Please be careful when you get your laptop repaired
Never take your computer anywhere.
11.30.10, 11:18 pm est
Simpsons Burn Detroit and the Lions
It's funny 'cause it's true.
11.30.10, 11:06 pm est
Mario Bros by Dirk Erik Schulz
Great job!
11.30.10, 9:53 am est
Huge Go Cart Pile-Up
17 seconds of MAYHEM.
11.29.10, 11:26 pm est
1/18 Scale DeLorean Time Machine Hard Drives
When this baby hits 8800 RPMs... you're going to see some serious shit.
11.29.10, 9:30 pm est
Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice
Living forever is practically right around the corner!
11.29.10, 10:24 am est
Innespace Seabreacher Is A Two-Seat Submersible Personal Watercraft
11.27.10, 9:24 pm est
HumanCar® Inc.
Welcome to the future, cowboy! Cars powered by PEOPLE. BRILLIANT!
11.27.10, 9:22 pm est
All Day by Girl Talk - Mashup Breakdown
See the breakdown of 12 mashup tracks. Pretty interesting.
11.27.10, 8:33 pm est
Pure Michigan: Lions Fans
You'd have to be crazy.
11.27.10, 8:32 pm est
Cats play patty-cake
Usually videos of pets are stupid. You need to add a little extra to make it good.
11.26.10, 10:36 pm est
Jem melts rock using sunshine
That's hot.
11.25.10, 10:48 pm est
Organ Trail
Not a typo. Also, zombies.
11.25.10, 10:37 pm est
Guy Designs A Computer And Its Software To Resemble The Interface From Star Trek
But does it have a replicator?
11.25.10, 10:15 pm est
Buttersafe - The Door
Oh puns, how they amuse me so.
11.25.10, 3:33 pm est
25 Kick Ass Crochet Creations
Some really good ones in here.
11.25.10, 2:12 am est
There's now 8 episodes of games that were Lego-ized.
11.24.10, 2:35 am est
Introducing Xi3 Architecture
A full computer that fits in the palm of your hand!
11.24.10, 2:16 am est
I'm a Dog
11.24.10, 1:36 am est
Metropolis II installation by Chris Burden
1200 toy cars going at one time. Looks like the Beltway, except the cars are moving.
11.23.10, 9:38 pm est
Cookie Monster Auditions for Saturday Night Live
Sesame Street is stepping up its game, good stuff!
11.23.10, 6:46 pm est
TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving - Epic Meal Time
A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird IN A PIG... wrapped in BACON... and THEN SOME.
11.23.10, 6:40 pm est
Cyanide & Happiness #2243
11.23.10, 9:03 am est
Two Best Friends Play Kirby's Epic Yarn
Mildly amusing at points.
11.23.10, 12:12 am est
Asperger's High
This is probably on the CW, just under another name.
11.23.10, 12:07 am est
Food facts
Get in the know.
11.22.10, 10:45 pm est
17 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped
Some good ones in here.
11.22.10, 9:08 am est
Jenga pistol
Play the hardcore way.
11.22.10, 4:11 am est
More light to come
Neat photography manipulation.
11.21.10, 4:20 pm est
How to grow your own fresh air
This is fantastic. I am intrigued.
11.21.10, 2:52 am est
It Was Acceptable In The '90s
Mega Man + healthy living tips = all the advice you'll ever need.
11.21.10, 1:36 am est
Hat Tricks
11.20.10, 8:30 pm est
250 Introductions of 185 People, Groups, & Things
This was very enjoyable for some reason.
11.20.10, 8:22 pm est
Don Kenn gallery
Monster drawings on post-it notes, good stuff.
11.20.10, 7:45 pm est
National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010
Absolutely awesome photography represented in these submissions.
11.20.10, 7:42 pm est
Ryan Miller in Caddyshack
Well done, Ryan Miller, well done.
11.20.10, 1:56 am est
Sandra Kreuzinger - photo gallery
Lots of fantastic shots in here.
11.19.10, 1:32 am est
The Simplest Mobile Phone On The Market
This is what you should give your kids that don't need cell phones to begin with.
11.18.10, 11:26 pm est
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Rollercoaster
11.18.10, 12:39 am est
88 Brilliant Examples of Forced Perspective Photography
These are fun to look at!
11.17.10, 9:39 am est
Interesting scenes found in Google's Street View
a.k.a. "How to easily distract me from anything".
11.16.10, 10:49 pm est
Tunnel log
That's one way to deal with it.
11.16.10, 10:38 pm est
She just keeps going...
Mad skills up in the hizzy.
11.16.10, 9:02 am est
My name is Lisa
What a strange short film.
11.16.10, 9:00 am est
Song 2 (Blur) - RnL VideoSong
Another fantastic remake. I hope these guys keep churning them out.
