A look into the future (3:33)
Welcome to the world of tomorrow!
04.30.11, 7:14 pm est
Astounding Video Game Propaganda Posters
Includes some of the ones recently posted, plus others.
04.30.11, 1:35 am est
Barrier1 Systems (3:15)
Just in case you are thinking about fortifying your base.
04.30.11, 1:34 am est
Road Sign Furniture
That's "one way" to go about decorating your room.
04.30.11, 1:30 am est
Man Dressed as Cow Steals 26 Gallons of Milk (1:49)
Watch the video. "And the show has reached a new low."
04.29.11, 9:21 am est
Joe the paraplegic Easter Bunny gets tiny cart to cruise in
He can make it on his own!
04.29.11, 9:07 am est
How f***ed is Metro?
Before heading towards downtown, check this handy website.
04.29.11, 1:59 am est
The 100 most vulgar slang words
04.29.11, 1:30 am est
It's exactly what you think it is (0:22)
I know what I want for xmas.
04.29.11, 1:20 am est
"Super Mario Bros. 3" With Acoustic Soundtrack (11:27)
SMB3 speed run with accompanying piano and saxophone. I enjoyed this.
04.29.11, 1:13 am est
Mario With A Portal Gun (1:03)
Amusing mashup.
04.29.11, 1:01 am est
Back and to the left (0:32)
Best. Press Conference. Visual. Ever.
04.29.11, 12:57 am est
04.29.11, 12:55 am est
Dutch club VVV-Venlo sign 1-year-old child
I need to put him on my fantasy soccer team.
04.28.11, 1:11 am est
Cupcake Vodka
It'll get you drunk!
04.27.11, 9:07 am est
Fork trick (1:14)
04.27.11, 2:15 am est
How can I help you today, ma'am?
Over/under on this person's age: 62.
04.27.11, 1:48 am est
Bulldozer Joyride by Kids Results in $150K in Damages
Here's your "great parenting" news story for the week.
04.27.11, 1:45 am est
The First Zombie-Proof House
More pictures of the house I totally want.
04.27.11, 1:40 am est
Food for the wasted and broke
It's all about hitting the right demographic.
04.26.11, 6:22 pm est
Go the Fuck to Sleep
A children's book that's really for the parents out there.
04.26.11, 8:11 am est
HORSE (0:24)
Don't do it.
04.26.11, 12:24 am est
Destroy Evil
If you remember SuperBad, then you'll get this. Or not.
04.25.11, 11:45 pm est
Canvas Cycle
True 8-bit color cycling with HTML5. Impressive.
04.25.11, 3:26 am est
50 Breathtaking Pictures
More eye candy. The rated G kind, haha.
04.24.11, 11:35 pm est
(notes on) biology (5:39)
About halfway through, this turns into AWESOME.
04.24.11, 11:20 pm est
Women invade mall in bras, panties, and heels
This is a fantastic promo, and should be replicated at malls in my area.
04.24.11, 11:16 pm est
Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay (4:33)
The most *insane* thing I've ever seen made out of toothpicks.
04.24.11, 2:05 pm est
Phoenix - 1901 (D.L.I.D. Remix)
I really dig this remix.
04.24.11, 3:40 am est
X-Rays are fun!
I'm not on YTMND much, so this is the best use of the new features I've seen. (You have to resize your browser window for the effect.)
04.24.11, 3:20 am est
Morgan Spurlock is for sale in 'Greatest Movie Ever Sold'
The trailer for this is funny. I definitely want to see this.
04.24.11, 2:56 am est
Ducks Stuck On Mall Escalator (0:29)
This video is brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.
04.23.11, 10:04 pm est
A Radical Experiment In Empathy (18:07)
The sad thing is, if this was shown to the people that make the decisions and run the country, I don't think anything would change.
04.23.11, 9:58 pm est
Setting a cube of ice on fire (0:29)
This reminds me of something, when we used to fire up the barbecue and throw down some ice cubes. I can still see my dad with the apron on. Better flip that ice cube, dad. You know how I like mine. Will grill marks.
