Terry Crews knows fiscal responsibility
All of our wallets need this.
10.27.16, 2:37 am est
Australian Man Patents Hamdog, A Hamburger/Hotdog Combo
"You know you want one!" GOTDAMN RIGHT!!!
10.27.16, 2:32 am est
The Lewdest Town Names in America
Sugar Tit, South Carolina, raise up!
10.27.16, 2:31 am est
France is the first country to ban all plastic plates and cups
Excellent. Next, the bottled water problem.
10.27.16, 2:30 am est
Darth Vader returns to Blacksburg, cleans his adopted roadway
The force is still strong with him.
10.27.16, 2:29 am est
The Road In France That's Buried 13-Feet Underwater Every Day
Worst commute ever?
10.27.16, 2:27 am est
Light-Up Stars Skirt With Over 250 LEDs
I thought this was actually kind of neat.
10.27.16, 2:26 am est
Ping pong carnival (3:13)
Dude has skill... and then it becomes pretty funny to me.
10.27.16, 2:20 am est
The World's Largest Elevator Can Lift 6.7-Million Pounds (1:26)
Another amazing feat of man.
10.27.16, 2:13 am est
Collective nouns for groups of animals
Moths... the moths one... oh man...
10.15.16, 2:03 am est
Fusion Pool Table And Dining Table
This is one of those stupid things that is completely impractical but I would totally buy one if I had ridiculous amounts of money I didn't need.
10.15.16, 2:01 am est
A decoy wallet for pickpockets
I think this is a brilliant idea.
10.15.16, 1:59 am est
The Amazing Triple Spiral (15,000 Dominoes) (2:27)
I was very surprised by how this one played out. That top row, wow.
10.15.16, 1:46 am est
Supreme champion
There can be only one.
10.15.16, 1:39 am est
Lizard Hose Dub (2:04)
The ending cracks me up.
10.15.16, 1:36 am est
Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge
A must have for all the Trekkies out there.
10.15.16, 12:24 am est
Hilarious Angry Windshield Note
Soft burn.
10.15.16, 12:20 am est
Wolf Blitzer trolled with 'College GameDay' sign on CNN
Top level trolling.
10.15.16, 12:19 am est
Shadow Doodles by Vincent Bal
These are fun little creations.
10.15.16, 12:16 am est
No-Name Halloween
Generic still does the job.
10.15.16, 12:16 am est
CYBER-VISION: "Hot Beef" (3:34)
10.15.16, 12:10 am est
A Visualization Of The Hottest August Temperatures In 136 Years
Science facts.
10.14.16, 11:59 pm est
Massive Dungeons And Dragons Diorama Play Table
Steven Lear takes pop culture images from the silver screen and fuses them into famous album covers. It's pretty neat.
10.02.16, 10:12 pm est
Massive Dungeons And Dragons Diorama Play Table
I'm not a D&D fan by any means, but this setup is impressive.
10.02.16, 10:07 pm est
Reston's Grant Hill, possibly NoVa's greatest athlete, talks old South Lakes days
I didn't know he went to the school up the street from where I currently live. Also, does he still drink Sprite?
10.02.16, 7:15 pm est
United States v. Ninety-Five Barrels Alleged Apple Cider Vinegar
This is what happens when I start looking for home remedies for itchy rashes, and what page I end up on a handful of clicks later.
10.02.16, 7:14 pm est
Victim at Lifeguards' Party
Someone drowned at a party for lifeguards that had lifeguards on duty. There's a word for that.
10.02.16, 7:11 pm est
Lots of Cases of Synesthesia Are Based on Alphabet Magnets
I do not remember any of the colors of letters, and I remember having a couple different sets as a kid.
10.02.16, 7:10 pm est
Why Do Students Get Summers Off?
Because, back in the day, it was too damn hot!
10.02.16, 7:08 pm est
Electric field can make chocolate more healthful, and some say tastier
Tesla chocolates, coming soon.
10.02.16, 7:05 pm est
10 Random Facts About Sony You Didn't Know
The Camcorder that could see through clothes - yep, they had to recall it.
