My new favorite Notre Dame related Onion article
It may as well be real, right?
12.31.13, 5:07 am est
Papa John's reject pile
Why let it go to waste?
12.31.13, 5:06 am est
The Top 30 Most Awesome Toys You Could Get for Christmas in the '90s
I still remember getting the SNES for xmas, setting it up, and beating Super Mario World that day. It was *glorious*.
12.21.13, 3:34 pm est
Julien Mauve's Gorgeous Photography (98 pics)
This guy is really good at what he does.
12.20.13, 2:34 am est
Beans (0:43)
Not for astronauts.
12.20.13, 2:07 am est
Fargo Man Arrested For Clearing Snow With Flamethrower
The following description is absolutely hilarious.
12.20.13, 1:24 am est
Wind map - EARTH
Like, only it's the entire earth. I want this as a screensaver.
12.17.13, 11:40 pm est
Ten Germans try to say the word "squirrel" (2:00)
Also, cute German girls.
12.17.13, 11:30 pm est
This breakdown of the current NFL playoff situation is most hilarious to people like me.
12.17.13, 11:26 pm est
Sharks announcers break down holiday party (6:15)
Watch out for that Dan Boyle, he's a jokester!
12.17.13, 10:35 pm est
How to Name a Baby
Data extrapolated and sorted into interesting sections, here is a brief history of naming your baby and why everyone thinks everyone else is doing it wrong.
12.17.13, 12:02 am est
Mini Bonsai
The mini fruit is too much.
12.16.13, 11:28 pm est
Machine porn
Mesmerizing animated gifs.
12.16.13, 11:25 pm est
Origins of Common UI Symbols
All those icons we see on electronics, some have an interesting back story.
12.14.13, 4:24 pm est
Football as Football, Round 2
Another re-envisioning of NFL teams as soccer logos.
12.14.13, 4:23 pm est
Casting A Fire Ant Colony's Tunnels w/ Molten Aluminum
Many fire ants died to bring us a strange looking piece of art.
12.13.13, 12:44 pm est
These Companies Should Adopt These Slogans Immediately
They are kinda true.
12.13.13, 12:28 am est
Man Applies For UND Head Coach Job, Cites Playing Madden As Experience
Greatest PowerPoint presentation EVAR.
12.12.13, 11:46 am est
People Are Skiing In Detroit's Abandoned Buildings Now (10:39)
I ended up watching the whole video because it was bizarre to see them ski in downtown Detroit.
12.12.13, 1:45 am est
Snow Circles: One Man's Winter Crop Circles
Absolutely gorgeous snow art.
12.12.13, 12:48 am est
Another amazing LEGO ball moving machine (4:44)
These things are mesmerizing to watch.
12.12.13, 12:45 am est
Virginia High Schooler Sinks Incredible No-Look, Behind-the-Back Shot, Runs Through Open Door (0:09)
That should have just ended the game, because come on, that's *ridiculous*!
12.12.13, 12:36 am est
This Hilarious Knicks Fan's Rant Is The Epitome Of Knicks Fandom (10:00)
A very upset fan of the New York Knickerbockers organization. Oh man.
12.12.13, 12:32 am est
Man Commits Suicide in Mall After Girlfriend Refuses to Stop Shopping
This guy gave zero f***s and peaced out.
12.10.13, 12:21 pm est
Floppy disk coffee table
"Most kids on this website donít even know what this is." Kids these days. They don't know.
12.10.13, 12:19 pm est
Oregon Christmas Tree Harvest With Helicopter. Amazing Pilot! (1:49)
Dude has some *serious* skill.
12.10.13, 12:13 pm est
Neat Experiments With Baking Soda
Don't overthink it. Ride the wave.
12.09.13, 11:07 pm est
Everybody dance now! (0:07)
We work hard, we play hard.
12.09.13, 1:59 pm est
25 Curses You Utter When Your New Router Fails
A unresponsive router is the WORST.
12.09.13, 11:10 am est
Hello World by Valentin Ruhry
Light up rocker switch board. Tedious, but neat looking.
12.08.13, 11:28 am est
Pizza Baked With 3-D Printed Dough And Pizza Sauce
That pizza looks 3-Delicious!
12.07.13, 12:25 am est
Kids, can you go outside and rake the leaves?
No napping on the job either!
12.07.13, 12:24 am est
Employees bathroom rules
Where the hell do they work?
12.07.13, 12:23 am est
DiGiorno Pizza Live-Tweeted The Sound of Music
The PR firm tread a thin line, but tread it well. Also, very strange.
12.07.13, 12:22 am est
Hotel additional requests
This is obviously fake, but when imagined as genuine, it becomes funny.
12.07.13, 12:19 am est
Why do LEGO minifigures have a hole in their heads?
It's a very simple reason.
12.07.13, 12:18 am est
Grass Kart Racing - Crazy Speeds (2:15)
This is begging for gruesome injuries to happen, but it looks like it would be fun as well.
12.07.13, 12:16 am est
The World's Thinnest Condoms Are The Pinnacle Of Japanese Engineering
10 years of research went into this. Thank you, Japan.
12.07.13, 12:13 am est
The Oilers' Taylor Hall Scores a "Bra Trick"
I haven't seen this yet, but it's a trend I can get behind!
12.07.13, 12:10 am est
Inappropriate Elf on a Shelf (36 pics)
Elf goes on a bender.
12.06.13, 11:34 am est
Power Ranking the NFL logos
"However, the Lions lose points for not giving the Lion wheels, because anything Detroit associated should have wheels on it. Wheels are cool. Iíd root for wheel lion."
12.06.13, 11:32 am est
LEGO Building guides for holiday ornaments
These are sweet looking creations. You can either build them yourselves with the guides provided, or buy them from his store, but they are expensive.
12.06.13, 7:23 am est
Stalled vehicle advisory
The internet leaking into the real world.
12.03.13, 11:34 am est
New Wave artists aging gracefully: An 80's world gone by...
The faces of the 80's, 30 years later.
12.03.13, 11:32 am est
Your Christmas Party Playlist
Get everyone into the Christmas spirit with these timeless classics.
12.03.13, 11:30 am est
Amazon Prime Air?
I feel like this is an April Fools hoax that came out 4 months too early. If this happens in 2015 as they are estimating... I'm seriously intrigued by how this will actually work.
12.02.13, 1:32 am est
Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly
Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink. It makes creating circuits as easy as doodling. It's pretty amazing if you ask me.
12.02.13, 1:23 am est
Running of Da Coaches at Ditka Dash
Themed running is where it's at these days.
12.02.13, 1:19 am est
Sperm Whale explodes! (0:15)
And boom goes the dynamite.
12.02.13, 1:07 am est
Advanced Translation Guide: American/British
I don't like Bunglespleens.
12.01.13, 9:27 pm est
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