March Madness in the Workplace (3:32)
The Big Dance. Gonzaga. Sweet 16. Wichita State Shockers. Tom Izzo.
03.29.15, 4:29 am est
Our Greatest Fear: Public Speaking
These are, like, all of my fears.
03.29.15, 4:03 am est
Alonzo Mourning just confirmed "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" (1:42)
Best. Pickup. Line. EVAR.
03.29.15, 3:39 am est
How much usage can a LEGO piece take before it loses its 'clutch power'?
Someone built a homemade machine to find out.
03.29.15, 3:38 am est
Man Uses Piece Of Wood He Put In Garage In 1982 'Because It Might Come In Handy In The Future'
This is my dad. This is everyone's dad.
03.29.15, 3:37 am est
Boop! (0:12)
God dammit.
03.28.15, 1:35 pm est
Fainting News Bloopers (4:08)
It's not funny, because they could seriously injure themselves. But that same time... it's hi-larious.
03.28.15, 1:34 pm est
Amazing news blooper (0:29)
A sphincter says what?
03.28.15, 1:26 pm est
Water-Saving Sink Faucet Pours Water In Swirling Lattice
A concept that might save water. It at least looks really neat.
03.28.15, 1:23 pm est
The penalty for being a loud neighbor
Chicken? Chicken.
03.28.15, 1:19 pm est
Word of Wisdom with the NdGT
If a black hole had the power to shrink itself, what would you axe it?
03.28.15, 1:17 pm est
Unofficial House Rules
Come on, no dishes in the sink, it's that easy.
03.25.15, 1:18 am est
Zelda Treasure Chest With Lights, Sound Effects And Floating Rupee Engagement Ring Box
Another item inspired from one of the greatest video games of all time, Ocarina of Time.
03.22.15, 3:04 am est
Anti-Paparazzi Flashback Clothing Reflects Camera Flashes, Ruins Photos
Well done, technology. Paparazzi are filth.
03.22.15, 2:38 am est
Here's everything you need to know about Will Ferrell's epic day at MLB Spring Training
I don't care what you think about Will Ferrell, this was highly amusing to me. He traveled to 5 different spring training games and between them played all 10 positions. Great stuff.
03.22.15, 1:23 am est
The 18 Greatest Fictional Sports Teams of All Time
Fiction can be fun!
03.22.15, 1:17 am est
A Chart Showing What Makes Up the Atmospheres of the Planets in Our Solar System
It's fun to think that bajillions of years ago, we inhabited Venus and Mars, used up all their resources, and now we're left with Earth. No more oxygen? We out!
03.22.15, 1:16 am est
Anyone ever notice how jack was always a little shit?
Beware people named Jack.
03.22.15, 1:03 am est
I want to be the first person on the moon to shoot a sniper rifle at earth and hit a wasp nest
Mission status: SICK
03.22.15, 12:54 am est
Boston Blizzard Challenge Safely, Girls! (4:08)
Scantily clad girls jumping into snow. This is my new fetish.
03.20.15, 2:50 am est
Arbys: We Have Pepsi (0:30)
Well done, Arby's.
03.14.15, 6:29 pm est
The ingredients in a 7-11 taquito
Spot on.
03.14.15, 6:28 pm est
Guy Walks Into a Bar
Well, that didn't go as expected.
03.14.15, 6:28 pm est
Fenn treasure
There's loot in them mountains!!!
03.14.15, 6:24 pm est
The Man In The Van
He lives in a van down by the river, and may wind up being a starting pitcher for the Blue Jays.
03.14.15, 6:23 pm est
Humans Unconsciously Sniff Their Hands After Handshaking
That is crazy. Our bodies have some built in features I don't even know about.
03.09.15, 11:33 pm est
Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales Illustrated In Ghostly Photographs by Killian Shoenberger
"I am colourblind and I can't distinguish green and red." This is how Kilian Schoenberger, one of the finest contemporary landscape photographers, introduces himself on his Facebook profile.
03.08.15, 10:02 pm est
Wankband lets you charge electronic devices by masturbating
Pornhub, leading the fight for renewable energy sources.
03.08.15, 9:56 pm est
How to hide your candy
Clever girl.
03.08.15, 9:55 pm est
What Canned Koala looks like
I don't know what I expected.
03.08.15, 9:54 pm est
We only wish it were true
I'd have been a pimp.
03.08.15, 9:53 pm est
KSK Konnisseur Klub: Totino's Pizza Rolls
A handy guide to the single finest foodstuff that mankind has ever created.
03.08.15, 12:38 am est
The Siberian crater saga is more widespread - and scarier - than anyone thought
Since we're not taking global warming seriously enough, the planet has started to self-destruct.
03.08.15, 12:28 am est
1-800-LOVEKILLEDME (0:44)
You may be a victim, call now!
03.08.15, 12:17 am est
Artists Paint an Entire 757 into Northern Lights (2:43)
The on-board LED lighting is even more amazing.
03.08.15, 12:12 am est
Amazing Table Tennis Shot (0:54)
Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!
03.08.15, 12:11 am est
Solution For Assholes Who Hold Up Phones At Concerts (Starring Marky Ramone) (1:38)
Don't be that guy.
03.08.15, 12:08 am est
Wildebeest (0:20)
How to accept death in nature.
03.08.15, 12:04 am est
Meanwhile, in Norway (0:10)
Always on alert.
03.08.15, 12:02 am est
Train plowing through the snow (3:08)
These videos always fascinate me.
03.07.15, 4:46 pm est
Fleur & Manu x Skrillex - Doompy Poomp (3:18)
It's like Groundhog's Day, on acid.
03.07.15, 1:55 am est
The 30 Most Batsh*t Insane Don Cherry Jackets of All Time
I wonder if him and Craig Sager trade fashion tips.
03.07.15, 12:48 am est
29 GIFs of Athletes and Fans Left Hanging
This is more amusing to me than it should be.
03.06.15, 11:44 pm est
Hay Maze
If it ever goes down, this is how it's going down for me.
03.06.15, 1:09 am est
Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster (1:25)
Deep thoughts.
03.06.15, 1:02 am est
Wine recommendations
"Guaranteed to get you suburban mom drunk."
03.06.15, 12:59 am est
Vince Vaughn and Co-stars Pose for Idiotic Stock Photos You Can Have for Free
I better start seeing these show up all over the place. SYNERGY!!!
03.04.15, 3:32 am est
My Old Basement: Pixel Edition
Instant like.
03.01.15, 6:43 pm est
When you're feeling down
Use this tip to perk back up.
03.01.15, 3:47 am est
An illustrated history of the Super Bowl Halftime Show - Washington Post
Learn a little bit about every halftime show, with fun animations.
03.01.15, 3:44 am est
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