It's getting hot out here (1:32)
Probably the most accurate forecast there's ever been.
06.30.12, 10:20 pm est
Ranger School Promo (2:07)
A "PowerThirst" type parody for Ranger School.
06.30.12, 6:25 pm est
Super Mario - 3D Chalk Art (Time Lapse) (3:55)
Wow, very impressive bit.
06.30.12, 6:17 pm est
Hartverdrahtet Ė Infinite complexity in 4096 Bytes
Worthy winner of the PC 4kB intro competition. The video on the page is created by a program who's file size is less than an empty word document. It's stunning from all perspectives: visual, audio, and programming.
06.30.12, 6:13 pm est
Gruesome human bakery
Wait for it...
06.30.12, 2:18 pm est
Endcap WIN
That's how you move product.
06.30.12, 2:17 pm est
Hot Dogs Tacos Tostadas (1:58)
This... is infinitely amazing.
06.29.12, 10:02 am est
DIY Spoon Lamp!!!
06.29.12, 1:04 am est
3D Illusion Sketchbook Drawings
They're freakin' me out, man!
06.29.12, 1:04 am est
Dungeons and Dragons cartoon dub (13:06)
I ended up watching the whole thing, and I don't even like D&D.
06.29.12, 12:28 am est
Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Wiener (0:49)
Not what you're thinking. This is an interesting tip.
06.29.12, 12:27 am est
10 random sports ESPN should televise
Time to get "The Ocho" on the air.
06.29.12, 12:25 am est
Abandoned Farm House Turned Into Life-Size Dollhouse
Kind of a neat idea.
06.29.12, 12:24 am est
Impressive Lil' Death Star Carved From Ping Pong Ball
What detail. What a fun piece.
06.29.12, 12:23 am est
Minimalist LEGO Sci-Fi Movie Scenes
These are ridiculously awesome.
06.29.12, 12:21 am est
Toilet paper blower prank
She looks pissed, haha.
06.29.12, 12:06 am est
Mobile LEGO meth lab
LEGO drugs sold separately... under bridge downtown.
06.26.12, 9:32 am est
'Iris' on the ukulele by Austin Criswell (3:06)
Absolutely fantastic.
06.26.12, 1:04 am est
Lamebook - Pressing Mom's Buttons
Another funny one.
06.25.12, 10:03 pm est
How movie theaters SHOULD be laid out - The Oatmeal
If I went to movie theaters, this would be the only acceptable configuration.
06.25.12, 9:58 pm est
"Originally this comic started with the note: "BATTLELORD: HORSE EDITION" and yes i am kinda sorry that line was dropped"
I rarely laugh out loud at things on the internet. This one wins.
06.25.12, 9:56 pm est
Detroit's Ballpark Franks are deliciously legendary
I had no idea they originated in D-Town, at The Corner.
06.25.12, 9:45 pm est
Mushroom machine (5:51)
A industrial mushroom machine.
06.24.12, 9:58 pm est
Hey, Pass Me A Beer! (1:51)
Like a boss.
06.22.12, 11:12 pm est
Orsosisland - floating island boat
Where some of my massive lotto winnings would go.
06.22.12, 11:10 pm est
How Not to Kill Your Baby
Finally, a guide for the masses.
06.22.12, 11:10 pm est
Pikachu on Acid (3:31)
Oh man... this is intense.
06.22.12, 12:10 am est
Film psychology THE SHINING spatial awareness and set design (11:37)
I don't think I ever would have noticed these inconsistencies.
06.22.12, 12:09 am est
Lead Breakfast ('Pulp Fiction' Remix) (3:38)
Pogo is a genius.
06.22.12, 12:08 am est
Snoopy Bike!
Japan does it again!
06.22.12, 12:07 am est
Cardboard lamp
Pretty neat.
06.20.12, 8:19 am est
T-Shirt Folder
Fool-proof cardboard T-Shirt folding aid. This is brilliant.
06.20.12, 12:02 am est
Tony Reali's Engagement Story
Wow. There's engagement stories, and then there's this, which is a whopper.
06.19.12, 11:44 pm est
Drive Thru Floating Cup 3 (3:57)
These reactions are priceless.
06.19.12, 11:43 pm est
Wise Words From Mr. Condom
Knowledge can be in some very surprising places.
06.19.12, 11:42 pm est
Save the Troy Library "Adventures In Reverse Psychology" (2:53)
What a brilliant way to flip the vote.
06.19.12, 11:41 pm est
Two lives, one pot
Neat concept.
06.19.12, 8:50 pm est
Workout Guy! (3:41)
And he has a exercise plan for everyone!
06.19.12, 8:49 pm est
Sensordrone Kickstarter pitch (3:55)
This could turn into something big.
06.17.12, 2:52 am est
'Branded' Official Trailer (2:29)
An upcoming crazy looking movie.
06.16.12, 4:01 am est
A Guy Walks Into A Bar (Ep. 27) - Magic Apples (1:56)
Hilarious short. A good vid.
06.16.12, 3:51 am est
'Envelope' starring Kevin Spacey (17:10)
Strange sort film, but an interesting watch.
06.16.12, 3:33 am est
The truth about shaving
You just never know.
06.16.12, 1:36 am est
The beauty of high-speed (6:59)
If you saw some slo-mo in a commercial, they probably did it. Crazy technology.