04.23.11, 9:40 pm est
Open-sourced blueprints for civilization (4:10)
If you build it... well, then, you can survive the next Y2K, whenever that happens.
04.23.11, 9:38 pm est
Woman Uses Motorized Wheelchair (0:22)
This is about as redneck as you can get.
04.23.11, 9:02 pm est
Drunk Valet (1:44)
A creative PSA for drunk driving.
04.23.11, 5:19 pm est
A Motherís Prayer for Its Child By Tina Fey
04.23.11, 4:58 pm est
Security and Data Protection in a Google Data Center (7:01)
They obviously couldn't disclose the use of a monkey ninja squad. That's the secret weapon.
04.23.11, 2:10 pm est
WIN: Zombie Fortress Protection!
This is totally the house I want.
04.23.11, 12:59 am est
A Paper Record Player
Most unique wedding invite I've ever seen.
04.22.11, 8:46 pm est
I Don't Even Game
Welp... this is different.
04.22.11, 8:42 pm est
What's in Spock's scanner - Part 2 (6:54)
With crossover goodness.
04.22.11, 11:05 am est
Little Thor (0:57)
Possibly the best sequel to a commercial I've seen.
04.22.11, 1:51 am est
New Jersey state trooper at his best (1:08)
For real. Eff all the people driving slow in the fast lane. LEARN2DRIVE KTHXBYE.
04.22.11, 1:49 am est
A Coaster Designed To Kill All Passengers
Don't just die. Die in STYLE.
04.22.11, 12:49 am est
Picnic Table Pyramid
04.22.11, 12:47 am est
04.21.11, 9:18 pm est
The Jack Edwards Is Crazy Top 13!
Edwards is one of the most entertaining play-by-play guys in any sport.
04.21.11, 9:07 am est
10 Hottest WAGs of the NHL
Hockey players score goals, score hotties as well.
04.21.11, 1:57 am est
Sorry It's Over (Male Perspective) (2:50)
She has a mole that needs to be checked...
04.20.11, 9:07 am est
דניאל יעקובוביץ - היא עומדת
Daniel Jakubovic has a kick ass song. I don't know Hebrew, but I do know ROCK, and this is it.
04.19.11, 11:52 pm est
Where did my tax dollars go?
Find out where your tax dollars went. Allegedly.
04.19.11, 1:42 am est
Super Mario Bros. themed World War II propaganda posters
Super Mario art: always relevant.
04.19.11, 1:41 am est
Homemade Bacon Bouquet
Roses will die. Bacon lasts FOREVER.
04.18.11, 8:06 pm est
16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts
Always low prices. Always.
04.18.11, 8:05 pm est
'Homemade Pint-Sized Crossbow Packs A Punch
From the creator of mini-canon, it's mini-crossbow!
04.18.11, 8:02 pm est
'Zero Charisma' Teaser (3:17)
Nerds ahoy!
04.18.11, 7:59 pm est
Leopold the amazing leaping cat (0:06)
I hate videos with pets. This gets the exception.
04.17.11, 2:29 pm est
Massive Lego machine with 20 modules (7:55)
I might have posted this before. It's still worth watching again.
04.17.11, 2:22 pm est
One US Aircraft Carrier Has A More Powerful Air Force Than 70% Of All Countries (10:31)
Your tax money in action.
04.17.11, 2:19 pm est
Fox Orders Up a Second Serving of "Bob's Burgers"
This makes me happy. This show is hilarious. You should watch it if you aren't currently doing so.
04.17.11, 2:43 am est
Tom Lehrer - So Long Mom - The Frost Report (3:05)
More Lehrer goodness.
04.17.11, 1:22 am est
Tom Lehrer - Decimal - The Frost Report (2:52)
This is classic comedy.
04.17.11, 1:20 am est
Fan Beaten At Dodger Game May Have Brain Damage
Incidents like this anger me.