11.16.10, 8:30 am est
The Real Slim Shady - RnL Musical
This is a ridiculously good rendition of the song.
11.16.10, 8:29 am est
Manny Pacquiao's Punchout
I'm glad he has a sense of humor!
11.16.10, 12:04 am est
Would You Buy A Car From This Guy?
11.15.10, 5:17 am est
Sepak takraw
Soccer + volleyball = this insane sport.
11.15.10, 1:21 am est
Amazing hockey goalkeeping
It's field hockey, but it's still amazing.
11.13.10, 11:40 pm est
Mad Men: Don Draper Says "What?"
11.13.10, 11:39 pm est
The United States Map Of Television Shows
Another fun graphic.
11.13.10, 4:33 am est
U.S. Map According To Where Movies Took Place
A fun graphic.
11.13.10, 4:33 am est
the dipr - a spoon for dunking sandwich cookies
I'll take two, please!
11.13.10, 4:33 am est
Secrets To Success
I'm going to have to agree. Circle gets the square.
11.12.10, 3:57 am est
Cover of Men's Health - 2011 Tech Guide - Olivia Munn
I need to have surgery. My jaw fell off and shattered on the floor. Stunning. Times a million billion infinity.
11.12.10, 2:47 am est
OK Go - Last Leaf - Official Video
OK Go should win every music video award ever.
11.12.10, 2:23 am est
Page 3 - the woman you'd love your woman to be like
An Old Spice spoof. Sweet sassy molassy. Dibs.
11.12.10, 1:47 am est
Mugshot of the year
The guy describing his crime reminds me of a Wesley Willis song.
11.12.10, 1:43 am est
Outta my way!
This kid HATES kumbayah.
11.12.10, 1:41 am est
Super Mario Bros. X - Mario Fan Games
Where to download the game. Black Ops? Pssh, give me some more old-school MARIO!
11.12.10, 1:40 am est
Super Mario Bros. X 1.3 Gameplay Trailer
Now THIS game looks AWESOME.
11.12.10, 1:38 am est
The Greasiest Sandwich Ever - Epic Meal Time
My goodness this looks AWESOME.
11.10.10, 3:23 am est
The Death of the Double Down - Epic Meal Time
The first two seconds of this video lets you know how ridiculously awesome this is going to be.
11.10.10, 3:20 am est
A "Secret" Subway Stop
I like stuff like this.
11.09.10, 10:38 pm est
Koopa, It’s What’s For Supper
Neat concept on the slicing and dicing of video game characters.
11.09.10, 7:28 pm est
Jones Bacon Soda Holiday Pack
This might be worth the purchase.
11.09.10, 5:45 am est
Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds
A Twinkie every three hours? Interesting concept.
11.08.10, 1:28 pm est
Julien Berthier
He makes a lot of odd things.
11.07.10, 5:01 am est
100 Dolla Bills Ya'll
This is the best karaoke EVAR.
11.06.10, 8:28 pm est
NES Cartridge Wireless Router
NES mods will never cease to amuse me.
11.06.10, 12:02 am est
Turn Your Sink From Faucet To Water Fountain With The Squeeze Of A Nip
This would be infinitely handy for me.
11.05.10, 11:44 pm est
Very Mary Kate
I don't know why these videos make me laugh. But they do. Every time.
11.05.10, 4:14 pm est
How It's Made - Baseballs
Cork, yarn, and leather, just like grandma used to make.
11.05.10, 2:55 pm est
Is This A Good Idea? E-Voting Without Fraud
Yes, this is a GREAT idea.
11.05.10, 7:06 am est
Pogo's YouTube channel
There's a bunch of other remixes here that are fun as well.
11.05.10, 12:15 am est
Pogo - Wishery
I really like this remix.
11.05.10, 12:11 am est
Hamster attack!
This little guy will eff you up!
11.04.10, 11:58 pm est
Being Overweight Is Now illegal in Japan
Well, not illegal, but now being extremely discouraged through alternate means. Interesting angle to go about it.
11.04.10, 4:55 am est
Movin' Like Bernie
The dance craze that's sweeping the internet!
11.03.10, 1:38 pm est
George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member
Sulu brings down the hammer.
11.03.10, 1:29 pm est
High Speed Video of Popcorn Popping
11.02.10, 5:53 pm est
Jamie Oliver Teaches Knife Skills
I am kitchen-impaired, so this helped me out.
11.02.10, 5:51 pm est
Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters
Pretty neat concepts.
11.01.10, 5:18 pm est
Why the hell can I hear a thump when I look at the picture?
Mindfuck indeed.
11.01.10, 1:01 am est
The Six Feet Under Club offers sex in a buried coffin
"What, like the back of a Volkswagon?" That's funnier if you got the reference.
11.01.10, 12:20 am est
Combat sheep!
Who said there's nothing to do in Russia.
11.01.10, 12:15 am est
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