Jersey Shore Audition (4:40)
Partyin', gettin' loud, doin' stuff that's craaazy!
09.30.11, 11:24 pm est
Simple Mathematics (3:07)
This guy still cracks me up.
09.30.11, 11:19 pm est
CSYS LED task light
I like this lamp, I just don't know how much it's going to cost when the release it.
09.30.11, 11:18 pm est
What can upside down cupcake pans make?
What a freakin' genius idea.
09.30.11, 9:36 pm est
More bad news for bank customers: Debit card fees
Banks in this country are worthless.
09.30.11, 2:49 am est
Jamie Talks Dirty (2:31)
Wonderful editing.
09.30.11, 1:52 am est
Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks
09.30.11, 1:50 am est
Marco Polo
Do you see what they did there?
09.30.11, 1:50 am est
Earthscraper, The Opposite Of A Skyscraper
I think it's a neat idea. You could probably save on heating and cooling costs, at least.
09.30.11, 1:49 am est
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Fondue
Hells. Yes.
09.30.11, 1:48 am est
Giant nest bed
That looks like fun.
09.30.11, 1:47 am est
Daddy Long Legs, Who Did Name You? (2:07)
Winner, best video of the year, right here. Barnone!
09.28.11, 3:08 am est
09.28.11, 2:58 am est
Scientists Turn Brain's Visual Memories into a Mind-Blowing Video
One step closer to truly visualizing anyone naked. SCIENCE!
09.28.11, 2:40 am est
Another "greatest use of the word fuck in movies" video (13:52)
09.28.11, 2:39 am est
Taiwanese Man Drops His Daughter To Catch A Foul Ball (0:50)
"If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life, she will choose to save the infant's life, without even considering if there are men on base." This guy knew the count.
09.28.11, 1:48 am est
The Griffin and the tearin' (0:10)
Robert Flores keeping SportsCenter "in the loop".
09.28.11, 1:46 am est
Powerpig's photostream
Lots of LEGO goodness here.
09.26.11, 10:28 pm est
Like boobs
Possible gift idea for all the ladies out there.
09.26.11, 10:26 pm est
James May Vs. British Gold Medalist (5:28)
Car vs. sled. Wait, what?
09.26.11, 9:14 pm est
Black C-3PO (2:09)
This was actually on the original laser disc.
09.26.11, 2:02 am est
Retractable Do-Not-Enter Door Handle Ensures Privacy
Pretty cheeky idea there.
09.26.11, 2:01 am est
The classiest way to roll up to any occasion.
09.26.11, 2:01 am est
1969: This Is The Version Of Winnie The Pooh The Soviets Had (9:59)
That... was different.
09.25.11, 1:57 pm est
Sexual Innuendos in Cartoons (2:53)
Cartoons: for kids AND adults.
09.25.11, 3:43 am est
Are you drunk enough?
Cajun Mike's lets you know.
09.25.11, 12:10 am est
That's it, I'm done with the internet for today. I think I'll go outside. (0:52)
"no description available" DAMN STRAIGHT.
09.24.11, 8:32 pm est
I like catchy songs.
09.24.11, 8:13 pm est
Pulp Wars (1:09)
It's the little differences.
09.23.11, 11:11 pm est
Little Fun Fact
Think about it.
09.23.11, 6:09 pm est
Tom Selleck's moustache (1:00)
It improves ALL movies and tv shows.
09.23.11, 12:21 am est
Chuck Testa...
...or IS IT?!?!
09.23.11, 12:13 am est
M&Ms and water drops
Freaky deaky.
09.23.11, 12:13 am est
Amazing Pumpkins!
A fantastic carving idea.
09.23.11, 12:13 am est
This got a laugh out of me.
09.22.11, 1:36 am est
Boo Lamp
For the win.
09.21.11, 9:21 pm est
11 Hot NFL Daughters
Hot daughter alert!
09.21.11, 8:38 pm est
Best Buy flyer from 1996
Look at all these DEALS!
09.21.11, 8:27 pm est
09.21.11, 12:38 am est
The Electree
Solar panel tree... it just looks neat.
09.21.11, 12:19 am est
Math problem
It's as simple as geometry, folks!
09.19.11, 10:45 pm est
Iced Tea
09.19.11, 10:45 pm est
Amazing badminton rally (1:14)
It'd be more amazing if they were using hand grenades.
09.19.11, 10:32 pm est
LYNX - Rules to Rugby (2:08)
I felt like I learned a lot about rugby today.
09.19.11, 10:30 pm est
World Championship of Sand Sculpting
These are quite amazing.
09.19.11, 10:29 pm est
Electric Feel MGMT Cover By Josie Charlwood (4:47)
I enjoy this. Hadn't even heard the original song until afterwards.