04.16.11, 11:45 pm est
Kohler Numi Bidet Toilet (1:42)
The most advanced toilet in the world.
04.16.11, 3:08 pm est
Meat Glue Secret (5:50)
People don't care about your health, only about your money.
04.15.11, 8:49 pm est
Alternative voting explained (4:26)
Interesting concept. Beats what we currently do in this country.
04.15.11, 8:22 pm est
Drummer juggles and keeps a beat (0:27)
Skill, this dude has it.
04.15.11, 8:16 pm est
How close to a train track can you set up a vegetable market? (0:43)
This amazes me every time I see it.
04.15.11, 8:15 pm est
School lunches being prepared and served in France (5:55)
Once again, US public schools are put to shame.
04.15.11, 8:06 pm est
Star Trek XXX Parody
Get this - there's two DVD's - one with the adult scenes, and one that's a PG-13 of just the story.
04.15.11, 7:57 pm est
Last Exit to Bristol: The ESPN Oral-History Outtakes
They aren't real, but they are funny.
04.15.11, 7:42 pm est
Dinosaur vs. School Children (1:25)
I *never* had an assembly like that in elementary school.
04.15.11, 1:44 am est
What you can do with toothpicks and some water (0:32)
Someone try this and confirm it for me.
04.15.11, 1:41 am est
This is what you look like right now
They got me.
04.15.11, 12:54 am est
Who wants pancakes?
04.15.11, 12:53 am est
Picture Of The Day: Washington Post WTF?
Sometimes, the headlines write themselves.
04.15.11, 12:47 am est
My Injury/ facial impalement (2:02)
My shoulder doesn't hurt very much, but my face does. Right here. Not here or here so much. Right here.
04.15.11, 12:44 am est
The Pit - Super Mario Bros
What really happens to Mario when he falls into a hole.
04.13.11, 12:41 am est
Vanilla Ice... ice skating... to "Ice Ice Baby" (5:41)
And now for something completely different...
04.10.11, 2:36 am est
GAME BOY MUSIC (but not the kind you're thinking of) (1:35)
Kinda neat.
04.09.11, 3:09 pm est
At least there's still hope for me yet.
04.08.11, 9:27 pm est
The Phone (1:24)
Forget about texting and let The Phone handle all of your communicative needs with one touch of button!
04.08.11, 9:39 am est
Fight For Your Right - Revisited (2:00)
Star-studded cast for upcoming Beastie Boys release.
04.07.11, 10:17 pm est
How to play Kronum (2:08)
This is some new sport that was invented in Pennsylvania. It combines soccer, basketball, handball, and some Aussie Rules Football. Bizarre.
04.07.11, 9:02 pm est
Ice ball mold machine (1:32)
This is ridiculously cool. PUN INTENDED.
04.07.11, 8:47 pm est
Soda Can Shake-Up Experiment (2:39)
If you haven't learned something today, watch this!
04.07.11, 1:25 am est
Individuals from Sudan are brought to the USA, cultural differences emerge (4:58)
I need to find the rest of this. It's refreshing to see a different perspective of how we are accustomed to living.
04.07.11, 1:19 am est
The Way It Is (Death To The BCS) (4:53)
Division 1 College Football: just a bunch of old guys running a scam.
04.06.11, 9:38 pm est
News Anchor's April Fool's Joke Sends Co-Host Walking Off Set (2:21)
This was a well crafted prank. This is a gem.
04.06.11, 9:19 pm est
Oregon State House of Representatives Rick Rolls Itself (1:45)
Staged, real, spliced, whatever. This is internet gold.
04.06.11, 9:13 pm est
When Harry Met Sally 2 (4:31)
This was good. Cheeky. Watch this one.
04.06.11, 8:59 pm est
Joey the Junior Reporter
This kid has a future!
04.06.11, 8:52 pm est
Top 10 Sports Themes
This list fails. The best sports theme is, and will forever be, the NHL on ESPN theme.
