One-Man Band Performs Star Wars And Tetris Themes
This man wins all the internets.
05.31.14, 5:01 am est
Burgertyme with Julian Edelman: Chandler Jones (4:55)
Edelman has an Adult Swim career after his football days are over. Fantastic.
05.30.14, 11:44 pm est
Why is Daddy Sad on Sunday? A review of the Cleveland sports coloring book
Oh, those sad Browns fans keep getting piled on.
05.30.14, 4:39 am est
The Biggest Filer of Copyright Lawsuits? This Erotica Web Site
Thirteen hundred copyright-infringement lawsuits in the past year. Better keep your always changing IP address clean.
05.30.14, 2:45 am est
Historic MapWorks
Historical maps of the United States. I'm always curious about how a particular area looked before new roads and expressways were built. Fascinating to me was a lot of the streets where I grew up were named after the people who were prior owners of the land the road was built on.
05.30.14, 2:27 am est
Neil deGrasse Tyson's most mind blowing tweets
NdGT is always keepin' it real.
05.30.14, 2:08 am est
Jag Grill Table
It is extremely awesome. Not $2,499 awesome, but awesome nonetheless.
05.30.14, 2:06 am est
Aug(De)Mented Reality (2:42)
Hombre_McSteez laying down some fantastic IRL cel animation.
05.30.14, 1:59 am est
Vegetative patient Scott Routley says 'I'm not in pain'
Science is going to get there eventually. These breakthrough stages are still pretty amazing.
05.30.14, 1:51 am est
Pogo & Skye - Time Machine (2:29)
Back to the Future chill remix. Pogo once again produces a boatload of internet win.
05.24.14, 2:10 am est
Lion, Tiger And Bear Are Real Life BFFs
Their nickname is the "BLT". Fantastic!
05.24.14, 1:44 am est
The 30 Hottest Daughters in Sports
Hot daughter alert in effect.
05.24.14, 1:15 am est
This Glass Sphere Could Revolutionize Solar Power on Earth
I love the idea. I hope we get on the solar power train sooner than later. As in, during my life time.
05.22.14, 3:30 am est
Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 & Today (2:08)
Well, they really got that down to a science.
05.20.14, 4:47 am est
Gluten free salad
05.19.14, 8:04 pm est
Fashionable Watch Designed For The Blind
I think it looks pretty neat, too.
05.18.14, 2:34 am est
Breathtaking Land Art of Egypt Covering 1 Million Square Feet
Most of it still exists 17 years later.
05.18.14, 2:27 am est
"Happy" Soul Train (2:21)
Ya know, this kinda fits.
05.18.14, 1:57 am est
Spurious Correlations
Correlations completely unrelated to each other.
05.18.14, 1:42 am est
A brief study of all 21 Cleveland QBs
They all had something strange in common.
05.18.14, 1:37 am est
Bus slogans for 2014 World Cup
Chile: "Go Chile". The rest are rubbish, THIS ONE WINS!
05.14.14, 7:53 pm est
Risk Carved Into A Coffee Table
Me wants it.
05.14.14, 1:48 pm est
3D-printed 'electronic glove' could help keep your heart beating for ever
Science taking one step closer to living FOREVER!!!
05.14.14, 1:43 pm est
Carter the Banana Boy
This is one badass kid.
05.14.14, 1:36 pm est
The Bao-ser's Castle Burger
Sweet jeebus this looks amazing.
05.13.14, 2:55 am est
Satisfying things
I need to start every day looking at this page. So... relaxing...
05.13.14, 2:40 am est
Verbatim: What Is a Photocopier? - Op-Docs - The New York Times (7:13)
"If you feel stupid, it's not because I'm making you feel that way." This is my new motto.
05.10.14, 3:16 am est
A Firenado
Not as deadly as the sharknado.
05.10.14, 1:05 am est
Movie night with Rambo
He's been training his entire life for this.
05.10.14, 1:05 am est
Girlband ADAM gets an orgasm while singing (2:40)
05.10.14, 12:41 am est
This is a real domain name and you can own it now!
05.09.14, 1:54 am est
Koubas applauding himself in the arena stands (0:28)
This is my new favorite goal celebration.
05.09.14, 1:48 am est
Traffic Cones: The Best Enforcers
Keeping the halls safe for you.
05.08.14, 3:39 am est
Remember: a sensible guess is called an estimate.
05.08.14, 3:36 am est
The Data
The more you know.
05.08.14, 3:34 am est
Cat gest PWNED (0:09)
Loop this for infinite hilarity.
05.08.14, 3:21 am est
Hey Pass Me A Beer II (2:23)
Diversify your beer passing abilities.
05.08.14, 3:05 am est
20 Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color
These restorations always fascinate me.
05.07.14, 8:50 pm est
Temple of Time
A 3D rendering of this classic Ocarina of Time temple. It's most fantastic.
05.07.14, 8:45 pm est
Black Sapote - the chocolate pudding fruit
I reeeeeeealy want to try one of these.
05.07.14, 8:39 pm est
3-D Illusion Sand Art Drawings
These are fun little projects.
05.07.14, 8:35 pm est
Nike: Take It To The Next Level - [Directors Cut] (3:07)
Another Nike ad that I absolutely enjoy.
05.07.14, 8:32 pm est
The '90s Alt-Rock Vocal Hook Supercut (2:28)
"The doot-doot-doos, whoa-ohs, na-na-nas, and ooh-oohs that defined a decade."
05.06.14, 1:32 am est
Read Amy Schumer's Powerful Speech About Confidence
This is a really great speech she gave. A very good read.
05.03.14, 4:51 pm est
Life Alert Remix by DJ Steve Porter (1:56)
DJ Steve Porter with another fantastic mashup/remix with one of the longest running commercials.
05.03.14, 4:38 pm est
All Grown Up
Isaiah Stephens vision of grown up cartoon characters.
05.03.14, 2:15 am est
The Wunder Boner (1:53)
You laugh now. Just watch!
05.03.14, 2:11 am est
Better-Than-Sex Breakfast Biscuit
There's no picture, unfortunately, but Chef Point restaurant in Watauga, Texas claims such a creation.
05.02.14, 9:21 pm est
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