06.16.12, 12:54 am est
UCD worker wins award for rare photo of bee sting in action
This picture is cray.
06.16.12, 12:33 am est
Awesome Lego Album Covers
06.15.12, 7:33 pm est
Not enough swag
When memes come to life. This one makes me smile.
06.15.12, 4:21 am est
Online Retailer Imposes Tax For Internet Explorer 7 Users
Excellent idea. I support this 100%. The tax should be even higher for anyone still lurking with IE6.
06.15.12, 4:20 am est
Letís Go! Or Not...
When a commercial campaign backfires, live on the interwebs!
06.15.12, 4:17 am est
AirPod, a car that runs on air (4:57)
OMG can we finally get off our oil dependency, the technology is here already.
06.14.12, 11:45 pm est
A day well spent (0:09)
Most definitely.
06.14.12, 11:03 pm est
Neat photos from the sets of large movies
Scenes minus the special effects.
06.14.12, 8:31 am est
Perfect timing
Kodak moments abound.
06.14.12, 4:02 am est
Totally Viable Living Space WIN
Checked out by Scoob' and the gang.
06.14.12, 3:37 am est
Parenting Fails: Your Child is Hopeless
Why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?
06.14.12, 3:36 am est
Mailed Food (1:45)
It's so easy to use!
06.14.12, 2:58 am est
Mini Maple Bacon Doughnuts
06.14.12, 2:46 am est
Sandwich Artist (1:27)
Tessellate the cheese. Tessellate the cheese!
06.14.12, 2:44 am est
Where have I seen this before...
...oh yeah!
06.14.12, 2:40 am est
Reading Rainbow song receives a heavy metal update by The Human Tim (2:32)
Thumbs up.
06.14.12, 2:39 am est
Burger King Releasing Bacon Sundae This Summer
And boom goes my arteries.
06.14.12, 2:16 am est
Paparazzi Catch New Jersey Devils Players Hitting The Clubs After Stanley Cup Loss (1:47)
TMZ is rubbish, but the chick in the first video has made internet gold.
06.14.12, 1:26 am est
Pointer Pointer
Hold your mouse steady inside the square. A picture appears. Repeat. This is one of the just plain strange parts of the internet.
06.13.12, 5:23 am est
Snack Data
The more you know? This is one of those strange but interesting parts of the internet.
06.13.12, 5:22 am est
HUGE 8 Foot Long ZELDA Inspired Map Wall Mural for NES
I would totally put this up in my living room.
06.13.12, 5:20 am est
Coloring for Grown-Ups
It's like kindergarten, but with more drinking.
06.11.12, 1:34 am est
A Brief History of Video Games (2:54)
A fun little video game clip mashup.
06.10.12, 5:20 pm est
Your Eyes Are Stupid (3:26)
You ever feel like making something stu-pid?
06.09.12, 11:33 pm est
The mini book of mini golf
Want it. Want it now.
06.09.12, 11:32 pm est
Puppy Runtime Error
Restart puppy?
06.09.12, 3:49 pm est
The Toronto Marlies Lost A Calder Cup Game In Overtime In The Worst Possible Way (2:07)
That's the worst.
06.09.12, 3:48 pm est
The Water Fountain Toothbrush
06.09.12, 3:47 pm est
Cannibalism... or Cannibananalism?
I am a ba-NANA!
06.08.12, 12:53 am est
The Plumber (3:50)
It's been "hard times" for this lady.
06.08.12, 12:29 am est
Wreck-It Ralph (2:26)
This movie looks fun.
06.07.12, 8:33 am est
Glazed Donut Flavored Vodka Bottles
Hell. Yes.
06.07.12, 8:30 am est
I'm sorry
We're all just gonna have to die.
06.05.12, 10:52 pm est
That Song Sounds Like
So, this site got addicting pretty quickly. Samples of songs that sound like other songs.
06.05.12, 10:46 pm est
Custom Namiki Falcon Resin Fountain Pen (4:51)
Handwriting is a lost art.
06.05.12, 10:04 pm est
The Delta Ad (1:17)
Yeah, you thought it was rain!
06.05.12, 8:29 am est
Ebi Katsu Burger
It's made out of shrimp, which I'm not fond of, but it looks amazing.
06.05.12, 2:40 am est
Weirdo Turns His Taxidermied Cat Into A Quadrocopter
So... the internet is getting stranger...
06.05.12, 2:24 am est
explodingdog: waiting
06.05.12, 1:07 am est
A Softer World
06.05.12, 1:06 am est
Grand prize!
You gotta want it!
06.05.12, 12:23 am est
Chris Miles - Dial Tone (2:19)
13 year old rapper lays down the beat.
06.02.12, 3:49 pm est
My kind of bar
I'd definitely like some more...
06.02.12, 3:46 pm est
Computer Commercial (2:17)
Trust the Wolfman.
06.01.12, 11:28 pm est
Bacon goes with Everything
Try any food, then try that food with bacon. It's always better.
06.01.12, 7:40 pm est
Salts Made From Human Tears
I knew my steak was missing something.
06.01.12, 12:53 am est
Whirlpool Shaped Pot Stirs Itself When Boiling
Well, isn't this nifty?
06.01.12, 12:52 am est
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