04.06.11, 8:52 pm est
We should all change our browser homepages to this url.
04.06.11, 8:39 pm est
Andruw Jones gets attacked by onion rings (0:34)
This shouldn't amuse me as much as it does.
04.06.11, 8:29 pm est
Lamebook: Proud Parents
Best parental status comment ever.
04.06.11, 8:27 pm est
Sonic For Hire
A slightly amusing series featuring Sonic and his adventures through unemployment.
04.06.11, 8:24 pm est
Grown-ups vs. kids
What we see vs. what they see.
04.06.11, 8:18 pm est
The New Alphabet by Mike Hoffman
I don't know what genre of electronic music this classifies as, but there's some solid beats in this album.
04.06.11, 12:51 am est
WonderCon Cosplay Roundup Videos
I think there's three things that are guaranteed at Cons where cosplay is showcased: good cosplay, bad cosplay, and lots of cleavage. Sweet, sweet cleavage. I think these videos are all on the plus side of the spectrum.
04.06.11, 12:46 am est
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'The Governator' Trailer (2:50)
I think you just have to watch this one. Let it sink in a bit.
04.06.11, 12:36 am est
*Ocarina of Time* treasure chest with sound
04.06.11, 12:31 am est
Yankee Cup Stack (1:10)
Yankees fans *can* be amusing. Who knew?
04.05.11, 10:41 pm est
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Hi-Res Photos
High-res aerial photos of one of Japan's damaged nuclear plants.
04.04.11, 8:44 pm est
Shocking Accident (0:40)
Wait for it...
04.04.11, 8:41 pm est
Guitar Lesson World
In case you were looking for some tips.
04.04.11, 8:18 pm est
WIN: That's One Emotional Math Test
Well played.
04.04.11, 8:15 pm est
Tits bouncing back in warmer weather
Best. Headline. EVAR.
04.04.11, 8:06 pm est
Sand art is serious business
And can be quite amusing.
04.04.11, 8:01 pm est
This is my world.
04.04.11, 7:57 pm est
How to prank your friends
The PROPER way.
04.04.11, 7:54 pm est
04.04.11, 1:24 am est
In Japan, Even the Barcodes Are Well Designed
The cost: THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. No, really.
04.04.11, 1:20 am est
Oregon Trail: How three Minnesotans forged its path
The origins of the Oregon Trail. I played for the first time on an Apple IIe in 5th grade.
04.03.11, 1:00 am est
Inside a Strip Club
An interview of a former manager of an L.A. gentleman's club for a glimpse of what it's like to work among strippers.
04.03.11, 12:43 am est
The Professional
A good article about one woman's experience working in the sex industry.
04.03.11, 12:42 am est
Shooting for the Sun
The guy who invented the Super Soaker is also inventing cheap solar power.
04.03.11, 12:08 am est
The Left Rights - I'm On Crack (1:54)
They tell you to sing about what's in your heart. Or bloodstream.
04.02.11, 2:48 pm est
Art is subjective. That's all I'll say about this one.
04.02.11, 12:52 am est
Genius at work: 12-year-old is studying at IUPUI
He likes video games and SOLVING THE UNIVERSE.
04.02.11, 12:50 am est
The Canucks Green Guys Are Back As Hulkamaniacs (0:25)
04.02.11, 12:34 am est
Snakey snakey... (1:30)
The weather forecast is going to be EXTREME.
04.01.11, 9:52 am est
Bacon flavored oxygen inhaler
04.01.11, 9:28 am est
A new, movable, cross-platform social network.
04.01.11, 9:28 am est
Unique commercial for a phone (3:05)
I enjoy grand productions like these.
04.01.11, 9:26 am est
Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911 (2:22)
Well done YouTube, well done indeed.
04.01.11, 1:38 am est
French game shows are way better than ours (8:44)
8 minutes of cleavage. Hey, that'd be a good band name.
04.01.11, 12:44 am est
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