10.02.16, 7:05 pm est
Cakes That Look Like Real Soda Bottles
Cake level wizardry: over nine thousand.
10.02.16, 7:02 pm est
The Self-Sustaining Ecocapsule House Pod (2:03)
I'm always fascinated by compact living spaces.
10.02.16, 7:01 pm est
The story behind Katy Perry's legendary College GameDay picks at 2014 Alabama-Ole Miss game
This GameDay episode ranks up there as one of the most memorable.
10.02.16, 6:52 pm est
Kevin Harlan's call of fan running on field was worth enduring that awful game (1:14)
The radio call of this incident was most fantastical.
10.02.16, 6:51 pm est
Scott Darling debuts excellent mask inspired by Wayne's World
Game on!
10.02.16, 6:48 pm est
The Faux Pas (3:49)
Chairs are the worst.
10.02.16, 6:46 pm est
There is no escape
Sad beep.
10.02.16, 6:11 pm est
A Piece of Advice
How to avoid arguments. Maybe.
10.02.16, 6:07 pm est
A space station
With any luck, of course.
10.02.16, 6:04 pm est
Man Doesn't Know Address, Draws Map On Envelope Instead, Letter Gets Delivered
Iceland mail never fails.
10.02.16, 6:04 pm est
Niceballs (1:41)
Excellent advertising.
10.02.16, 6:02 pm est
People on the beach help homeless hermit crab find a new shell (1:21)
Get in there, son!
10.02.16, 5:56 pm est
Ice Cream Melting In Macro (1:47)
The visuals, they stimulate the eyes.
10.02.16, 5:54 pm est
Smart Parking Solution (3:27)
Dude has the exact amount of space needed to house his car.
10.02.16, 5:48 pm est
Steve Harvey Doesn't Want To Host Family Feud Anymore (2:30)
This is the finest internet I've seen in quite a while.
10.02.16, 5:47 pm est
Sportsnet broadcast throws shade at Team Europe's style of play
10.02.16, 4:23 pm est
Lake Hillier, Australia
Something you don't see everyday.
10.02.16, 4:22 pm est
It's all fun and games...
...until you become an adult.
10.02.16, 4:20 pm est
International wingman
I hope this story is real.
10.02.16, 4:20 pm est
Carrier has Arrived by Tim Schwalfenberg
That is a badass Protoss carrier.
10.02.16, 4:18 pm est
Clever Kidsí Menu From a Local Deli
Every possibility is covered.
10.02.16, 4:17 pm est
HBO's Real Sports looks at whether PITCHf/x should be calling balls and strikes
If there ever was a topic for the purists of the game to get hot over, this is it.
10.02.16, 4:16 pm est
Duck Wearing Bow-Tie Walks Into Pub, Drinks Pint, Fights Dog, Loses
That duck brought its A-game.
10.02.16, 4:12 pm est
ESPN spoofs Anchorman with "Co-Anchorman" (7:35)
This is awesome. One of the best scenes from Anchorman with ESPN personalities. It's internet gold.
10.02.16, 4:08 pm est
Huge yellow inflatable rolls down busy road in Glasgow after breaking free in high winds
That's quackers.
10.02.16, 3:57 pm est
FDA Recommends Adding Little Tabasco To That Bad Boy
Just what the doctor ordered.
10.02.16, 3:55 pm est
Water bottle flip with crazy result
Mission status: SICK
10.02.16, 3:53 pm est
Mengenlehreuhr (Berlin Clock)
Stumbled upon this during another round of catching up on Kryptos.
10.02.16, 3:51 pm est
Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope
A.K.A. the Goldeneye.
10.02.16, 3:49 pm est
This isn't fine
We Bare Bears/kc green mashup: fantastic.
10.02.16, 3:48 pm est
All these Cheetos
Only an issue if you use a really old phone.
10.02.16, 3:46 pm est
KENZO World - The new fragrance (3:48)
Homage to "Weapon of Choice", maybe?
10.02.16, 3:45 pm est
Perfect magnets | Magination (0:36)
How do they work? No, really, this is crazy stuff.
10.02.16, 3:35 pm est
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