May 6, 2009
Metrorail Project - the Phase I stations have 3D renderings of what they will look like when the project is complete. Tyson's is going to have a completely different feel to it when it's finished.
HOT Lanes - while looking out of my building, I noticed not only construction for the Metro through Tysons, but 495 has been experiencing a lot of construction as well in places I knew the metro wasn't going to go. Now I see what they are doing. Basically, the entire VA portion of 495 will have HOT lanes in the middle. Supposedly free for HOV-3 and over, and a toll amount that varies throughout the day for cars with 2 or less occupants. Sadly, I'm pretty sure no matter what you do in this area of the country, traffic will always be at a standstill during the rush hours.

Pink dolphins? It's more likely than you think - land lubbers see the pink elephants, but it's a different story when you are out at sea.
60-foot penis painted on roof - people will do ANYTHING to be famous on Google Maps.
17 cool magnet tricks
EFF YEAH CILANTRO - if you don't love cilantro with all your heart, this guy will fight you. No joke.
The Konami Code Makes Magical! - whether this was real or not, I never got it to work, but the thought behind it is absolutely brilliant.
Club Trillion - a blog written by a bench warmer on the Ohio State men's basketball team. He's actually quite hilarious.
Here's a reason why teenagers do not need cell phones.
Here's another reason why teenagers do not need cell phones.
PHOTOS: 20 Beautiful Landscape Wallpapers - treat your monitor to something beautiful.
PHOTOS: A Russian site wiath a bunch of neat photography.
Snow rollers - that's a neat phenomenon.
Cassini's continued mission - gorgeous photos of Saturn.

Internet Commenter Business Meeting - the first one I posted before, the next one is new to me!

VIDEO - We Didn't Start the Flame War
VIDEO - New Era commercial - you no Big Pappi!
VIDEO - You said fantasy...
VIDEO - Billy Mays Orders From McDonald's Drive Thru - THIS is the video I mentioned last week. IT IS MOST SUPERB.
VIDEO - Warp Whistle - a well done short.
VIDEO - so this is what Patrick Ewing has been up to...
VIDEO - My NES Collection - you have to get organized when you have that many games.
VIDEO - Facebook Manners And You - this is certified GOLD Jerry, GOLD!
VIDEO - 1000FPS shots in slo-mo - neat!
VIDEO - Lightsabres + underwear =
VIDEO - This is an actual portrayal of how Lincoln threw down back in the day


VIDEO - Flavorwave Turbo - not to be outdone, Mr T. can pimp out some must have items for your kitchen as well.
VIDEO - Trailer for One-Eyed Monster - Ron Jeremy made a horror film. FAN-TASTIC.
VIDEO - The Tiddy Bear - MARKETING. GENIUS. How can you NOT love infomercials and these other late-nite offerings?

Randy Moller calls play-by-play for the Florida Panthers radio affiliate. After a Panthers goal, he adds a little something extra to the call. It's most amusing :)
VIDEO - Randy Moller Goal Calls 1
VIDEO - Randy Moller Goal Calls 2

VIDEO - Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya (Cover) - heard this first on Scrubs a couple weeks ago. Reminded me of one of Evan's covers:
VIDEO - Evan Valentine - Crazy (Cover)
VIDEO - Andy Milonakis - Let Me Twitter Dat
VIDEO - Awareness Test
VIDEO - Magical Martial Arts - what. the. FUCK?

"Remote Control" on MTV was one of my favorite shows growing up, and I spent some time reliving the magic:
RC Fansite
RC Video Clips
One dude who was a contestant on the show gives us a little insight into what went on during his taping:
VIDEO - Part 1
VIDEO - Part 2
There's a lot more "Remote Control" goodness on the ol' YouTube as well.

Do you need to rent a truck, or are looking for some storage? May I suggest:
Jones' Big ASS Truck Rental and Storage
VIDEO - If you got an elephant, he has space!
Or, maybe you are just hungry, and your feet are aching! May I also suggest:
Jones' Good ASS BBQ and Foot Massage
VIDEO - If it fit through the door, he'll put it in the fryer!

Tips from the Boston Bruins' mascot:
VIDEO - Tuck
VIDEO - Hang Up
VIDEO - Date

Casey Donahue is a funny guy:
VIDEO - Auto Tuning
VIDEO - Leaders
VIDEO - The Floor Is Lava
I want to work there.

Let's learn about: Tonsil Stones!
Tonsil Stones (Tonsilloliths): Treatment and Prevention
POSSIBLY GROSS VIDEO - removing the tonsil stones
POSSIBLY GROSS VIDEO - a tonsillectomy
I get those tonsil stones in my mouth from time to time, they are always soft though. Nothing satisfies me more than plucking those out of there. So these videos were interesting to me.

Also interesting are sinuses, the #1 problem with me at almost any given time.
VIDEO - Sinus Animation
VIDEO - Nasodrin - some new product that helps clear sinuses.
There's only one reason I ever get "sick", and sinuses are usually the culprit. I know, who knew I'd post anything that has any intellectual value?

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