Weird Owl (0:31)
I enjoyed this to the maximum amount allowable by law.
02.29.12, 10:07 am est
Simple comedy.
02.29.12, 2:26 am est
Orphic Oxtra - Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof (3:17)
I have the weirdest boner right now.
02.29.12, 2:21 am est
Recoil Winders - Cord storage for iPhone, iPad, iPod & More
I swear I've had this basic idea in my head for YEARS now.
02.29.12, 2:15 am est
Ghost In The Stalls (5:43)
This was pretty funny. It's worth it.
02.29.12, 2:14 am est
CamelBak All Clear Water Purifier Bottle
It uses UV light to effectively neutralize viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. It also costs $99. I... kind of want it.
02.29.12, 2:11 am est
World Record Paper Airplane Distance (0:59)
Would you look at that? Just look at that! That... is something... I think...
02.29.12, 2:06 am est
An Honest Liar (6:03)
I reeeeeeeally want to see this get made. Really really.
02.28.12, 1:05 am est
55 gallon drum of lube - FOR SALE
02.28.12, 12:54 am est
Lionel Messi never dives (6:32)
This video makes me smile.
02.28.12, 12:47 am est
Gerd Ludwig's "Long Shadow of Chernobyl" project
It's one of the most fascinating tragedies I can think of. The photos of the exclusion zone continue to hold my attention.
02.28.12, 12:39 am est
Time for another round of Clever Tip Jars
You've got to be expressive with that tail, otherwise, what's the point, right?
02.28.12, 12:31 am est
Great tattoo, or greatest tattoo?
02.28.12, 12:26 am est
Dos Equis - Call of the Most Interesting (0:57)
That... was interesting...
02.26.12, 3:43 am est
Without Ragtime
For some reason, this is brilliant to me.
02.26.12, 1:10 am est
How To Dubstep Like A Parrot (2:42)
This parrot has some pretty sweet moves.
02.25.12, 6:30 pm est
Super Mario parade of some sorts (2:18)
Best parade ever.
02.25.12, 6:28 pm est
Rock Bottom (1:07)
The puns, they are hi-larious!
02.25.12, 1:56 pm est
Milk, True (0:54)
The best use of children, ever.
02.25.12, 1:07 am est
The art of trolling
Oldies but goodies mixed in here.
02.25.12, 12:26 am est
I Want to Have a Beer With This Guy
Some solid quotes in this pile.
02.24.12, 10:42 pm est
Real Life Goldeneye 64 (3:39)
I feel like this would have been more enjoyable without the commentary.
02.24.12, 10:28 pm est
10 Bullets
A decent time waster.
02.23.12, 11:22 pm est
More Tilt Shift Photography
I can't get enough of it!
02.23.12, 11:02 pm est
Proof that USB cables exist in 4-dimensional space
This happens more often than it should.
02.23.12, 5:23 am est
Moss graffiti (tutorial)
That's... actually pretty neat.
02.23.12, 5:22 am est
Cassetteboy vs The News (2:44)
Laughed quite a bit at this mush-up.
02.23.12, 5:14 am est
Mike Falzone - How to Break Up in the City (3:48)
Music video based off the cartoon Doug. Kinda neat.
02.23.12, 5:07 am est
Cat Fight (3:30)
02.23.12, 4:57 am est
Just a Rocher
02.23.12, 4:55 am est
Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen
This is just an amazing sight to see.
02.23.12, 4:54 am est
Another Castle
I liked this one a lot. Serious comic is serious.
02.23.12, 4:50 am est
F U! (1:01)
Express it with STYLE!
02.21.12, 11:11 pm est
Concept car of te future? Volkswagen Aqua
Not gonna lie, if this were ever manufactured, I'd totally get one, haha.
02.21.12, 10:45 pm est
Awkward Video Game Pickup Lines (4:29)
These are SO bad. Payoff is the very last one, hahaha.
02.21.12, 10:38 pm est
Radar (1:56)
Remi is at it again. This guy is the best.
02.21.12, 4:01 am est
Perfect Endings Peanut Butter Cup Cake
For those days when $80 is a burden to have in your pocket.
02.20.12, 3:45 pm est
I ell-oh-elled at this one.
02.20.12, 3:11 am est
The Dave Thomas Collection
My friend Dave wrote some good music. Here are a bunch of his songs you can listen to/download if you'd like.
02.20.12, 2:26 am est
Ace Ventura Saves A Guinea Pig (2:02)
What... the fuck... I WANT MORE...
02.19.12, 10:52 pm est
1990: This guy is 100% boss (1:04)
AKA me in my basement growing up, hahaha.
