cover
No, really, this is what will save you.
06.06.10, 11:30 pm est
Another Numbers Stations page
One more info page with some info and links. Can you tell I'm thoroughly amused by this?
06.06.10, 10:52 am est
The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations
A bunch of recordings from numerous stations. Nothing interesting, just a bunch of numbers that only mean something to someone else.
06.06.10, 10:50 am est
Shortwave Espionage
Here's an entire page of information on number stations and the like.
06.06.10, 10:47 am est
Numbers Relay Page
This encoded message stuff is amazing.
06.06.10, 10:37 am est
Dark Side of the Band
A short article from Wired about number stations.
06.06.10, 10:28 am est
Numbers stations
My tin foil hat is on and I am fully intrigued!
06.06.10, 8:56 am est
Oddities like this also interest the hell out of me.
06.06.10, 8:32 am est
The Duga-3 antenna
It's out of commission, but it is MASSIVE.
06.06.10, 8:29 am est
Deep in the Atlantic, a submarine waits on alert with nuclear missiles that would end the world...
This extremely interests me for some reason. Also, things I did not know before.
06.06.10, 8:04 am est
The Reoccurring Prop Newspaper
I never would have noticed otherwise.
06.04.10, 9:30 pm est
Adidas Originals - World Cup Party
Amusing Star Wars twist.
06.04.10, 5:03 pm est
EA SPORTS 2010 FIFA World Cup prediction
That could be fairly accurate.
06.04.10, 7:57 am est
The solution to clean up the oil spill
Why haven't we applied this technique yet?
06.04.10, 7:20 am est
There's people who actually picket spelling bees.
They are called "ra-tards".
06.04.10, 1:18 am est
Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster
You can enter a location to move the spill.
06.04.10, 12:58 am est
Commodore is still making computers
And... they are kind of neat. (Insert nod to being old-school)
06.04.10, 12:53 am est
Darryl, Darryl, Darryl
This amused me, that's all.
06.04.10, 12:44 am est
Jurassic Jail
Brilliant costume idea!
06.04.10, 12:43 am est
Inspired by Iceland Video
A goofy fun promo video for Iceland.
06.04.10, 12:42 am est
Light Warfare
That was an amusing short.
06.03.10, 11:58 pm est
Sneaky Hate Spiral
Oh, how I've been there before.
06.03.10, 2:28 am est
Rymdreglage - 8-bit trip
More Lego stop-motion. And a neat song!
06.02.10, 8:07 pm est
Lego felt-tip printer
Not efficient, but fun!
06.02.10, 8:05 pm est
The NHL's top secret flow chart for handing out suspensions
Now you can follow along at home!
06.01.10, 7:26 pm est
Super Fast Karate Guy super fast.
06.01.10, 5:57 pm est
EVO 04 Semifinal - Daigo Umehara vs. Justin Wong
Apparently, this is one of the greatest comebacks in any single moment of video game tournament fighting in recorded history.
06.01.10, 9:12 am est
The World Cup, translated into "American"
Slightly humorous read about the 32 nations compared to American sports teams.
06.01.10, 6:56 am est
Kevin Pollak impersonating Walken
Haven't seen this one yet, pretty good improv!
06.01.10, 5:07 am est
Guatemala sinkhole
Wow. Again.
06.01.10, 1:13 am est
Guatemala sinkhole
06.01.10, 1:13 am est
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