09.18.11, 3:03 am est
Welcome to the genomic revolution (11:02)
09.18.11, 2:46 am est
Referee Issued Warning By Player (0:37)
It's refreshing to see a ref with a sense of humor.
09.18.11, 2:03 am est
The best kind of pizza.
09.18.11, 1:27 am est
David Blaine Street Magic Part 2 (5:01)
I can't believe I hadn't seen this before. Absolute gold.
09.18.11, 1:19 am est
He Said She Said - un romantic comedy (3:47)
There's always two sides to the story.
09.18.11, 1:09 am est
What guys slapping girls' asses in porn does for me
This pie chart breaks it down.
09.18.11, 1:08 am est
A Ron Swanson breakfast
Breakfast of champions.
09.18.11, 1:07 am est
This image is an example of something not safe for work
Seriously, watch out dude.
09.18.11, 1:07 am est
Why I still use the Oxford comma
09.18.11, 1:06 am est
Vladimir Putin, Action Man
This guy is a badass. Look at all the stuff he does!
09.17.11, 12:58 am est
Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial (1:05)
Is that antelope driving a car?
09.17.11, 12:56 am est
100 Greatest Shut Ups in Films (9:14)
I enjoy these compilations. There's some solid clips in here.
09.16.11, 5:58 pm est
A desk for all you intergalatic leaders out there
Just remember who shot first.
09.16.11, 1:15 am est
Engineering at its finest
Stadium seat fails around the world.
09.15.11, 7:52 pm est
Tucker And Dale vs Evil - Official Trailer (2:33)
The possibility for amusement is here.
09.15.11, 7:46 pm est
Nudity Probable (6:25)
09.15.11, 2:25 am est
It's the final countdown
09.15.11, 2:14 am est
What is love?
There's only one right answer.
09.15.11, 2:14 am est
Sick of having a box full of tangled cords?
Dammit, this is brilliant!
09.15.11, 2:13 am est
With Reasons Like Those, Who Could Say No?!
9 reasons to drink at this bar.
09.15.11, 2:00 am est
Five balls routine by Selyna Bogino (1:45)
She's an excellent ball handler.
09.14.11, 12:10 am est
Drive Recklessly (1:08)
Millions of lives depend on it.
09.13.11, 7:59 pm est
Table 7 (4:22)
A couple has an intimate conversation in a restaurant, unaware that their every word is being closely monitored. However, not all is as it seems.
09.13.11, 7:56 pm est
Things Could Be Worse
A most enlightening website.
09.13.11, 2:15 am est
Wayne Gretzky's Trick Shots!!! (1:41)
Showing you scrubs how it's done.
09.13.11, 2:07 am est
The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon (10:17)
Once you commit, you've got to see it through to the bitter, spoony end.
09.13.11, 12:28 am est
Best. Cosplay. EVER! Yip Yip Martians @ DragonCon 2011 (1:51)
This is quality.
09.11.11, 11:01 pm est
Sheeped Away (5:22)
A fun little story.
09.11.11, 8:08 pm est
Vincent van Gogh's mug
I see what they did there.
09.11.11, 2:29 am est
Wanna watch a movie?
This it what it really means.
09.11.11, 2:29 am est
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches (3:15)
This... is amazing... -ly bizarre.
09.11.11, 2:05 am est
Louis CK - Suck a Bag of Dicks (6:01)
LCK with another good bit.
09.11.11, 2:01 am est
Tourettes Karaoke Sings The Lady In Red (4:06)
God damn I am going to hell for laughing so hard at this.
09.11.11, 1:54 am est
Rendezvous - The Murf (3:40)
Neat song, neat video.
09.11.11, 1:24 am est
Street Sex Meters For Tax-Paying Sex Workers
I'm sure our national deficit would be turned around pretty quickly if we followed suit.
09.11.11, 1:19 am est
Stormtroopers "off duty"
What do they do when they aren't working for the Empire.
09.11.11, 1:18 am est
Onion Sports Network: GOOMF (2:53)
There's so much hilarity going on here.
09.10.11, 12:05 am est
The Unbearable Powerfulness Of Ranking
Alison Brie ranked 5th? A tragedy.
09.10.11, 12:02 am est
Japanese table flipping arcade game (2:05)
They really do think of everything, the Japanese.
09.09.11, 8:08 pm est
Women Laughing Alone With Salad
I gave that woman a salad. Women love salads.
09.09.11, 7:21 pm est
Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Petrol (0:46)
He's vacuuming FIRE. Your argument is invalid.
09.09.11, 8:48 am est
Search Engine Deoptimization
09.09.11, 1:38 am est
True love
This guy has it.
09.09.11, 1:20 am est
How's your love life?