02.19.12, 10:26 pm est
Monty Python philosopher soccer game (3:57)
This amuses me greatly.
02.19.12, 9:54 pm est
Dave Grohl and Jason Mewes play Yambo (2:37)
I don't know why I don't remember this, but it is AWESOME!
02.19.12, 4:10 am est
Dave Grohl is awesome
Just another reason.
02.18.12, 4:15 pm est
Air tight seal
This is GENIUS!
02.18.12, 4:13 pm est
Proof that Great Photography has Little to do with your Wallet
Some AWESOME shots using Star Wars LEGO figures.
02.18.12, 5:40 am est
City Transit Line posters
These are pretty neat.
02.18.12, 5:38 am est
Van Halen's Legendary M&M's Rider
This was more interesting than I initially thought it would be.
02.18.12, 5:37 am est
We Got A Problem?
This shouldn't have made me laugh. It did.
02.18.12, 3:45 am est
Married To The Sea: Why is everyone so fucked up
People these days.
02.17.12, 10:43 pm est
Shattered CD Sculptures
Artist Sean Avery uses shattered compact discs and components from computer hardware to create gorgeous works of art.
02.17.12, 10:38 pm est
Robbery EPIC FAIL in Rotterdam (2:06)
Haha, the Dutch are awesome.
02.17.12, 10:37 pm est
Star Wars location spotting in Tunisia
That would be a fun trip to take.
02.17.12, 10:35 pm est
Click the Frog
Fun, free, flash game full of frogs, clicking and... that's about it. But it's still makes a fun midday distraction.
02.17.12, 10:35 pm est
Reese's Pieces "Love Child" (1:02)
The "Skittles" honeymoon couple has a surprise in the delivery room.
02.16.12, 1:16 am est
Some very interesting drawings by Jacek Yerka
Have a look-see.
02.15.12, 2:30 am est
House can be such a prick...
02.15.12, 2:05 am est
20 Awesome Athlete-Celebrity Look-Alike
These are always fun.
02.15.12, 1:40 am est
Canadian takes over seven years to dig out basement using R/C construction equipment
This is where Giorgio A. Tsoukalos would come in handy.
02.15.12, 1:40 am est
Boyfriend Went Vegan (0:32)
PETA making a funny video? The end of the world is NIGH.
02.15.12, 1:38 am est
The Parent Project Ep 1: "The Adventures of the Kids" (4:50)
This is a pretty funny concept to video-tize.
02.14.12, 2:44 am est
The Big Picture - Skating
This was a fascinating set to look at.
02.13.12, 10:47 pm est
Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky (3:54)
This is clearly some sort of... WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH...
02.13.12, 2:38 am est
Rippled (3:57)
"The Most Amazing Light Graffiti Video Ever" - it's pretty neat.
02.13.12, 2:34 am est
Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, And Singular Number (5:18)
And math has ceased to make any more sense to me.
02.12.12, 1:49 pm est
Future-Proof Buildings
02.12.12, 1:48 pm est
'I've been offered sex every day for rest of my life in return for $2m'
A big winner from the Facebook IPO.
02.12.12, 1:45 pm est
You Have Aids (0:31)
02.11.12, 5:18 pm est
The First Hawaiians: Native Plants
02.11.12, 1:38 am est
Pop Culture Ice Creams
How I wish they existed.
02.11.12, 1:37 am est
Scale of the Universe 2012
An updated version. Even more mind blowing than the last.
02.11.12, 1:16 am est
Physics And Biking (2:58)
It's like having a Mario Kart mushroom power-up on your bike.
02.10.12, 11:37 pm est
OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video (3:54)
One of, possibly the only, band that makes fun/crazy music videos anymore.
02.10.12, 11:36 pm est
Modern furniture (3:28)
That's some crazy Star Trek lookin' stuff.
02.10.12, 11:34 pm est
Sand art
SUPER impressive sculpture.
02.10.12, 11:25 pm est
Will Ferrell introduces lineups on 80s night (4:41)
A little amusing.
02.10.12, 2:14 am est
Rhino escape drill
Fake rhino escapes are serious business in Japan.
02.10.12, 1:54 am est
Oven computer mod
This is amazing. What detail. Fantastico!
02.09.12, 12:26 am est
An Analysis Of NHL First Round Picks Since 2001 (Infographic)
So... much... fantastic... information!!!
02.09.12, 12:01 am est
Hunger Games Edition - Dude Perfect (4:09)
Bow and Arrow meet BASKETBALL. And Panda.
02.08.12, 11:48 pm est
Scientist tests super insulating foam (5:16)
Insulate your home, AND your body! (He EATS it.)
02.08.12, 3:37 am est
The making of a Louis Vuitton shoe in Fiesso d'Artico, Italy (5:43)
This was a bit fascinating.
02.08.12, 3:36 am est
Thank you, Onion, for being awesome; and their readers, for being awesomer.
02.08.12, 2:19 am est
5sf - Cooking With Crazy!!! (0:08)
It's the only way to cook!
02.08.12, 1:37 am est
Brother Brain
Pixel Art compositions created from graphical elements found in old school video games. AKA: TOTALLY AWESOME.
02.08.12, 1:25 am est
One A Day
This cracked me up!
02.07.12, 11:51 pm est
Net Z33
This looks fun to play in.
02.07.12, 11:48 pm est
Aaron Rodgers Says: Be Nice to Super Bowl Stars (2:31)
This is hilarious!
02.07.12, 11:36 pm est
Paris' Streets: Combo
Ali-Ryu is my favorite.
02.07.12, 2:44 am est
Tiny hippo
He likes his tiny train. A lot.
02.07.12, 2:43 am est
The future is here (1:42)
The figure 8 at the end was mind bending.
02.06.12, 9:39 am est
Bat infestation on a roof (3:22)
Now I know what is happening at my parents house.
02.06.12, 9:38 am est
Crab Amputates Its Own Damaged Limb (1:22)
02.06.12, 9:38 am est
Get yourself a green screen! (0:38)
It's the greeniest!
02.05.12, 3:52 pm est
Descriptive text
You have to textualize.
02.05.12, 1:52 am est
A Venn diagram that will help you understand what it is.
02.05.12, 1:51 am est
Forced Perspective
Fun photo set.
02.05.12, 1:50 am est
The Pacman dress
Nerd porn.
02.05.12, 1:49 am est
Ultimate Tazer Ball (2:34)
This is the dumbest thing I've seen in awhile.
02.04.12, 11:08 pm est
See What Demographic Google Thinks You Belong To
They are slightly off on a few things on my cookie.
02.04.12, 6:55 pm est
Short Film: Sound of Silence (8:38)
02.04.12, 6:53 pm est
Scott Gomez - No single goal in one year! Let's celebrate!
Wow. Tough crowd in Montreal, haha.
02.04.12, 2:29 am est
El Wingador (9:21)
Errol Morris explores the excessive eating habits of a five-time champion of the Philadelphia Wing Bowl.
02.04.12, 2:11 am est
Shit Gamers Say To Their Girlfriends (1:18)
"Shit x says to y" is getting old, but there's a few gems in here.
02.03.12, 1:58 am est
Sainsbury's is an awesome company.
02.03.12, 1:53 am est
Rotating Bedroom WIN
AKA more fun places to do it in.
02.03.12, 1:51 am est
2012 Budweiser Official Big Game Commercial (2:09)
This makes me smile. It's got to be the best feeling ever.
02.03.12, 1:36 am est
The Krispy Kreme Challenge Is A Marathon Fit For A Fat Man
It'd take me a couple hours, but dammit, I'd finish!
02.03.12, 1:33 am est
Nyjer Morgan - San Jose Sharks Practice 02/01/12 (2:59)
I think it's the best when pro sports players can cross over into another sport for a day, it's fun.
02.03.12, 1:31 am est
Do The Coughlin! (1:51)
I found this slightly amusing.
02.03.12, 1:27 am est
1000 Awesome Things: #55 - Thick milkshakes and greasy fries at an old diner
Yes and yes. One of the best 2 am meals.
02.03.12, 1:19 am est
Back To The Future II Downtown Recreated In LEGO
Dear LEGO, if you manufacture these, you can have my money.
02.03.12, 1:12 am est
The best "Kiss Cam" yet (0:26)
This guy knows what's up.
02.03.12, 1:06 am est
The difference between love and infatuation
Because I don't think I actually know.
02.03.12, 1:06 am est
Impossible Pool Trickshots (2:21)
I usually skip these videos, but this one was impressive.
02.03.12, 1:03 am est
Best bed ever?
As long as it's a minimum queen size mattress.
02.03.12, 1:02 am est
Bill Maher - Irritable Bowl Syndrome (2:14)
Socialism! (Fuck yeah!)
02.03.12, 1:01 am est
Expert mode
Who changed the difficulty settings?!?
02.01.12, 1:59 am est
These're some graffiti by 'smugone'
Fantastic tagging.
02.01.12, 1:58 am est
In Which I Fix My Girlfriend's Grandparents' WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero
This... is epic.
02.01.12, 1:09 am est
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