Grandiose. What a good word.
09.09.11, 1:20 am est
Don't watch Jersey Shore...
...or else.
09.09.11, 1:04 am est
Panda attack survival 101
Just 3 simple steps.
09.09.11, 12:38 am est
What we SHOULD have been taught in our senior year of high school - The Oatmeal
This was more informative than my entire senior year of high school.
09.09.11, 12:26 am est
Roddick's U.S. Open outburst (1:17)
His inner McEnroe is coming out. And it is good.
09.09.11, 12:22 am est
The Drunken Moogle
A blog that is "devoted to what might be the two best things this side of Hyrule: video games and booze."
09.09.11, 12:21 am est
Pokemon Character Evolution Themed Drinks
These... are actually interesting concepts.
09.09.11, 12:20 am est
Pigeon fight! (0:17)
09.08.11, 2:02 am est
Illegal Tour of Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans [75 Pics]
Just watch out for the zombies. This is where they originate.
09.08.11, 1:50 am est
It's a whale
No, really, look!
09.08.11, 1:49 am est
Peter, you suck (0:38)
Best. Song. Ever.
09.08.11, 1:47 am est
Don Cheadle is Captain Planet (2:20)
Wow. Wooooooow. This is GOLD.
09.08.11, 1:34 am est
Ylvis - Work It (2:53)
Learn about vaginas and jacuzzi tubs.
09.08.11, 1:29 am est
What If Everything Worked Like BCS: The Spelling Bee (4:58)
Sorry Boise, but "important people" need to sit back and collect all the money owed to them for fielding college football teams.
09.08.11, 1:26 am est
Historic WTF
There's a lot going on here. Take time to digest it all.
09.08.11, 1:24 am est
Ben & Jerry's Introduces 'Schweddy Balls' Ice Cream Flavor
Well done. That deserves a slow clap.
09.08.11, 1:24 am est
The Entire Doc Brown Electronics Commercial
A couple ads for an electronics store in Argentina. Why, Doc, why?!?
09.08.11, 1:16 am est
Art with LEGO bricks
Sean Kenney uses LEGO toys to build anything and everything you can imagine.
09.06.11, 7:31 pm est
Magic Box
Take a look inside... it's a room in a box!
09.06.11, 7:19 pm est
The Butt Cheeks (3:42)
Baby we can't! Yes we can!
09.06.11, 2:49 am est
Russian Guy Touches 1000 Women's Boobs (19:23)
Yup. 20 minutes of clothed breast fondling. This guy is my hero.
09.05.11, 11:22 pm est
A wealth of Lego awesomeness
And one dirty comic.
09.05.11, 2:27 pm est
Oddly Specific: I Always Do
Hahaha, this is the sign at the Quiznos where I had lunch when I was taking my training a couple months ago.
09.05.11, 2:14 pm est
St. Matthew Island
Our fate is inevitable.
09.05.11, 2:08 pm est
Your Ad Here (3:57)
The world of YouTube advertising.
09.05.11, 2:02 am est
The Acme Catalog
It's the name you trust!
09.04.11, 11:43 pm est
Nutella treats
I think I need a food category. Because there's some good eats I'm stumbling across.
09.04.11, 5:19 pm est
The Evolution of the Web
A time line of web technologies and browsers.
09.04.11, 2:12 pm est
The Company of Myself
The instructions are most important to follow.
09.04.11, 1:20 am est
I need this cheat sheet
Bring these out for the swanky get-togethers.
09.04.11, 1:19 am est
Learn math, still don't know what the jazz is all about.
09.04.11, 1:18 am est
First thing I thought: real life Goldeneye.
09.04.11, 1:17 am est
Just some pictogram movie posters
Kinda neat.
09.04.11, 1:16 am est
How To Troll
Well played.
09.04.11, 1:15 am est
asdfmovie4 (1:34)
There's so much awesome packed into this one.
09.04.11, 12:51 am est
Study Finds That Injecting Old Mice With Young Mouse Blood Has a Rejuvenating Effect
We will live for 200 years before you know it.
09.04.11, 12:09 am est
The pandas are coming!
09.04.11, 12:01 am est
World’s Shortest Train (0:20)
Did that only have two wheels?
09.03.11, 7:34 pm est
Awesome street art
This is pretty clever.
09.03.11, 12:26 pm est
Dear Hiring Manager...
Nice rebuttal.
09.03.11, 12:26 pm est
It's the hard knock life.
09.03.11, 12:24 pm est
How to make a 3D paper torus
09.02.11, 1:24 am est
Obsess much?
09.02.11, 1:23 am est
LoadingReadyRun: More Sleep (4:03)
Welcome to what my weekday morning is like.
09.01.11, 12:04 am est
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